Naagin update Tuesday 16 August 2022

Naagin 16 August 2022: Episode starts with Veer dancing with the girl. Bani tells that her determination is strong and she agrees to do anything for Viranshu. She falls down from the sky, in her house and tells Chachi that she has lost Viranshu. Jai asks her to marry him. Bani and Jai get married.

8 hours before: Veer says Music….and dances with the girl on the moon. The song plays ke ghungroo toot gaye….The girl sits on his lap and asks him to come and get ready. Bani tells that she is ready. A voice is heard reminding her…Bani says I know that just as I step on the stairs, I will lose my sight. She steps on the stairs and says my determination is strong, I accept anything for Veer.

The Pandit ji calls the bride and groom….The girl comes and sits in the mandap. Veer comes there and asks Pandit ji to chant the mantras fast, the marriage shall not stop. Bani climbs on the stairs to reach the moon, but she slips…and shouts…Veer hears her voice. The girl asks what happened and asks him to sit. Bani clings to the stairs and asks Bholenaath for help. She becomes half naagin and climbs up using her tail. She begins walking again. The girl hears Bani’s voice calling Veer and asks Pandit ji to continue puja until she returns. Bani is about to fall again when the girl comes and holds her hand. Bani thanks her. Chandini asks if she can’t see. Bani says yes. Chandini asks didn’t you like my name?

Bani says you are Chandini and stays on the moon. Chandini says you are really wonderful. Bani asks where is Viranshu? Chandini says he is on the mandap and is marrying me. Bani says he is married to me, and he is my husband. Chandini says he will be mine now. Bani asks her to mind her tongue. Chandini says your relation doesn’t matter and tells that you can’t see that Veer is marrying me and that’s why he is on the seventh cloud. She tells that they had danced so much and her waist is paining, as he held her tightly and asks what she will do? Bani asks her to return her husband.

Chandini pushes her from the stairs. Bani falls inside her house through the roof. She says I can see everything now. Chachi asks if you are fine. Bani says she is fine. Meera says Bani is fine and asks Chachi to see her bed. Bani tells that she has gone on the moon and saw Veer marrying someone. Tapish tells Balwant about veer marrying someone else. Balwant says what will happen now. He scolds Daksh for not bringing back Veer. Daksh says he was flying high and I couldn’t stop him. Balwant says I have to go on the moon. Bani cries and tells Meera that Veer is on the moon and I am here. She tells that Veer is marrying someone else. Jai hears her.

Chandini tells that she has thrown the garbage. Bani tells Meera that she has lost everything and her Viranshu. She says I can’t do anything even after knowing. Jai says you can do one work and asks her to get married. Veer gets up and tells that he can’t marry without his family. Chandini says you can stay anywhere, but they can’t live. Veer says I want them here. Chandini asks him to see and connects to Balwant through magic. Veer tells Balwant that he is getting married to Chandini. Balwant is shocked. Tapish goes from there. Jai asks Bani to get married. Bani is shocked.

Bani asks what are you saying? Jai says you had claimed that you will bring Veer back. Bani asks what are you saying that I shall forget Veer and marry someone else. Jai asks if she wants Veer back or not and asks if she can do anything. Bani says I can do anything but within the limits. Jai asks her to tell Veer that she is getting married so that he gets jealous and returns, as he is possessive of her. Jai says I am ready to do fake marriage with you. Tapish comes to Bani and tells that Veer is connected to them. Bani asks him to tell Veer that she is getting married to Jai and asks him to invite him. Tapish comes to Veer and asks him to bring his magical screen on the hall so that they can see two marriages at one time. He says Bani is marrying Jai. Veer is shocked. Balwant says it is good that he is marrying Chandini as now it will be easy for him to kill Bani, as he will be no longer her shield. Veer is shocked. Balwant says we will get ready and come.

Bani gets ready for the marriage and tells that she just wants to be of Viranshu’s bride and not of anyone, as he has my finger ring and tells her that he is just mine. She says how can he marry someone else, this is wrong. Meera tries to pacify her. bani says I can’t get weaker. Balwant tells Bani and thanks to her for doing marriage to bring Veer. He tells that he has always keep Veer away from the moon, doesn’t know what will happen with him due to the moon effect. He hopes that Veer returns for bani. Tapish tells that Veer will return. Meera tells that Veer loves Bani so much and will come out of Chandini’s influence. Maarkaat connects to Jai and asks if he is not shocked. Jai says you are in Bani’s captivity. She asks whose side is on you? Jai says you called me squirrel and says I will not tell you anything. He asks her to go and makes the screen go with his naag tail.

Pandit ji calls the groom. Veer says he must have eloped. Jai comes and says you had eloped, I am really here. Chachi asks when did Veer go to Moon and marrying there? Meera asks her to wait. Veer calls Jai as cheap and tells that Bani has a problem to be close to you. Bani holds Jai’s hand shocking Veer. Veer is shocked. Jai asks him to call Bani as Bhabhi from next time. Veer asks Pandit to do his marriage. Jai asks his Pandit to do their marriage. Veer says he doesn’t want to see. Jai says you will see Bani’s marriage and her bidaai. Tapish asks Balwant not to worry and tells that Veer will return, as that woman Chandani is controlling him with her magic. Balwant says you don’t know what can happen with him. Meera hears them and asks Balwant. Balwant says Chandini is fulfilling all his luxurious needs and makes an excuse. He is worried for Veer.

Veer accuses bani for marrying any random guy. He says I am marrying my childhood friend. Bani says I am also marrying my many births partner. Veer says you are not looking happy. Bani makes Jai wear garland and asks if I am looking happy now. Jai asks if our Jodi is looking good and asks for his blessings. Veer says he will bless him when kayamat comes. Jai says Om Mangalam/marriage will start now.Balwant goes to Maarkaat and asks if she has done all this? Maarkaat says yes, who else can do this? She asks do you think that my end will happen here and tells that Veer will end, think that he is dead, you have lost him. Balwant asks her not to forget that Veer is her son too and asks her to think 100 times. Maarkaat says I thought 101 times and laughs. He says my son will be fine. Maarkaat says our thoughts are never the same. He attacks her. Maarkaat says you kept me captive for many years but never came to know that I became more powerful than you. Balwant says I am not alone, Aadinaagin is with me. Maarkaat tells that Chandini is in her control and tells that she will soon kill Bani.

Balwant says you can’t kill Bani. Maarkaat asks him to worry for Veer and asks him to think about what is going to happen to him. Pandit ji asks Jai and Bani to stand for the rounds. Maarkaat laughs and says you can’t save Veer. Balwant says I will kill you and brings firewood, but it sets off. Bani-Jai, Chandini-Veer start taking the rounds on the earth and moon respectively. Bani thinks that she was wrong to curse the day when she got married to him. Veer promises that he will keep the marriage forever. Bani promises in her heart that she will never refuse his love. He says I will never reject you for anyone. She asks him to return. He says neither your past nor my past makes any difference. He says we will write history, this is the 4th promise. She promises. I will not let even destiny change our story.

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