Dream girl update Tuesday 15 March 2022


Dream girl 15 March 2022: The Episode starts with Manav explaining scene to Samar and Laxmi, and asking him to do well as its one shot. Ayesha says all the best to Laxmi and thinks Karan will not trust me, he should not trust as its just acting to get Manav back. She comes to her cabin and says Manav is doing this to unite Samar and Laxmi, but I can’t bear her. The casting director talks to Ayesha and says if image spoils, the actor has no future. She gets an idea and says Samar is right, that second chance is valid, and I will not miss this one to kick out Laxmi.

Samar and Laxmi get ready and rehearse for the scene. Manav looks at them. He says other lines, with same meaning. She argues and he asks is this in script. Manav says see they are fighting like kids and shows Karan. He says this makes it clear that they love each other a lot, they can’t be away for many days, they will unite soon. He sees Karan sad and says I m sorry, I can understand what you go through, you loved Laxmi. Karan says I m fine, infatuation happens working along, she is heroine, and people will love her, your idea is good to make them speak their heart out in scenes.

Manav says you are a very bad actor, but a good director. Karan says you are good actor, you made Ayesha sleepless. Manav says Ayesha will not leave me, when she knows, if I tell her, she will tell Samar.Manav and Karan hear Laxmi and Samar’s arguments. She says Manav told us to do this in one take. Samar says Manav and Ayesha fought because of me. Karan says Samar is very annoyed, I don’t think he will forgive her. Manav says I know him, he loves her and its done forever. Laxmi says everyone does mistake and he has ego. Samar says she has ego. Manav says lets start work before they fight more.

Samar says we are ready. Manav says all set. Ayesha come there. Manav explains the scene again. Ayesha sees the knives kept there. Manav shows the knife, and Karan says it will be here. Manav says when Vidya fails to stop Raj, and she will cut her nerve. He asks Laxmi not to worry, its fake knife. Ayesha swaps the knife and real one gets place in the fruit basket. Laxmi and Samar enact the scene.Music plays………….. Zara zara hone laga………….. plays……….. Laxmi as Vidya confesses love to him, and Samar as Raj starts leaving from there.

He hurts her and asks can she forget the pain she gave him. She says she can bear any pain, but not separation pain. Manav smiles seeing the scene. Raj says this is your punishment, I will go far from you. She begs him not to leave her, she can’t live without him. He says fine, then die. She asks him to stop else she will end her life. She holds the knife to cut her nerve. Ayesha looks on relaxing.Laxmi cuts her nerve and gets shocked seeing the blood. She stumbles and everyone think the scene is going on. Laxmi falls down.

The lights come. Manav says cut it, superb shot, well done. He hugs Samar, and says Laxmi can get up now, well done, she is still in scene, so dedicated actress. They all worry seeing Laxmi not getting up and call her out.Samar shouting Laxmi. They all run to her and see her blood. Ayesha sees the knives and realizes it got changed by her mistake. She gets tensed. Samar lifts Laxmi and asks Karan to bring the car. Karan drives fast and Manav guides him to take shortcuts. Samar asks Karan to drive faster. He says nothing will happen to Laxmi. Ayesha panics and calls Manav. She says she called hospital, they made OT ready. He asks her to handle media.

She says just take care of Laxmi, in will handle everything else. They bring her to hospital. Ayesha says its good if Laxmi dies, else her game will end. She calls Nidhi and asks her to bring dream girl contest related videos, if she does as she planned, then Laxmi will wish she does not get conscious.The doctor says they will treat Laxmi when she gets stable, its suicide case Manav. Manav says she has cut the wrist in scene, real knife came by mistake and this happened. The doctor says he needs her family’s consent, her nerves have totally damaged, lets hope she gets fine. Samar cries thinking about her.

Manav holds him. Laxmi is treated in OT.Samar feels guilty seeing Laxmi’s state and blames himself for this. Manav consoles him. Samar says she apologized to me, and I was adamant. The doctor says this is one of the worst case. Samar says she has slit the wrist by full force, will she get fine, I have scolded her a lot, I insulted her. He cries and says my ego made my most loved one fall in trouble. Manav says it was not intentional. Samar says he realized he can’t live without Laxmi, I understood I love Laxmi a lot, like you love Ayesha, today Ayesha and Laxmi both are unhappy.

Ayesha asks Nidhi to say anything good. Nidhi says she did not get footage, it was given to Manav, and its in his laptop. Ayesha says he is not in office, get his laptop. Nidhi says its password protected. Ayesha says I will see, you can go. She says how to get the footage, I don’t know the password, which drama to do now.Manav tells Samar that he has done all this drama so that he realizes the second chance in life, I did not tell Ayesha, as she could tell you. Samar asks him to inform Ayesha, as his plan has worked. Ayesha calls Manav and asks about Laxmi. Manav says she is in OT.

Ayesha says police will involve in this along media, I thought to make official statement from your letter head.He says fine, my laptop is there, it has my digital signatures. She asks is it password protected. He says yes, its Raj samosewala. She enters it. He says I m not annoyed with you and tells his plan, while she checks the files and copies it. He apologizes. She says I know you did this for Samar, how is he. Manav says he is worried for Laxmi, he has realized his love for her. She says fine, good, you inform me. He says sure. She ends the call. She says she already knew this, and I got to know password now, Laxmi’s fate is strange, she loses everything before she gets it. She smiles.

Samar comes to Karan and finds him worried. He says he did not see things clear, I scolded you, sorry, now I understand everything, those scenes were put to bring us closer. Karan says I m sorry, I should have checked the knife, I was careless, its my mistake. Samar says I thought you will snatch Laxmi from me, I knew you love her. Karan says I don’t like sad endings of love stories, I want happy union, just Laxmi gets fine, then everything will be fine. Samar holds him. Manav says the one who has such lovely friend, Laxmi will be fine.

The doctor says they will know once Laxmi gets conscious, its risky that she can slip in coma too. Samar gets sad. The inspector comes and asks Manav did Laxmi do suicide. Manav says no, I called you saying about accident. Samar says it was just an accident. The inspector says when Laxmi was cutting her wrist, where was he. Samar says I was there, we were rehearsing, it was fake knife and someone kept real one there. Karan says I will tell.

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