My Identity Update Wednesday 17 March 2021


My Identity 17 2021: starts with Neil asking Avni to send her mum’s pic on his phone. He leaves in the car. The man asks Avni not to worry, Neil and I solved many cases, he will get your mum. She thinks that’s the worrying thing. He puts peppery spray in his eyes and says sorry, I had no other way. He asks her to stop. She runs.Riya comes to Ali’s cafe. He sees her and jokes that rich people came in poor cafe. She asks about DD. He says he was here in my pocket. She says I have to talk to Neil, tell me where is Neil, listen… She gets hurt. He asks her to stand still. He relieves her eye.

He says you are much scared of your Dadi, open your eyes, accept your family’s mistakes, then Neil will accept you. The reporters ask guard to let them go inside and cover exhibition. Shweta comes and thinks strange people, their daughter’s marriage is cancelling, they are keeping art exhibition. Avni runs in jungle. The man tries to call Neil and says that madam has run away. Neil says I can’t hear you, I will call you back later.A Avnicalls Aman and says I did as you said, send me right address now. He says I hope you are not acting smart now, I have your mum and gun also. She says I kept your promise, send me right address. He sends her and asks her to check her phone. She thinks I can’t bring my and Neela’s truth in front of Neil.

Shweta gets shocked seeing Neil and Avni’s photos. DD says this is the location which Ananya has sent us. Shweta throws the photos down. Diksha comes and holds her. Shweta says you thought to defame my son, you think I will just see. Diksha asks what will you do, you are seeing all this. Shweta says just shut up. Diksha says what will Riya go through seeing this, is there anything called character in your family or not. Avni reaches the place.D Dayabencomes and throws the photo. She slaps Diksha and scolds her. She says Neil is a nice guy, he takes care of Riya so much. She calls Hetal and says I told you to delete the pics from Riya’s phones.

Shweta asks did you know this. Dayaben says yes, this would have ruined Riya and Neil’s name as well. Shweta asks why did you call me here. Dayaben says I wanted to meet you, its good media did not see this, I reached here on time. She asks Hetal to throw photos outside. She asks Diksha to send the media out. She does drama in front of Shweta and smiles.Avni sees Neela. Neela asks Aman why are you doing this. Aman asks her to think for her future. Neela cries and says your Dadi has filled poison in you, you are not a bad person. Rajat says stop this drama. Aman says we will tell her not to tell about accident, Dadi will manage. Neela says you are a good person, listen to me. Rajat slaps Neela. Avni gets angry and beats up Rajat. Neela smiles. Avni hugs Neela. Neela asks are you fine. Avni says yes, you go, Aman will come back. Neela says I won’t leave you alone with them. Avni says I m enough for them, you please go for my sake. Neela goes. Aman aims the gun at Avni and asks her to stop.

Dayaben says Shweta ji, you have to give a word to Riya that Neil is just hers, I will talk to Riya. Shweta thinks. Riya comes. Avni walks to Aman. Aman says stop, I will shoot. He moves back and says you know my Dadi, she is dangerous, she won’t leave you, stop. She scolds him for drunken driving, hitting someone, not seeing if the man is dead or alive, you kidnapped my mum, are you a criminal. He says stop threatening, I will kill you. She holds the gun and keeps at her head, saying shoot me, I don’t want to live after seeing this, I should have got you arrested, this would have not happened today, why are your hands shaking, shoot, you can’t do this, as you are not a criminal, you can’t be a bad person.

Neil comes and kicks Aman. He takes the gun from him and aims the gun at him. Avni thinks I trust Aman, he can’t shoot anyone. Shweta says forget all this Riya, I knew Neil and you are made for each other. Dayaben smiles. Shweta asks Riya not to worry, I will explain Neil, he will just marry you. She says Hetal should be happy as Riya will become my bahu, I will fix date also.Neil says you like to play games, your time is over, game over, I arrest you for kidnapping crime. He arrests Aman. Avni cries.Neil arresting Aman. Avni says Neil…..not just kidnapping, he has done your accident. Neil gets shocked and stares at Aman. Avni cries and says take him away. She leaves. DD catches Aman and Rajat, and takes them.

