My Identity Update Friday 16 July 2021

My Identity 16 July 2021: The Episode starts with Neil telling Avni that Kamini gave them KK’s location. Avni says Saisha made a big mistake by running from the house. Neil says we have to reach before media. Saisha sees KK sleeping and hugs him. Its morning, media reaches the shade. KK and Saisha wake up and get shocked. KK asks him to keep cameras away. Reporter says KK was not alone here, is this really kidnapping or this beautiful girl has stolen his heart.

KK’s dad Rahil worries and says a scandal is born to us. Kamini says like father, like son, I should have not given his career responsibility to him. He says I will handle everything. She asks really, will you handle this, give me a break, don’t forget I had to end your scandals, I will handle all this. They see KK and Saisha on the news channel. Media reporter says we have rescued you, don’t worry. Neil and Avni come there. Neil asks Avni to hide, he will get KK and Saisha.

Reporter says you both have spend the night together, was this situational or anything else. Neil asks them to move. He takes KK and Saisha to his car. They leave. KK thanks Neil for coming. Neil says your mom has sent location. KK asks what, how does mom know. Neil says Saisha you think this is funny, you know how worries was Av… Avni looks at him. He says Nilanjana was worried. Saisha apologizes. KK sees her. They come home. Saisha says thanks for rescuing me and KK. She hugs Neil. He thinks of Mishti and holds her.

KK asks her to take care. They see Avni.Saisha goes inside the house. Avni says thanks Neil for all that you did for us. Neil says I promised you I will get Saisha back, she is safe, you are also fine, I m going away, this time I will never return. He goes. She cries.Kamini uses her influence and scolds the reporter for sting operation on KK. Manager says media is outside, what shall we do. KK comes with Neil. Rahil asks how are you son. Kamini slaps KK.

Avni asks what made you run away, I never stopped you for anything, I told you to keep yourself away from problems, I wonder what would the media spread rumours about you.KK says my hard work and your stardom will be ruined, just because you had a live telecast with that cheap girl. Neil says you don’t even know her, don’t say this, Saisha is a nice girl from good family, she is well mannered, she is KK’s fan, KK is also responsible. Kamini says I asked you to reach KK before media.

Neil says I think you should focus on your son more than media, KK really needs you. He asks KK to take care, he is leaving Mumbai forever. KK asks are you serious. Neil says yes, I would like to say one thing, never let any girl get insulted, don’t hurt anyone whom you love the most. He hugs KK and goes. Avni scolds Saisha.Manager Manmohan says this scandal can ruin KK’s future, we have to stop this disaster. Kamini asks KK does he really like Saisha.

She asks him to say whatever he knows about Saisha. He says Saisha and I met on my shooting. Neil books London tickets.Shweta hears Neil and asks why are you packing your bags, where are you going. Mitali comes. Kamini says you mean her mum is a social worker and dad is a policeman, there is one way to deal with this matter. Sunehri asks Avni to forget this now, this happened so that Neil and she unites again, go to Neil and get him back. Avni says I don’t want to think about it, I want to take care of the house and children.

KK, Kamini and Rahil come there. Kamini says I m KK’s mom, we are here to meet Nilanjana. Sunehri greets them. Avni comes. Kamini and Avni get shocked seeing each other. Kamini says I got my superstar son’s alliance. Avni asks them to come in. Rahil and Kamini talk to Avni about KK and Saisha’s alliance. Avni apologizes to hurt her and says I was in hurry that day. Kamini says its fine, what’s in past, lets think of future. Rahil says so you help these kids. Avni says yes, these kids help me and give me a motive to live.

Kamini calls the servant. The man keeps shagun things. Kamini says we came to ask Saisha’s hand for Karan. Saisha and KK smile seeing each other.Kamini saying Saisha, nice name, who named you, mom or….. Avni sends Saisha with Sunehri. Kamini asks Avni to sit. Avni says I want to clear few things, Saisha is too young to get married. Kamini says they have become a point of discussion for the world, their affair is trending on social media.Avni says they don’t know each other, they got kidnapped by mistake, there is nothing such.

