Dream Girl update Tuesday 29 March 2022

Dream girl 29 March 2022: The Episode starts with Karan asking Samar about Laxmi. He says Samar was marrying Laxmi, and her murder blame is on Ayesha, what would he say. Samar says Laxmi herself will give the answers, as she is alive and will come infront of everyone soon. Karan asks how can he say this. Samar says as I m alive, if I can’t live without her, she can’t die without me. Laxmi comes with Atul. Samar feels her presence and looks around. Karan says one more question. Manav says security, kick this man out. The guards take Karan out. The media runs to Manav and asks him to say the truth.

Manav asks them to sit, he will answer them. He answers about the new movie Shakti, Ayesha is the lead, Atul will be directing it. Manav says a press release will be given by Navrang. Atul meets Ayesha, Manav and Samar. He says Naina has come, will Ayesha not meet her. Ayesha says oh, I will meet her, I thought she is busy even today. He calls out Naina. He says she was here, where did she go. Ayesha says contract is signed, we can meet in shooting.Karan asks the reporters did they get Laxmi, and asks them to ask Ayesha. The guards kick Karan out. They bump into Laxmi. She falls and asks are they blind. Karan says they are blind to work with wrong people.

He leaves. She gets up. Samar looks there and recalls his shooting moments with Laxmi. He recalls Karan’s words. Ayesha tells Manav that she is very excited. Manav asks Atul all set, where is the writer. Atul says she was here. Ayesha says its puja mahurat, we can’t wait. Atul thinks she changed so soon after getting the script.Samar sees someone standing, and could not see face. Its Laxmi. He comes to her running. She leaves from there. Her scarf falls there and he looks around. He does not get her and holds his head. He keeps the scarf there and she gets it.

He leaves from there. Atul tells Ayesha that they will wait for Naina. Ayesha says mahurat is passing, else we would have waited. They do the puja and are happy. Ayesha says she will get ready and goes.She gets a chit and read s it. She gets her dress spoiled and thinks someone did it like I spoiled Laxmi’s dress. She shows the chit to Manav and panics. Manav asks her to calm down, and reads the message. She asks who came in my vanity van, how can anyone threaten her and spoil her dress. Atul reads the note and says this is next shot script, heroine tells this to villain. She asks what about her dress.

Nidhi says you have to wear uniform in the scene. Manav asks her to calm down. She says what would everyone think seeing me panic. He says nothing, take rest for some time. Prem says first scene, take one.Ayesha gives the shot as police inspector and beats the goons. She gets hurt in the scene and manages well. Prem and Manav smile seeing her. They all clap for her. Laxmi claps seeing her and smiles. She leaves. Atul says Ayesha gave best shot. Manav says he has to go for meeting with distributors. Atul says Naina wants to meet you. Ayesha says I just gave shot, I will go to van and then talk. Atul gets Naina there. Ayesha thinks what to meet her now after getting the script. She gets shocked seeing Laxmi.

Ayesha laughing seeing Laxmi. She says I told everyone you are alive, you are healthy and fine, I m so proud of you, wow I m impressed, how dare you do all this and come to meet me here, you framed me in your murder blame, what case now. Laxmi says I m Naina, not Laxmi. Ayesha says shut up, I was thinking who killed you, and put blame on me, you kept messaging me, how can you die when I did not kill you. Naina asks Atul what is she saying, take me. Ayesha asks whats this drama, this stick and all, did you come as blind. Atul says she is blind, she is script writer Naina, not Laxmi. Ayesha says she came as blind to get work in Navrang, she thinks she can fool us, I will prove it. Atul stops Ayesha from hitting Laxmi.

Ayesha says I m impressed, your story is still raw. Laxmi says I can’t get insulted, take me Atul. Ayesha says I got insulted by the jail stay, you can’t fool anyone, everyone knows her, she is Laxmi Mathur. Laxmi says she is mad, give my stick. Ayesha asks her to be here, as she is her proof, this is Laxmi a cheat and clever lady. She asks you felt you will come with new identity and we won’t know, I will expose you to Samar, he thinks Laxmi is innocent, he should know you scheming are you.

Naina asks Atul why did he get her, Ayesha can’t respect any work or her. Ayesha says stop right here. Laxmi pushes her and leaves. She tells Atul that she told not to have association with such rich people. Laxmi leaves. Ayesha says she will tell everyone that Laxmi went in that car, call my husband. She asks Atul to call her back.Ayesha asks the staff why is Manav and Samar not reachable. They say maybe they went in meeting. Ayesha asks Atul will he be saved, he is involved in Laxmi’s scheme, she will call police and get him behind the bars, she will be in jail for mental harassment.

Atul says she is writer Naina, not Laxmi. Ayesha says everyone saw her. They say they did not see him. Ayesha asks what… She asks are they lying, she is ashamed of her staff. She says this is Atul’s plan as he has brought Laxmi just to her, so that no one sees her. He says enough. She asks him to get out. He leaves. She asks all of them to get out.She calls Abhimanyu. He is cooking and cuts the call. She calls again and says Laxmi is alive, I spoke to her. He asks is she mad. She says she came as writer, call her and talk to her, she is alive. He cuts the call. She says no one believes me, they think I m mad, just Manav will trust me. Ayesha recalls Laxmi and the events.

She says I did big mistake to underestimate you, you are very smart. I m always one step ahead, you are going to regret, its show time. I m going to bring you infront of everybody. She says you came as blind, I will send you in darkness. She messages that she has to discuss something imp, and asks to come at Sareen house.Laxmi comes home and shuts the door. She walks by the support of stick and reaches the table. She drinks water. She comes to her room and removes the scarf. She goes to washroom and screams seeing someone. She turns and closes her eyes. Karan comes to her with foam on his face, and asks her to relax, he has come here to meet Ayesha’s writer Naina. She says you scared me Karan. They smile.

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