My heart knows update Tuesday 1 February 2022


My heart knows 1 February 2022: The Episode starts with Anupriya asking malhar to call her after checking in atharv’s mobile and says she will keep it back. Malhar asks her not to worry. Anupriya says Atul shall know about Atharv’s real doings. Just then Sampada comes there walking. Malhar says when she is awake, she does conspiracy and when she is sleeping, she sleepwalk. He turns Sampada to make her go. Malhar checks Atharv’s phone. In the morning, Anupriya, Kalyani and Malhar are somewhere.

Anupriya says if Atul or someone else see you then it will be a problem. Kalyani asks did you get any info from Atharv’s phone. Malhar tells that he found something strange and tells that a psychiatrist Dr. Dharmesh Adhikari called Atharv 20 times in 2 days. Kalyani says he needs blessings and not medicine. She says Sampada can’t take wife’s position in your life and says Malhar ji has one only wife and her name is Kalyani Rane. She is about to slip. Malhar holds her. kalyani says Billu’s Aai is just one and that is Kalyani Rane. Malhar says we have understood. Anupriya laughs.

Malhar tells that he is thinking to go there and meet that doctor, but he has duty to do of CM. Kalyani asks him to give Dr. number to Aai and says I have an idea to reach Doctor.Later she tells Anupriya that her friend Prachi recommended her of Dr’s name who is in Mumbai and says can we go there for getting eye vision. Atharv says Dr. Nigam is treating her. Atul says I will go with her and asks him why is he refusing. Anupriya says today is your first day in office. Atul says nothing is more than my daughter. Atharv says yes, you have to come for first day. Anupriya says I will go with her. Kalyani thinks to find out about the doctor.

Malhar drops the poisonous medicine on the floor mistakenly and asks her to order Moksh’s medicine from the chemist. Sampada finds the eye drops on floor and says may be this.Atharv is on call with Dr. Dharmesh and says Mugdha is my wife, I will come there. He thinks he made her mad, but until when he will get trapped in her problems. Kalyani comes there calling Atharv. Atharv drops Mugdha’s file on floor. Kalyani bends down and picks the pic, asks whose pic is this? Atharv says this is my passport size pic. He checks if she is blind or not. Kalyani says they are ready and will go to Mumbai.

Chemist comes and gives eye drops to Malhar and Sarthak. Malhar says he asked her to order cough syrup. He comes inside to check Moksh’s medicine and tells Sarthak that Sampada mistakenly ordered kalyani’s eye drops. He says house is messed up since Kalyani left. He gives the medicine to Chemist and says Sampada wants cough syrup for Moksh and she ordered this for Kalyani. Chemist asks why she needs this. Sarthak tells about Kalyani losing her vision. Chemist says one loses the vision for 4-5 hours after its use, and tells that it is used by scientist etc for experiments. Malhar is shocked and tells Sarthak that this is Atharv’s work.

Anupriya puts eye drops in Kalyani’s eyes. Atul asks her to rest and says Atharv will take you to Mumbai. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she will come in half an hour after delivering the order. Malhar and Sarthak come there. Atul tells that he will ask Atharv and will ask him to complain to Commissioner. Malhar is about to tell, but Sarthak stops him and says Malhar will not do anything. He takes Malhar to side and tells that Anupriya gave medicine to Kalyani so that effect will be there. He says we have no proofs against Atharv now and tells that they can use this against him in court. He says if Atharv comes to know that we are enquiring then he will increase troubles for Kalyani.

Malhar says Kalyani is already in problem. Sarthak calls Anupriya. Kalyani asks Atul to check the call. Atul sees Sarthak’s name and rejects the call. He then switches off the phone. Sarthak redials and says phone is off. Malhar says what to do now. Sarthak says Kalyani can’t pick call now. He says he has a childish plan.Sarthak is carrying Moksh in his arms and asks Malhar to aim at Kalyani. Malhar asks Moksh to give some idea. Malhar is about to aim catapult on the bed, but just then Atul comes there and goes. Sarthak asks him to aim on bed. Malhar couldn’t aim rightly and asks him to do. Sarthak asks Malhar to do. Malhar aims again on the bed, but the ball hits Atul’s head.

Atul sees Malhar and gets angry. Malhar gives catapult to Moksh. Sarthak says Moksh…you shall not hit Nana. Kalyani asks who has come? Atul says some monkeys.Malhar is in his room and thinks I have to stop Kalyani from using that eye drops. He thinks he can’t tell Kalyani because of Atul and Sampada is searching for a chance to get Moksh. Kalyani comes near his window and asks him to take her inside. He lifts her and takes her inside. He asks how did you reach here? Kalyani says I heard that Papa is taking bath and he will take time. Aai and Atharv are not at home. Malhar says I tried to talk to you and tells that the eye drops is poisonous which she is using and tells about Atharv’s plan.

