My heart knows update Wednesday 27 October 2021

My heart knows 27 October 2021: Kalyani is shocked to find out that Anu is married to Atul, how can Atul betray Madhuri. Anu returns home reminiscing Atul requesting her to not tell truth to Kalyani.She imagines Madhuri who alleges that she killed her. Kalyani walks on road yelling and crying how can Anu do this. She reminisces time spent with Madhuri and Atul. Atharva sees her and thinks where is this girl going.

Aao Saheb calls lawyer and asks him to get Atul out of jail soon. Lawyer says it is difficult, but he will try his best. Rao Saheb says she did good by hiring lawyer. Aao Saheb says she is doing this for Anu as she wants Atul to come out of jail and take back Kalyani’s responsibility. Aparna walks with her jewelry and says she will give all her jewelry to free Atul and says she is worried about

Sampada as Malhar has kept Anu and Kalyani at his home, she did not like Malhar for Sampada since the beginning, but Aao Saheb did not listen to her. Aao Saheb says she does not care what Malhar does at his house and nobody can keep Sampada happy better than him, their problems are because of Kalyani. Aparna smirks standing behind.

Kalyani returns home and cries how can Anu do this, Madhuri must not have know that Anu married papa secretly. Anu calls Sampada and asks to check if spices are correct. Sampada says yes. Malhar getting ready to go out for pooja asks why she is preparing Chinese food today. Anu says she met Atul today and he told Kalyani likes Chinese food. Sampada asks to leave some for her also and leaves with Malhar. On the other side, Aao Saheb sees Pallavi preparing misshaped modak/sweet and scolds that she did not learn to prepare modak from Anu till now. Aparna taunts Pallavi. Aao Saheb scolds even her and sends to make pooja arrangements. Anu reaches there and gives modak to her saying this is how Aao saheb likes. Pallavi imagines her as devi.

Kalyani walks into kitchen thinking of spoiling Anu’s plan, picks poison bottle thinking to blame Anu of trying to poison her. Her inner voice comes out and warns her not to do any harmful act. Kalyani gets adamant and changes rat poison bottle’s label with soya sauce bottle label. Anu returns and starts preparing Chinese noodles hoping Kalyani likes them.

Malhar apologizes Aao Saheb for going against her and supporting Anu and requests to forgive Anu. Aparna yells as usual. Aao Saheb shuts her mouth and says nobody will take Anu’s name in front of guests.

Kalyani sits looking at Anu and Atul’s wedding pic and hides seeing Anu coming. Anu brings noodles for her and says she prepared Chinese nooedles for her, hopes she likes it. She tells she wen to meet Atul and did not inform her thinking she would feel bad. Kalyani thinks she is having an affair with baba since so many years and now is hesitating to speak. Anu says she wants to tell her something important. Kalyani says she knows what she wants to say and shows Anu and Atul’s wedding pic. Anu is shocked and asks how did this pic. Kalyani yell it does not make a difference, truth is her father is married to her mother Madhuri and Anu is his second woman, how can she break a happy family. Anu stands weeping. Kalyani continues yelling that she was happy with her family, but when

she heard Anu’s name first time, her life spoilt, she was good at heart, but Anu made her evil, she planned well and killed Madhuri to get into Atul’s life. Anu shouts this is not true. Kalyani shouts he will not let her take Mahduri’s pic this photo cannot lie. Anu stands crying without telling truth. Kalyani tears photo and throws it on Anu’s face and alleges her trying to kill her by mixing poison in noodles. Anu slaps her and confronts how dare she is to allege her.

At Aao Saheb’s house, guests come in for Ganesh pooja and ask about Anu. Aao Saheb says she has gone out, he can pray Ganeshji. Guest leaves. Rao saheb yells till when Anu will trouble them. Aao Saheb says they should know to answer quests and shuts his mouth with her usual dialogue poorna viram.

Kalyani continues alleging Anu that she hates her, so she mixed poison in noodles. Anu says she went away from Atul because of Kalyani, even then she took her responsibility. Kalyani continues yelling again that she wants to get back Atul in her life, so she mixed rat poison in noodles. Anu says she is wrongly alleging her. Kalyani shows soya sauce bottle and says it has rat poison, she will bring her family and get her punished. Anu tries to stop her, but Kalyani walks towards door. Anu picks noodles plate and eats it saying it does not have rat poison. Kalyani runs and throws plate shouting why did she eat it, it has rat poison. Anu collapses. Kalyani runs out seeking help, but does not find anyone. She finds hand cart, runs and lifts Anu, drops her on cart and runs towards Aao Saheb’s house.

Aao Saheb during Ganeshji’s aarti calls Anu subconsciously and thinks because of Kalyani, Anu is not with her, prays god to protect Anu. Kalyani continues pushing cart. Lamp is about to blow when Sampada holds her hands around it. Aao Saheb gets worried for Anu. Kalyani reaches outside Aao Saheb’s house.

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