My Identity Update Tuesday 13 April 2021

My Identity 13 April 2021: starts with Bebe asking Shweta to tell her past to everyone. She scolds Shweta. Shweta says I did not say anything to Maddy, if she has to cry in front of everyone for no reason, let her cry. Prakash asks Shweta to go to room. Shweta refuses. Bebe asks him to see his wife. She asks Shweta to learn to Avni, if Avni and Neela did not help, we would have lost Maddy and Kareena, they just came and you started getting a problem. Neil says we can talk later. Bebe says Shweta created this drama. Shweta says yes, I m wrong, I create drama always, Ananya does not do anything, just I do mistakes, so you all are getting her on head and dancing. Bebe says yes, she deserves it, her mum gave her such values, you said a lot, but she did not say anything, person does not get respect, person has to earn respect.

Shweta says Neela said right, a Nanand is behind ruining a house, I understand Neela’s pain less, when husband silently looks on. Bebe says really, you thank God that you got a Samdhan like Neela, that you got a bahu like Avni, if you could become like Avni, I would have not taken BP medicines. Shweta stares at Avni and goes. Prakash apologizes to Neela. Neil sees Avni. Amol sees Aisha’s pic and cries recalling Riya’s words. He takes a poison bottle. Riya gets Shweta’s call. She asks how was your party. Shweta says Bebe thinks Ananya is right, she does not know Ananya is a cheat, you tell me, are you with me. Riya says yes. Shweta says then let Bebe and Avni’s relation get deep, let her become Bebe’s pride, then we will break it.

Neil apologizes to Neela. Bebe says forgive us, Shweta is our big mistake. Neela says its okay, if Shweta was not there, how would I get a good son in law like Neil, anyways who would like to join relation with Dayaben’s family. Prakash says no, you and Ananya are not like that. Neil says Neela adopted Ananya after her divorce. Bebe says thanks for giving her such good values. Neela says we will leave, take care of Maddy and Kareena. Ali talks to Avni on call. Ali says you know Shweta. Avni says why did she insult Neela. He asks why don’t you leave that relation and house. Neela talks to Neil on call and says Avni will not confess her love. Neil says she does not believe in love. Neela says she got cheated, I know her heart has much love, will you wait for her love. Avni says I don’t know this relation, for the first time, I got a loving family, a caring Dadi, she will break down if I leave. Ali asks whats your relation with Neil. She says I got this because of Neil, this relation is of loyalty to me, he supported me, how shall I leave him. Ali asks do you love Neil.

Neil says if Avni is staying here for Bebe, she can go. Neela says she is there as her heart is happy between you and your family. Avni asks what’s this question. Ali says why don’t you say you don’t love him. Avni says I will talk later and ends call. Ali gets angry. Prakash says I will talk to Shweta. Avni says what was the need to insult my mum publicly. Prakash says you are right, but I know Shweta well, she does not think while speaking in anger, go and talk to her. He asks Maddy and Kareena to go and rest. Avni says he is right, I have to be strong, why to be annoyed if she is elder, I have to keep this relation for Bebe and Neil. She thinks to call Amol. Amol calls her. He says I don’t have any right to live, many lives got ruined, I should die. She says calm down, we can handle this. Foam expels from his mouth. He falls down. She shouts Amol. Avni, Neil and Riya get him to hospital. Avni recalls little Amol and cries.

Doctor says its police case. DD says don’t worry, I will handle all formalities. Riya says its all my mistake, I should have not said all this to him in anger, I did not know he will do this. She holds Neil and cries. Fatima asks Ali to taste kheer and say how is it made. Ali works out and says I will have it later. She says I m not so weak that I don’t know what’s in your heart, what is troubling you. He says Avni is getting away from me, something is breaking between us. She says she is acting to keep this marriage. He says you have seen them in party, they were close, I get hurt, tell me I just loved Avni since childhood. She says I know, but maybe its a test of Lord, Avni is giving test to keep fake marriage, and you are giving test to support her, when she was not here, you said Avni will come, you were sure she will come, your friendship and love have strength.

He asks if I wait for her love, will I get her. She gets silent. He asks her to say. She says I don’t know, I just know she is same Avni to whom you can say everything, tell your feelings, maybe you get answers. She goes. He checks Avni’s missed calls and checks her message. He gets shocked and says Amol is in hospital. Neil holds Avni. She cries and hugs him. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays…. He gives her a kerchief He gets tea for her. He holds her hand. Riya looks at them. Avni asking Lord not to punish Amol for Dayaben’s crimes, take my life, but give me my Amol back, I have nothing to give you today, I have lost everything. Neil hears her. Doctor treats Amol. Prakash asks Shweta to come. She asks him to go, everyone needs him, not her. He says who said this, I need you. She asks him to go. He says fine, come when your mood gets fine. Avni keeps her hand over diya and prays. Neil asks what’s this madness, move your hand. She says no, I want to see how much he cares for his children, can’t he see a sister’s tears. DD comes and says Amol got conscious. Neil and Avni go to Amol.

