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Naagin 20 June 2022: Episode starts with Shalaka telling Vrushali when she tried to capture Dev’s soul in the bottle for the 4th time, it reversed back in his body. Vrushali asks how? Shalaka tells that Swara died and before her death, she had kept Om locket in Dev’s pocket. Vrushali says that naagin can’t win from us and asks her to do something. She tells that it will be easy for her to find out about Swara’s murder and will reach us. She says she won’t lose from her and asks her to do something. Brinda cries and tells that she will not lose. She swears keeping her hand beneath the lamp and tells that Dev has kept me in dark, but now everything came in light. She tells that Dev has betrayed her and will pay for his deeds. She says she is a naagin and will not leave her revenge. Shalaka tells to her magical locket/bubble to go and erase Brinda’s memory. She asks to erase the memory that Dev has killed her mother and make her think good about us, make her feel that we are good humans. The bubble goes inside Brinda’s head. Later, Vrushali gets worried and tells Shalaka that Brinda might remember. They come for Hardik’s wedding. Brinda comes there and calls Shalaka. She asks her to wear her earrings properly.

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She then tells Vrushali that Dev and I have decided to stay together, I know you love Dev and I don’t want him to go far from you. Vrushali tells that I love Dev and loves you too. Brinda tells that she has nothing against her heart for her. Vrushali says she will get the papers signed. Vrushali tells Shalaka to come and sign the divorce papers. She laughs.Brinda goes to side and tells that she remembers everything, what they have done with her and her Swara Maa. She says I know who has taken her life, I know. She says sadly, your magic don’t work for me as I am a naagin and not human, who will begin the end. She recalls talking to Maha purohit/ Pandit ji that they have snatched everything from her. Raj Purohit asks her to kill Dev and his family members. He says you have kill everyone, whoever had your family. Brinda says they didn’t know that today is Qayamat night. Maha Purohit asks her not to love any human and asks him to remember that this revenge is his Karma. She shows the papers to Purohit ji which she got with Swara’s dead body.

Purohit ji tells her that the papers is related to the secret of the temple. He tells that he would have told her, but he himself doesn’t know. He tells that whoever gets to know about the secret, can reach naagmani and will be called the most superior human/naagin of the earth. He tells that this secret begin after samudra manthan etc. He asks her to focus on her revenge now.Billi asks Dev to propose Brinda. Dev blushes. Billi teases him and says your eyes reveal all. Dev says it is true. Billi asks him to go and tell Dev. She asks him to take wedding vows with her. He says you are right, our first marriage was not having love. Billi sends him to confess his love.

Brinda is in the bathroom and peeps out to get her clothes. Dev says I will not give. She says she don’t have time to waste and asks him to give the clothes. Dev pulls her closer and tells that he has brought special clothes for her. Brinda gets shocked to see the bridal dress. He goes. She comes out and tells that today night will be end for everyone.

The bride Sia and her family come there. Hardik comes to the mandap with Manav. Shalaka asks Dev if she is looking beautiful. Dev says brinda always looks beautiful. She thinks she had taken time to identify Dev, but now he will get the death first. Pandit Mahesh/Swara’s husband comes there. Brinda handover Kalash to Dev and goes to Mahesh. She apologizes to him for calling him here and tells that she will take revenge from them. Akash asks where is Swara? Dev comes and asks where is Swara aunty? Brinda and Mahesh get shocked. Brinda says Dev doesn’t know what she knows. Dev hears and asks her. He compliments her beauty. Brinda asks him to make the guests sit. Dev looks at Brinda. Shalaka tells Vrushali that Dev is romancing Brinda and she couldn’t do anything. She says you made me sign on the divorce papers. Vrushali tells her that she will get Dev once they come to know about the temple secret and after getting Naagmani.

Sia and Hardik are about to exchange garlands. Brinda goes to side.Bily and Anjali send Dev to brinda. Manav asks if they are planning date for him. Bily says she is planning to unite the real love birds. Dev puts the garland on Brinda’s shoulder while the latter’s skin gets scaly like a naagin. He doesn’t see that and tells that he has planned their remarriage and will fulfill all his promises. Bili tells that they shall decorate their room for their wedding night. Dev asks Brinda if she will give him a chance and asks her to come to room in 5 mins. Brinda comes to room and asks why did you call me? Dev says you must not have expected that I will do this. Brinda says like your past doings which were shocking. Dev says I didn’t understand. Brinda says even I didn’t understand. She asks why did he decorate the room? Dev says we will stay in this room and start our new life. Brinda says after so much happened. Dev says let me show you something and shows the engagement ring. He proposes her and says I love you.


