My Identity update Wednesday 23 June 2021


My identity 23 June 2021: Neil rushes off with the trolley. Ballu asks men to catch Neil. Gurumaa says make me talk to Ballu. Jailer acts and asks her to clean her cabin before dinner. They go. Gurumaa calls Ballu and asks about Neela. Ballu says no, Neil was staying with us in disguise, he took Neela and Mishti with him.She asks what were you doing, that’s why Avni isn’t making any plan to help me escape, listen to me carefully. She tells her plan. Neil asks Neela not to worry, they will talk to Avni.

Jailer throws Avni’s food plate and says I will throw you in solitary confinement. Avni asks why, its wrong to torture prisoners. Jailer says one who tries to break the prison will be severely punished. Avni asks but why. Jailer shows the card and says look at this, she has planned to escape once again, she won’t mend her ways. She scolds and pushes Avni. Gurumaa goes to pity Avni. She says you will die here in the suffocation of darkness and we will send Neela and Neil after you, this is my promise. Avni thinks Neil couldn’t save Neela and Mishti. She says this is wrong, listen to me, I have always helped you all, please help me, I have run away from the jail for helping someone, saving a life, for justice, just stop them. Mausi says this is really wrong, maybe someone has put the card in Avni’s pocket to frame her. Tara and Sitara say we believe Avni, you investigate the matter first. Sunehri says you can’t punish Avni. Monica asks why, our lives turned to hell because of her. Sunehri argues with her. They fight.

Sunehri sees the card fallen and picks it up. Mausi falls down. Avni asks Mausa are you fine. Avni says listen to me carefully, Sunehri…. Neil and Neela’s lives are in danger, just inform DD fast. She begs guards not to do this. Constables put her in a small dark cell. Avni recalls Dayaben locking her in dark room in her childhood. She cries.

Neil, Neela and Mishti are on the way. He stops the car and sees Vidyut in front. The goons point gun at Neil. Neela asks now? Neil takes the car back. Another car blocks his way. Neela asks what shall we do now. Ballu points gun at Neil and gets him out of the car. Neela and Mishti too get down the car.

Vidyut says welcome officer Onkar Singh, did you miss me, I have missed you a lot, so I have come here, else you would have freed two birds from my cage. Neil says lets end this game today, come and beat me. Vidyut says sure, why are you in a hurry, lets enjoy a bit, you are my guard after all, this is my daughter, who doesn’t want her Papa, does she not want to come to her Papa. Neil says you aren’t a father, but just a sin. Vidyut points gun at Neil. Neela shouts no Vidyut.

Vidyut says do you know who’s your greatest enemy, your tongue, one day it will get you dead. Neil says even my hands and limbs have guts unlike you. Jailer says everyone got mad for that Avni. Sunehri asks Avni to come out fast. Avni comes out of the small cell. Vidyut drops the gun. He kicks the gun aside and asks the men to put the guns down. Neela looks on. He asks goons to just sit back and relax, enjoy, they all will get entertained today. He says my army and gun won’t come between us, hero versus villain, we will sort this out, one who wins will take these two, angel’s queen and little angel along. Neil says thanks, your men will learn your real place.

Sunehri says all prisoners are gathered in the yard, come we will escape. Avni says no, we have to go to jailer’s cabin, come with me, we have no time. Vidyut hits Neil’s face. Neela asks Neil to be careful. Neil throws away his watch and signs him to come. They fight. Vidyut falls down. Ballu and goons point guns at Neil.

Vidyut says no one will come between, just back off. Avni hears jailer. Jailer says my card is missing, I will have to call special force. Sunehri says we will run away. Avni says I don’t want to put Neil in trouble, there is always a right way, we don’t wait for it and wish for a shortcut always, just inform DD, Neil and Neela need him, I promised Neil that I will take the right away, he promised me he will get my family back, I can’t escape, you can leave if you want.

Vidyut beats Neil. He says if I win this fight, even Avni will belong to me. Neil gets angry and beats him a lot. Neil keeps his foot on Vidyut’s chest. Avni sees the jailer. Sunehri says I would have escaped yesterday if I had to, I don’t want to escape alone, you saved my life, tell me what should I do. Avni says all right, come with me. Neil asks do you still have energy left, I like this game, I won’t stop till either of us die, I have no intention to die. Vidyut says frankly, I had fun too, hero has won, take Neela and Mishti. Neil gets back. Vidyut laughs and gets up. He hits Neil on his head. Neela shouts Neil. Neil gets dizzy and falls down.

Vidyut smiling and saying sorry, after all I m a villain, I can’t fight without attacking from behind, that’s the sign of a true villain, I was just tiring you, you were fighting with heart, but I was fighting with mind, see what happens now. The men beat up Neil. Neela gets shocked.

