Never say goodbye update Tuesday 24 May 2022

Never say goodbye 24 may 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha scolding Atharv like before. He asks why are you angry, I m not liking it, I m giving the milk, mad…. She sees the Payal wearing anklet and says I have kept her name, I m her Mausi. Atharv does not recall anything. Vividha says this is very special for me. Atharv says you are special for me. She stumbles and falls. He holds her, like before. Similar moment is shown. O re piya……..plays….. Everyone look on. Vividha looks at Atharv. He looks at her with intense expressions. He pushes her and asks how much do you fall. He talks like a kid, and she gets upset.

Atharv asks gungun to kick Vividha. Dadi goes to flirt with Atharv. Ravish looks on. Dadi asks how can you forget me, you broke my heart, you are very bad. She beats him with her hair plaits. Atharv holds her hair. Dadi smiles and sees everyone. Atharv asks shall I break their hair plaits. Dadi cries. Atharv scolds her and goes. Ravish asks Vividha to do something that us important for Atharv, that is close to his life. She cries.Atharv says she has beaten me with her hair, I will break her hair plaits one day. He goes home and sees something. He goes and sits eating the banana.

Sujata comes and asks who made the rice sit, you made it fall and sitting silent and eating banana here. Atharv says I did not make it fall, he made it fall. Sujata asks who, you are lying. He says I don’t lie, you are lying, see there he made it fall. He goes downstairs. Everyone look on from far. Atharv looks around. They all hide. He goes to Vividha and asks why did you ignite fire, are we going to dance. Vividha says no, I want to tell about my special friend, will you listen.She says my friend explained me about a relation of equality, relation of husband and wife. She recalls Atharv’s words and says we both will tie each other by love, not by any bounds, none will be lower or higher, we will cross the long journey together always, we will not take marriage as burden or chains, as love gives freedom, it does not snatch freedom.

Atharv gets tearful eyed. She holds his hand. Ravish looks on.Vividha says but we will stay together always, we can either live relations or keep relations, we will live our life, we will cross limits and live, we will remove the wall between man and woman, we will make a relation of friendship, so that when we come close, we can feel each other’s breath, we can hear each other’s heart beat, Atharv you did a lot for me, you taught me living and loving, so our relation is different. She cries and repeats the lines. She says our relation is of equality, we both will tie each other by love, not by any bounds, none will be lower or higher, we will cross the long journey together always. She forwards her hand and asks him to promise her.

Atharv holds her hand and looks at her. Jaana na dil se door……plays…………… Atharv sees Ravish and Vividha. He gets his hand away from Vividha. He says we are not same, we are different, you are girl, I m guy, you are fair, I m dark, your hair are long, my hair are short, you are short, I m tall. Everyone get upset. Atharv says we are not equal. He goes. Vividha cries.Ravish says I did not know Atharv’s mindset and values are so high. Vividha says Atharv’s mindset and perception were different, there can’t be anyone like that, he made many people free of their heart prison, my mum was slave of my father, he taught my mum to get freedom, I regarded my father as Lord, he told me never to give Lord status to anyone. She tells more about Atharv and cries.

She says I don’t know I can see my old Atharv or not. Ravish says you should hold courage, Atharv has seen all of us here, before it was just you and him, but we have to hold courage and try. Vividha nods.Sujata asking Atharv how does he know about keeping flowers at that place. Atharv says the vase was there, so I kept it there. Ravish hears him and leaves. Ravish recalls Atharv’s words. He goes to Atharv’s bike and asks Vividha about Atharv liking the bike a lot. She says yes. He breaks the bike parts. Vividha asks what are you doing, stop Ravish. Atharv comes downstairs and gets shocked seeing Ravish breaking the bike.

Ravish recalls Vividha saying this bike is very close to Atharv’s heart, this is not a machine, he used to call this his GF and named it Julia. She tells what happened when Atharv lost the bike once. Atharv gets angry and pulls his sleeves up. Ravish and Vividha wait for his reaction. Atharv sees the bike broken. He talks like kid again and asks did bike beat you. He kicks the bike for beating his captain saab. They all get shocked. Atharv says I m feeling hungry, I m going. He goes. Everyone get upset.Ravish goes. Vividha cries seeing the bike and cleans it.

She thinks I m double adamant to remind Atharv the memories, I will not let my identity of Vividha Atharv Sujata end. She goes to the stable at night and sees Atharv sleeping. Similar moment is shown. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….Atharv drops his hand. She worries and recalls her marriage with Ravish. Saawre…..plays………… Ravish sees her and gets sad. Atharv turns and sleeps. Its morning, Ravish sees his car parked outside the house with marks on the exteriors. Atharv greets Ravish. Vividha and everyone come and see the car.

Vividha asks who has done all this. Ravish says Atharv…. Vividha asks what are you saying, Atharv can’t do this, why will he do this. Ravish says because I damaged his bike. Sujata and Vividha say no Atharv can’t do this. Ravish says we will go inside and talk. Vividha asks do you mean to say, Atharv got his memory back. Dadi and Sujata ask why will he act, he will come back and hug his old life. Abdul uncle says you don’t know Atharv, he will teach living to life. Ravish says I will find out, we have to make one more try.

Atharv feeds the cows. Vividha sits on his bike and says Atharv, I m going to drive bike. Everyone hide and look on. Vividha says I don’t know, but I will try. She starts the bike. Atharv smiles. She leaves on the bike. Everyone worry. Sujata says Atharv is there, I know he is not in senses, but even then he will not let anything happen to Vividha. Atharv recalls old moment when Vividha has driven the bike. He shouts Vividha and runs after her. Vividha worries as bike goes out of control. Atharv runs like a normal person, like before.Vividha sees him. Atharv sits on the bike behind her and controls the bike. Jaana na dil se door…..plays……….. Vividha gets glad and smiles.

Ravish says its very late, I will go and see. Sujata stops Ravish and shows Atharv and Vividha coming on the bike. Atharv stops the bike. Vividha and everyone look at him.Vividha says Atharv, you…… Atharv signs no. He sees Ravish in the mirror and gets tearful eyes. He talks like a kid and asks how did I drive the bike, it was good right, I m very tired now, I will have food and come. He goes.Vividha asks Ravish do you still feel Atharv is hiding his memory recovery. Sujata says why will he do this, why will he not want his old life back. Ravish says does he feel, if he gets fine, he can’t stay close to Vividha, and lose her.

Vividha says no, Atharv will never do this, he did not hide behind anything, he always faced life, he knows Vividha is his, he will not hide for me, he feels his right on me. Sujata says I also believe so. Ravish says I know its painful that he got his memory back and acting. Vividha says he is still a kid. Ravish says Vividha, Atharv has seen me in mirror. So maybe he did acting to become kid again. They get shocked.

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