Kamini says sorry, you are over protective or careless that you don’t know what’s Saisha doing, KK said they like each other so I thought to fix their relation. Samrat hears them. Avni says Saisha just turned 18, she has to focus on career. Rahil says its okay, KK said she wants to become singer. Kamini says KK’s movies can have one playback song by her. Rahil says Kamini’s dad made me first first film on the condition that I marry her, Saisha won’t need to struggle, she will become instantly hit. Avni says I m against it, Saisha should get success if she deserves.

Kamini says I think Saisha feels her chances are better with KK. Samrat asks what do you think, Saisha trapped KK in love. Avni asks him to apologize. Kamini says what sorry, what’s the need of these orphans to interfere in this. Avni says I request you not to call them orphans, they are my kids. Kamini says we came to meet you to talk about KK and Saisha, not about the kids. Avni asks Samrat to go to his room.KK says I agree that we don’t know each other, all I know is that we love each other, please try to understand.

Avni says you are wrong, Saisha is immature, she doesn’t understand love, she is just your fan. Kamini says just ask Saisha once, if she tells this, you will have to come to Mumbai and talk to us. Avni says I don’t think this will be needed. Kamini says KK has been saying repeatedly that he is serious about Saisha, that’s why I got proposal for her, you have 24 hours to think. They leave.Shweta asks DD and Mitali to tell what’s wrong. Prakash asks Neil what’s the matter.

Shweta asks is KK and roadside girl responsible for this. Neil says don’t say this about Saisha. She says I know you couldn’t hide their scandal and they are blaming you. He says you blessed her on her birthday. She says I did this for you, her mum had hidden face and didn’t know anything, I want to talk to Saisha and know what she did, should I calm down for KK or that characterless girl. Neil says she is not characterless girl, she is our Mishti. They get shocked. Neil cries.

Mitali asks Shweta to listen. Samrat says Kamini projected KK as Saisha’s BF. Tara asks Samrat to calm down. Saisha asks Samrat to shut up. Avni comes and says I need to talk to Saisha. They leave.Avni says KK was just your crush, now you are saying you like him, this is not love, its just infatuation. Saisha says talk to KK once, I love KK. Avni says you don’t know what love means. She goes. Shweta says our Avni is alive…. are you leaving the house because….. DD asks is she really alive.

Neil says she is not your Bhabhi or anyone’s bahu, she took this decision many years before. Prakash says our Avni is alive. Sunehri asks Avni to talk to Saisha. Avni says Saisha doesn’t know what love is, we have to give her a reality check. Saisha cries. Samrat knocks door and asks what happened, tell me, open the door. Tara goes to call Avni. Kamini says this girl is not for you. KK says she is a nice girl, we love each other. Avni asks Saisha to open the door. Saisha says no, you have to talk to KK. Avni says my decision won’t change. Kamini says you know what’s happening, its a big game plan.

I have given them time to respond. KK goes.Sunehri says I will call Neil. Avni says no, I have been doing everything alone since 10 years, you won’t call Neil now. Saisha says if KK and I don’t unite, I will give up my life. Kamini says we have to convince Nilanjana for engagement, its imp, else people will think KK is a womanizer, scandal will end after engagement, PR will sell KK as romantic hero.Manmohan asks will that girl become bahu of this house.

She says no, this is just a drama, we will present Saisha as a gold digger, KK’s fan following will increase because girls love a broken hearted man, KK must not know this, think how to convince Nilanjana.Avni asks everyone to get back. She kicks the door open. Saisha gets shocked. Tara, Sitara and Sunehri recall the jail days. Prakash says I have just one photo of Avni, Shweta has hidden many things.

Neil says I didn’t believe she left me, my search came to an end when I risked my life, that day Avni came to stop me, Avni cheated all of us, she left us, its enough. Shweta cries. Mowgli says you kicked like superwoman. Avni scolds Saisha. She throws a glass and says life also shatters like this glass, life is a gift, you are wasting it, think of those who want to live for family, no one has the right to end their life, live for those who love us, did you think for all of us. She asks Sunehri to take kids to room. Saisha hugs Avni.

She says please talk to KK once, we both are serious. Avni gives her the phone and says call him.


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