My heart knows update Tuesday 12 April 2022

My heart knows 12 April 2022: The Episode starts with Anupriya crying and thinking about Kalyani telling Madhuri that she did not say this even to Aai. She sees Sarthak going from there and follows him. Sarthak comes to the orphanage and sees Riddhi insisting to jump down from the table, to prove that she is a super girl. Sarthak says she will jump with her and prove that he is a super father. Riddhi says I can’t risk your life for me and gets down the table. She hugs him and says if something happens to you then what will happen to me. Sarthak says even I have only you and hugs her. Anupriya listens and cries. She sits on the stairs and asks why did you do this with me. She says I have understood and will never see any dream or have any hope.

Malhar tells the naxal that he has made dal, but don’t know how to make roti. The naxal asks him to serve the dal. Malhar serves the dal and adds raw taro root. Kalyani tells that Malhar is kidnapped. Maduri asks what do they want from Malhar.Everyone starts coughing. Aahir asks why everyone is coughing and asks what is added in the food. Malhar also coughs and recalls coughing at home. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani if she has boiled the taro root before cooking. Kalyani says no. Anupriya says Malhar can’t speak properly for 2-3 days. Kalyani says sorry and asks Malhar not to punish her. A naxal drops his phone by mistake and Malhar picks it.

Kalyani shows Malhar’s pic to Madhuri. Madhuri recalls and tells Kalyani that she knows him and he is the same man who has helped me to escape from there, and told me that Kalyani is my daughter. Kalyani asks do you know him. Madhuri says yes and tells that those people were very dangerous and used to beat him a lot. Kalyani gets worried. Malhar thinks to talk to Pawar and asks him to ask new ACP to change the security code. He is about to call him, but Atharv comes there and snatches phone from Malhar’s hand. He switches off the phone and breaks it stamping on it. Malhar shouts Atharv and thinks if he got his memory back. Atharv calls him Baba and shows the crackers behind him.

Malhar takes the crackers out of his back. Atharv tells Malhar that Aahir asked him to snatch phone from your hand and break it. He says he asked me to looked like a villain. Aahir and the naxals come there. Aahir says I have seen you taking the mobile and asks what did you add in the food. He says you can’t meet Kalyani now.Kalyani cries looking at Malhar’s pic and asks Madhuri to try to remember about the place and landmark, something. Madhuri says I don’t know and can’t recall anything. She sees Anupriya coming and changes the topic. Anupriya thinks they are hiding something. Kalyani calls her. Anupriya asks if she made food. Kalyani says no. Anupriya says I will make and goes.

Kalyani asks Kalyani if she remembers anyone’s face etc. Madhuri says they used to beat him a lot, I don’t remember other than this. Kalyani goes out of house and cries. She thinks of Madhuri’s words. She asks Ganapati bappa, in what situation he has put her in. She says she has never felt helpless before. She says I can’t handle so many problems at once, I can’t tell anyone. She cries. Anupriya comes there and calls her. Kalyani wipes her tears and turns towards Anupriya. Kalyani says she is feeling bad for Madhuri’s condition. She says I have seen her happy always, I am feeling bad. She says you have acted to be serious as my Saas and tells that Madhuri thinks you are my typical saas. Anupriya asks do you want to say anything. Kalyani says do I hide anything from you and says I never hide anything from you.

Anupriya thinks what is the thing which you can tell Madhuri and not me. She thinks you had said that nothing will change between us, but change is visible. Kalyani thinks you are already worried because of kaka and Madhuri, how shall I tell you about Malhar ji. She thinks she has to search him alone.Malhar is badly beaten by Aahir with hunter. He hits him badly and applies salt on his injuries to give him more pain. He then presses the salt on his wounds. He says there is a good news, our men in Police uniform is getting our partners freed. Malhar writhes in pain. Atharv cries calling Kalyani.

Aahir telling Malhar that he has more big good news than this pain and tells that his friends are getting their men released from the jail in sometime. His naxal friend comes there and tells that the security code is wrong. Aahir asks Malhar if he gave the wrong security code. Malhar thinks Kalyani must have gone there, searching me. Pawar tells Kalyani that he got the security code changed talking to the new ACP. A fb is shown, Kalyani sees Malhar’s message and asks Pawar to convince ACP to get the security code changed. She asks him to tell ACP that they shall change the security code of jail as Malhar ji is with naxals and shall not help them by telling the code. She cries lying down on the door and gets emotional. Fb ends. Malhar thinks thank you Kalyani.

Kalyani introduces Madhuri to Pawar and tells that even she was kidnapped and had seen the naxals keeping Malhar captive. She asks him to talk to Commissioner and says he might get away with the accusation and proves innocent. Aahir asks Malhar why did you give wrong security code to us and beats him badly.Malhar laughs and says if you have this much strength only and asks him to use some of his more power, says nothing happen to me. Aahir beats him. Malhar asks Atharv to see his Chacha, who is getting tired after beating him. Aahir asks if he is showing that he is strong for this mad guy, and tries to strangulate him with the rope. Malhar asks him to go and have something, so that he can beat him more.

