My heart knows update Wednesday 9 March 2022

My heart knows 9 March 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar bringing Swara to meet the groom’s family. Madhav tells that he knows that her daughter is stubborn, but will come. Swara thinks if I haven’t come then you might have fix my marriage with him. Madhav introduces her to the groom and their family. He says Rohan is the doctor and asks where is he? Rohan comes to the storeroom and tells that he has brought shorts and tshirt for Swara, but your worn it. He says it is good that you read the chit kept in the shorts and you came here. He sees Atharv and gets shocked. Kalyani comes out after recording his video.

Everyone comes there. Kalyani says she will expose him. Rohan says this girl has become mad? Kalyani shows the video to everyone. She says mistake was never of Swara, this man had kept clothes in her room. Malhar comes there. Kalyani pushes him out and tells Malhar that she was doubtful when he shook hands with her and she felt something is wrong. She says she found the same logo on his sherwani, which was on the shorts. She says it was written on the chit that he can’t wait for the time when she comes to meet him wearing shorts and they can have wedding night even if marriage happen or not.

Malhar slaps Rohan and asks his parents to take him from there. He says baba invited you people else you would have been in jail. Asawari says even I want to say something and tells that she had stepped on Kalyani’s saree unintentionally and apologizes. Kalyani says its ok. Madhav apologizes to Kalyani.Kalyani comes to Anupriya and tells that she has saved her inlaws respect. She asks if you are searching receipt still and says Aao Saheb must have forgotten. Anupriya says no. She says she is sure that something happened on 26th July. Kalyani asks him to ask vivek.

Madhav tells that he wants Swara to get married soon and that’s why he called these people. He says he don’t trust her and she can tell Malhar about 26th july. Asawari says until when we will keep her away from her. Madhav shouts at her asking her to keep her away from Malhar. Sarthak says Swara don’t trust Malhar, so will not tell, but till when?Pallavi gives some receipts to Anupriya and she finds the cassette in it. They go to hear it. Swara comes and keeps receipt in the receipts. Malhar is sitting while Kalyani is going. He says thank you Kalyani for whatever you have done. Kalyani is surprised and happy.

He stands on the table and says thank you. Kalyani couldn’t handle the happiness and smiles. He says thank you Kalyani and bends down on his knees. She is very much happy. Just then Malhar asks her what she is looking at there? Kalyani thinks it is her imagination and says nothing. Malhar thanks her for keeping his respect infront of parents and says he is lucky to have such a wife in his life. Kalyani says I will cry and gets happy. Swara hears them. Malhar sees her and hugs Kalyani. Kalyani says you are really behaving sweet and not in imagination. She asks are you alright and says she will take him for check up, says going for Atharv’s check up. Malhar says I am alright and tells that he did this as Swara was standing there.

He says Swara lost trust on marriage, we have to set our example and change her mind. He says I need you and asks will you help me. Kalyani asks if this is the thing to ask and says she will support him in whatever he does, which gives him happiness. She holds his hand. He pulls her closer and smiles. Song plays…..He says thank you which I said to you was real and says thank you. She smiles happily and asks shall we go for a walk. Malhar asks did we go before? Kalyani says Swara shall feel that our relation is so perfect. He says you are very understanding. She says she is. He asks if we are doing this for Swara or ourselves also. He smiles.

Malhar and Kalyani going on a walk. Kalyani tells him that some girls are difficult and it is very difficult to handle any situation. She says when I came here, I was irritated and rude and had misbehaved with Aai. She says I was so stupid. Malhar says yes, you was. She says you called me stupid. Malhar asks when did I say? Kalyani asks where is he lost in thoughts? Malhar looks on. She says if you want then can leave my hand, we came far away from home. He leaves her hand and asks what she was talking about Swara. Kalyani says Swara is alone and lonely and feels frustrated. He says she needs someone to talk. Malhar says may be. Pallavi plays the cassette and finds it is empty. She says this cassette system is ended long ago.

Anupriya says may be we took it out by mistake. They leave keeping the tape recorder on. Anupriya says I will check the remaining receipts and finds the receipt kept by Swara. She thinks delivery happened on 26th July. She thinks they might not have given the money and that’s why this receipt is in this envelope. Anupriya thinks name is wiped off, and calls on the number, but it is off. She thinks how to find out.The tape recorder is played and suddenly a man tells that he needs help through this cassette. Pallavi comes to room and thinks they have kept tape recorder at home unnecessary.

Swara comes there and asks Pallavi who was in the room. Pallavi says nobody. Swara attacks her and fights with her asking her to tell. Everyone rushes to Pallavi’s rescue. Madhav asks Swara to leave her and asks if anyone was in the room, then why you are affected. Swara says I care as …..and stops. She says liar woman to Pallavi and goes. Pallavi goes behind her and fights with her. She says this girl is mad. Madhav apologizes to them and says you can’t call her mad this way. Aao Saheb says why will we not say and asks them to get her treated in a good hospital. Madhav says if elders leave respect then what children will do.

Kalyani asks Aao Saheb to end the matter. Aao Saheb scolds her for taking their side.Madhav asks Aao Saheb to think about their relation. Aao Saheb says we will not bend down as we have given our daughter to you. Kalyani asks her to stop it. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to end the matter. Aao Saheb asks her to go and lick their feet and tells that now they have to stay with them and feels bad about it. Malhar asks them to stop it and says I am sure that my babdi is not mad. He takes a stand for her, melting Swara’s heart. He says if she thought that someone was there in the room, then she might have heard someone and Pallavi is making an issue. Pallavi says they both are mad.

Swara gets teary eyes. Malhar asks why are you crying and asks her not to cry. Madhav and Asawari get tensed seeing them getting close.Pallavi tells Aao saheb that it is not her mistake. Anupriya says is ok and asks Aao Saheb to think of Kalyani. Pallavi says tape recorder was not playing. Anupriya says may be some voice came after we went. She plays the tape recorder, but no sound comes. Aao Saheb tells that Kalyani didn’t take their side even for a moment. Kalyani apologizes to Madhav and tells that since her Papa went, Aao Saheb is irritated and don’t have control on her tongue. Asawari asks her not to apology.

Malhar says something is bothering Swara from inside, what’s it. Pawar comes and takes Malhar to side. He tells that the villagers stopped the clearance of the pool in village where bridge is going to be made. Malhar asks why? Pawar says villagers told that Aao Saheb told them due to religious concern. Malhar asks him to get the place cleaned and says bridge work shall not stopped.Aahir tells Asawari that they shouldn’t have come. Madhav scolds him and asks not to tell again. Sarthak tells Madhav that Malhar will not support any illegal thing as Government has approved for the bridge.

Asawari says if the pool is cleared then Malhar will be shattered, what we will tell him. Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks him to have cola. He refuses. Kalyani pushes him on chair and tells him that Swara is standing out. They start having cola together and looks at each other. Benishan song plays…..Malhar sees Swara gone. They continue to have cola.

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