My Identity Update Wednesday 14 April 2021


My Identity 14 April 2021: starts with Bebe saying Neil and Riya are acting to stay together. Shweta thanks Riya for telling them. Avni gets up hearing noise. She sees a shadow near door. Bebe says I have to talk to Neil. She hears music and looks inside the room. Avni dances. Neil gets up and looks at her. She signs him. Pehli baar….plays…… They dance. Bebe, Riya and Shweta see them via keyhole. Bebe smiles. Prakash comes there. They all go. Neil and Avni fall on the bed. Avni says they are gone, we should move now. Neil says I know. He gets up.

He goes to the couch and says I was just seeing if they came back again. Avni says sorry, I could not alert you, I saw someone at the door. He says its okay, sleep. A glass breaks. Neil asks are you fine. She says yes, I will clean this. He says no need,
you sleep now. She rests to sleep.
Bebe says your wife made me doubt. Prakash says you should be ashamed Shweta, does anyone look inside married couple’s room. Bebe says you should have asked Ananya if there was something. Riya says you said right, I should have not bothered you and Shweta. Prakash says if there is misunderstanding, you should talk, not spy. Riya says sorry and goes. Shweta gets up and sees Prakash’s sleeping. She gets card and says what’s its use if this does not reach Bebe. He wakes up and asks what’s in your hand. She says eye drop, my eyes were paining by crying so much. He says its strange, Riya has come here to stay, you did not like her. She says I m being good for humanity sake. He says yes, humanity should always be there.

Its morning, Avni and Amol talk. He asks her to call him Aman. She says not now, my Aman will be good hearted, you have done much wrong, I can’t forget these wounds, it needs time, you have to cross journey to become Aman. He apologizes. Avni goes and sees Neil fixing his bike. O re mann tu kya……plays…. Neil stands in rain. Some kids come. Neil plays with them. He removes his tshirt. He turns and sees Avni. She tensely leaves. Neil smiles.
Shweta says this is the card, you know what to do. Riya says its time to put this card in junk. Shweta says now real drama will begin. Riya puts card in newspapers junk. She gets a call from Diksha and says no way, tell her I don’t want to talk. Amol sees Riya and says Shweta and Riya are doing something.

He goes to Avni and says I want to do something and get independent, I want to apply in microbiology course but its last date is gone. Avni says I m happy for you, but what will we do now. Kareena hears them and says 75 percent marks is needed for this course. Amol says I got 53 percent, Neil can help. Avni says its low marks, I don’t want to ask Neil, I don’t want to trouble him, he helped us a lot, give repeat exams, I m sure your marks will be good. Amol says I understand, I will try. Avni thinks how to help him. Bebe sees Avni and asks Kareena did you hear this song Pehli baar…. She asks Maddy did she get sleep well at night. She asks Avni did she sleep well. Shweta coughs. Bebe asks her to have medicines. Neil comes. Avni says yes. Neil says I will go, I have imp work. Avni asks him to have breakfast. Neil says I will have food on the way. Prakash and Bebe ask him to have food. Shweta says its okay, Neil eats food at Ali’s cafe. Bebe says yes, he did not like homemade food, as you made it before. Neil says don’t worry, I m not going to Ali’s cafe. He goes. Avni thinks what’s his problem with me and Ali.

Kareena stops Neil and says super bhabhi, Ananya is worried, Amol wants admission in microbiology, he got less marks, he suggested you can help him but bhabhi refused. He thanks her. She says I told this so that you help her. Shweta asks maid to call junk buyer fast. She asks whose umbrella is this, its dirty. Maddy says its Bebe’s. Bebe asks maid to keep her umbrella. Shweta says this is marriage card, its of Neil’s marriage. Prakash and Avni worry. Bebe says wow, Neil and Ananya’s wedding card, show me. Prakash says leave it. Bebe says let me see it, what happened, give me the card. Shweta and Riya smile.

