My heart knows update Monday 11 April 2022

My heart knows 11 April 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani hugging Madhuri and calling her my Madhuri repeatedly. She says I will not let you go away from me. Rachit tells that she had come for the photo shoot when Anupriya saw her. Sarthak says she must be having partial amnesia. Madhav blesses Kalyani and tells that God’s hand is on your head. He asks her to take Madhuri inside. Kalyani takes Madhuri with her. Pallavi tells Anupriya that her relation with Kalyani will not be saved anymore now. Anupriya gets insecure and upset.

Kalyani takes Madhuri to her house. Madhuri asks if this is my sasural. Kalyani says yes, this is your home and sasural. She says you will remember this very soon. She signs Pallavi not to tell anything to her and looks at Anupriya. Madhuri asks her to take her to bathroom. Kalyani takes her. Sarthak says I know why Kalyani is lying to Madhuri and tells that they shall not shock her. Kalyani comes out. Sarthak says she shall not know about Atul. Madhuri calls her and she goes. Madhav asks why she is calling her by her name. Rachit says Madhuri aunty looks young so Kalyani calls her by her name.

Asawari says they are lucky to meet their real samdhan and asks Anupriya if she knows what she likes. Anupriya says she will make something for Madhuri. She goes to kitchen and makes coffee for Madhuri. Sarthak asks her not to feel bad. Anupriya says this is not the first time and tells that she made coffee for Madhuri multiple times, and tells him about Madhuri and Atul’s betrayal. She says I am making coffee for her even today. Kalyani hears them. Sarthak asks her not to do anything which will make her old wounds greener. He turns to go and sees Kalyani standing.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and asks her to look at her. Anupriya burns her finger. Kalyani says you will not stop childish things. She makes her wash her hand. Anupriya says I can take care of myself and asks her to take care of her Aai. Kalyani asks what happened to you and says I know that you are feeling uncomfortable and not liking her return. She asks what is my mistake? Anupriya says if you would have told me yesterday, then I would have made up my mind. Kalyani says I thought it is my imagination. She says whatever happens, but….Madhuri calls Kalyani. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she needs to go and stay with Madhuri as she needs her more. She goes. Anupriya cries.

She asks Madhuri not to be scared and don’t take stress. She asks her to meet her grand son. Madhuri asks if he is yours. Kalyani nods her head. Madhuri cares for Moksh and says he is good. She says my daughter has become a mother too and asks about him. Kalyani says he is Moksh. Madhuri says you will be happy to see your Nani. Kalyani thinks she shall not tell her about her past. Madhuri asks about her husband. Kalyani says he is ACP and went out of Aurangabad for training. She says Malhar ji will be happy when he sees you.

Atharv asks Malhar if they will be like this all their life. He asks if Aahir will not free them. Aahir brings two gifts for them and tells that their naxals are freeing from the jail using the security code given by him. He gets a call from Sarkaar and tells him that all arrangements are done, the naxals will flee today. Malhar thinks I won’t let this happen, just have to get rid of these chains. Aahir asks him to see the clothes.Rachit asks Kalyani how is Madhuri? Kalyani says Madhuri is trying to remember the past. Rachit tells that Naxals were not there.

Kalyani says you called me to tell this. She tells that she shall be very happy to get Madhuri, but she is very unhappy as Malhar is not with her. Rachit shows faith in her and tells that she will get malhar freed. He says Malhar ji will not be sitting quietly there.Malhar thinks he can’t open the chain. Just then Aahir brings food and asks them to eat. Malhar asks if we will eat animals’ food. He asks him to bring proper food. He says I know you will not kill me. Aahir says I can keep you hungry and beats him. He says you have to do all the work to get roti. He asks his man to free him. His man says Sarkaar told not to open the chain. Aahir says Malhar will do all the work and then only he will get the food. Malhar smiles.

Aahir asks his men to take him to make food. He says today our men shall be freed from the jail, I have assured Sarkaar. Malhar thinks he has to do something within some hours. Anupriya brings coffee for Madhuri. Madhuri thanks her and asks what is her relation with Kalyani. Just then they hear a man scolding Pallavi for not delivery. Anupriya comes out. She tells that the delivery got late as the machine is not working. She says tomorrow she will get the order delivered. The man refuses to agree and insults Anupriya. Madhuri comes out and tells that this is not the way, you are talking to a lady, and she has already apologized to you.

