Strange Love Update Thursday 29 April 2021


strange Love 29 2021: starts with Astha being shocked to see Shlok behind the mask. Kavya says ask Shlok to bring a dress for me. Astha says later, not now. Shlok says Kavya, its a habit to give surprises, I m a master in it, ask Astha about it. He looks at Astha and smiles. Astha leaves from there. Avdhoot is watching Astha’s wedding video and is sentimental. Kalindi comes and sees him upset. He wipes his tears and they come to him. Kalindi says what is it, you look sad, are you missing Astha. He says no, I was free, was watching the video. Kalindi says why are you hiding if you are missing her.
She says its like today when she learnt walking, but now she has grown up and got married. Ajju says she is the star of our eyes. All of them miss Astha and discuss about her. Avdhoot says I don’t know how to live without Astha. Kalindi says yes, she had to go one day, this is the world’s ritual. She says I wish she stays happy. Avdhoot says Shlok is one in a million, he will keep her happy. Kalindi says yes, I thought Shlok is bad, but my opinion changed seeing him in past few days, I wish they always be together and stay happy.

Astha is doing the birthday arrangements while Shlok is playing with Kavya. Kavya says help Astha as she cannot reach much height. Astha says I will do it myself. Shlok comes to Astha and lifts her. Astha is puzzled seeing his changing behavior. Music plays…… Kavya claps saying Astha got taller. Shlok smiles seeing Astha. Astha gets down and stares at him with anger and moves back. She leaves and asks Kavya to come with her. Shlok looks on.
Abhay and his mum discuss about going to Shlok’s house to bring jyoti back. He says its Astha’s hand in this. He says I need jyoti to be financially stable. His mum says what will you do if they question you, they can refuse to send jyoti with you. He says yes, I have to do something, to get their trust back. She says I will do something, you get ready to go there. She gets an idea and says I know what to do now and smiles. Everyone are celebrating Kavya’s birthday at home with lots of guests and decorations. Kavya goes to Astha before Sojal. Sojal gets annoyed. Kavya meets everyone eat the cake. Niranjan blesses her. Astha thinks Niranjan is a good man, who is not partial.

Astha looks at Shlok. Shlok gets a call from someone and asks is the work done. He smiles looking at Astha while Astha is busy with Kavya. He thinks now you will be in my hand completely, your every breath is under my control. Bharat talks to the guests and says this day is special to me as I got my daughter on this date and thanks Sojal for it, gor giving him his daughter. Sojal smiles. He says Astha has done all the arrangements of the birthday bash. He says its because of Astha, we got this happiness and I would like to gift something to Shlok and Astha. He gives them a honeymoon package. Astha is shocked and looks at Shlok. Shlok laughs. Astha accepts it from Bharat. Everyone claps. The kids have fun in the party. All the guests leave. Sojal talks to Bharat and says you are sending Astha abroad, did you do anything for me. He scolds her saying you are not a good mum, you did not think about Kavya like Astha did. jyoti asks Astha to take her photo with Kavya. She sees Abhya coming with his mum and is shocked. Everyone look at Abhay. Abhay falls in Niranjan’s feet and apologizes to him. Niranjan says get up, what are you doing. Abhay’s mum beats him with a stick and starts acting infront of them.

She says we have given trouble to your daughter, and have hurt all of you. She says Shlok, take this stick and beat him, he has not been good with your sister.
Shlok says all this is a drama, you both don’t really regret. Niranjan asks Shlok to calm down. Niranjan says Abhay, you did not do right, but we will give you a chance to rectify your mistakes. Its enough that you accepted your mistake. He says don’t do this again. Abhay says I won’t do. Niranjan says I have forgiven you., thats why I m telling this. Abhay’s mum says Niranjan has a big heart. Abhay apologizes to Anjali and says I want to take jyoti home. Anjali says jyoti is your wife, you don’t need our permission.jyoti says I don’t want to go with him, please don’t send me there. Abhay’s mum says don’t tell like this, its your house. She asks Anjali to explain jyoti. Anjali stops Astha from talking to jyoti and says its about my daughter, you don’t interfere and don’t dare to break their relation. Abhay says I will keep jyoti happy always, I m ashamed to hurt you all. Sojal says its fine, you are this house’s son in law and your mum is right. Anjali looks at Sojal angrily and asks Abhay to go and talk to jyoti. Shlok says stop, if jyoti does not want to go, no one will force her to go, no one.