Brinda says yes, I know that you want to snatch me from this world. Dev says I will not share you with anybody.Brinda tells him that he wants to snatch her loved ones from her. She says you want to make me burn. He asks if she is talking about jealousy and tells that Shalaka has signed the papers. He says there is nobody between us. Brinda asks you have finished everyone. He asks what you are saying? Brinda says if I have understood you then my Maa would have been alive. Dev asks what happened to Swara aunty? Brinda says she is dead, I saw you killing him. Dev is shocked. Brinda tells that his family members try to make her lose her memory, but she didn’t lose, as she is not a human like them, who forgets her enemies with their magic. Dev is shocked and asks her to shut up. He asks Swara aunty’s death. Brinda says it was a murder and tells that she loved him, but he is a murderer like his family. She tells that his family members killed her family and her Baba. Dev asks her not to say anything against his family. Mahesh asks Bili to take Sia for a ritual.

Shalaka tells Vrushali that Dev and Brinda are talking in room, may be their love will blossom again. Vrushali stops her and says she is icchadhari naagin, we have to think big to control her. Dev asks are you out of your bloody mind and says your baba is doing puja down. Brinda says I am talking about my real father and tells that this house is of my baba. She says your family had killed all Nanavati family and my father Keshav, but I got saved and was adopted by Swara and Mahesh. She says I did a mistake and thought you innocent, but you was also like your family. She says they had killed my real parents, but you had killed my Swara Maa. She says I will kill everyone one by one and end your family’s existence. Dev tries to pacify her. Brinda says this is a hatred, which will never end and says I appreciate your desire to think of wedding night with me. She says these flowers will be useful to put on your family’s dead body. Dev asks her to shut up and says it is enough, I will not believe your nonsense. Brinda says I did a mistake by letting you alive. She says you are hungry of money and naagmani.

Dev asks what is this naagmani? Brinda gets angry and shows her naagin face….He asks why your eyes changed? He gets shocked. Suddenly she becomes snake and then icchadhari half snake. She tells him that naagmani is of their bholenaath which will never become his. She says I am icchadhari naagin, whom you had killed and now you have to die. She kicks him with her tail. Dev says I didn’t betray you, but you have betrayed me by hiding the truth that you are a naagin. Brinda tells that she will take her revenge. Dev says you will not reach my family. Brinda says she will start with his family as naagin doesn’t forget her revenge. Dev throws vase on her, but she gets saved. He says it is clear that you are accusing me falsely and you are accusing my family wrongly too. He says I don’t support liars, but punish them. He takes the knife and is about to stab her, but tells that he can’t punish her as he loved her, and his love is not imposter like her which changes, says he will tell everyone. Brinda tells that it is their karma to die with his hands. Brinda becomes human. Dev attacks her with a vase. Brinda falls down.

Mahesh asks Ketki to tie the ghatbandhan. He thinks where is Brinda? Dev says I will tell everyone that you are a naagin and not a human. He goes out and sees Hardik and Sia getting married. He thinks how to tell them. He hears the vase sound and goes inside his room. He sees heavy vase about to fall on Brinda, but takes the vase in his hand to save her. He says I have to tell this truth to everyone. He checks if she is unconscious and checks her pulse, recalling their moments, gets emotional and concerned for her looking at her injury. He holds her hand and leaves, recalling she is naagin. He asks himself to stop himself and thinks she never loved me, I shall stop loving her, every emotion was betrayal and her revenge was important to her. He goes down and sees Hardik and his bride in veil taking rounds. He thinks to alert them. Ketki tells Rasik that their son has grown up and is getting married. Rasik says he is becoming Ram of Sia.Dev stops hearing this and thinks he shall not interfere when the rounds are going on. He cries recalling his marriage with Brinda. He thinks my family is not safe when this naagin is here, I have to stop this marriage.

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