Madhuri telling the client that this is not the way to speak to the lady. She says machines can malfunction and caused the delay. She had already apologized to you and now it is your turn. Kalyani says absolutely, else your order will be cancelled. The guy says sorry and tells that order shall be delivered by Sunday. Pallavi appreciates Madhuri for saving Anupriya’s respect and says Maayi couldn’t speak like you. Anupriya goes upset. Madhuri and Kalyani follow her. Anupriya asks if she wanted to make her feel low and insulted. Kalyani says Aai..she didn’t mean that. Madhuri asks why you are calling her aai.

Kalyani thinks to tell Madhuri about her relation with Anupriya. She is about to tell her, but just then Anupriya tells Madhuri that she is not Kalyani’s Aai, but Saas. Kalyani gets teary eyes. Madhuri apologizes to Anupriya and asks for apology. She says I interfere as he was insulting you. Asawari thinks Kalyani will be stuck badly between two mothers. Kalyani goes to Anupriya and asks what is all that? She says why you lied to Madhuri that you are my Saas. Anupriya says I am not even your Saas, as I have no relation with Sarthak. She says God made me with incomplete relations and says I am neither anyone’s wife nor I am anyone’s mother.

Kalyani asks why did you said that you have no relation with me. She asks if I am nothing to you. She tells the song that yashomati lalla..She says everyone regards yashoda maiyya as Krishna’s mother, even though Devki is his mother. She says the relation between us is very deep like of Yashoda and Kanha. She says you asked me to behave maturely, but you are behaving childishness. She says if I have done something wrong and tells that if our relation breaks then I will be broken. She asks her to beat her and punish her, but don’t tell that I am not your daughter. She says you are my mother and I am your daughter. She asks her to say something.

Anupriya cries. Kalyani says ok, I will punish myself, may be you will get peace. She starts doing sit ups. Asawari brings Madhuri there and makes her do Kalyani doing situps infront of Anupriya. Asawari tells Madhuri that these things goes on here and says Kalyani is punished because of your mistake. Madhuri says I will go and talk to her. Asawari says you don’t know Anupriya’s anger and takes her with her. Anupriya hugs Kalyani and says mistake is all mine, not yours. She says old wounds are scratched and don’t know what happened to me. She says I will handle myself. Kalyani says I will not let you break, your daughter, Kalyani is with you.

She says I can understand the situation which is uncomfortable for you, and tells that their relation will never change under any circumstances and says nobody can come between us. Anupriya hugs her and wipes her tears. She asks her to tell Madhuri that she is her saas, says if she comes to know about the truth then her condition will worsen. Kalyani says both Madhuri and you need me. She says I shall make sure that you don’t get hurt. She thinks she is feeling alone without Malhar ji and asks Ganapati Bappa to give her much strength.

Aahir takes Malhar out and asks him to wash the utensils if he wants good food. He takes out the note from his pocket and drops the pen by mistake. He asks the naxal cook to bring the list of items and asks Malhar to wash the utensils. He pushes Malhar down and tells that their friends are coming back, they shall make arrangements for jashn. Malhar manages to take the note/paper in his hand and writes something in it. He then keeps back the paper. The naxal looks at Malhar and takes the note. Malhar asks Ganapati to help him and says I have to stop the prisoners from fleeing.

Madhuri comes to Anupriya and says I have seen how you was suppressing my daughter. She says if your saas would have done this type of behavior with you, then…She says every saas shall try to become a mother. She asks her to become Kalyani’s mother and then see the sweetness of their relation. Anupriya says you are thinking wrong. Madhuri asks if you are her Aai? Madhuri says you will not be her Aai, if she calls you and asks her to get the qualities of a mother first. Anupriya asks are you done, shall I do my work. Sarthak comes there and says I feel that we are doing wrong by hiding truth from Madhuri. Anupriya says it is wrong to hide any truth. Sarthak asks what I am hiding? Anupriya says nothing. Sarthak says I want to say that Madhuri’s mental condition is bad and we shall not tell her any truth.

Sarthak gets a call from orphanage. Anupriya sees the call. Sarthak says I will be back and picks the sister’s call. She thinks if he goes out and talk, then will I not know that you are going to talk to your daughter. She says I can’t bear now and tell truth to Kalyani. Madhuri tells Kalyani that her husband is busy and phone is not allowed in training. Madhuri asks are you hiding something from me and asks her to tell. Kalyani says a big thing happened and says I am telling you the truth. Just then Madhuri sees Anupriya and changes the topic. Kalyani also sees Anupriya and asks when did you come? Anupriya says I am coming out and asks her to be careful while making food. Madhuri says why your Aai behaves with you this way. Kalyani says she is a bit strict, but loves me a lot. Madhuri says you was telling me about your husband and asks her to tell.

Malhar takes out the vegetables to wash. He looks at Arbi and thinks he can use it as a weapon due to Maayi, I will see how they go to free their naxals.

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