Never say goodbye update Friday 8 April 2022

Never say goodbye 8 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish, Situram and doctor seeing someone sitting on the ground at the corner. Ravish says he is the patient, you can charge any fees, he has to get fine, I will get all medical treatment facilities. Doctor says I know, you can risk your life for army soldiers, why don’t you get his treatment done in military hospital. Bhoomi asks whats this. Uma says that’s neighbor’s house. Bhoomi says I have to see it once. Kalindi says don’t be silly and winks to her. Bhoomi insists. Uma says they are not at home, they gave key to me for cleaning, but I did not get it cleaned, I will take you next time. Kalindi says who has seen next time, we will see if Bhoomi is adamant.

Ravish thanks doctor for coming at night. Doctor says you are welcome and goes. Bhoomi says this is cute and cozy house. Dadi asks Kalindi to have famous kulfi. She asks Kalindi and Bhoomi to come and have kulfi. Kalindi sees Sujata and Atharv’s pic. Uma comes in between and takes the pic.
Uma says things would have fallen here, I have to clean out. She asks Kalindi to come, and keeps the pic back. Vividha is sleeping. Someone comes to her and holds her. She opens eyes and does not see anyone. She stands near window and sees someone going. She gets shocked seeing the room door open. She goes out to see and does not see anyone. She says whats happening, there is no one here. She sees someone standing in darkness, and it thunders. She gets shocked seeing Atharv and says Atharv……..

She runs to him and he disappears. She calls out Atharv. She says is this my dream or illusion, this will make me mad. She stops and turns to see. He disappears again.Bhoomi tells Kalindi that we came too far and did not get anyone. Kalindi says you are foolish, you don’t know what jackpot I got, I have seen that pic, it was Ramakant’s first love Sujata’s pic. Kalindi says Ramakant has a girl and chose her as bahu, I don’t think it is so straight, did you see Uma’s behaviour, it was weird, I feel story is starting from here, there is something they are hiding, Sujata and they are not just neighbours.

Vividha comes to room and says whats happening with me. She gets shocked seeing Atharv in her room. She says you are the one, why are you doing this with me, why are you troubling me Atharv. Atharv looks at her. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… She happily cries and smiles seeing him.She says I knew its you, this is not my illusion. Her foot gets stuck in mat and she falls down. She says Atharv… and faints. She gets conscious after 2 hours. She looks for Atharv. She calls out Atharv and gets worried. She sees the teeth marks on her hand and recalls Atharv. FB shows a sweet moment between them. She says I have to go for college. He asks her not to go. She asks him to see time.

He bites her hand and asks her to see the teeth marks, this is my watch now and just I have right on your time. She asks won’t you change. He says no. FB ends. She sees the teeth marks and says it means its not my illusion, Atharv is somewhere around. She runs out and says you are close Atharv, please come infront of me, I know you are here, whats happening with me.She goes to inhouse temple and cries. She asks what do you want Lord, I gave up myself to save Atharv, whats all this, if Atharv is not here, then why do I see him everywhere, if he is here, why is he not with me. Kalindi and Bhoomi come home. Bhoomi shows Vividha and they silently go to her.

Vividha says Lord get him to me anyway. Bhoomi stumbles. Vividha hears her and stops saying. Kalindi says you should be with your husband at night, what are you doing in temple. Vividha says he did not come till now, so I thought…. Kalindi says you thought to do puja, you are so Dharmic, how wonderful. Bhoomi says people who have spirit shadow on them do puja, tell us if you have any problem. Vividha says no, I don’t have any problem. She goes. Kalindi says I will find out the problem.Ravish reads Ramakant’s letter.

Ravish says I m sorry Ravish, I could not become a good husband and good father, I have less time of my life now, I love you a lot, I have did many mistakes unintentionally, I know what I m going to tell you now will increase your anger, but I trust your clean heart, just do one thing for me…….. Ravish cries.Ravish says why Papa, why did you do this, you have never asked anything from me till now, and while going, you asked me my entire life…..Vividha calling Uma. Guddi asks whose call is it. Uma says Vividha’s call, what shall I say if she asks about Atharv again. Guddi asks her to answer. Uma answers the call. Vividha tells Uma that she has seen Atharv yesterday night again. Uma gets shocked and says no, you can’t see Atharv, this is your illusion.

