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Meet in love 10 June 2022: Everyone in hall Meet says my mom is not rich like you but till now when she goes out in colony still bow infront of her in respect of my late dad, although we don’t have money but everyone respect us we are rich in respect not money which many of the rich people don’t get so I can’t give anyone right to ruin our this long reputation with baseless accusation, so please keep that in mind, as you care for your family happiness same is the way I care for my families reputation so you also kepp in mind says to Meet Ahlawat and leaves.

Meet in love 9 June 2022

Ragini says to Raj go stop her all things said about her family shouldn’t have happen. Raj says how will I, I begged in front of her mother and amma how can I and let me tell you all she never wanted to marry him just because I begged her she said yes and why I did because of my greed, my families happiness but waht she get un return insult that’s why you think she don’t have level and so you think you can easily insult her family, today because of you all I feel poor that cannot say anything to her ,how will I ask her to come back.

Masum says to Meet Ahlawat look I don’t know whatever I did was right and the confusion was because of this packet but the good thing is you never liked this girl and she has left you, please try to understand you deserve a better girl. Meet Ahlawat says let me tell you all one thing you all cannot see what actually is bad we insulted her family said wrong about that and proved how wrong our upbringing is and I understand she will never fit in iur family I also don’t like her but ut dosent guve us right to insult her family, we have one thing common that we cannot se our family down and I would have also taken stnad for my family, now for that I have to say sorry to her but I’ll bring her back.

Meet Ahlawat leaving Meet walks in he says you didn’t go. Meet ask where and says listen. Meet Ahlawat says when someone leaves angry from house it means he has left the house. Meet says comeon I went to the parking to click picture of car and shows it to Meet Ahlawat and says these three car were in function but the one with drugs was here in parking. Raj say what she ment is someone came inside and kept the packet in our car. Meet says yes you understood and ask Meet Ahlawat to think who you gave you car last time and circles around him. Meet Ahlawat says stop let me think and speak, I’m so confused. Meet ask Babita didn’t you give him almond when he was kid. Ragini says to Babita she is right but you should question her, now give her a answer forget it. Raj says we will investigate this tomorrow with fresh mind.

Meet Ahlawat says yes I’ll give. Raj says now everyone go freshen up we will have dinner together.Meet walks with Meet Ahlawat and stumble, both argue over who will go first. Raj sees them and smiles and prays to god to stop taking her test and give her all the family happiness.Sunaina gets tea for him and says don’t worry about family tension. Meet says diwali. Sunaina says no new show is comming on ZEE called sa ray ga ma pa. Meet says you are right I also like that I will remember 16 oct at 9p.m

Anubha walks to Amma and ask her to take medicine. Amma sayd take it back I don’t want anything from Meet. Anubha says because of your anger we already have missed her reception and its because you think Manu’s letter is real, you think if Manu wants to help her why did she take all money and jewellery. Amma says for a mother all kinds are equal but you always keep running behind Meet did you think where my Manu must be, the way she ran she might not know the suitvyhave jewellery and money, she isn’t even answering the call. Anubha says that is because she doesn’t want us to track her and you are worried about her and the kid who helped our family reputation you don’t care about her, she is dying to hear from you this is injustice and leaves. Amma says god where is my Manu.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and both wearing twining T-shirt. He sees ger T-shirt and remember giving it to Manu. Meet Ahlawat remove his T-shirt and throws it and burns it. Meet in shock. Meet Ahlawat looks for match and burn T-shirt. Meet remove the shirt and says what madness is this. Meet Ahlawat shouts at her says I gave this to Manushi when I prapose her but you are standing infront of me with this T-shirt and I’m angry don’t know what I will do. Meet remembers Manu gave her T-shirt as gift. Meet says no need to show anger and this T-shirt was given by Manu and I didn’t have any idea that you gave him to me. Meet thinks go knows what more lies has she told us but why are you awake till now.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat come back with change t-shirt. Meet ask him where is he going. Meet Ahlawat says going to sleep in guest room any problem. Meet stops him and says what you will get from this, if you will sleep outside will creat issue, you can sleep on bed I’ll adjust myself somewhere in room. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot be with you in same room, when I see your face I get angry and leaves.
Meet looks at her mother gift and says my house us changed but habit shouldn’t, I use to sleep putting you te rest. Meet goes to pooja ghar and start cleaning and sings devotional song. Raj stands behind her Meet closes the curtain. Raj ask you decorated all this. Meet says yes I have this habit after resting god and after that go to sleep but why are you awake till now.