Gurumaa meets jailer by excuse and asks jailer what’s happening here. Jailer says my card is missing, I didn’t check on Avni. Gurumaa says check on Avni. Jailer sends the guard. Avni sees some dogs. Neela says please leave Neil. Vidyut asks her to be quiet. She cries.

She snatches gun from a goon and shouts stop. She says leave Neil. Vidyut says move the gun off Mishti. She says leave Neil, you will lose Mishti forever, I will take her away. Vidyut asks men to keep guns down.

Constable says Avni is not in the cell. Jailer asks them to find Avni. Dogs dark. Avni feeds them bread. Jailer says guard dogs are barking, it has to be Avni. Avni says jailer will get distracted, I will run, till then you go to her cabin and call DD. Sunehri goes. Jailer sees Avni.

Sunehri goes to her cabin and calls DD. She says reach that place where Neil went to save Neela, their lives are in danger. Jailer scolds Avni. Ballu tells Gurumaa that Vidyut is stuck, she should escape today.

Vidyut says Mishti is my daughter. Neela says I know why you want Mishti, why you went Mexico, your and Mishti’s DNA is same, you went there to get kidney transplant, you have hidden her to use her at right time, I will take her away, you won’t be able to find her and save your life, leave Neil, give me the car keys. Vidyut gives her the keys. She shouts leave Neil. He says Neil is precious to you, Mishti is precious to me, I will give you an offer, give Mishti to me and take Neil with you, if Mishti goes with you, Neil will lose her life. Neil asks Neela to take Mishti, don’t come in Vidyut’s words. Vidyut says give me Mishti, what are you thinking Sasumaa. Neil says don’t listen to him. Neela cries and says okay. She asks Mishti to go.

DD and commissioner come there. Commissioner says Mishti is alive, you have to give many answers Vidyut. Gurumaa says I don’t need you, Vidyut needs you, he will kill Neil and Neela. Avni thinks I can’t take big risk, if DD doesn’t reach there. Jailer asks Avni to come with them. Gurumaa says we will leave in some time, after the attendance gets over. Neil hugs Shweta. Bebe hugs Mishti.

Bebe says thank God Neela is fine, we were so worried. Neil gets a call from DD. DD says Vidyut’s interrogation is going to start. Neil says I will reach there. Prakash and Shweta ask him will he go in this state. Neil says I can’t sit in peace till I send Vidyut to jail, else I can’t get Avni released. Neela says I have a video proof against Vidyut. Neil says forward it to me, this time Vidyut won’t get saved. He goes. Neela says Mishti, I m sorry. She hugs Mishti and says please forgive me.

Prakash says its not needed. Shweta takes Mishti. Bebe asks what happened. Neela says I fell in my own eyes, I have used Mishti as a shield, to fight Vidyut and save Neil’s life. Bebe says whatever you did was right, you have thought as a mum to save Neil, you have kept our hopes alive by saving Neil, don’t think you have done something wrong. Commissioner says good to see you back to work Neil. Neil says Mishti was in Vidyut’s captivity, he went to Mexico to illegally transplant Mishti’s kidney. Vidyut says Neil is mad, parents can give life for children, Neil is blaming me out of enmity. Neil says I have a proof, doctor and Vidyut’s conversation footage. Vidyut says really, then show it. Neil checks his phone.

Vidyut thinks I can easily track down things, this was just a video hack. Neil says this video is corrupted. Lawyer says Neil’s accusations are wrong, Vidyut went Mexico to save Mishti. Neil says I m the proof, Vidyut kidnapped Mishti. Vidyut laughs and says I have gone Mexico to save Mishti, you can check my travel records. Neil asks can I see Mishti’s ticket. He sees the ticket and says this is Vidyut’s conspiracy. Vidyut says you were kidnapping her, I have no time to waste and prove it to you. Commissioner says its a high profile case, resolve it and get back to me. Vidyut says Avni thinks you and Neela are in my captivity, she will escape with my mum, she will come in my cage and Mishti will eventually come to me.

Avni asks why did we come here. Gurumaa says this is Neil’s cabin, you should have his memories in your final time. Jailer hits on her head. Gurumaa says you won’t be able to escape now. Avni gets dizzy. They put her inside and built a wall. Gurumaa says I m not able to explain Vidyut, but I can bury you, Vidyut will gradually forget you, no one will get you, I love my son a lot, I can do anything for his sake, I m his mum, I know what’s right for Vidyut and what’s not, you are not right for him, if I can face punishment for saving my son, then I can go to any extent. She puts the bricks and asks are you feeling suffocated, you should feel scared. Avni is in unconscious state. Gurumaa finishes the wall cementing and color patches it. Neil and DD come to jail. Neil says I want too meet Avni right now. Jailer says fine, but she got punished, come with me. She takes him to the dark cell and says Avni has escaped, she even broke the vault. Neil recalls his words and says Avni had promised me, she can’t break my promise. Jailer says she breached the tight security and ran away.



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