Aahir continues to beat Malhar on his stomach repeatedly. Atharv cries. Naxal asks Aahir what is he doing, and tells that Sarkaar asked them to keep him alive. He says we will beat him daily. Atharv comes to Malhar and says baba, touching him. Malhar asks him to remember that they can give life for their nation, and tells that nothing had happened to his baba.Pawar asks Kalyani to make Madhuri recall the truth. Madhuri says I couldn’t recall anything. Kalyani says when you came here, there was some cloth with you. Madhuri nods her head. Kalyani takes out cloth from almira and asks if this is the same cloth. Madhuri says it is the naxal’s cloth which they used to tie on their head.

She says she used to wash their clothes. Kalyani gets an idea and asks Madhuri not to let anyone come to room, tells that she will go by window. She says she will return only when Malhar comes with her.Kalyani makes Durga Prasad smell the cloth, bringing it to the naxalite area. Pawar says durga Prasad has to tell as I brought it with great difficulty. Kalyani says God has sent Durga Prasad as an angel for us and it will help us. Durga Prasad barks. Kalyani asks if he realized where is Malhar ji. They follow Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad barks at the man standing outside the shop. Kalyani asks Durga Prasad to be silent. The naxal feels pain in his throat and buys something. Kalyani sees the naxalites face and realizes that he is the same man who had kidnapped her. She shares her idea with Pawar.

Pawar says this is very dangerous plan, I will follow him. Kalyani says if this man goes then we can’t catch him. Pawar says I will talk to Rao and goes. Kalyani sees the goon buying the medicine and leaving in the car. She gets tensed.Pawar comes back and couldn’t see her. He then sees her going in the auto and runs behind the auto saying they are dangerous people. He runs behind the auto. Madhuri tells Anupriya that Kalyani is not in the room, and stops her from entering the room. Anupriya tries to peep inside the room. Madhuri says you made her do so much well that she is unwell. Sarthak asks what happened? Anupriya asks do I interfere in your work and shouts at him. She gets inside and calls her. Madhuri says she is sleeping and asks her to let her rest.

Anupriya pulls the blanket and finds the pillows kept there.Kalyani follows the car, while hiding her face with her dupatta. Anupriya asks Madhuri, where is Kalyani? Madhuri is silent. Anupriya says I will ask her. She calls Kalyani. Kalyani thinks what shall I tell Aai. Anupriya asks where you went? Kalyani says she is going to delhi for a day, to meet the Doctors who can help Madhuri to get her memory back. She asks her not to worry and tells that Malhar is with me. She says I didn’t tell Madhuri else she wouldn’t have let me go. Madhuri snatches phone from Anupriya. Kalyani tells her that she lied to Anupriya, but actually she is going to search Malhar ji and asks her not to tell Anupriya. She asks her to give call to Aai. Madhuri pretends not to hear and ends the call. Anupriya takes her mobile back. Kalyani asks the auto driver to drive fast.

She sees Naxal parking the car and started walking. She collides with a man. The Naxal comes to the tea shop and asks the man to make strong ginger tea. Kalyani says I will show you what Kalyani rane is….Kalyani coming to the naxal and asks what happened? She sees his punctured car and tells that when happy singh is here, then there is no fear. She says he is very funny and will change the tyre. She asks him to have tea till then. She checks video in which it is written how to change the tyre in 5 mins. She changes the tyre. Naxal says you are really wonderful. Kalyani says he had worked as a mechanic, cook, plumber etc. Naxal asks him to take the money. She refuses to take the money and tells that she wants a job.

Naxal says if someone pleads then one gives their kidney and you are refusing for job. Kalyani sees the Police and hides the naxal from their view. Naxal shows gun at her. Kalyani tells that he has saved him from Police and had seen gun with him before. She insists him to keep him on work. Naxal agrees and asks her to sit. Kalyani asks Durga Prasad to sit. He asks who is it? Kalyani says her tommy. In the naxals’ place, the naxal brings medicine and asks Sardaar ji to come. Kalyani comes inside, the naxals aim gun at her/him. Naxal says he can work for us. Durga Prasad senses Malhar and barks. Kalyani realizes it.

Aahir comes there and asks from where the dog came from and who is this sardaar. He looks at Durga Prasad and then on Kalyani.Malhar and Atharv are seated in the room. The naxal bring food for them. Malhar hears Durga Prasad and thinks Kalyani must be here. Aahir slaps the naxal for bringing sardaar there, says they need to hide their identity and stay in dark. Atharv tells Malhar that dog is barking. The naxal thinks from where did the dog came. Aahir asks Kalyani to say who is he/she? Durga Prasad comes to Malhar. The naxal tries to take it away. Durga Prasad bites Malhar’s pant cloth and takes it. Naxal takes him away. Atharv tells Malhar that this is Durga Prasad.

Malhar says I asked kalyani not to risk her life. Atharv says Aai came. The naxal tells Aahir that the sardaar is running away from the Police. Aahir says what if he is police man. He hits Kalyani with a big rifle. Kalyani feels pain in her stomach badly. She gets up and says you hit me on an empty stomach. She tells that he had worked with the boxer also. Aahir beats Kalyani with the rifle badly. Kalyani feels pain, but says that he will feel that he is paying for working with him. She says nothing happened to me. Kalyani asks him to beat him and says if I go out then Police will catch me. She says it is better for me to stay here and have some rotis. Durga Prasad brings Malhar’s pant cloth to Kalyani. Kalyani thinks Durga Prasad searched Malhar ji.

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