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Never say goodbye 11 June 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish saying yes, I m proud of Vividha, but she is not my wife. Everyone get shocked. Ravish says she is this house’s bahu, but not my wife, I m not just my mum’s son, but a country’s son, my life is like an open book, situation got Vividha in my life, but I understood she is not my wife, but someone’s deposit, she is my elder brother Atharv’s Amanat. Vividha and Atharv look at Ravish. Ravish smiles and says Vividha loves Atharv a lot and she is Atharv’s, and Atharv is hers.Ravish says my and Vividha’s relation is of traditions, relations are made by heart, if you really want to see a relation of heart, look at Vividha and Atharv, if I m standing fine here, its because of both of them, they risked their lives to save my life, the credit not just goes to Vividha, it goes to my elder brother Atharv also, what can I do except blessing them from heart. Atharv looks at Ravish surprised, while Suman makes a stern expression.

Reporter asks Atharv why did he let Vividha marry Ravish when he loved Vividha, how did he feel when Vividha married Ravish, and when are they marrying now. Reporters trouble Atharv with their questions. Vividha says no comments please….. Suman stares at Vividha, and sees engagement rings in Atharv and Vividha’s hands. Suman rages.
Vividha goes to Atharv and asks why are you so upset, now Ravish said in front of everyone that we don’t have any relation, I just have relation with you. Atharv says Ravish said right, relations are made by heart, what hearts wants, just the lover’s heart knows. He leaves. Suman recalls Vividha and Atharv. Sujata comes to her.

She offers help in kitchen work. Suman says no need, I will manage.Sujata says now our children came back, why are you annoyed, why are you not happy. Suman asks her to say the reason. Sujata asks why are you saying this, be clear, what’s the matter. Suman says fine, Atharv and Vividha’s engagement happened, you did not think necessary to inform me.Sujata says I wanted to tell you, and could not say, then situation here got bad. Suman argues. Sujata says Atharv and Vividha have bear a lot, we thought a new start can be ointment on their wounds.

Suman says I did not know you don’t value the moments spent in this house. Sujata says its nothing like that. Suman says till Vividha stayed here, I loved her a lot, I did not know she wants to forget the time spent here. She goes.Atharv recalls Vividha and Ravish. Sujata comes to him. She asks are you fine. Atharv says yes, what happened to you, why are you worried. She says Suman got to know about engagement, she felt bad, I think we should leave for Ajmer tomorrow, now Ravish came back, when everyone sees you and Vividha together, they will recall what happened with Ravish, we should leave. He nods. He asks for her medicines. He gives her.

He sees Vividha’s letter for Ravish in the drawer and recalls her words written in letter. Sujata takes medicines. She asks him to sleep, and goes. Vividha stands in the window and looks at the sky. Atharv and Ravish look at the sky. Vividha cries. They all are sad. Ravish stands in lawn alone and recalls Vividha. Atharv sits in his room crying and also recalls her. Paas aaye…….hamari adhuri kahani……plays………They all cry.

Atharv wipes his tears. Atharv comes out and sees Ravish sad. Ravish sees Atharv. Atharv returns his jacket and gets leaving. Ravish says everyone get love in life, which gets happiness along, but I don’t see happiness on your face, why. Atharv says nothing like that, you need rest. Ravish asks don’t you believe Vividha, you feel Vividha loves me, right.Atharv smiles and says amazing, army gave you mind reading training too. Ravish says so you confirmed what I m thinking is right, you think Vividha loves me. Atharv says what I m thinking, I m seeing, and what I m seeing, I m just understanding that.

Ravish says it means Vividha loves me, that means I m a big fool to let Vividha go away, any big fool can do this mistake to let a girl like her go, now I m that fool, I broke her bangles, wipes her sindoor and took her mangalsutra back, I did big mistake, if you think she loves me, I should have stopped her, nothing spoiled, she can still stay here as my wife.He says Atharv, I feel very sad for you, but what can be done, there is nothing in our hands, I want to clear one thing, today’s girls are practical, its easy for them to slip in any new relation, they evaluate which relation will give them luxuries, first it was you and now its me, relations are just promises and talks, Vividha is also such girl, don’t worry, you will get someone else.

