My Identity Update Thursday 29 April 2021


My Identity 29 April 2021: starts with Neela saying I trust you, why did you go and meet her. DD says Riya is your sister, but Neil doesn’t like her after what she did. Amol says I thought she will tell her plan to me. Neela says she is clever, don’t meet her, all people have to go and give statement, come. Amol thinks to move things from lab soon. Bebe, Maddy, Shweta and Prakash meet Neil. Doctor says patient needs rest, go out. Bebe asks Maddy to take them home. Doctor says we will take care of him. They go. Prakash asks Neil to open eyes, they all are gone. Neil opens eyes.
Prakash says so much annoyance that you did this sleep drama. Neil says no, whatever happened with Avni. Prakash says when I went against Bebe and married Shweta, Bebe was annoyed, but I always respected her, did you understand, take rest, He goes.

Neil thinks to talk to Avni. Gurumaa punishes a girl. She says I don’t want to meet Dayaben, call the woman who has beaten Dayaben. She meets the lady and says do something that Dayaben is sent inside a cell always, I had to face failure because of her. Avni dressed as nurse goes to Neil. He gets alert and who are you. She stops him from saying. She removes her mask and smiles. Neil says you….She says yes. He says you scared me. She says visiting hours are over, none was allowing me, I got home made soup, anyone can get ill by having hospital food. He says you saved my life. She says you saved me too. He says you started matching favors again. She says I don’t want to recall that time. She feeds him soup. She says the moment I felt I can lose you forever, I don’t want to recall that, you remember when I called you on dahi handi day, I wanted to say sorry, but I…. He asks what.

She says we have to find who did this blast. He says it means you will help me in solving this. She says yes, Neela got model of society, it was not an accident, DD is taking all witnesses’ statements. He asks why are you doing this. She says because I m your wife, did you forget wifey. He says I remember, maybe you forget this. He holds her hand. They have an eyelock. Music plays….. He says I m getting discharged tomorrow, will you come home with me, I just want to hear your answer. She says I have seen mum and dad fighting for love and family, I thought why did dad not choose mum, I don’t want to become Aisha, I don’t want to put you in a situation that you have to choose one. She cries. He says you can’t run away from yourself. She says maybe, I m hiding to forget myself, I get strength this way, I have seen mum breaking down by fate. She goes. He throws the plate and says you are not Aisha Maa, I m not Ashish Mehta.
Amol asks Avni about any leads in case. Avni says no, that guy was someone known. Neela asks about lemons. Amol thinks I used it to disinfect lab. Aavni says I got clue, see all the peels are here. Amol thinks how did I do big mistake. Prakash calls Neela. Neela says we are coming.

She asks Avni to come, Neil is getting discharged. Amol says I will come, you guys go. They leave. He says I have to meet Dadi. Doctor says you can take Neil home, he should rest. Shweta says I will take care of you. Bebe says no need, his wife has come, she will take care. Neil says no Bebe, Avni won’t go with us to our house. Bebe says I have apologized to her. Neil says this is the problem, we do mistakes and apologize again and again, but nothing changes, would you send Kareena to inlaws if this happened with her. Shweta says we can discuss this later. Neil makes her away. Neil gets up and goes to Avni. He holds Avni’s hand.
He says I m not so weak that I can’t support my wife. Neela smiles. Avni tries to move his hand. Neil says not this time, I have to protect my wife, who gave me a new life. Shweta asks from whom do you want to protect her. Neil says from you Maa, Avni won’t come home, even I won’t come, I don’t want her to stay in such a house where I don’t know what happens with her in my house, we will go our house now, Avni and Neil’s house, sorry Neela Maa, I m separating Avni from family, but I promise this time house will be of Avni, none can make her leave, come Avni.

Avni recalls Aisha and Ashish. Shweta asks do I have right to say something. Neil says you lost right when you planned to make Avni leave, I was helpless because of you. Shweta says I agree I did all mistake, but you come home for your dad’s sake. Prakash says I m with Neil and Avni, my happiness is in your happiness. Shweta argues with Neela. Neela says you did not let Neil settle. Shweta says it means you mum and daughter will take revenge from me. Bebe says enough, you are paying for your deeds, history is repeating itself, my son supported you and left me, today your son is leaving you to support his wife, scores got even, Avni I lost right to tell you anything when I asked you to leave, I will get you back home, this is my promise. Avni says Neil, Bebe apologized to me… Neil says come with me…..


