Never say goodbye update Saturday 9 April 2022

Never say goodbye 9 April 2022: The Episode starts with Suman taking the pic frame, and asking Vividha what is Kalindi saying. She cries and asks Vividha to say. Vividha cries. Suman asks do you really not like Ravish. Ravish meets Ramakant’s friend. The man says Ramakant was my friend, how did you put you in big Dharm Sankat, how could he ask you to do this. Ravish says its right thing and will be tough. The man says this will be impossible. Ravish says I don’t know meaning of impossible, I just know I have to fulfil my dad’s wish.

Kalindi says my brother chose you by pride, you should have said yes to relation by happiness else refuse it. Vividha recalls Ravish’s words and says I did not break this. She sees the photo frame. She says I don’t know who has thrown this photo frame outside, its nothing like that, I like Ravish a lot. Suman and Aditi get relieved. Curtains fly and someone is there. Suman smiles. They all hear some sound and rush to kitchen. They see all the things thrown on the ground.

Vividha asks how did this happen. Suman asks Vividha not to worry, she will get all this cleaned. Vividha looks around and gets thinking. Its night, Vividha sees her and Ravish’s pic and cries. She says why Atharv, why did you go away, I feel just you even when you are away, I m in a good house, I m doing wrong with everyone here, there is everything, but not you and love, why did this happen with us.

Ravish comes home, and recalls Ramakant’s words. He sees Ramakant’s pic and says you have always taught me to fight with every problem, but this is not easy Papa. He goes to his room and sees Vividha sleeping at the bedside. She feels cold. He sits and goes to her. He takes the pic and keeps it aside. He asks Vividha to sleep on bed. She is sleeping. He stops himself from holding her. She turns and her head falls over his hand. She holds his hand and says Atharv…. He asks what. She says don’t go leaving me.

He holds her and lifts. He makes her lie down on the bed. She holds his hand and does not leave him. She says please, don’t go leaving me. He covers her with the blanket. He sits by her side and looks at her. He moves the hair off her face. Music plays…………….He falls asleep.Its morning, Vividha talks in sleep and says no….. Ravish wakes up and hears her. She says no, please don’t go, don’t leave me, please….He tries to get his hand away and she holds his hand, saying how will I live without you, don’t go, Atharv….. She wakes up and turns to see Ravish. He looks at her.

She leaves his hand. She asks how did I come here. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks did you see any bad dream. She says no. He asks to whom were you talking. She says no one, how did I come on bed. He says you slept on ground, you were feeling cold, I tried to wake you up, you did not wake up, so I made you sleep here by lifting you, you held my hand, you looked worried, whats the matter. She says I m fine, did you sit all night, I mean your hand… He says its okay, I did not wish to wake you up. He gets a call and talks saying yes, Roger, we will see. She goes to take her clothes from cupboard. He tries to remove his coat and gets hurt by sprain.

She helps him and says I know your hand is aching, I know you are habitual to small pain, but I want to say sorry, I m sorry. He says no, its okay. He says it was my friend’s call, he was inviting me, if you want any day, we can plan. She says fine, you plan, we will go according to Roger Bhaisaab. He asks Roger Bhaisaab? She says you were talking on phone, I heard you. He smiles. She asks did I say anything wrong, you are laughing He says Roger is a word, which we use in army, it means okay, fine, done. She smiles and says okay, I understood, I mean Roger. He says Roger. She says I will go and get freshen up. He says sure. She goes and he laughs. He says Roger Bhaisaab.

Vividha greets everyone and says I will tale breakfast for Ravish. Kalindi asks how did she change. Bhoomi says if she gives poison to Ravish. Kalindi asks her not to be foolish. Daddy ji asks Kalindi to have breakfast. Vividha hears the bullet bike sound and gets shocked. She stops and turns to see. She goes inside that room again and sees the cupboard. She asks who is hiding here, I think maybe my eyes are cheating me. She hears some sound and sees Atharv again……. She gets shocked.

