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Meet in love 15 July 2022: Meet says to Meet Ahlawat why nobody will take Manushi’s name. Meet Ahlawat says nobody will take her name, atleast you try understand. Meet says I already understood things now I don’t need to anymore now you understand, I have told you to face things, whats is your problem tell, she run away so what you are married to me and I asked you first before keeping Manushi but you said I have moved on after Rajashthan trip you said say it. He says yes I told you but it’s affecting me a lot and try to understand I want to talk to you to have some strength but you were not here, you have different work to do, I tried to talk yo you earlier but I read the slip that you were already away, I tried talking to you in evening too and was waiting for you that same night all tensed to talk to you so that you can give me solution but when you came you were already hurt, how could I have done that, I tried to talk today morning too but something happen, I’m all broken from inside that’s why please don’t take her name you should try to understand.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in bed. Meet Ahlawat trying to sleep. Meet also awake. Next morning. Meet Ahlawat sitting on chair. Meet walks to her ask do you want to go somewhere today. He says no. She says then come with me and they both go to market…… Meet show her life to Meet Ahlawat, a girl playing on street, she says I also lived like this life with lot’s of happiness and fun the only tension I was having was of studies, my family was my world but everything went away from my life, that day when I heard about father’s death I was all broken and couldn’t understand what to do I was crying, father was tree of our family when he left we thought out tree cyt down. Meet take her to show ambulance. Meets small version walks to the body, Anubha come too near ambulance and both were crying.

Meet says to him my father never taught me how to live without him, I was his fairy when he went she took my wings too and I lost all my happiness. Meet take him to his house says after seeing Anubha crying I was all broken after seeing her again my life was changed now I was having responsibility of family not of school, that day Meet also died and I buried that pain inside me, my family was breaking everyone was falling apart so this new Meet took birth to support my family, what I have suffered you don’t have same issue atleast you have your family with you, think what they must be feeling about your yesterday’s behaviour, you storm out from there that must be heartbreaking for them, Uncle Aunty must be in pain because both of there son are not giving them support, and both son is affected because of memories, they must be feeling bad, tell me truth you want to move on or live with your past.

Meet Ahlawat says you know I want to move on. She says then stop breaking people, you have to become support for your family above that you have to take care of your elder brother, when young Meet can grow big at age of 16 then why cant you I know you are hurt and in pain but is that bug then 16 year old Meet, who lost her father, when I can do then why can’t you, I want you to grow like tree with strong roots, if you cannot support yourself then don’t worry you can sit in some corner I’m there to support you and take care of you.Babita and Raj in hall. Babita says to Raj we played our role then why didn’t we got love from our kids. Raj says I was also thinking same were we went wrong, the place where our kids should be our support but every time it’s us who support them.

Meet Ahlawat hear them talking. Raj sees Meet Ahlawat. He walks to them and apologize for yesterday and I promise this won’t happen again and no need to worry from now own I’ll take care of everything in this family I’ll be support no need to worry I promise. Raj hugs him says I’m feeling lighter now after listing you, I’m feeling young and happy I know you will fulfill all responsibility because you are true from heart. Raj sees Meet walking away. Raj stops her and walk to her says I know till the time you are with my son he will not break because you are his support, from all your good habits best one is that you don’t tell anybody about that and take credit, this is amazing quality, today you gave our son back I don’t know how will I say thanks to you. She says you are also a father to me you just give me blessings. Ragini walks to them says police called us and told some girl did suicide on highway.

Everyone in shock. Ragini says they got phone in which our number was diled last. Babita says who that girl could be and remember it could be Manushi.Meet and Meet Ahlawat reach highway, Meet Ahlawat meets police, Police ask him to identify body. Both walk hesitantly and scared towards the body, Meet Ahlawat thinks how will I face everyone if she turns to be Manushi, Meet will never forgive me. Meet says she can’t be Manushi didi, we have been through lot. Meet removes the cover of the body.Meet and Meet Ahlawat on Highway near ambulance. Meet remove clothe from corpse and get’s scared, she hugs him says I told you it’s not Manu dee. Meet Ahlawat says sorry I lost my control and remember what he said to Manushi says if it would be Manushi I couldn’t have forgive me. Meet says I know she cannot be Manushi she is storng hut where she is.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat at Anubha’s house. Meet says to Anubha I thought Manushi will be here so came to look but if she is not here then where she could have gone. Anubha calls Manushi. Meet says to Anubha why didn’t you tell me she is here. Manushi come downstairs. Anubha says because she told that she don’t won’t to live there, we got scared that she did something and I want to keep her away from you two, but after knowing everything I feel light. Meet says don’t worry everything is fine and says to Manushi we were scared are you fine. Manushi says I’m fine nothing happen to me. Meet Ahlawat says I need to apologise to everyone specially to Manushi, the way I reacted on her because I didn’t fulfill the promise I did to myself then Meet made me realised reality and now I’m more strong. Manushi says I know I did wrong with you and it will be hard to trust me don’t be sorry I understand and says to Meet I have no complaint against you and I’m sorry mom because I did wrong with you and dadi too but can I live here as we use to live.


