Unspoken Bond update Tuesday 14 June 2022


Unspoken Bond 14 June 2022: Episode starts with Baa helping Nandini in the rituals. She takes her aside and says check the dowry things, one of the things is missing. Nandini says what, I will go and see. Baa says I m here for Bansuri, go and check the things. Nandini goes. Baa asks Gunjan to take Bansuri. Nandini checks the things. Baa locks Bansuri and says I will open this lock when we get Nandini. Nandini says things are okay. She goes to Baa and asks why did you lock Bansuri. Baa says she is resting. Nandini says things are fine. Baa says I thought you have bought washing machine. She demands it. Nandini says we didn’t think of dowry. Baa says I will explain you, we don’t take dowry, give a washing machine to us. Nandini asks how will I arrange it.

Baa says I forgot to tell you before. Nandini says I should have thought of it before, how will Bansuri wash clothes alone, there will be no one to help. Baa says yes, when you can’t give it, then let it be, I will find a new girl for my son. Nandini says this marriage will happen. Baa says I have the keys, I locked her, I will ask baraatis to go back. Nandini says no. She keeps pagdi in her feet and begs her. Baa asks her to come home to stay and help Bansuri, get the cow along. Nandini thinks. Baa says you will come my home, else I will find another girl for my son. Nandini agrees. Baa gives her the keys. Baa and Gunjan take pics. Bansuri worries seeing Nandini. Nandini sees Darsh at the temple. She recalls his words and says I m not a thing, I m going to girl’s Sasural to take care of her for some days. She signs Bansuri to smile.

Bansuri’s marriage happens. Bansuri asks why did you say yes, I wanted to take you as family, you agreed to come as things. Nandini consoles her. She jokes and makes Bansuri smile. Bansuri asks her to have some food, else she will faint. Nandini says I had praised Kanha. She dances. Bansuri asks why are you doing garba. Nandini says I m dancing to thank Kanha, you also dance. Bansuri says you are crazy. She thinks Nandini doesn’t show any worry on her face.Rajvi and Vipul welcome the guests. Rajvi waits for Darsh. Darsh comes. She takes him by protecting him. He says we don’t get hurt all the time. She says its mother’s duty to protect children, you will know this when you become a dad, my son is a diamond. Baa and Gunjan check gifts. Nandini comes with her cow. She asks where shall I tie the cow. Baa says tie her there. She jokes. Nandini goes to tie the cow. Gunjan asks why did you get Nandini. Baa asks are you ready to get the milk or throw the dung. Gunjan says no.

Baa says we will benefit from her cow. Nandini talks to the cow.

Darsh says we will have exhibition virtually next time. Rajvi says its going good. He gets a call from office. Dadu says I m going to ghat to light diya, you all enjoy the party. Vipul says I think you are finding a girl in this exhibition. Uncle comes and predicts that Darsh will meet the girl today. Mr. and Mrs. Patel come. They say Mrs. Kothari was praising your son a lot, that’s my daughter Rakshita, she is a dentist. They propose an alliance. Vipul and Rajvi ask them to meet their son once. Shobit comes to Darsh and takes him. Darsh says they troubled me a lot by clicking pics. Shobit says stay with my cool friends. Darsh asks what happened to your mood, did mum scold you. Shobit says no, come and meet my friends.

Rajvi says your daughter is lovely. Mrs. Patel says she is sensitive. Rajvi says I wanted a girl like her for my son. Shobit introduces Darsh to his friends. He goes. Rakshita sees Darsh and goes to him. She flirts with him. Darsh says Shobit has put me in trouble. She asks him to dance. He says dance isn’t my talent. She says I will teach you. They go on the dance floor. He says its a bad idea, I can’t dance. Mrs. Patel says look at her, she looks like a part of your family. Vipul asks did you ask her wish. Mrs. Patel says she likes your son. Mr. Patel says we want our daughter to become your bahu. Rajvi says I like Rakshita, my Devar is an astrologer, we will match Dakshita and Darsh’s kundli. Mrs. Patel asks why Darsh. Rakshita falls down. Darsh asks are you okay. She scolds him and asks are you blind, why didn’t you hold me, can’t you see. Everyone is shocked.

