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Naagin 27 June 2022: Episode starts with voiceover telling that a Cheel Viranshu got infatuated towards Nageshwari and killed her Naag. Nageshwari stabbed herself. Now they all are reborn and will come infront of each other. Nageshwari is born as Bani. Hriday is born as Jai. Voiceover tells that the two stars are coming towards each other, Shiv ji’s written story has begin. The black spot on the moon have taken birth too, Viranshu is born too. There will be a new story written, but what will be the climax. Arohi and Gautam asks Jai to beat the guy. Jai asks his family to go home and tells that he has to take care of Ali. He comes to Viranshu and hits him. Viranshu says I am so scared, just like you hit me…it was fun. He hits Jai back.

Jai says I will die while trying to beat you, but this is the one thing which will give me happiness to beat you. Viranshu hits Jai on his stomach and asks if anyone else wants happiness here. Ali tries to go and fight with Viranshu, but Noor asks him to stay back as they are dangerous. Viranshu beats Jai badly. Bani tries to go and stop him, but Noor stops her and tells that Jai shouldn’t have challenged them. She says Viranshu Singhania and his brothers are very bad, their work is not known, they do wine business, but they have many illegal work, they are politically connected too, so please don’t go. Bani asks how can you do such a big mistake, even after knowing everything. Pandit ji asks the snake charmer what is happening? Bani couldn’t bear and comes out to protect Jai. Viranshu sees her and gets mesmerized seeing her. Bani asks if anyone can beat someone like this and asks if he is human or animal. She says when you got a girl’s marriage broken then you will get 10 slaps on your face. She asks who are you? He says don’t know….Dil Ibaadat plays….song. He asks who are you? He comes near her. Jai gets up and comes between them, asking him not to dare touch her. He hits Viranshu. Viranshu asks them to back off. He looks at Bani while Jai hits him…

He gets beaten up by Jai and continues to stare Bani. His friends take him out. Ali asks where is Noor? Bani gets worried and comes out searching Noor. She asks the guards if he has seen the girl in bridal clothes. The guard tells that an injured man went behind Noor. Jai says I will also come with you. Bani says I don’t know you. Jai gives his introduction and says now you know me. They come to the jungle and find Noor’s dupatta. She sasy Noor must be somewhere here. Jai finds Noor lying on the ground and tells Bani. Bani rushes to her and asks her to open her eyes. Jai checks her pulse and says she is dead. Two eagles/cheels come there. Jai tells Bani that this must be their place and asks her to come. Bani says she will not leave her friend. Jai says the cheels will not leave the dead body and he takes Bani from there. They go to road and see Viranshu coming in his jeep. Bani blames him for Noor’s death. He says she would have come to my house. Bani says you are a cruel man. Inspector comes there. Bani and Jai try to talk to him, but Inspector goes to Viranshu and asks how did you get injury? Viranshu says I didn’t stop someone for someone’s smile.

Bani tells Inspector that her friend’s dead body is lying there and takes him to the place where Noor’s body was kept, but there is nothing there. Inspector scolds them for wasting their time. Jai says how this can happen, her body and dupatta was there, nobody had come. Viranshu looks on and says enemy no. 1.Jai says where did her dead body go missing? He says may be his brothers have done something. Bani says we shall search in different directions. Jai looks at Bani as his suit gets stuck in her bangle. He asks her to be careful. She says my name is Bani. He gives his visiting card to her and asks her to call him if she comes to know anything. She searches for Noor’s dead body and finds a couple who is very scared. The girl informs Bani that a girl’s dead body is down in the valley. His boyfriend takes her away from there. Bani comes to the cliff and sees Viranshu and his brothers burying Noor’s dead body. She captures everything in her mobile, when a stone gets thrown out from the cliff into the water. Viranshu gets alerted and asks his brothers to go and see. They come behind Bani. Bani runs. They come behind bani, but Bani hides.

They become cheel/eagle. Bani sees them and thinks she shall go back to the cliff where they were burying Noor. Viranshu’s brothers inform him that there was nobody there. Viranshu says let’s leave. They become eagles and fly away.Viranshu thinks that it is their (eagles) daily’s work, but he saw his life in her life taking smile. Bani thinks he has to pay for this and says I will not leave you. She says I hate you and it seems like I hate you since many births. She calls him Veer Singhania. They ask him why did he get beaten by dhaba guy Jai. Viranshu tells that he thinks he is in love. Bani tells that two things happened with her today, she met Jai with whom she got love feeling and she met him also whom she hated so much. Jai thinks about Bani and uses medicine to relieve his asthma attack.

Balwant Singhania (Akesh’s father in previous birth) asks his Servants to close the windows. He asks Shukla how he let this happen. His brother tells that the kids haven’t come home. Viranshu comes there with his brothers. Balwant asks why did you go home in day time, have you gone mad? He asks about his injury? Viranshu tells that he will tell him later. Balwant tells that he told him that day, that they need to keep in dark and I told you our truth. A fb is shown, Veer in his childhood runs seeing a snake in the jungle and becomes eagle to save himself. He comes to Balwant. Balwant tells him that now he knows that he is from a eagle clan. He tells that they all have taken rebirth. Veer asks if I can fly and can do anything. Balwant says Naag and Naagin will have enmity with you, but we will rule. We are reborn in this Kalyug after Satyug curse. He tells that Naag and Naagin will attack at the chest. fb ends. He asks Veer to go in night. Veer says I had gone to my friend’s wedding in night.

Balwant asks then how did day come? Veer tells his Chachu that he had to break the marriage of a girl. He then praises the girl he had seen in the marriage.Bani comes home. Her sister asks where were you last night? Bani says I have to tell you something. Her sister takes her with him.Someone comes to Veer. He calls him Bhai and tells that there was a beautiful girl. Balwant tells that it is written in her kundali that naagin will kill him. Bani tells her sister that the murderers had killed Noor. Veer asks him to hear his love story. His brothers tell that someone hit bhai. Balwant asks why did you get beaten? Veer tells that when he was getting beaten, she was smiling and he didn’t see such smile before. Bani tells her sister that she needs to go to Police station and asks her to come inside with her before Chachi comes.

Jai comes home. Arohi and Gautam ask Jai why such things happens with you, you can’t breath under full moon and your eye color changes. Jai says may be moon wants to give me special power. Arohi asks where was he? Jai says I was with a girl. Gautam says you ignored our calls for a girl. He says I didn’t get any calls and tells that it seems like I know her from always. He says Bani Sharma, I met you somewhere.Bani tells her sisters that she will get them arrested. Her sister says Singhania’s sons? Bani says she will not leave them, they have killed my friend. She asks her to tell at home that she is going for interview. Her sister asks her to go and return soon. Bani hugs her. Bani calls Jai. She says we couldn’t meet him and asks if he is sleeping. Jai’s phone is with Veer. Veer recalls stealing Jai’s phone and talks in his voice. She tells that she has proof against Noor’s murderers and asks him to come to Police station. He says it is awesome and tells that he will come there, smiles.

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