Atharv says Vividha is not like that, she knows to value people and emotions, she understands relations and knows to keep it, you are valuing Vividha, likewise she also does. Ravish says thank you, I wanted to hear this, you know Vividha and her love, love does not leave any space between hearts, how did doubt get a place.Atharv says I m not doubting, I can’t deny what I see. Ravish says I heard people become shayar/poet being in love, I m seeing anyone becoming shayar being in doubt, can you tell me that reason which made you doubt on Vividha. Atharv looks at him.

Ravish asking Atharv to tell him reason which forced him to doubt on Vividha. Atharv recalls the incidents. He smiles and says she has your photos in her purse, she wrote your name instead my name in engagement ritual, she looks for her mangalsutra and sindoor often, you are saying she does not think of you. Ravish asks what did Vividha tell you, I know she never lies. Atharv says I know she never lies, she refused…. Ravish says even then you did not believe her, I thought your love is strong but I regret, your love for her is weak. Atharv says no, my love is not weak, but I can see her feelings, I know her since long time, she can’t deny that, many things changed in 3 months.

Ravish says nothing changed, except your thinking, she stayed here as my wife, but she just waited for you, just that wait changed. Atharv says maybe I m not able to explain you or understand.Ravish says just few get true love, you are lucky, keep it safe. He smiles and goes. Atharv says you said right, just few get true love, you got it, keep it safe. He goes to room and thinks of Vividha’s and Ravish’s words. Its morning, Atharv asks Uma to come. He sees Vividha. Ravish asks someone to fix big flowers that side. They go out to see. Suman asks what’s happening. Ravish says I m doing preparations. Suman asks for what. He sees Atharv and everyone and asks where are you going.

Sujata and Atharv say we are going Ajmer. Ravish says none will go, you will stay here, else how will marriage happen without the groom. They all get shocked.Suman asks what do you mean. Ravish says I promised Vividha that I will get her and Atharv married, fate supported me, I spoke to lawyer, divorce papers will be signed today, there will be no delay now, my brother’s marriage will happen from this house, and even Vividha’s vidaai will happen from here. He smiles. Ravish asks men about the wedding cards, mandap and catering.

Ravish gets busy in arrangements. He sees the mandap and recalls his marriage. O re piya……plays……..Sujata, Uma and Suman see Ravish sadly looking at mandap. He sees Vividha and smiles acting fine and happy. He goes. Atharv looks on. Sujata sees Suman upset.Ravish recalls Vividha. Suman comes to him and cries. He smiles with tearful eyes. Atharv sees them and cries. Ravish wipes Suman’s tears. Atharv feels sad. Vividha sees the shagun. Ravish asks her why did she not choose the saree till now. He selects saree for her and gives it to her. Atharv looks on. Ravish guarantees that Atharv will like this saree and goes with a smile on face.

Lawyer comes and calls out Ravish. Ravish stops and goes to lawyer. Lawyer gives him file and asks him to come to court once. Ravish’s heart starts sinking and he still smiles. He says see the divorce papers came on right time, it means everything is happening on time, very good. He controls his emotions. He asks Vividha to sign on papers. Everyone look on.He says life makes person wait, and does not wait for anyone, your wait is over, go ahead and hug life, sign. Vividha signs on the papers. Atharv and everyone look on. Ravish takes paper to sign. Suman signs no to Ravish. Ravish holds his sorrow within. He gets hesitant and says I think pen is not working, I will check in my room, its fine. He goes. Atharv looks on.

Ravsish goes to his room and gets a pen from drawer. He cries and thinks of Vividha. Atharv comes and asks is pen not working or hands refusing to sign? Ravish says nothing, everything is fine. Atharv stops him from signing and asks why are you doing this. Ravish says no reason is needed to do right work. Atharv says you have weighed your pain in right and wrong, how shall I weigh my guilt. Ravish looks at him.

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