Meet calls him “bade dil wale uncle” and says oh sorry I know I should not call you uncle but whenever I see you it just come out of my mouth. Raj laugh and says yes you should call me dad or papa or anything, takiyou time ustaad. Meet says now I feel like I have someone. Raj says I thought you will go everyone insulted your family but you stay why. Meet says when I was in lockup even you could go but you didn’t can I ask why. Raj says I’m your dad how can I leave you alone in trouble. Meet says then I’m son and daughter how can I leave. Raj says that’s right a son, daughter and daughter in law and no one loves you here but you still stood for them, and this favour. Meet says stop on one side you called me daughter and other side say thankyou there is nothing more important than my family.

Raj says to Meet I cannot forget this favour. Meet says stop on one side you called me daughter and other side say thankyou there is nothing more important than my family. Raj says you have a big heart in comparison to your small hair. Meet says then you have more big heart according to your logic that’s why I call you “bade dil wale uncle” and tell me why aren’t you asleep till yet. Raj says I’m going to make tea with sugar. Meet says tea at this time. Raj says say politely or you will tell everyone. Meet says you also don’t see time like me. Raj says there is no specific time to drink tea and from now you are my tea partner and they both shook hands.

Raj and Meet in kitchen making tea. Raj says to Meet I know I did wrong by asking you marry my son, you have to live with strength. Meet says I have strength but I cannot do make-up like other girls I don’t have knowledge to wear proper clothes I’m like chain in leather bag, I’m like extra grass in garden which don’t fit anywhere. Raj says did you see ever tea garden if you see from far they look like grass only but when you cook you get to know about its flavour and taste its like medicine and you are also like medicine if anyone say something to our parents then its okay to react, beauty is not in doing makeup its about your feeling and being truth and I think you are perfect and beautiful but my son will take time to understand and till that you have to wait.

Meet Ahlawat in guest room trying to sleep but someone touches him he gets up from bed scared and shouts who’s there and looks at girl. Girl says hi to him. Meet Ahlawat says Chavi you, when you came. Chavi says I came few minutes before but what are you doing in my room, you came to meet me. Meet Ahlawat says you room means. Chavi says this is guest room and I’m guest but why aren’t you in your room, you just got married, you are tormenting your new wife hut today is your honeymoon. Meet says who told you. Chavi says whole city knows about Ahlawat’s family function.


Raj says to Meet consider this as your exam, you are preparing for that and one day you eill get the result of your exam keep this in mind that you have to fight and win this, I have dream that when people see you both and says they are an idol couple and you have to fulfill my dream. Meet says you are a pure business man, signed a big deal just by saying me son. Raj says I made tea for you and says you should be happy always.Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I’m extremely sorry I didn’t know you are in this room and try to get out of room.

Masum come and says you met Chavi she was asking about you since she came so I told her he might be slept. Chavi says Meet Ahlawat didn’t feel good so came to meet me. Meet Ahlawat says to Chavi I didn’t know she is here already I came to take books. Masum says you came with pillow to take book and snatches pillow from him and says Chavi came here specially for you because she want to learn worn and will be with you 24×7 okay. Meet Ahlawat goes out.

Chavi says to Masum I cannot do work don’t ask me to do that. Masum says relax Chavi come sit and listen work is an excuse so that you can spend time with Meet and you become close to him now listen to me carefully my brother don’t like that girl with whom he got married and he doesn’t like to see her face too, his heart is broken and you have to stick his heart with your beauty and style. Chavi gets up in excitement says and become Mrs. Ahlawat. Masum says clever girl. Chavi says you think I’m clever, my mom thinks I’m not that clever and do you think Meet Ahlawat will spend night with that girl. Masum says no way this cannot happen.

Meet Ahlawat walks in his room. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and remember what Raj said to him earlier. Meet Ahlawat closes door and sit on chair.
Sunaina holding Ragini hand and taking her. Ragini stops her and says first trll where are you taking me. Sunaina says few minutes back our Meet Ahlawat took is pillow and went outside of his room. Ragini says don’t know when he will accept her. Sunaina says he will accept because few minutes back he went inside his room with that pillow.

