Naagin update Monday 18 July 2022


Naagin 18 July 2022: Episode starts with Bani sees Veer sleeping on the other side of the bed and recalls how he filled sindoor in her hairline and make her wear mangalsutra, telling that marriage is two ways and hoping to make her his. Bani says no, Viranshu Singhania and thinks she has to find some way. She becomes a snake and goes out. She sees Shukla bringing Kaal ganak (Sand timer) and showing it to Balwant. He says it has stopped. Balwant worries that Veer will remember everything. Bani hears them and becomes a snake. Daksh hears the sound and looks here and there. Balwant says there is no snake here. Shukla comes out and meets Jai. He says so you was inside. Mayuri is also there. Shukla tells them about Shakura’s powers.

Jai asks how to reach there? Shukla says we have to send Veer far from here. Jai says fine. Mayuri asks Bani will be there in the room. Jai says it is my headache and asks her to bring something from Banjar Pahadi. He becomes a snake and goes to Veer’s room. He sees Bani missing from there and thinks it is good that she is not here. He shouts for help in Bani’s voice. Veer gets up, thinking it is Bani’s voice, becomes eagle and flies out. He gets captive in the cage. Jai comes out of his room as a snake and tells eagle Veer that he will die after 2 days during Poornima night and asks him to think how he will get the painful death. Bani as snake crawls on the AC duct and falls down. She becomes human and thinks what is this place? She sees something sparkling and thinks what is this? Jai brings Eagle Veer to Banjar Pahadi and says you will die after 2 days here. He makes his cage invisible. Shukla and Mayuri come there. Jai says you was scared of Veer, although he was caged. Mayuri says Shukla told that he is very powerful.

Bani finds the sparkling diamonds and jewelry kept in the storeroom and finds a locked room. She searches for its keys, but she didn’t get it. She becomes half naagin and tries to break the lock, but fails. She thinks what is this place, I have to find the secrets of eagles? She makes the treasure box falls down and the wall frame keeps moving, someone sees her through the hole.Jai, Mayuri, and Shukla come to Shakura. Shakura asks what happened which forced an eagle, a snake, and a peacock to come to me. Jai says I have brought a deal for you. He says you have to change your face for our work. Shakura tells that he is the powerful eagle and can change his face only one, but will not do this. Jai says I know, you have to get this face and then go to Aadi naagin, you will get the treasure and independence. Shakura asks independence? Mayuri tells that Jai has a magical key to open your chain. Jai says it will be with me until the work is done. Shakura agrees. Jai shows him Veer’s picture. Shakura says ok. Bani tells that she has to find out the secrets of eagles. Someone is keeping eye on her.

Bani sees a sparkling stone coming out of the treasure box and feels to touch it, thinks if it harms me. She is about to touch it. Jai tells Shukla and Mayuri that he is doing. Shakura chants some mantras to take the face which Jai wanted. Shakura asks them to turn their faces if they don’t want to die. Mayuri, Jai, and Shukla turn their faces. Bani takes the stone in her hand and Veer’s pic changes which are kept in front of Shakura.

Daksh tells Balwant that Sand timer is working again. Balwant gets worried for Veer and calls him. Shakura tells that his face is changed. Jai, Mayuri, Shukla see his face and get shocked. Jai says we didn’t give this face pic. Shakura says you gave me this pic and shows the pic. Jai says this is not possible. Mayuri says that the pic might be somewhere here. Shakura says I already said that I can change my face only once. Jai says we are helpless, have to take the help of this face only. Aadi naagin comes to the temple and shows the stone to Pandit ji’s wife. She says she came to show stone to Pandit ji. Pandit ji’s wife says he died, you didn’t know what happened to him. Bani asks what had happened? She is about to tell him, but the snake charmer comes and stops her.

He asks her to find out about the stone and tells that it is clear that a big storm has come. Bani goes out of the temple. Snake charmer looks at Pandit ji’s wife. Pandit ji’s wife tells that Aadinaagin wanted to know about her husband. Snake charmer says you can’t tell her. Balwant asks Shukla where did he go? Daksh says he had heard Snake hisses. Balwant tells that Veer came to know everything and he is missing. Shukla says I will go and check. Balwant gets angry and throws something at Shukla to stop him. Shakura comes there as Akesh, shocking everyone. Veer’s brothers dance with Shakura/Akesh. Balwant asks how can you be here? Akesh…Akesh says I am not Akesh, but Viranshu Singhania.

Balwant tells about the curse. Akesh says I know, if he is not looking cool? Balwant says yes. Akesh asks Shukla why is he bald in Kalyug also. He tells that he remembered his past. Bani reaches home and hears him shockingly. Balwant says I was getting scared unnecessarily and says now you will search Aadinaagin. Akesh tells that he has found her. His brother asks if she will kill us. Akesh says no and says she is just mine. Balwant asks who is she? Akesh asks what is the hurry? They see Bani. Balwant asks him to get rid of her. Akesh tells Bani that he is her husband Veeranshu Singhania with a new face and hairstyle, but feeling is same. Balwant asks what do you mean? Akesh tells that he was just saying. Daksh says she is shocked to see your face now and was not shocked when you have changed your face. He dances with her, lifts her and makes her fall down on sofa. Bani says this is enough, and goes to her room. Balwant asks who is Aadinaagin? Akesh says let me have fun with my wife first.

Bani goes to the room and thinks of Akesh and Veer’s words. Akesh/Shakura comes to her room. He comes near her and asks what happened Sweetheart? He looks at himself and says he is looking very hot. He asks if she didn’t like his new face. He pulls her closer to him and tells that they are looking good together, while looking in the mirror. Bani is about to go. He says I want to hear my more praises. Bani asks him to stand and says I am leaving. He makes his feathers appear and says you have seen my reality, now show your truth. Bani tries to go. He holds her hand and says I know everything about you and calls her Ms. Aadinaagin. Bani shows her snake eyes. Akesh says I am scared. You got married to me as you wanted to marry me. She says she will kill him. Akesh says your bholenaath’s boon came in between us that tells that you can kill me only if I attack you. He says I will take revenge from you, without touching and comes to her. He holds her and blows on her face. He walks to a distance. She becomes half snake. Akesh says I was scared and walks towards her holding knife and stabs on the wall. He laughs. Bani looks at her.



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