My heart knows update Tuesday 5 April 2022

My heart knows 5 April 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv telling Moksh that he will throw web like spider man and says if he cries then he will throw web on his face. Kalyani asks if she can go to office as today is the first day. Malhar says yes and calls Pawar, asking him to take care. Anupriya gets Sarthak’s message giving her best wishes for her first day in office. Anupriya is about to thank him and types the message, but before she could send it, she gets Sarthak’s replies that he knows that she is upset with him and don’t want to reply, writes that it is better to stay away from her for few days. Anupriya gets sad.

Kalyani comes to her asking if she wants to be late on the first day itself. She gets movie tickets from Malhar’s shirt and says he made me house arrest and went to watch film. She says how he can watch film.Kalyani feeds food to Atharv and Moksh. Malhar asks why she is staring at him angrily. Kalyani asks Atharv to ask his baba why he went to watch movie leaving them at home. Atharv says Baba, you left us at home and watched movie. Malhar says I didn’t go alone, Pawar was with me. Kalyani says he likes to watch movie with Pawar, and we, seems to be bad for him. Malhar says enough. Kalyani asks Atharv to ask his baba to watch movie again with Pawar kaka.

Atharv tells Malhar that he will not leave him. Malhar says enough and shouts. Moksh cries. Atharv says I will not talk to you. Malhar makes Moksh sit on the bed and finds a teddy on the bed. He picks up the teddy and finds a chip in the teddy eye. He takes it out and looks at Moksh and Atharv.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar ji went to cinema hall without me. Anupriya says he must have gone to catch the thief. Kalyani tells Anupriya that they shall tell Madhav about their job and tells that she is feeling bad to hide from him. Anupriya says if he gets angry. Kalyani says they shall say. They come to Madhav and Asawari’s room. Madhav is having food and Asawari is standing. Kalynai asks why the light is off. Asawari takes them out and asks them not to tell about their job. Kalyani looks at the dish in her hand and asks why did you add so much spice in it. Asawari says he asked me so I added. Kalyani and Anupriya go out. Malhar calls Kalyani and asks her to be in office or home until Aahir gets caught.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to come and tells that they are getting late for office. Malhar realizes someone is spying on them and thinks there is nobody here.Pawar calls Malhar and informs him that he is outside Rachit’s office. Kalyani and Maayi went inside. Kalyani asks Anupriya if she got Kaka’s message and says I am sure. She asks her if she reply to him. Anupriya looks on. Kalyani asks her to show her phone. Anupriya refuses. Kalyani insists. Anupriya says I will not tell you about whatever happens between us. Kalyani asks her to come and opens the door with her access card. Anupriya says even I have and tries opening the door using Adhaar card.

Kalyani asks where is your Access card. The employees laugh at Anupriya. Anpriya says why it is not opening? Aao Saheb comes there and says you forgot this at home. She gives her access card and tells that everything will be fine, as you had sugar and card at home. Anupriya smiles and touches her feet. Anupriya shows the access card and the door opens. Anupriya goes inside.Rachit’s employee tells Kalyani that her video is viral and tells Anupriya where she will fit and says she will get desk work. Kalyani scolds him and tells that they can do any work.

He asks Anupriya to sit at home and get salary. Kalyani says they can do marketing job. He challenges her to sell 25 detergent packets. Kalyani asks him to give and says she will sell all 25. Anupriya says Malhar asked us not to go out. Kalyani says this matter is about our respect.Pawar calls Malhar and informs him. Kalyani and Anupriya come to houses and try to sell the detergent powder, but nobody buys it. Kalyani gets upset. Anupriya says nobody is buying it. she says there is no value of Kalyani detergent powder and tells that its name have success.

She meets a lady and asks her to buy the detergent powder. The lady identifies her and takes selfie with her, but doesn’t buy the detergent. Kalyani asks her to delete the pic. They sit at the shop. Kalyani tells that the people have become selfish and don’t appreciate others’ efforts. She looks at the coconut cart and tells Anupriya that she will bring coconut water. She comes to the seller and asks him to give two coconut water. He comes near her and gives her coconuts. Kalyani pays him money and walks away. The coconut seller’s face is shown and he is none other than Malhar. Malhar asks Pawar to keep eye on Kalyani. Just then a car comes and stops near kalyani. Someone gets down from the car. Kalyani looks on.

