Naagin update Friday 15 July 2022


Naagin 15 July 2022: Episode starts with Veer asking Mayuri to send a Voice note to Jai Mathur. Mayuri asks why? Veer says as he doesn’t know you. He asks her to tell hi Jai and calls him to the mountain. She sits to send him the message. He asks do you know the number? She says no. Veer sends her Jai’s number and asks her to send a voice message. He then brings Mayuri to Bani and tells that Mayuri will be in the room and will give the company to bani. He asks Bani to pray for Jai as he won’t be saved. Veer then asks Mayuri to give her phone and says his wife is an expert to snatch anything. He takes her phone and tells Bani that she is trusting the wrong person. Bani says she got married to the wrong person. Veer, his father and others leave for the Prayag pahadi.

Jai is on the way to Prayag pahadi/mountain and thinks Bani will never ask Mayuri to send a voice message to her and understands it was Veer’s plan. Mayuri thinks she doesn’t care if anything happens to Jai. Bani teases Mayuri and tells that Veer took her mobile and locked her in the room. She calls her loser. Mayuri tells that she is confused between the two men and calls her loser. Mayuri gets peacock skin. Bani throws water on her face. Mayuri hits her and she falls down, pretends to be unconscious. Mayuri opens the door with her powers, but she can go, Bani becomes half snake and holds her with her tail. She asks Mayuri where did they go. Mayuri says they had gone to pahadi to kill her. Bani leaves her unconscious after hitting her and thinks she shall go there. Jai realizes Veer’s plan. Bani finds a similar knife kept in the general room and thinks the murderer of Jai is among the family members. Veer reaches the pahadi and waits for Jai. Veer senses Jai’s presence and asks Balwant to shout after 2 mins. Balwant shouts after 2 mins and pretends to scold someone. Daksh as an eagle picks the snake Jai and brings him to the mountain. Veer comes there flying there. Jai says you got your friend give me the wrong message. Veer says yes and tells that jai was a loser since his childhood. The eagles are roaming on their heads. Veer whispers to Jai that he hates Icchadhari Naag and Naagin after whatever they have done with his brother. Bani is on the way and finds Prayag Pahadi. Mayuri comes there as the peacock and her car stops. Mayuri asks what do you think that you can run faster than me and tries to take her out, but Bani uses her tail and makes her sit in her car. Mayuri asks her to take her out. Bani says she is naagin and pushes the car.

Veer says you are icchadhari naagin and asks what did you do that Bani thinks you are still dead. Jai thinks he shall not tell him about Bani’s truth. Balwant says why we didn’t get your naag smell before. Jai says I didn’t know that I was a nag, until I was attacked, when I was saved, I turned into a snake. Veer blames him for attacking Ponky. Jai tells that he didn’t do anything. Bani thinks she has to handle the eagles without revealing her identity. Veer asks Jai when he became a snake? Jai says 2 days back when your brothers attacked me. Veer says my brothers didn’t attack you, they left you on the cliff. Jai says they had attacked me. Veer says you are alive, but my brother can die. He is about to push Jai down the cliff when Bani comes and holds Jai’s hand. She asks if he is fine. She shows Teer’s jacket to Veer and tells that he died of knife stab and not because of the chandelier fall. Shukla gets shocked. Balwant asks Veer about Teer.

Veer tells that Teer is dead and he married Bani for revenge. Bani tells Veer that she is not yet over and tells that someone killed Teer with this knife and shows it. Balwant asks Veer why he didn’t him about Teer’s murder. Veer tells that he didn’t tell as nobody cared about him except him. Balwant tells that he will kill Bani today, but Veer comes in front of Bani and tells that he will kill everyone if anything happens to bani. Bani holds his jacket being scared. Veer tells that he didn’t want his family members to become less. Balwant says you are doing wrong. Veer says Dad…enough. The eagles leave. Veer asks Bani why did she come here? Bani says she came to show him proof. Veer says but Jai is guilty and bit Ponky. Bani says Jai can’t do this and tells that she trusts him blindly. She asks Jai if he is fine and not hurt. Veer says he will prove Jai is guilty. Bani says you are the wrong guy, not Jai. Veer tells Bani that she has hurt him and takes her forcibly from there. Khamoshiyan plays…..


Ponky gains consciousness. Mayuri comes to him and calls him a baby. Ponky says you have pushed me and gets scared. Mayuri says I didn’t do anything. Ponky is scared and tries to run out. Mayuri tells that even she is hurt. Ponky goes out. Veer comes to Mayuri and asks how did Bani go from the room. He sees her injury and asks if she fooled her and escaped. Mayuri doesn’t answer him and sleeps.Veer comes to Bani and says you are a stubborn wife. Bani says yes, and tells that she only knows how she bears him and tells that she feels suffocated here. She asks if he is thinking about how she went from here as she had decided to save Jai. She says she again took his name and tells that Jai is right and you are wrong. Veer keeps hand on her mouth and tells that she doesn’t want him to touch her. He says do you think that I will slap you? He says never and tells that one day she will realize the truth and he will make her want him to touch her. Bani asks why is he after her and asks him to catch Teer’s murderer. He says he will surely do this and tells that he brought something from the temple. He says he didn’t like her to hold Jai’s hand, opens the sindoor bottle and fills in her maang. They look at each other.

Veer gives her a flying kiss and says much beautiful. He makes her wear mangalsutra standing in front of the mirror with her. Bani asks have you lost it, do you think that I will become your property if I apply sindoor to me. Veer says I feel that you are a half part, ardhangini. He takes out a ring from her finger and wears it on his finger. He says now I have become yours fully..tells that love is one sided, but marriage is two ways. He says we have progressed so much. He says this sindoor and mangalsutra is done, one day you will fall in love with me. Bani says I will not do. Veer says you have done everything and have saved me too. He says you will become mine one day. Bani recalls Akesh asking her to become his and she says this will never happen.Jai comes to Maarkaat, eagle God and tells that he is in his Service. Maarkaat says if he knows that if he wants to come there then shall not have pity for anyone. Jai tells that he has no concern or love with Bani. He says he wants to become superior and get Aadi naagin powers.

Maarkaat tells that Shukla has hidden the sand timer and tells that Veer will remember everything very soon, says you have time till Poornima. He says that time Veer will be very powerful that it will become difficult to defeat him. Jai says I will kill him before that. Veer asks Bani to sleep on bed from today and not on couch.She asks do you think that I will share bed with you. He separates the bed with curtain and says he will always be with her, even if she is not with him. Bani is surprised.

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