Neil goes to Avni and says you lied to me again, why, you did not send me your mum’s pic, you have sent me wrong location, you know your life would fall in risk, I should have understood this, answer me. She says I wanted to see my mum alive, they were threatening to kill my mum. She cries and says what would I do. Neil says its okay, stop crying, its good I reached on time and everything got fine, where is your mom, tell me. She says I have asked her to run away from here. He asks what, you were there alone in between those criminals. She says I know to protect myself. He says that guy would have killed you. She says its fine, what’s there to live for. He looks at her.


Shweta gives shagun to Riya. Dayaben smiles. Shweta thinks you made me say yes for marriage, I will show my true face at marriage time. She says this is my bahu. Neil asks why are you saying this. She says I m feeling guilty to save criminal. Neil says every criminal should get a chance to change, its better to change them than punishing. She says I have to go home to my mum. He holds her hand and stops her. He says why can’t we trust each other, why don’t we make his lie wall fall. She says I don’t trust myself now. DD comes and says why do you guys stay as tom and jerry, why this argument, you should be friends. He unites Neil and Avni’s hands.

Avni and Tai take care of Neela. Tai says Dayaven has come. Avni says get haldi milk for Neela first, talk later. Neela asks why haldi milk. Avni says you have to drink it. Neela says even you should have this, you are hurt. Avni says my wounds won’t get fine by haldi milk, it will heal when I make Aman fine, I will teach him values, I will show him a way to transform. Neela says this is not just your responsibility, its of all of us, you are not alone. Avni hugs her and asks did I do wrong to send Aman to jail. Neela says kids change by love, not scolding, I m afraid that Aman can get more bad by going jail. Avni says no, I have to end Dayaben’s ansh, we have to change him, I know I will succeed in my work. Neela nods.

Riya hugs Dayaben and says you are very good. Dayaben asks Riya to do what she says, then we will celebrate your marriage well. Hetal says if Shweta does not keep Riya happy. Riya asks what’s your problem, you always spoil things, Dadi will do things well. Dayaben says leave it Riya, no need to explain Hetal, Shweta is more sensible than Riya.A Avniopens the door and sees Ali and Fatima. Ali thinks what’s Ananya doing at Neela’s place. Fatima asks what is she doing here. Neela meets them. Neela hugs Fatima and asks her to come. Dayaben is leaving from home. She sees Aman and gets glad. She asks him to come temple with them. Aman shows the handcuffs. They all get shocked.

Fatima asks what’s this girl doing here. Neela says she is Ananya, my paying guest. Ali gets thinking. Avni says I will get tea. Ali thinks we know each other since long. Fatima asks Neela how did you get hurt. Neela says nothing, just a small accident. Fatima says you came in city and did not tell me. Neela says I had to do dad’s work. Fatima says you have to get time for us. Neela says sorry, tell me, is there any work. Avni comes. Ali says we came to talk about Aman, he has come back, he has nothing like Aman now, Dayaben spoilt him. He sees Avni and thinks my doubt is getting certain now. He says I had no expectations from Aman, I don’t think anything can happen now.

Dayaben asks who dared to handcuff you. Neil says I did. Neil walks in. They all get shocked. Neil says your grandson is under arrest. Fatima says I lost and Dayaben won. Ali observes Avni. Fatima says Dayaben spoilt Aman. Ali says little defective machine can be repaired, but completely defective machine can’t be repaired, right Ananya. Fatima says she will take Dayaben’s side, she will tell her about our conversation. Neela says no, she is not such, she is from good family. Neil says your grandson has done my accident, he has hit me and run away. Riya asks what, Amol did your accident. Neil says even kidnapping. They get shocked.

Aman says please Dadi, I did mistake, I don’t want to go jail. Neil says you have to go jail for the crime you committed. Dayaben asks whom did Amol kidnap. Neil says Ananya’s mum. They get shocked again. Dayaben gets unwell. Riya holds Dayaben. Aman says please save me Dadi. Neil takes Aman.Dayaben prays and says nothing should happen to Amol, else none will be worse than me, I m saying this to alert you, you have to manage this, I m going to do that which I never wanted, give me strength. She calls Avni and says I want to meet you right now, I m sending an address, come there. Avni says fine.

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