Neil and Avni leaving from home. Neil stumbles. Avni holds him. He holds Avni’s hand and signs Neela and Prakash. They see each other. Amol comes to meet Dayaben. The warden asks him to leave. He says you don’t know my Dadi. Gurumaa asks what’s this noise, call him. Amol says I told you not to stop me. He asks where is Dadi. Gurumaa scolds him. She asks shall I send you to that prison where your Dadi is kept. He asks what happened to her. She asks him to go. She says I have to go Rang mahal, none should know this. Amol hears this and thinks what’s this place. Avni unpacks bag. Neil helps her. He says you remember when you came here for first time, I felt maybe you want to die, but maybe I was wrong, that girl knew fighting, but where was that girl when she was
blamed to be illegitimate, the girl who saved my life, tell me Avni. He holds her and says I m asking something, answer. She asks why are you asking me, you decided what you felt right. He says you think whatever I did was wrong. He gets DD’s call. Amol searches for that place and says pandit ji told this name only, I have to find her secret.

Neil says I m going police station. Avni says who gave you permission. She calls DD and asks him to get files home, Neil won’t go out of home. DD says sure. Neil says lady don, what was all this. She says you took decision in morning and I took decision now. She asks him to sit. Music plays….. He jokes. She gets away. She says stop staring at me. He says you should have thought this before saving me.
Maddy says you did wrong with Avni, she saved me and Kareena. Shweta says don’t keep any hope from me, I will never apologize to her. Bebe says you are not deserving of this, Prakash we have to do something to rectify this mistake. Avni cooks food with Neela and says I have to learn cooking, I can’t come here every day. Neela says you and Neil come here forever. Avni says however I try, Shweta and I can never get on good terms, I also think if I don’t try, Neil can think I m making him away from his mum, I feel I m not suitable for him.

Neela says let Neil decide this. Avni says he got mad, since we shifted, he is behaving strange, he just stares at me, mad. Neela laughs. Avni says its not funny Maa, really. Neela says okay, its not funny, its so serious. Avni says you also make fun of me now, anyway we will get fingerprint report today, we will know who made that model. Amol hears them. DD says Sir is getting fingerprint report here. Neil says good, we will have tea. Avni goes to get tea. DD goes after her to help. Amol goes to police station. DD says I make best tea. Avni says I make worst tea, Neil says so. DD says I will make tea. She says I know making tea. He says but this…

She says be quiet. She adds salt. Amol attacks a constable and gets the envelop from him. Constable catches him. Amol beats him and runs away. DD and Avni get tea. DD asks everyone to have it silently. Neil signs he doesn’t want. Staff members drink tea.DD takes cup from Avni and says thanks, so sweet. Constable and DD praise the tea. Avni smiles. Neil says officer didn’t come till now. Amol removes his mask and checks the envelop. Officer gives the envelope to Neil. Neil sees his injury and asks was anyone following you. Officer says yes, identification couldn’t happen, he was wearing monkey cap, he has hit me on head, but I have seen his eyes. Neil says good job, go and ask Sketch artist to make sketch, you can go.

He tells DD that someone known did this, we will have to be really alert, our plan was successful, that person got wrong info, as we have real report. Bebe sees Shweta crying. She says I know what you are going through, I was sitting in this place some years ago, I understood its better to lose to children, when Juhi left from Neil’s life, we felt he will never get love, but then Avni came in his life, he has forgotten Juhi and accepted Avni, I think you should also forget everything and accept Avni, else you can lose your son again, don’t repeat my mistake. Shweta goes. Neil talks on phone and says mail the sketch to me. Avni sees the blood on his shirt and asks him to remove his shirt fast. He asks what. She makes him sit. She does dressing and scolds him. She asks why do you keep staring. Neil smiles and says don’t know, you tell me why do I stare at you. She says its done. Music plays…. He says fine, I will give you 10 days, I will stop staring at you, if you say why I forget everything and time stops when I see you, why the need to see anywhere else ends, can you tell me. She looks at him.

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