Naagin update Thursday 14 July 2022

Naagin 14 July 2022: Episode starts with Veer telling Tapish about keeping the rudraksh brahma trap in the hall and watches the hall’s CCTV footage in the CCTV room. Shukla comes there and gets shocked seeing Veer eying Bani to know if she is shape shifting snake. Shukla thinks Bani’s truth shall not come now, else Veer will remember everything and it will be difficult for them to control him. Veer says I will go and catch the snake. Meanwhile Bani steps on the rudraksh and the illusionary eagle, devil and peacock appear before her. She becomes icchadhari naagin and bite them, but nothing happens to them. She realizes that it is just an illusion and she might get caught if not control her anger. She prays to Bholenaath and becomes normal. She goes from there. Veer comes there and sees Bani going. He thinks Bani is not icchadhari naagin.

Shukla watches everything in the CCTV room and relaxes as Veer didn’t see Bani. Veer thinks who is the icchadhari naagin.Jai thinks what is happening. Mayuri thinks Jai had bitten me and made me unconscious. She thinks where did he go? Jai steps on the rudraksh and it blasts. Veer thinks it is not Bani, but some other snake. Jai sees the illusionary devil, eagle and peacock and becomes snake. He escapes from the window. Veer asks him not to get escape and follows him through the window as an eagle. Bani comes to the cave and thinks if Veer laid the trap and got doubtful about her. She thinks no…and thinks she has to find out about Teer’s real murderer. She prays to Eagle God there and tells that she will not insult any dead body. She wants to know about Teer’s murderer. Teer’s coffin appears before her and she opens it. Jai comes infront of a bike rider and bites him. He wears his helmet and leaves from there. Veer comes there and sees him going. He opens the dead guy’s eyes and sees Jai’s face. He gets shocked.

Bani gets Teer’s jacket and finds the stab cut in the jacket. She finds the knife kept there and understands that someone killed him. She asks the coffin to return to its place. It vanishes. Bani leaves.Jai comes somewere. Mayuri asks what is he doing here? Jai says I came to help you in Singhania Mansion. Mayuri says I should have killed you at that moment. She holds his neck. Jai asks her not to force him to bite her. Mayuri says snakes like you becomes my breakfast daily. They attack each other. Jai holds her by his tail, tells her that he is Aadi Naag and don’t die, but kills others. He says it is better for you if you stay with me, asks her to say that he is her boss. Mayuri says ok, I am your boss. Jai laughs. Mayuri makes him fall down. Jai says I was pulling your tail/leg just. She says she will get a chance soon to do the same thing which he did with her today. Jai says lets see when that day come, but for now we are together. She asks Mayuri to say. Just then Jai catches Shukla in his tail. Mayuri asks Jai to leave him and says he is our informer. Jai leaves him. Shukla says he…Jai says we are together. Mayuri kept you in dark. He says did you remember that Mayuri asked you to bring 3 arrows, and tells that one was for the boss which is me.

He says you got saved in Satyug, but I am bad and worse in Kalyug. He asks Mayuri to be his eyes and ears. He asks her to go and find about him.Veer comes home and calls everyone. He asks where is his wife? Bani comes there. Veer says I had announced my wedding few days back. Balwant says you got married. Veer says I got married to Bani as Jai Mathur had died and left behind Bani, whom I got married showing pity on her. He tells that Jai Mathur is alive and tells Bani that her lover as not a human, but an icchadhari Naag. Bani is shocked. Mayuri and Shukla also gets shocked. Balwant asks what are you saying? Veer asks Bani to shout now and tells that he had done drama of his death which resulted in innocent person’s death. He tells that he hates snakes and shapeshifting snakes and tells bani that she can’t think how much strange is he and what will he do to Jai when he comes infront of him. Bani is shocked and goes to her room. Balwant asks how did you come to you? Veer tells that Daksh got strange naag smell in the party and that’s why he had laid rudraksh brahma jaal. Shukla and Tapish tell that Veer told them about his plan. Balwant asks didn’t you catch him.

Veer says he had escaped as a snake, but I followed him. Balwant tells that we shall see the CCTV footage. Shukla thinks he had deleted it and says nothing is saved. Daksh and Monty tell that they shall ask Bani about him. Veer says I will ask her, but we need to be careful. Jai asks Bobby to bring his food. Bani keeps Teer’s jacket in her almari and calls Jai, but he doesn’t pick her call. She thinks how can you be so careless and not picking the call. Veer comes to Bani and asks if she trusts Jai even now and thinks of him as a good man. Bani says he is a good man. Mayuri signs Shukla. Monty asks what is she doing. She says she thought something happened to her ears. Shukla tells Balwant that they need suraksha chakra. Balwant says they can’t keep suraksha chakra now. Mayuri gets up to go to her room. Chacha ji stops her. Balwant asks her to be there.

Mayuri messages Jai asking him to be careful, as they came to know that he is icchadhari naag. Jai thinks he has to do something big.Bani asks why? Veer tells her that she had killed his brother because of him. He says you was not affected when I told you the truth. Bani says she is not affected with what he was and what he is…Jai tells that Ponky is attacked by the snake else he wouldn’t have fell down. He tells that he has a good will power. Bani asks why nobody called the doctor to check Ponky. She takes Jai’s name. He asks her not to take her name. Bani says you can just threaten and not do anything. Veer asks her not to do this. Bani says I will do and I am not scared of you. Veer asks her to show some humanity and listen to him once. Bani asks why? Veer says this is my room, my house and you are my…..He gets angry, but don’t do anything. He says you are my wife….Bani. Bani looks at him. Dil Ibadat plays again. She says you will make me understand the equation of husband and wife as our relation is moved ahead. Veer says I don’t want to do or say anything.

Veer holds Bani’s hand and says you can’t talk to him and can’t warn him also. He takes her phone. Bani says who? She says Jai’s name is….He breaks her phone. Jai thinks why is Shukla messaging me and calls Bani, but her number is switched off. Jai gets angry and gets an idea. He thinks he will lie to Bani, that he has a plan with which all eagles will dead as he got moorni ras. He thinks why Moorni Mayuri is not picking his calls. Bani asks why did you break my phone? Veer says you can’t talk to Jai now and says you said right that when you call me Veer then I feel good and my heart gets uncontrollable. He asks her to be alone in the room and enjoy. He goes out and locks the bolt. Bani thinks he has locked the room and windows with his magic and thinks I can’t go out. She thinks she can open the door, but they will know.

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