Never say goodbye update Friday 10 June 2022


Never say goodbye 10 June 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha calling out Ravish. Atharv tries to break the door. Suman, Uma and Sujata come to Vaishno Devi temple to pray. Atharv and Vividha reach Ravish. Atharv sees him and gets Ravish’s blood in hand. He recalls Ravish’s words. Vividha and Atharv free Ravish. Vividha says if they see us… Atharv says Lord is with us, none can stop us from taking Ravish. Atharv lifts Ravish and takes him. He signs Vividha to come. All the terrorists are sleeping. They leave. Ravish is unconscious. Vividha says we will cross border now, we will not let anything happen to you Ravish. Ravish gets conscious and looks around.

Uma gets dizzy and falls on stairs. Suman and Sujata hold her. They climb the stairs. Ravish falls down. Atharv says he got conscious. Ravish tries to run away. Vividha shouts Ravish. Atharv says that side is of enemies, come here, the border is this side, why are you going there. Ravish pushes Atharv. Atharv says we will solve our problems at home, please come with us. Vividha asks why are you running away and not saying anything. Ravish tries to speak.Vividha says wait Atharv, Ravish wants to say something. Ravish tries to say bomb…… Vividha looks at him. Ravish says bomb….. They get shocked.

Atharv stops Ravish and says we will live together and die together. He recalls Ravish’s words. Atharv finds the bomb at his bomb. Atharv asks Vividha to find something to cut off the bomb. The time gets less. Sujata, Suman and Uma sing bhajan and pray. Vividha says nothing will happen. Atharv stops Ravish. He removes the bomb jacket and runs away with the bomb. He throws the bomb away and it explodes. They all bend down.The terrorist comes there. Vivivha recalls the man who was following her. She says Atharv, this is the man who was following me. Rest of the men come there. Atharv, Vividha and Ravish get shocked seeing the group of terrorists.

The man says you thought you will step in our land and we will not know, we are not fools like you, we knew about you before itself, if you say urdu and offer Namaz, will we believe you are Muslims, real Muslim is known by his eyes.Atharv says the Muslim in our country talks by love, not hatred. He talks of Abdul uncle. The man smiles and loads a gun. He says we knew about you and did this drama, we made Ravish drink such water by which we could not talk, so that he could not say his back has bomb, my men were awake when you took Ravish, it was our plan, we wanted you to take Ravish to army cantonment, so that blast happens there, you thought you are fooling us, you did what we wanted, but you ruined our plan here, anyways, if not army, we will kill you here.

Atharv, Vividha and Ravish fight with them. Their mothers are seen praying at temple. The man shoots and aims at Vividha. He asks them to stop. Vividha says don’t be scared, beat them Atharv. The man says I think you don’t like easy death, its fine, we will have some fun. He asks Vividha to come with him. He asks her to remove her clothes.Atharv and Ravish get shocked. Atharv shouts and asks the man to mind her language. The man laughs and says this woman has two men in her life, one husband and other love. Atharv says I will bury you here if you say a word. Vividha says I will die, but not remove my clothes. The man talks cheaply. Atharv asks Vividha not to do this and not get scared. Vividha says no, I m not scared, I won’t do this. The man says I can also remove your clothes.

They get the indian flag and get firetorch. The man says indians are patriotic, now prove how much dear is the flag for you, remove clothes else…… the flag will burn. Atharv says please don’t do this, no one asks for such sacrifice. Vividha says its very small sacrifice for my country. The man smiles and sees her. Atharv and Ravish get shocked.She removes her gloves. Atharv shouts no… Vividha. The man threatens to burn the flag and asks her to remove clothes. She removes her dupatta. She sees the flag. Atharv and Ravish look on shocked. Suman, Uma and Sujata are praying at temple. Vividha holds her shirt to remove and cries.

Sujata holding diya in hand and praying. Uma and Suman looks on. Atharv pushes the men and runs to Vividha, to stop her from removing clothes. Ravish looks on and shouts Atharv stop. Suman holds the diya from blowing off. Atharv gets shot and falls down. Vividha shouts Atharv. Atharv closes eyes. Vividha cries. The man says your love is great, that too both men are brothers, great. The men hold Ravish. The man says captain, you did bad with us, today you will beg to us and apologize. He asks Ravish to beg to them, else if his wife removes clothes, it won’t look good.

Vividha asks Atharv to get up. Ravish sits. The man asks him to lower his head down. Ravish sees Atharv. Atharv sees the flag. Ravish signs Atharv and joins hands. Atharv pushes the men and runs to jump over by stepping on Ravish’s hands. They all start the fight again. Atharv takes the fire torch and throws away. The mothers cry and pray at the temple.Atharv asks them to run. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv run away. They hear gun shots and turn to see the men coming after them. The man says you can run away, but just your dead body will go across the border, if this captain begged to us, your life would have got saved, but now just dead bodies will go.

Ravish says if this land was of my country, I would have touched my forehead, but not here, we are standing in front of you, shoot. Ravish, Vividha and Atharv hold hands. Atharv says in this birth, I would have bear a lot of problems because of you Ravish, don’t do that in next birth. Ravish says I met you now, I won’t leave you my brother. Atharv looks at him. They close eyes and stand. Ravish asks them to shoot.Suman, Uma and Sujata pray. Ravish, Atharv and Vividha hear the gun shot and open eyes. The terrorists get shot by the army men, standing across the border line. Fateh Singh says sorry, we came late. Ravish says our country won today. They salute to the flag.

Vividha asks Rvish to sit ahead, you will be comfortable. Atharv looks at them. She gives pillow behind Ravish’s back and talks to him. Her dupatta falls over Ravish’s face. Ravish moves the dupatta off his face. O re piya…..plays…………. Vividha looks at Ravish. Atharv and Vividha sit backside in the jeep. Atharv sees Vividha seeing Ravish, and Ravish seeing Vividha in the mirror. He turns away. The jeep starts by a jerk. Vividha screams and holds Ravish, while Atharv was holding her hand. Ravish sees Atharv and turns.

Suman cries seeing Ravish’s pic. Aditi gets the news by call and happily shouts to Suman that Ravish is coming. Suman runs downstairs. Uma asks about Atharv and Vividha. Aditi says they are also coming. Suman opens the door in K3G style and looks for her son. The reporters come there. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham….plays………. Ravish comes thre. Suman cries seeing him. Everyone happily cry seeing Ravish back.Injured Ravish walks to family. Suman holds and hugs him. Ravish says a soldier’s mum does not welcome son like this. Sujata says a mum is always mum. The reporter praises Ravish. Vividha and Atharv get down the car. Uma and Sujata get happy. Reporter says Vividha is like Savitri who got her husband back from Yamraj. They ask her questions and praise her for doing a soldier’s wife’s duty. Atharv gets back.

Suman says Vividha is soldier’s wife, fulfilling such duty is not big thing for her. Reporter ask Ravish what happened that day. Sujata holds Atharv and says whatever is happening here, Ravish and Vividha do not want all this, are you understanding. Atharv nods. Reporter asks Ravish to tell about his brave wife. Suman says I m sure like I m proud of my bahu, Ravish is proud of his wife, right. Ravish nods and smiles. Ravish says yes. He looks at Vividha.

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