Vividha says no, I have seen him. Uma says I was going to call you, I got to know about Atharv. Vividha asks really, where is he.Uma says Atharv and Sujata shifted out of city, he is fine, he opened a small stable. Vividha asks did he ask anything about me. Uma says do you want him to be suffering in your sorrow, stop asking this, you are married now, your family is so loving, such loving and respecting husband is got by difficulty, learn from my life, learn to respect your husband. Vividha asks why are you saying this, shall I show I m not worried. Uma says you did deal for this marriage, now Ravish is your husband and you have to respect that family, will you do your duty. Vividha cries…..

Vividha says fine Maa, I did this deal to save Atharv’s life, and I will keep this deal just for him, anyways its not this family’s mistake, they are so good and does not know whats happening with me, I promise I will try my best to keep them happy and understand them. She cries. Uma says how would I say Vividha that Atharv died, I had no option than to lie. She cries. Vividha thinks she was feeling all that about Atharv. Ravish comes from washroom. She wipes her tears. He says you are still here. She says yes, I was just leaving. The door gets stuck and she pulls it. He sees the door and asks what happened. She says don’t know why this door is not opening.

He tries to open the door, and says I think it jammed. The door is locked from outside. Kalindi tells Bhoomi that its not a coincidence that Ramakant chose the girl to be his bahu who was Sujata’s neighbour, did you see Uma’s behaviour, she was scared as if she is hiding anything. Bhoomi says I don’t know. Kalindi says we know what should be Ravish’s likes and dislikes, but Suman does not know. Suman hears them. Kalindi and Bhoomi see Suman and stop talking. Suman asks Kalindi how can you judge Vividha like this, how did you think she does not care for Ravish, you have no right to tell about their relation.

Kalindi says I feel Vividha does not care for this marriage. Suman says you and Bhoomi have no work than to taunt. Kalindi says we say what we see. Suman tells every marriage is kept by both husband and wife’s trust and love, Ravish and Vividha will see how to keep their marriage, you did not keep your marriage…. Kalindi gets shocked by Suman’s taunt. Suman says every marriage relation is not same and goes. Kalindi says who is she to taunt on my marriage, Ramakant did not love Suman ever, and I know even Vividha does not love Ravish. Her son hears this and thinks if Vividha and Ravish are not on good terms, then I can wipe Vividha’s tears. He smiles.

Ravish pulls the door. The door opens. Ravish and Vividha fall down. He asks her is she fine. She nods. They both smile. He gets up and gives his hand to her. She holds his hand and gets up.Vividha goes for breakfast. Everyone tease her and laugh. Kalindi says if Vividha’s family and Sujata were neighbors, there is some connection. Ravish sits to have food. Vividha serves him food. He gets a call and says I have to leave, I have some urgent work. Kalindi thinks Suman taunted me, see what I do now.

Someone goes to Ravish’s room and sees Ravish and Vividha’s marriage pic. Ravish talks to someone and says uncle, I m leaving, I can’t this hide from family, my wife has all rights to know this matter. Vividha comes there and he ends call. She says your wallet, you forgot this. He thanks her. She says I seriously want to help you, I know something is troubling you. The person breaks their marriage pic by throwing frame on the ground.

Vividha offers help to Ravish. The person/Atharv breaks the pic frame to pieces and leaves. Ravish says you have right to know everything, I promise I will tell you everything when time comes.Kalindi passes by their room, and sees the pic frame broken. She gets shocked. Kalindi takes the broken frame and rushes to show Suman. She asks who did this, this is marriage first pic, this abshagun is made. Vividha comes and asks how did this happen. Kalindi says outside your room in corridor, where you have broken and thrown this, I know you don’t like Ravish, now you have trouble with the pic. She taunts Suman and says I knew Vividha does not like Ravish, she stays in her own world, tell me Vividha do you love Ravish or not. She asks Vividha to say she does not love Ravish.

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