Meet Ahlawat applying cream on him. Meet walks to him and says you went outside but you came back did you left something. Meet Ahlawat says this is my room and its my wish if I want to come in or go out who are you to tell me. Meet says you did that by your own wish I never ask you to do anything, you are such a confused man. Meet Ahlawat says excuse me why are you so curious about me let me do my night routine I don’t want any stress. Meet sees him doing his routine and says you are doing like girls its alright because cream and powder dosent know if a girl is using them or boy, Manu also use to do same thing, you are like Manushi. Meet Ahlawat gets up. Meet says to herself why did you say anything can’t sit quiet, I made him sad after taking Manu’s name.

Manushi in room applying cream. Kunal walks to her and says baby you are already beautiful so why are you doing this, whatever you are doing please do fast look how romantic night it is and I don’t wanna waste it. Manushi says first you go and freshen up then we will spent this romantic night. Kunal says okay and gets call from and unknown number and thinks who might be it and picks up. Goon from other side says when we called you from new number you picked it. Kunal says what are you talking uncleji. Goon says we have your hotel name and room number, if you want we don’t beat you then come and meet us in hitel parking. Kunal says I’ll there uncleji. Manu asks who called you. Kunal says dad’s manager called me he came downstairs want to discuss something important so will be right back. Mansays wait Kunal listen ask your manager to give your father a message that we want to come home please take me your home and I want to service my in law’s please take me. Kunal says I’ll talk.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat which side you’ll sleep. Meet Ahlawat ask what do you mean. Meet says earlier you were single so was able to sleep anywhere on bed but now you are married so please decide you side. Meet Ahlawat says you need bed all yours I’ll sleep on sofa.
Sunaina says I’ll go and check what’s happening. Ragini stops her and says what you wanna see. Sunaina says I just wanna see what’s going own between them. Masum come and says peeking through someone’s privacy is not a good thing. Sunaina says this has happened to everyone and we also know everyone was listing. Masum says this happen in normal wedding and there is nothing normal in this wedding and nothing will be happing inside. Ragini says to Masum a show is been telicast every morning called as think positive you should also see with us daily. Chavi standing there says I’ll see that show. Masum give chavi cold look and she says no I’ll not see. Ragini says by watching that you will have positive thoughts daily we are positive that anything can happen.

Meet Ahlawat trying to adjust on sofa. Meet watching his struggle. Meet Ahlawat falls from sofa and shouts. Everyone heard him falling. Chavi says it was Meet Ahlawat and walks toward his room. Ragini and Sunaina says what happen to him.
Meet Ahlawat gets up and says why did you shout. Meet says because you shout.
Masum says to Ragini, Sunaina and Chavi there is an height of imagination and my brother don’t like to see her. Sunaina says but thigs changes after marriage when two people live in same room. Ragini says didn’t you heard.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet this is my room so this bed is also mine I’ll sleep here you can go on sofa. Meet says you are so much confused person and what is this my room and all chachiji told me this room is mine too and who sleeps on sofa in there room. Meet Ahlawat gets in bed and says do whatever you want to do I’ll sleep here. Meet says I’ll also sleep here. All four outside room trying to hear what’s going on inside through door. Meet and Meet Ahlawat arguing over light they both turn around Meet says who sleeps with light on. Meet Ahlawat says I’m scared that’s why I need some light. Meet Ahlawat gets up and says I cannot sleep beside you I remember something bad. Meet gets uo and says I have solution for this.

Meet Ahlawat says that’s what I was saying go sleep on sofa. Meet says shut up do you understand things or not, I need a hammer. Meet Ahlawat gets scared and says why do you need. Meet says I will be needing rope and nails too. Meet Ahlawat gets out if bed and ask why do you need. Meet says this is gour house you must be knowing where are all things so go and bring them. Meet Ahlawat says first tell me what you’ll do. Meet says you don’t want to see my face I promise you’ll not see ky face now go and bring. Meet Ahlawat sure he go and open door if his room Sunaina, Ragini, Masum and Chavi falls in Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says what’s this Chavi says hi to him.

Meet Ahlawat shouts and says move to Chavi he gets up and ask everyone what you all are doing here. Ragini walks to Meet and ask why are you standing on bed.

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