Bebe seeing the card. She sees the card torn. Avni gets relieved. Riya says how did this happen, who did this. Amol comes and recalls tearing the card. Riya asks did you do this. He asks what are you doing, you are trying to break that person’s house who supported us. She scolds him. He says I m watching you. She says fine. Neela talks to Avni on call and says how is Aman now, you are telling this to me now. Avni says Neil supported, everything is fine now, I had to talk about Shweta. Riya asks Dayaben is she fine. Dayaben says its enough that you came to meet me, I have to make some plan to get out of here, its good this is not Neil’s police station, listen to me, you have to do big work. Riya asks why. Neela says Shweta is annoyed, you cheated and married her son. Avni asks shall I leave from here. Neela says no, you remember the promise made to Bebe. Dayaben says Bebe’s weakness is someone else, not Avni. Neela says you can end their distance, there can’t be better way than this to thank Neil. Avni asks can I join this family. Neela says I know your heart is true.


Avni thanks her and ends call. She says I will join these scattered relations and gets their happiness back. She sees pendant and recalls Neil. She says Neil should not know about this, else he will know I m case 123. Avni sees a drawing book and cries. She sees Neil’s family pic and says Shweta does not like me, I will make her realize that I did not come to ruin her house, I will make this family a happy one, Shweta will forgive, maybe I get an identity then. Neil looks on. Avni says I will go out, you change. He says no, I got my shirt. He falls on bed and says its hurting a lot. She says I will get balm for you. She sees him smiling. She hurts him and says it hurts when you really get hurt. She falls on him. They have an eyelock. Music plays……

Bebe comes there and sees them. She closes eyes and says its me, shall I turn, Neil and Avni get up. Bebe asks them to shut door, your phone was ringing. Neil says its DD’s call. Bebe asks him to change DD’s name. Neil calls DD and says I m just leaving. He says I have imp work, I will go. Avni asks what does Shweta like. Neil says tomato soup. Avni makes soup. Maddy asks shall I help. Avni says no, just give me company, I m making this for Shweta.

Maddy jokes. Avni says way to woman’s heart is also via stomach. Maddy tastes and says its really tasty, everyone will become your fan, Neil is lucky, I will all Kareena. Avni says I will call her, you call Bebe. Avni goes to Kareena and asks why are you hiding Facebook, enjoying college life is also imp, but it should not affect studies. Riya goes to kitchen. She adds something in soup. Avni says I made soup for everyone, come. Kareena says wow, I love soup, I feel you are my sister. Amol thinks maybe this is not in my fate.

Shweta asks Riya to come fast. Riya sees Avni and hides. Avni turns to see. Riya goes. Shweta says you are silly. Riya says if will be fun if Bebe drinks this soup. Shweta says even Neil can have it, we have to make their bond stronger, so that Bebe gets angry knowing Avni’s illegitimacy truth. Riya asks what to do of that soup. Shweta says we will serve it, saying you made that soup. She tells her plan.
Riya helps Avni and praises her. She says soup looks good. Bebe comes. Shweta asks who made this. Riya says I made it, Bebe you also try this. Shweta says stop, let Riya taste it, I don’t trust her. Bebe says you are right, I don’t trust her cooking, I trust Ananya’s cooking. Avni thinks why is Riya saying this. Riya recalls Shweta saying Riya will get ill having soup, Bebe will be sure Ananya cooks well, they have to win.

Avni says I will try and drinks soup. Shweta says what’s your problem, Riya made this for me. Avni gets dizzy and sits. She runs to room. Bebe says what happened to her. Shweta says Avni will get ill and Riya will cook food now. Bebe asks Avni is she fine, I was thinking why you are looking pale, I did not know this, Shweta its good news, get sweets. Shweta asks why. Bebe says you are going to become Dadi. They get shocked. Bebe asks Avni to say its true, I have seen that pehli baar….. She does tika to Avni. Shweta says we planned something else, how did this happen. Riya says we should let miss any chance, I m Dayaben’s blood and learnt this. She smiles.

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