Doctor says he is fine now, but show him to psychiatrist so that he does not attempt suicide again. Amol says people are calling us snakes, after what Dayaben
did, I should die, I have no right to live. He takes gun from inspector and points at himself. Avni asks him to keep gun down. Neil says keep the gun down. Avni takes the gun. DD asks inspector to go, they will take statement later. Neil says Avni risked her life for you, she is standing on your side. Amol says I don’t deserve love. She asks what would I tell mum, don’t you value your life. He asks where shall I go. She says so its accommodation problem, Neela is not here, else you could have stayed at her place, you have Riya with you. Neil says no, Fatima can’t manage them, why don’t we make them stay in our house till Neela comes back.

Avni thanks him. He says if you can do favor to save Maddy and Kareena, can’t I keep Amol at home. She says don’t make fun of my friendship by calling it a favor. They hold hands. Ali comes and looks on angrily. DD says I have to talk about Amol’s statement. Neil goes. Ali says you don’t need me now. Avni says I called you many times, you have seen Amol’s state. He says sorry, I did not think things will get complicated, I m not able to accept you got married. She says you know how was the situation, if we fight, how will it work. He says I m really sorry, I will never fight again, I promise. He opens arms to hug.
Neil comes there and sees them. He recalls Ali’s words. He goes. Avni says no, this is not right. Ali says but we are friends. She says I m bahu for Neil’s family, I m Neil’s wife, please we have to keep distance. She goes. Neil recalls Ali and Avni. Nurse comes and asks him to sign on papers. Neil signs. DD says Avni could sign as she is Amol’s sister. Neil says everyone knows her as Ananya. Riya says yes, don’t call her Avni at home. She thanks Neil for help. She asks how is Ali reacting about your marriage, he likes her a lot since childhood, he is possessive of her.

Neil gets Amol and Riya home and says Neela is not in city. Bebe says you should have asked us once, Maddy and Kareena are also here. Shweta says it will be Ananya’s idea, this is not Dharamshala, make them stay in any hotel. Bebe asks Avni did she get them here. Avni says actually…. Neil says I got them, even Ananya would have done this. Shweta says we will go to airport and announce, Ananya’s relatives can come here, we have dharamshala. Bebe asks her to stop it. Bebe says if Ananya can accept us, we can accept her relatives. Prakash agrees. Avni sees Neil. Its night, Riya comes to Avni and knocks the door. Avni opens the door and asks her to come. Riya says sorry I came to say thanks. Avni says its fine, we are not best friends, but we have to adjust for Amol, can’t we make a new start. Riya says of course and hugs her. She smiles seeing two beddings.

Riya goes to Shweta and says you scared me when you got annoyed with Ananya for getting us home. Shweta says think how to separate Neil and Ananya. Riya sees Bebe and says forgive me please, I know I did mistake. She signs Shweta. Shweta sees Bebe. Riya says I have seen something, its about my sister’s life, Neil and Ananya helped me and Amol, when I went to Ananya’s room, I have seen Ananya and Neil going to sleep on two different beddings. Shweta asks what, they are married and sleeping apart. Riya says I don’t want their life to have differences. Bebe asks what did I say. Shweta asks Bebe not to listen to Riya. Bebe says if this is wrong, I will throw Riya out. Riya says I m saying truth. Bebe says I will find out what’s true and what’s lie.Neil gets Ali’s call on Avni’s phone and gives it to her. She disconnects and messages. He asks what’s the need to disconnect, talk now, I will go out. She asks what, why will you go, did anything happen.

He says you will want privacy. She asks when did I ask privacy, I hope you are not thinking that Ali and I have something going on, he is just my friend. He says fine. Bebe walks to their room. Neil says I felt you don’t want to talk to Ali in front of me. She asks do you want to read our messages. He says no, he is your special friend, you dance with him and cry on his shoulder. She says what’s your problem, I did not say when you were holding Mitali’s hand and praising her. He smiles and says I did not know you are keeping an eye on us. She asks what about you keeping an eye on me and Ali. He says I m not like you guys. She says I danced with you also. He says I m your husband and can dance with you. She calls him mad. He says you really sick. She says I don’t want to talk. He asks her to sleep.Bebe looks inside the room through the keyhole. She sees them sleeping away. Shweta also sees them. Bebe says why do they have tension between.

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