Vividha going to that room and hearing some sound. She says maybe he is hiding here, and calls out who is here. She says my eyes are cheating me, I m seeing Atharv, but he is in Himachal, it can’t e him. Atharv comes towards her. Kalindi holds her and she screams. Vividha says you….. Kalindi says what are you doing here, this breakfast tray was for Ravish, to whom did you come to feed food here. Vividha says I heard some sound and came here to see, I will clean this. Kalindi says I will get that cleaned, come I will show you the way out, we can’t afford to lose our new bahu. Kalindi goes. Vividha reads her name on the mirror and turns to see. She says who wrote Vividha here. Kalindi asks did you stop again. Vividha goes.

Vividha gets tea for Ravish and wakes him up. She says I got breakfast and tea for you here, will you have something first or tea? He says I will have tea, but I will first freshen up. She asks him how much sugar will he have in tea. He goes. She turns and gets shocked seeing Atharv. She drops the spoon in shock and looks at him. She says no, this can’t be you Atharv…. I m imagining this. Ravish calls out Vividha and says I m coming in two mins. She worries. She says no, this is not you …… and rushes away. Atharv looks at her. She sees Atharv not disappearing and worries. Ravish comes out of the bathroom…… Vividha cries seeing Atharv and Ravish on her either side. Ravish gets shocked seeing Atharv in his room.

Ravish asks are you okay….. She gets shocked. He asks what is the matter…… She gets dizzy and faints near Atharv….. Ravish says Vividha, and holds her. Atharv gets angry seeing Ravish holding Vividha. Ravish makes Vividha lie on the bed. Atharv goes to Ravish and holds his hand. Ravish asks Atharv to relax…. Atharv leaves his hand. Ravish holds Atharv and says don’t move from here till I say, stand here.

Atharv holds Vividha’s hand and the beads fall there. Ravish comes and pulls him away. He gives him injection on his neck. Situram comes there. Ravish signs him to take Atharv away. Ravish takes Atharv wrapping him in the blanket. They take Atharv to the secret room. Ravish asks Situram to be alert. He cares for Atharv. He recalls Ramakant’s words, that Sujata and Atharv will be his responsibility after Ramakant’s death, you have to see that they get their rights, respect and status, this won’t be easy for you, I could not do this, but I m sure you can do this, I did not have courage, I know you will fulfil my wish. Ravish hits his hand on the wall and says this will be getting tougher for me each day. He goes.

Vividha recalls seeing Atharv and shouts no…. She wakes up. Kalindi, Suman and Bhoomi come there. Suman asks what happened, why did you shout. Vividha says he was in my room, standing here. Ravish comes and says there is no one except us. Vividha asks did you not see anyone here. He says I have seen just you, you fainted when I came out of washroom, I thought its by stress or something, I made you rest and leave, when I heard your scream, I came here. Suman says there is no one, its just us, you are safe here. He says I think Vividha should rest, she will feel relax. Kalindi and Bhoomi leave. Suman says Ravish, I need to talk to you. She asks Vividha to take care and they leave. Vividha thinks.

Kalindi says there is something wrong with Vividha. Bhoomi says Ramakant chose her. Kalindi says he could not make Sujata his wife, how did he choose her neighbour as bahu, there is something wrong, I have to understand this. Suman says its not a small thing, there is some problem. Ravish says maybe she is feeling weak or some reactions by change or air and water, she will be fine. She says there is something, Vividha stays scared, I noticed it, Kalindi and Bhoomi leave no chance to point at her, I don’t care what they say, I m ready to become wall to protect Vividha, but there is something.

Vividha holds her head and says no, I have seen Atharv, he was here….. She gets the Rudraksh beads of his wrist band. She gets shocked seeing it. She says Atharv used to wear this Rudraksh in his wrist, it means Atharv was here. She cries.

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