Meet says to Anubha I told you Manushi changed and ask her to forgive Manushi. Manushi apologies to Anubha and bow down in front of her. Meet takes Anubha’s hand and put it on her head. Manushi get up and hugs her.Meet and Meet Ahlawat on the way to home. Meet Ahlawat stops car and get out of it with Meet. Meet says everyone will be waiting for us at home. He says no worries I already told them and ask her to do something. They both start dancing. Something go inside Meet’s eye. Meet Ahlawat her her to remove and they start celebrating Lohri.

Raj and Babita give blessings to Masum says you will do great on your first day of job. Meet Ahlawat hugs her and give best wishes. Masum thanks you everyone I need that. Meet says everyone blessings are with you. Masum thanks her. Ragini ask Hoshiyar what are you holding. Hosiyar says I’m having curd and dark chocolate because she is on diet so she won’t eat sweet curd. Meet calls Duggu and give him sindoor. Duggu goes to Masum and ask her to get down while putting sindoor on her forehead he drops it on her dress. Masum scolds her on that. Meet says I asked him to put teeka for positivity for success. Masum says keep this out dated thoughts with you in corporate success id been given by your hardwork and insult her on her job. Meet Ahlawat and Raj stops her. Meet stops them and says forget it’s her first day we, I should also check about my deliveries and calls her manger about lineup.

Meet says to him what happen you didn’t send today’s lineup till yet are you giving me holiday, Meet get tensed say what happen did somebody complaint about me tell me, manager disconnects call. Meet says they fired me out of job. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita did you said anything. Meet remembers what Anubha said to her about delivery job and says my mon could have said something. Meet Ahlawat says we will go and talk. Babita says why did Anubha will ask to leave job I mean this is true I didn’t like you doing delivery job but I accepted that. Raj says if Anubha have any misunderstanding then we will go and talk to her.Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Babita at Anubha’s house. Anubha says no I didn’t said anything to your boss. Meet they what’s the reason, he loved my work, I’ll call and ask him again.

Meet calls her boss and ask what was the reason of firing me. Meet says my sister Manushi called and ask to fire me from my job, she was saying that now she will go on delivery instead of me and ask Anubha where is she.Meet goes to her room see her holding pair of scissors in one hand and hairs in other. Meet shouts Anubha name and rush to stop her says what are you doing. Everyone walks in her room. Manushi says you love your hair what are you doing. Manushi says I use to be over confident about my hair and face because of that I became rude but now I want take care of responsibility I was the eldest one but you took care of all responsibilities from now I’ll also become like you for that I have to cut my hairs. Meet take scissors from her and throw. Manushi says you did already now go and live your life from now I’ll take care of responsibilities.

Meet says okay do job but this is difficult do something that suits you. Manushi says I just want to support my family. Babita says you wnat to do job and support my family right so join my botique because I saw your talent on Lohri and I need assistance for my show and you have good dressing sense and composition so you are perfect for job if you want you can join from tomorrow. Manushi thanks her her and hugs Meet says I got my job now you don’t have to do your delivery job any more I can handle the responsibilities of this house. Meet says then what I’ll do I cannot sit idol. Meet Ahlawat says I thought a lot on this and got to know that if you will sit idol then you will call me 25 to 30 times in a row and be worried which will increase the chances of becoming and typical housewife correct mom that’s why I thought.

Meet says what did you think will you tell. Meet Ahlawat says close your eyes and signal Anubha to bring something. Anubha brings a bag and give to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat make Meet wear that bag and says open your eyes and see. Meet sees bag. Meet Ahlawat says it’s time to complete your studies and you will do it from best college of Chandigarh so are you ready for that. Anubha walks to her give blessings says it was Meet’s father dream to make her study and go to college and it’s becoming true because of your. Meet Ahlawat I’m not the one I’m just helping her to make her path. Raj walks in and says it’s a good news let’s have something sweet. Babita ask where were you from this much time. Raj says I was completing my office work and ask Anubha for sweet. Anubha go and get some sweet for them. Raj says these look so good and seems healthy so I can have one full ladoo right.

Anubha says why not take you should also have it and give him quater of it. Raj says okay I’ll have it. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Masum.Masum says where are you I’m waiting when you will come office. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll take some more time, don’t worry I talked to Deep he will explain you everything, I have yo go fro Meet’s college admission and all thanks to you when you said about her delivery job because of you I remember that I should have taken this decision earlier. Masum says what do you think a Shahbadhs goon cannot become Chandigarhs civilized person, you will waste your time and money. Meet Ahlawat says please I’m not trying to change my wife I’m trying to give her what she deserve and I will appreciate if you don’t interfere between me and my wife. Meet standing behind him with ladoo and feed him with her hands. Meet Ahlawat also do same.

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