Naagin update Wednesday 17 August 2022

Naagin 17 August 2022: Episode starts with Veer refusing to marry Chandini. Chandini says you have to pay for this. Maarkaat tells Balwant that Veer came out savely. Balwant gets happy. She asks him to go and see him. Bani asks Veer to save them. Veer says he is helpless.3 hours before: Balwant tries to kill Maarkaat, but can’t kill her. He takes the arrow and throws on the trishul. The arrow diverts towards balwant. Balwant becomes eagle and save himself. Maarkaat tells that this is Maha Kaal’s trishul which can’t be moved. Pandit ji asks the bride to walk before him. He says I am Viranshu Singhania and nobody can walk ahead of me. Bani tells that she wants to do her marriage properly this time. She tells that she wants to tell something during marriage. She tells that four things are important for marriage and promises to trust her life partner. She says one side will be the world and other side will be my life partner. I will never doubt him and trusts him so much, so that I will take his name all my life till my last breath. Veer hears her. Bani is taking rounds with Jai and promises that she will obey him and will always be loyal to her, says only your hands can touch me, your eyes can see me, and it will be your heart with whom my heart will be connected.

Chandini asks why did you stop Veer? Jai says then I shall hold your hand fastly. He holds her Bani and tells that we shall take the last round too and asks her to tell the last thing needed for marriage. Bani says the last thing is love, immense love…etc. Veer asks Jai to stop her hand and says he can’t bear anymore. He says Bani can’t marry Jai, says don’t know why this is happening, but…Chandini asks him to think again and does magic on him. Bani asks Veer to look at her. Veer says how can you give right to Jai to touch you and asks why do you want to marry him. Bani says I will not give right to anyone and tells that only you have the right and asks him to come back. Chandini asks him to see that he is on the sky and tells that she won’t let him go. Bani says you don’t need his permission, asks him to become eagle and fly away. Veer tries to walk, but is bounded by her. He tells Chandini that he wants to go and she will fulfill his wish. Bani asks her to see the door. Veer tries to go, but Chandini stops him again and says you are having dawat and escaping…you have to pay for this. She says if you are not mine then you can’t me of anyone. He slips and falls down from the sky. Chandini smiles.

Bani cries and shouts Viranshu. Balwant and Maarkaat find the stones falling on the place. Veer falls down in balwant’s house. Maarkaat says Viranshu came back safely. Balwant smiles and is about to go. Bani asks Veer to open his eyes and says you are with me now. Shukla asks where is balwant saheb? Jai removes garland. Bani asks them to tell Veer to open his eyes. Balwant tells that Veer is saved from Chandini’s magic. He tells Maarkaat that bani defeated her once again and says her love has won. Maarkaat asks her not to take love name and says you know how to humiliate love. She says Veer is important to you until he is of any use to you. She asks him to go and check for Veer, and says you might need him. Balwant goes.

Veer is on the bed while everyone is standing around her. Bani is seated on the bedside and asks him to open his eyes. balwant comes back and checks Veer’s pulse. Ponky says we shall check tantra baba’s help. Tapish says let us think. Balwant gets shocked and goes out. Bani goes behind him and asks him to tell what is wrong with Veer? She tells that although we are enemies, but Veer is very dear to me. She goes on blaming herself for Veer’s condition and asks him to tell. Balwant says it is of no use now. Bani says if you don’t tell me then I will tell all about you bad deeds to Veer. Balwant says he is not in his senses and tells that destiny can’t be changed. Bani tells that she has defeated destiny and brought Veer back. Balwant tells that Veer didn’t fall from the sky, but the sky itself fell on us. He says there is no time now. Bani says he has returned so soon. Balwant says not really. Bani comes to Jai and thanks him for his favour. He says he is ready whenever she wants to do fake marriage. He says he helped her as she was in need. She thanks him and goes. Jai gets angry and says I am not blaming you, but Viranshu.

Bani comes to the room and sees unconscious Veer. She recalls their moments and asks him to tell until when he will act. She asks what do you think that you can betray me, by going to the moon, leaving me alone here and asks how dare you to marry someone else there. She asks if he was trying to make me jealous and asks him not to take that witch’s name. She says I am very angry as that night, I planned surprise for you and you didn’t give a chance to reveal it to you. She says you just dragged me from there. She shows the ring and asks him to make her wear it, so that she can tell that she is his. She sits on him and says if he don’t open his eyes, then she will kiss him. She asks if he is not scared of her and starts the countdown. She cries and ends counting till 5. She hugs him and asks why are you making me cry, I can’t bear now. She sleeps on his shoulder. Just then she hears some sound and goes out of the room.

She thinks if this is snake sound and catches the creature with her tail. Everyone comes there and finds Bani as half naagin, holding the creature. Meera shouts alerting Bani seeing many more creatures. They become eagles and try to fight with them. Then they become humans and fight. The worm like creatures spit fire from their mouths and attacks them. Veer hears bani’s voice and gains consciousness. Bani asks Veer to save them and says she can’t move. Veer says nothing will happen to you bani and tries to become eagle, but couldn’t. Everyone asks him to do something fast. Bani asks how you can’t change your avatar? The creature attacks Veer. Bani comes infront of Veer and gets bitten. Jai comes infront of them and shows his blue eyes. All the creatures escape from there.One of the creature crawls towards Meera. Jai saves Meera too and pours something on the creature. It vanishes. Jai sees the creature going towards Bani and saves her. Veer asks him to move his hand from her shoulder. Jai scolds him for not been able to save Bani. Veer thanks him for saving her. He takes him to room.

Bani wakes up and talks about last night. She asks why he couldn’t change his avatar? Veer asks if she wants to eat something. Bani tries to talk to him. He falls down on the bed. Bani is surprised. Balwant comes there and tells that’s why he doesn’t want Veer to go on the moon. Bani says Veer didn’t do with his wish, he was tricked to go. Bani says how to make him fine. Balwant says he don’t know. Veer asks her to talk to his dad with respect. Balwant goes.Bani goes behind him and says Veer is your son and you have first right on him, but I want to hear what is happening with him, being his wife. Balwant asks her to hear that more worse is going to happen with him in future. He goes. Veer tells that when eagles lose their power or can’t save his family then they get punished. He says I really don’t know from where these creatures came? Bani asks Tapish to tell, but he also goes.Veer comes out of the house. Bani comes behind him and says she will not ask him, until he wants to tell himself, but that doesn’t mean that she will sit quietly. Veer asks what is it? Bani tells that she is Aadinaagin and will not leave him so easily. Veer smiles. Bani says hasa to phasa. Bani sees mark on his neck.

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