Kalyani says I can’t see because of Atharv. Malhar is about to change his clothes, when Kalyani asks if he don’t feel ashamed to change clothes infront of her. Malhar takes out the specs. Kalyani says I thought and want to tell you. Malhar says I know.  Malhar telling Kalyani that she couldn’t see anything because of Atharv’s eye drops. Kalyani says what, Atharv is doing this. Malhar asks her to tell Maayi to change the eye drops. He takes off his shirt and is about to remove his pant, Kalyani asks if he is not feeling shy? Malhar comes to her. kalyani says I wanted to tell you..Malhar says I understood when you was standing in the balcony.


Kalyani says you got nangu pungu to bring out the truth from me. Malhar says what to do, I have to risk my respect to know the truth. He asks when did you come to know? Kalyani says she understood that the eye drops are wrong, when…She is about to tell, but stops hearing the footsteps. Malhar is about to close the door, but Sampada comes and stops him. Malhar turns and don’t see Kalyani. He asks Sampada what she needs. Sampada says this room is mine also. He asks her to go out. She refuses. He is about to open his jeans zip when Sampada asks him to go to bathroom and change his clothes. Malhar says I have to wear my uniform. Sampada slips.

Malhar holds her so that she doesn’t see Kalyani. Sampada goes. Malhar closes the door. Kalyani is hiding beside the bed and comes out and scolds Malhar for using his idea on Sampada again. Malhar says if I haven’t held her then she would have fallen on you. He asks when did you come to know? A fb is shown, Kalyani surprises Anupriya and tell her that she can see. Anupriya gets happy. They see the eye drops. Fb ends. Kalyani tells Anupriya that whenever she used that eye drops, she felt irritation and skipped one day and then could see everything. She says she was in Atharv’s room and found something. Malhar asks what? Kalyani shows Mugdha’s pic and recalls stealing it.

She tells that we can get information from Dr. Dharmesh Adhikari. She says Aai and I are going to Mumbai with Atharv and will try to find out. Malhar says you will not go risking your life.Sampada knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Malhar tells Kalyani that he can’t put her in danger. Kalyani says nothing will happen to me, you know that I am smart. She asks Billu to tell Aai next time and goes to balcony. She jumps down from the balcony and falls on the ground. Pallavi sees her sitting on ground and picking her specs. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and says she told everything to Malhar, and Atharv.

Atharv comes and asks them to come. He makes Kalyani sit on front seat. Pallavi comes out to stop Atharv, but he doesn’t see her. Pallavi calls Atharv and tells him that Kalyani was walking out when her specs fell down and she bend down and picked it. She says I have a doubt that she got her memory back. Atharv puts the sudden breaks. Kalyani’s specs fall down. She acts asking Anupriya where is her specs. Anupriya gives her directions. Kalyani picks it. Atharv gets out of car and tells that it is not working. He asks Anupriya to go and bring water from the nearby shop. Kalyani asks if he has no sense and tells that Anupriya is his would be mother in law.

Atharv says I am asking her to bring water so that I can repair the car till she brings. Anupriya goes to bring water. Atharv tries to stab glass piece to Kalyani to check if she will shout. Kalyani doesn’t shout and sit as blind. Atharv sees cucumber stall and goes to buy it. He adds much spices in it and makes her eat. Kalyani shouts and asks if he is blind. She says you did this intentionally. Atharv thinks Pallavi Tai was wrong. Kalyani thinks to teach him a lesson and sneezes loudly and makes one of the cucumber piece falls on his eyes.

Atharv shouts and says chilli went in my eye, and asks if she can’t see. Kalyani says you are making fun of me. Atharv asks for water. Anupriya asks where is Aai. Anupriya brings water. Atharv washes his face. Kalyani tells her everything and says we have to be careful now.Malhar is driving his jeep when he gets a call. He says wrong number. He gets another call and says wrong number. He asks if my voice is looking as Madam. He gets another call and the man says your jhumkas is polished.

Malhar asks if you don’t check the number before calling and thinks all wrong numbers are coming on his phone. Kalyani sees Pawar’s call and thinks she brought malhar’s phone by mistake. Pawar asks what to do with the thieves. Kalyani says Malhar ji is in the bathroom and says he told what to do with them. She tells something and asks why would I lie? Anupriya sees Atharv coming and tells Kalyani. Kalyani ends the call. Atharv comes and asks shall I drive. She nods. Atharv talks to Doctor and tells him that the eye drops is needed for Kalyani. He asks Kalyani to meet the doctor and says he has important work.

Once he goes, Kalyani makes Anupriya wear the specs and asks her to act as blind infront of Doctor. She says I am sure that Atharv went to meet Dr. Adhikari. Kalyani follows him. Atharv talks to someone on call. Kalyani asks driver to follow Atharv’s car. Atharv reaches Dr. Dharmesh Adhikari’s clinic. She thinks this is the doctor and this is that clinic. Atharv talks to Doctor. Doctor says I am trying to do your work. Kalyani goes to Dr. Adhikari’s cabin and checks the files. She gets Mugdha’s file and sees her name as Mugdha Atharv Bapat.

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