Never say goodbye update Sunday 24 July 2022

Never say goodbye 24 July 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish saying this man would be walked to that shop. Vividha recalls the video. Ravish says he has a little girl with him, but how could he walk far with her. Atharv says but you are saying he stays around, why did shopkeeper not identify him, maybe he is not from this area. Vividha says Kailash never liked to go far from shopping, he stays there. Atharv says we think he is Kailash, but maybe he is not. She says there is difference between guess and intuition, mum’s intuition is saying he is there, we should go and find out.Vividha asks them to come. Madhav asks where are you going. She says we are going out, we will come soon. He says no, you won’t come, I wanted to show prize yesterday.

She says I will take you for icecream once I return. He says no, don’t go. Kangana comes and says Madhav, your mumma got late yesterday as she was finding your fav cornflakes. He asks really. She says yes, let her finish her work, we will play. She takes him.Guddi says I will come along. Ravish asks her to stay at home. She says Kailash is my dad too, so I have right to come along. Vividha says Madhav is alone with Kangana, stay at home, everone went to temple, we can’t leave Madhav alone. Ankit asks her not to worry, he will tale care of Madhav. They leave. Ankit sees Kangana and Madhav. Everyone try to find Kailash. Guddi says none has seen this man. Vividha says some people have seen him. Ravish says yes, but maybe just once, I think he does not stay here.

Vividha says the people saw him alone. Atharv says he would be taking ration, the shop keeper told me that someone does not come home to take things, the delivery boy takes the goods and that man silently keeps money and takes things. Guddi calls that man mad. Ravish says no, he is clever. Atharv says we can know about him once he calls the shop for delivery, this time we will catch him.Kangana takes care of Madhav. Ankit looks on. Madhav finishes the food. Kangana asks him to have bread and butter. Madhav refuses and runs. She asks him to have it. She tells stories and feeds him. She sees Ankit and asks him to come and have breakfast. He asks her to have food.

She says you can have food and keep an eye on me. He eats food. Guddi says I don’t think he will come. Vividha asks her to go home but she won’t come till she finds her daughter. Guddi asks don’t I worry for that baby, we should be practical. Vividha asks her to have patience. Atharv and Ravish ask them to stop it. Atharv says ration owner called, he said that man asked for delivery, we will get our child back. She says I will take all answers from him today.Kangana plays with Madhav. Ankit looks on and smiles. He suddenly gets dizzy and holds the table. Kangana looks on. Ankit sees the food plate. He thinks why is he getting dizzy. He sees Kangana and says she added something in food. Kangana smiles.

Ravish, Atharv, Vividha and Guddi see the delivery guy keeping the packet. Atharv says he will come now. He asks them to have patience, that man will come. Ankit faints. Kangana asks what happened. Ankit asks what did you add in my food. Madhav looks on. She takes his phone. Madhav asks what happened to him. She says don’t know, now we are alone at home. Everyone see the person in black coat and hood coming to take the packet. They get suspicious.everyone seeing the man picking the parcel. Vividha rushes to catch him. Atharv says we will miss him, wait. Ravish says let her go, we are after her. The man sees them in bike mirror. He leaves.

They all follow him. Vividha gets hurt by a bike. Atharv asks are you fine. They see the man gone. He says he would have not gone far. Vividha sees the man. They all follow the man and run after him. Guddi falls down. Ravish stops to take care of him. Atharv and Vividha run after the man. Ravish does aid to Guddi. Atharv gets trapped in a net. Vividha looks on shocked. She sees the man running away.She follows the man. She sees a girl inside the dark house. The girl throws stone. Atharv gets free of the net. He moves Vividha away and sees the girl. The man takes the girl with him. Vividha and Atharv enter the house and look around.

They hear the car sound. They run to see. The man leaves with the girl. Atharv runs after the car. Vividha shouts to Kailash, asking him to return her daughter. Atharv says he has run away Vividha. He takes Vividha.At home, Ankit gets conscious. He recalls Madhav and looks for him. He sees some shadow. Some blood is seen. A girl walks to him. Ankit gets dizzy and says you….. She hits on his head. Atharv and Vividha, Ravish and Guddi come to that house. Atharv says he has run away. Ravish says maybe they stayed here for much time, we should check things to get some clue. They check things.

Vividha cries. She gets the goggles. She recalls Kailash gifting her glasses in childhood. She says he has taken my daughter. Atharv says we will find him. Vividha says Kailash took her, you wanted proof, see this, he gave me these glasses. Atharv asks her to come.Dadi Bua asks Sujata how is Uma. Sujata says she is fine, Atharv called me to be with Madhav. Dadi asks what work they had. Sujata says we will know once they come back. They ring the bell. Sujata finds the door open. They call out everyone.They get shocked seeing Ankit lying on the ground. Sujata and Dadi ask what happened to him. Dadi and everyone see some girl coming with a stick. Sujata asks you…..

The girl hits on her head. Sujata faints. Dadi moves back. Atharv says we will find her, come. Vividha says please let me go and find my daughter. Ravish promises to find Kailash. He says I will contact my army staff and find him. She asks Atharv to let her go. Ravish says trust me, we will get that man, we will not lose, fight is on. Atharv says yes, come, we will find him. They all leave. They reach home. They all get shocked seeing the family members lying on the ground, unconscious.

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