Never say goodbye update Tuesday 29 march 2022

Never say goodbye 29 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha asking Kailash not to beat Atharv. He says you wanted to marry this guy, let groom get ready, then marry his dead body. Goons beat Atharv more. Vividha cries and says no…. She says I will not marry Atharv, if he has to become my life at the price of his life, I will not marry him, please leave him. Kailash stops the goons. Sujata holds Atharv and cries. Kailash asks Vividha the price of her promise. She says I promise if you get me married to a jungle tree or a dog, I won’t say anything. He asks Vividha to come and smiles.

Vividha turns to leave. Atharv sees her leaving. Jaana na dil se door…………….plays………… Atharv forwards hand and she turns. She cries and runs to him. She holds him. He holds her face. She holds his hand and cries. Kailash drags her away. His bead string breaks while she is taken away. Atharv puts his hand down and says I will come to you…. I will come back. Kailash leaves with Vividha. Sujata says Atharv and cries. She says I will go and get help.Sujata goes to call help. A man gets a huge hammer and hits on Atharv’s head again. Sujata turns and gets shocked.

Sujata sees Ankit…. Atharv’s head bleeds a lot. Sujata shouts no…… Ankit looks at Atharv. Atharv recalls Vividha….. Jaana na dil se door…………..plays……………. He thinks of talking to Sujata, that everything is set now, once Vviidha and I get married, then everything will get set, I won’t need to ask anything from life or Lord.Uma, Guddi and Dadi try to seek help and ask is anyone there to get the door opened. They cry. The door opens. They get shocked seeing Vividha with blood on her face. Uma asks Vividha what happened to you, are you fine, where is Atharv, is he fine. Vividha is in shock. Kailash comes.

They ask Vividha to say what happened, is Atharv fine, say something. Vividha goes. Sujata holds Atharv and takes him in her lap. She sits crying and shouts. Ankit is gone.Vividha takes a water pot. Uma asks what is she doing. Dadi asks the same. Vividha pours the water on her head. Uma, Dadi and Guddi look on shocked. Vividha recalls Atharv and their moments, love and promises. She throws the pot. Vividha breaking her bangles on the floor. Uma, Dadi and Guddi cry and get shocked. Uma asks Vividha to stop it, did out go mad. Dadi asks where is Atharv, is he fine. She asks Kailash to answer.

Uma asks Vividha to tell her what happened. Vividha says I have become widow before my marriage. They get shocked. Vividha says Kailash has made me away from my Atharv. Sujata holds Atharv in her lap and cries. Vividha says Atharv Sujata, the man I loved, he taught me to love, who has shown way to my suppressed courage, who made me meet myself. Sujata goes to get help again and shouts someone help me. Vividha says Atharv who always loved me madly, and the one who loved Atharv, he did not leave supporting them. She cries.

Vividha says he has risked everything for me, went to jail, got beaten up, lost his house, but he never left supporting me. She thinks of Atharv. Jaana na dil se door…………plays…….. She says for one who respected everyone and took care of others, he became son of my Maa too, Atharv Sujata, he was a man in real sense, but he did not let his inner child die ever. She thinks of him and keeps on saying about him. She says his eyes, his words, his smile, his cry, his fear, his passion, togetherness, love…. All the moments of Atharv and Vividha are shown. Vividha says everything burnt in the fire of your hatred, today my Atharv got away from me. Sujata shouts for help and cries holding Atharv. Atharv closes his eyes.

Uma asks Vividha what are you saying. Vividha says I have loved Atharv by my heart and soul, I felt no one can separate two souls, but a man named Kailash Kashyap….. no, Kailash can’t be a human. Kailash smiles. Vividha says Kailash succeeded in separating us. Uma asks where is Atharv, tell me.Vividha gets up and goes to Kailash. She says I did not lose to you today, I did a deal for Atharv’s life, my love did not get less, it became a shield, I know I can become reason for his death, Kailash’s goons have beaten Atharv so much that his blood was flowing on the road. Dadi, Uma and Guddi cry.

Vividhasays enough, I took the decision, my relation with Atharv got over, I left him dying on the road, I did not see him by turning twice, When Sati Mata’s father insulted her husband Shiv ji, she has burnt in fire, same way my father made my husband away from me, I also got burnt today by heart and turned widow by body, but if Atharv does not survive, then it will be similar disaster, the difference will be that time Shiv ji ruined everything and this time, I will do tandav.

Dadi cries and asks Kailash what did you do…. how much will you ruin this house, you have become Jallad, you have cursed my womb today. She curses Kailash. Uma says even stone would have melt instead Kailash, he is devil who will eat up his own daughter. Kailash asks them to shut up. He says Vividha is ready for marriage, make her wear bridal dress and get her ready, marriage will happen today itself. Vividha goes upstairs. She thinks of Atharv…..

Kalindi says we have done all arrangements, is groom coming. Suman says yes, why won’t he come. Kalindi says enemies don’t take appointment to attack on border, that’s why. Suman says Vividha is getting ready to marry Ravish, she is happy, she will give so much love to Ravish that he will forget that he did not wish to marry, I know she will keep him happy, his duty can get him late, but not stop him from getting his love, I m sure Ravish will surely come for Vividha’s love.

Vividha gets ready in another bridal dress. Uma says there is still time, refuse for this marriage, I m with you. Kailash comes and asks Vividha to get ready fast. He asks Guddi and Uma to make her ready fast. He says great, my lovely doll looks a fairy in this bridal dress, when your would be husband sees you, he will be stunned, I will make you ready today. He makes her wear the big necklace. He says our marriage time is close now, this house will get lonely without you, you have to cross this big distance between Maayka and Sasural carefully. Vividha recalls her words to Uma.

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