Rajvi scolding Rakshita. Mrs. Patel says a blind guy’s mum shouldn’t have much pride, what if my daughter’s leg broke today, I suggest lock him somewhere in the next party. Rajvi says mind your language, you came here with the alliance for Darsh. Mrs. Patel asks am I mad, I got the alliance for Shobit. Rajvi asks why, how can we think about younger son’s marriage when the elder son isn’t married. Mrs. Patel says why will any girl want a life of compromise. Rajvi says stop it. Darsh says I also don’t want any girl to compromise her life, I decided to never marry, sorry and excuse me. He goes. Rajvi stops him and says they don’t know the difference between diamond and stone. Mrs. Patel says the guy who doesn’t have light in his life can’t shine. Darsh leaves. Rajvi cries.


Baa takes the envelopes from Nandini. She acts in front of her. Nandini talks to them nicely. Baa says fine, I will keep the money, promise me, you will take some rest and then do the work. Nandini says okay. She changes her clothes and comes. Baa gets a bottle and says she was just rushing away in the marriage, see what I do now. She drops the bottle. She says oil fell down, I just had one oil bottle in the house, people will come for mu dikhai, what will we do, how will we make food. Nandini says I will get the oil. Gunjan asks her to clean the house. Nandini says I will do something. Bansuri says I didn’t wish Nandini to come as dowry. Naveen says we didn’t invite her, you are Gunjan’s mum first and then Nandini’s sister, Gunjan is innocent, a goon fooled her and took her along, thankfully she is fine, I had to shut the hospital that time. She says I will take care of Gunjan, but Nandini is my responsibility. He asks her to stay in kitchen if she wants, else be Gunjan’s mum first.

He asks her to get ready, they have to go to Kuldevi’s temple. Nandini goes to buy oil. She doesn’t find oil at any shop and prays. Dadu also prays at the ghat.

He prays that Darsh meets the girl written in his fate, Rajvi’s wish gets fulfilled. He leaves the diya and goes. Nandini comes there and takes the oil from the diya. She says I m not stealing, I m telling you, whoever prayed with this diya, fulfill his wish soon. Darsh comes to the ghat. He slips. Nandini holds his hand. She holds the diya in front of him. Rajvi scolds Patel family. She counts Darsh’s achievements. Mrs. Patel says don’t try to praise him by using your richness, you can buy girls to fulfill his needs, but no one will love him or marry him. Rajvi says just 30 days, I swear to get Darsh married in next 30 days, I will get him married to the most beautiful and valued girl, she will bring light in his life again. Nandini helps other lady. Darsh hears her voice and recalls her. She says I know the meaning of materialistic, I m not greedy, thanks for saving me. He says welcome and smiles.

She asks are you imitating me, you are staring at me, cheapster. She goes. Shobit comes to him and asks who was that girl fighting with you. He says she called me a cheapster, think she found me normal, that’s an achievement, right. He smiles. Shobit asks what’s the scene. Darsh says lets go home. Nandini says I got diya with me, I will keep it in temple. Rajvi is angry. Servants look on. They talk about Darsh.Rajvi goes to see Darsh. Shobit and Darsh come him. Darsh says I don’t want to marry and become a burden for someone. Baa and Gunjan get happy seeing the shagun money. Gunjan asks what will we do when Nandini comes back, there is no one here for mu dikhai. Baa says oil would be used for puja diyas, how will Nandini ask where are the guests. Nandini knocks the door and says I got the oil. Gunjan hides the money. Baa opens the door. Nandini says I will make food for the guests, why didn’t they come, where is Bansuri. Baa says how would I call the guests, what would they say seeing empty utensils, people would have blamed you. Nandini says don’t worry, call the guests, I will make everything ready in 20 mins, promise.

Baa says it can’t happen now, I can’t break my customs for you, Naveen and Bansuri went to Kuldevi temple, have some food and sleep. Gunjan says but we have no food at home now. Baa says I will cry seeing you hungry. She emotionally blackmails Nandini. Nandini says its a good news for Gunjan, and I m not hungry, I had much sweets, I don’t want any abshagun for Gunjan, I will go and sleep. She goes. Baa and Gunjan laugh.Rajvi comes and shouts Darsh. Darsh gets hurt. She asks Shobit to get away. She shouts on all the servants. She gets too worried. Darsh arranges the chair. He goes and gets his walking stick for help. Rajvi asks since when did you need this, give it to me. He says no, if you don’t leave your adamancy, I have to show my truth, this is my reality.

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