Malhar asking Pawar to keep an eye on Kalyani. Rachit comes in the car and asks Kalyani if she is having picnic at office time. Kalyani tells that she is very irritated right now and holding coconut in her hand, tells him that he is not wearing helmet now. Malhar looks at them. Rachit apologizes to Anupriya and tells that he will fire that manager who misbehaved with her. Kalyani asks him not to do that and tells that she scolded him a lot and also tried to make him understand. She says she will sell all the products which she brought and asks Rachit to see. She keeps the detergent powder on the table and advertises about the detergent powder. Many people buy it. kalyani gets happy.

Rachit takes 100 Rs from her. Malhar looks at them. Rachit shakes hand with Kalyani and then cleans his hand with sanitizer. Rao comes there and gives Aahir’s info. Malhar asks Pawar to keep an eye on Kalyani. Someone brings mosquito repellent machine and releases the smoke. Madhav comes there in auto. Kalyani asks Rachit not to let him know that they are doing job. Madhav asks what are they doing here, and tells that he came to take the sweets for Swara’s alliance. Kalyani tells him that they are going home. Malhar tells Rao that they shall find out who is helping Aahir. He then sees a man spraying mosquito repellent gas and asks Rao to find out, tells that there is a strike today. Rao says ok.

Madhavsits on the road and takes out the lid of the manhole. He waits for Kalyani and Anupriya to fall in it. just then a tyre comes and hits Kalyani. Kalyani falls on the road. Anupriya helps her get up. Rachit asks how you fell? Kalyani sees tyre there. Anupriya says you was about to fall in the manhole and was saved because of tyre.Rao tells malhar that the attacker tried to attack Kalyani and left the manhole open. Malhar asks him to search the fake municipal corporation worker. Kalyani feels Malhar’s presence there and tells them. Madhav asks Anupriya to come home.

Atharv asks Rachit about his shampoo and asks him to tell about it. Rachit says I will teach you hair styling. Atharv asks Rachit to stay in their house. Rachit says idea is good and tells that Aaji and Aayi are good. Aao Saheb asks him to make her understand to agree to elders saying and asks her to have calm behavior. Kalyani says this happens always and tells that every parent in school used to ask their kids to learn something from Rachit. Rachit asks Alexa what is the medicine of jealousy. Atharv asks about his shampoo. Alexa says sorry. Rachit says I will bring it. Kalyani teases him and tells that he can’t woo any girl if he continues to talk to Alexa. Madhav looks at them from the window.

Pawar tells Malhar that he couldn’t keep an eye on Kalyani. Rao tells that he couldn’t catch the fake municipal men. Malhar finds Madhav’s specs outside the manhole and gets doubtful. Pawar says may be he lost it here. Malhar says no, as he wears it always.Pallavi hears some noise coming from Madhav’s room and thinks if he fell down. She peeps inside the room through the keyhole and finds Madhav/someone touching Asawari’s feet and gets shocked. She shouts Kalyani…

Atharv and Kalyani are in the room. Pallavi comes there and tells that she has seen something. Kalyani asks what happened? Atharv hits on her back and asks her to saya. Pallavi whispers in Kalyani’s ears that she saw Madhav touching Asawari’s feet. Kalyani laughs. Atharv also laughs. Kalyani says why he will touch SB’s feet and tells that some thing might have fallen down and he might have bend down to pick it. Pallavi asks her to believe her. Kalyani says she will give medicine to Madhav. Atharv asks who will give medicine to her.Kalyani comes to Madhav’s room and tells that she brought medicine for him. Madhav is on bed and tells that he is feeling unwell.

He asks her to keep medicine on the bed. The real Madhav is hidden in the almari, while the fake Madhav (Aahir) is on the bed. Kalyani doubts seeing the almari open. Asawari comes and closes it. She says I will give medicine to him as he is sleeping. Asawari takes the medicines and closes the door. She calls the fake Madhav as Aahir and tells that if Baab ji gains consciousness and asks if he sees you in his avatar then? Aahir tells that he can talk in anyone’s voice and tells that he will take revenge on Kalyani. He tells Asawari that he will involved with Malhar’s enemies and they are gang who asked him to kill Kalyani. He says they promised to save me from Police and asks her not to worry.

Rachit calls Uday at Deshmukh house. He tells them that Uday is a promising employee of his company and praises him. Asawari and fake Madhav(Aahir) come out. Kalyani thinks why Madhav is hiding his face.

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