Niranjan says Shlok, I understand your feelings but every relation needs time, husband and wife has to be smart when they have to deal with their relation, they need to talk to clear their issues. Niranjan asks Abhay to go and talk to jyoti. Niranjan leaves.jyoti crying in her room. Abhay comes to her and sees her crying. jyoti is afraid of him. He says jyoti…. She gets tensed and fears. She says I don’t want to go please, forgive me. Abhay holds her and Anjali sees them. Abhay looks at Anjali and seeing her presence, speaks sweetly to jyoti. jyoti says I won’t come with you. Abhay says I promised your dad that I will keep you happy, trust me, forgive me and give me a chance. He sits near her feet and apologizes. Anjali scolds jyoti for not listening to Abhay. jyoti cries. Abhay thinks Anjali is on his side by his drama and smiles. Anjali asks Abhay to go down and jyoti will come after getting ready. He leaves looking at jyoti.


Anjali scolds jyoti for not caring about her husband. jyoti says I can’t go there, I won’t go. Anjali says then you can’t even stay here. jyoti requests her but Anjali does not listen to her pleads. jyoti stops Anjali but she leaves. Ajju misses Astha and asks Kalindi what might be Astha doing in her house. She says maybe she won everyone’s heart with her goodness. Kalindi says Avdhoot did not come till now. Avdhoot comes and is upset. Kalindi asks what happened. He says nothing, I had much work. Kalindi says you are hiding something, tell me. He says I saw the old project and everyone starts enquiring and it is charged about corruption. He says even I was involved in this project. Kalindi is tensed.

Ajju says don’t worry, you have always done a good work and the Bappa is with us. Avdhoot says but I m worried and afraid that I will lose my dignity and would be blamed for corruption, if this happens, I will die. Kalindi says it won’t happen, you are honest and Bappa will not let you get involved in this. Kalindi tells Ajju not to tell this to Astha else she will be hurt. Anjali prays to the Bappa that he should give jyoti the courage and strength to be with her husband and bear all the problems if any. Bharat hears Astha talking about jyoti. Bharat says I understand but this time Abhay will not hurt her as he has seen me and Shlok with her. Bharat thanks Astha for bringing happiness in Kavya’s life.
He asks Astha are you fine. She nods yes. He says we respect rules a lot, I want you and Shlok to be together out of this house and spend some time, its important for a husband and wife. Astha is happy that she got a good family but is upset that Shlok hates her. She cries saying my and jyoti’s life is similar, even I have to go from this house soon but I need those papers which could put my dad in jail.

Anjali comes to Astha and tells her to do work in the mornings. Abhay brings jyoti home and he looks at her angrily. His mum adds fuel in the scene. Abhay asks jyoti to give him jewellery and whatever Anjali gave her. jyoti is afraid. Her mum in law asks her to give the jewels and jyoti does so crying.
Abhay’s mum hurts jyoti and asks her to give away her bangles. He says let it be, who will work in the house if she gets hurt. She takes the bangles by hurting her. jyoti cries. Abhay’s mum says they have insulted you. Abhay says I will settle the score with them, I don’t forget anything. jyoti is tensed. He removes his belt and beats jyoti. Abhay’s mum hears jyoti’s screams and laughs. She says I will sleep peacefully today, tonight is the good night for me.

Astha is in her room sleeping Shlok comes to her and sees she is sleeping. He smiles and wakes her up sitting next to her touching her hair.Astha moves away from him but he holds her. She says what are you doing. He says loving my wife, you should not have a problem in it. He says you have to sleep on the bed and do as I say. She says you are not the Shlok whom I love, why should I listen to you. He says I m your husband. She says I hate you and get angry on myself for not seeing your real face. Shlok laughs and says no one can understand me. He says hate me as much as you can, but you gave to go on honeymoon with me. He says I will be closer to you that time, it will be good. He says you have to see my face the whole lie, then you will know your mistakes and you can regret.

Astha gets Ajju’s call and Shlok disconnects it.He laughs on her. Ajju says its strange, Astha has cut my call. Shlok calls Ajju and speaks sweetly to her. He says Astha is very happy with me. Ajju says its great. Shlok says talk to Astha. He says Astha became emotional hearing your name. Astha talks to Ajju and cries. Astha says Shlok was joking, I miss you all a lot, but don’t worry, I m fine and happy here. Ajju says Astha, are you really happy there. Astha says yes, a lot. Shlok takes the phone and rests in Astha’s lap. He tells Ajji that he and Astha are going on honeymoon. Ajju says great, have fun. Ajju says Astha is kiddish, if she does a mistake, take care of her and don’t be annoyed. Shlok says don’t worry, I will rectify her every mistake. Astha takes the phone and says sleep now and ask mum and dad not to worry about me. Shlok says very good. Astha pushes him fro her lap and cries. Ajju senses something and tells Kalindi that I felt Astha is very sad and is hiding something from us. Kalindi says don’t worry, maybe she is missing us. Shlok smiles seeing Astha crying. He holds her in his arms and gets closer to her. He says go and sleep, you have your entire life to cry. He says tell them that you have married me and became my wife. Shlok goes and sleeps on the sofa. Astha wipes her tears.

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