Never say goodbye update Monday 28 March 2022

Never say goodbye 28 March 2022: The Episode starts with Kailash asking Uma not to say a word else…. Vividha asks what will you do, will you slap Maa again. Dadi says I did not give birth to such a child, a devil and animal, I did not give you this upbringing, I did not teach you to torture women, from whom did you learn this, I was in darkness, I thought Uma is not suitable for you, you are Rakshas and you are not suitable for Uma, she is a Devi, who has bear all tortures and managed your children, house, family, your mum and everything.

Vividha says you could do this torture as Uma did not tell anyone, but we all are here, if you point a finger at my mum… Kailash asks what will you do, will you beat your father. Vividha says don’t know, I hope you don’t give me chance to say, I won’t let Maa get hurt now. She cries and says what did you think, I m cow or goat, you will tell me to anyone, no I have my thinking. He says no, I taught you to obey me, not think, this is not my upbringing. She says yes, making me think free was not part of your upbringing, Atharv has taught me to live freely and with independent thoughts, he have strength to me.

He says you will do what I say, you go to Delhi with Dubey in car. Vividha moves his hand and asks him to get rid of his ego and see, what does he think will she not marry Atharv. Kailash angrily slaps her. They all get shocked. He says you have seen my good side, I have praised you a lot and you are showing attitude to me, your birth happened because of me, you came in this world because of me, and you have to accept this favor, you will do what I say.

Uma says no, Vividha will not do this, she will do what she wants to do, and don’t dare to touch/beat her, I was silent all these years as I did not want children to see your devilish side, if you don’t listen, these hands got strong and will not stop, my hands will raise on you. Vividha says you have broken the last link by this slap now, I know how to reply for a slap, I m silent because of the favor you counted just now.

The baraatis say we are standing since long time, its like we don’t have any respect. Atharv worries. Sujata tries calling Vividha, Uma and Guddi, and says where did they all disappear, no one is answering call. Uma asks Vividha not to waste time, Atharv would be waiting for you. Kailash says Vividha, you won’t go anywhere. Dadi says let her go, I will see how do you stop us. They ask Vividha to go. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words. Kailash pushes Uma on the bed. Vviidha rushes out. Kailash pushes Guddi. Dadi stops Kailash and asks Vividha to just leave, don’t look back. Dubey comes in between. Vividha pushes him and runs. Dubey goes inside the house. Uma gets up and hits Kailash’s head with a lamp stand. Dadi says beat him more.

Kailash falls down. Uma recalls the tortures done by Kailash. She says I told you do anything with me, be away from my children, Vividha…..Dadi consoles Uma.Vividha runs on road and cries. The baraati guests say we are sorry, its too late, we can’t wait now. Abdul uncle asks them to wait. The guests say we are sorry, we can’t stay now. They all leave. Sujata says why did they get so late. Abdul uncle says maybe their car stopped, I will go and see. Vividha calls Atharv and shouts. He asks where are you. She says meet me behind temple fast. He asks what happened, why are you crying. She says just go what I said. Her slipper breaks and she runs crying. Sujata asks what happened. Atharv asks her to stay there.

Uma says I have to do Vividha’s kanyadaan alone. Dadi nods. Kailash gets up and pushes everyone. He shuts the door and runs. They all ask him to open the door, and cry. Atharv runs behind the temple. He removes his coat and throws. Vividha reaches the temple and shouts Atharv…..He turns and sees her….. She cries and runs over the temple stairs. Jaana na dil se door………….plays………….. She runs to Atharv and hugs him. She breaks down and cries. He asks what happened, why are you crying. She says you were always right Atharv. Sujata comes there and looks on. He asks what are you saying. Vividha says you were right about my Papa, he is not a good human. He asks what did he do.

She says he cheated all of us, he did not fix my marriage with you, but with someone else. Atharv gets shocked. Atharv cries and gets angry. She says he never gave love to my Maa and never respected her, he has always beaten and tortured her. She tells what she has seen and what happened.Vividha telling Atharv that Kailash never respected Uma. She hugs him and cries, saying he never accepted our relation, what was our mistake, we just loved each other, why did Papa do this. Atharv cries and fumes….. Sujata looks on. He asks Vividha do you trust me… She nods.

He says nothing will happen, whatever your dad did, you are here with me, whatever happens, whoever does anything, no one can separate us.She cries and says it all got spoiled. He says nothing spoiled, come, don’t worry, I m standing with you, even if this world stands against us, no one can separate me from you, we are tied by love, we are part of each other’s heart, we stay in hearts, who can separate us, if we get separated in any incident, then…. He forwards his hand, which has Vividha written by mehendi. He promises that Atharv Sujata will come back to you, and be with you. He says even if the world tries hard, I will fight with death and come.

Vividha cries. He says this is seventh promise to you, you promise me even if distance is too long, our love will get us together, promise me. She holds his hand and promises him. They hug. Sujata looks on and smiles.Atharv and Vividha close eyes. Sujata turns to go, and someone hits on Atharv’s head with a metal rod. Sujata hears sound and looks back. Vividha and Sujata get shocked seeing Atharv’s head bleeding. Atharv holds his head and sees the blood in his hands. Jaana na dil se door………….plays…………….. Atharv falls down, and Kailash is seen behind. Vividha shouts Atharv……

Vividha asks Kailash what did you do. Sujata cries seeing the blood and asks Kailash what did you go. They both worry for Atharv. Vividha shouts for help. Kailash holds her hand and drags her. She shouts leave me, and holds Atharv. Sujata says Atharv, he is taking Vividha, get up. Vividha holds Atharv’s hand. Kailash pulls her, and she gets away from Atharv. Jaana na dil se door……………plays…………. Atharv tries to forward hand. She asks Kailash to leave her. Sujata goes to Kailash and holds his collar, asking him to leave Vividha. Kailash pushes Sujata on the ground. Vividha shouts Sujata Chachi, and asks Kailash what is he doing.

Kailash stops and looks back. Vividha sees Atharv holding her hand, and stopping her. Atharv holds Vividha and Sujata. He pulls back Vividha to him and looks at Kailash. He kicks Kailash down. Atharv says I have respected you a lot as you are Vividha’s father, not anymore. Kailash starts laughing and asks really, we will see now. The goons come behind Atharv and slowly proceed. They hit on Atharv’s leg. Atharv falls. The goons catch Vividha and Sujata, and beat Atharv. Vividha asks Kailash to stop the goons from beating Atharv, tell them not to beat Atharv.

They goons step on Atharv’s back. Atharv gains strength, and gets up. He holds the beads string in his hand and fights with them boldly. He breaks a metal rod and beats goons like a true hero. A goon catches Atharv by his neck. Sujata worriedly calls out Atharv and goes to help. Kailash asks the goons to beat Atharv, he should not survive. A goon catches Sujata and slaps her. Atharv shouts Maa and beats the goon. He holds Sujata. Another goon hits on his bleeding head. Vividha and Sujata shout. The goon drags Sujata from there. All of the goons together beat Atharv. Vividha begs Kailash to leave Atharv. Atharv bleeds a lot. Sujata shouts Atharv and begs Kailash to leave her son.

Vividha says don’t beat Atharv. Kailash smiles and says you wanted to marry this guy, let the groom get ready, then take rounds with his dead body. Vividha gets shocked and cries. Atharv gets badly beaten up.

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