Can you see me update Monday 11 April 2022

Can you see me 11 April 2022: Anandita rests pampering Pihu and dreams about Subodh’s murder. She wakes up worried calling Subodh’s name. Pihu says papa is fine, she spoke to him some time ago. Anandita hears voice outside and says thief has come. Pihu says there is no one and walks out to bring water for Anandita. She sees someone outside window and thinks thief came really. A man walks in. Pihu creates special effect and frightens thief. Neelam and Rahul beat him. Power comes and man says he is Rahul’s friend.

Rahul says he is his underwear/mean childhood friend Bobby. Neelam asks why did he come at this time. Bobby says he is staying in 5 star and came to meet his friend hearing he is staying in a big bungalow. Gopal emerges and tells Pihu that new story is staring in her life now. Bobby’s sister Rohini walks in and asks him if he did not inform them. Bobby says his alliance is fixed and he lied girl’s family that he stays in a big bungalow, so they are coming to see his bungalow tomorrow. Neelam says it is not their bungalow and they are just caretakers. Pihu says this is her bungalow, nobody can stay here. Bobby says his alliance is break and it is a question of his heart. Rahul agrees.

Neelam says they have to give rent. Rohini smirks. Bobby asks how much he has to pay. Rahul says that is fine, get his bags. Pihu fumes that nobody can stay in her house like this, her mamma will get angry.Pihu returns to her room. Anandita says she got a bad dream about someone entering her house. Pihu pampers and makes her sleep on her lap, singing title song.Pihu and Anandita play in balcony next. Suspicious man clicks photos standing outside gate and looks at Anandita. Pihu notices him. He hides and watches them.

Anandita asks Pihu what happened. Pihu says nothing and continues playing hide and seek with her. Anandita runs kicking water bucket. Rohini notices and tells Neelam they have to get his mad woman out. Neelam says she is owner of this house. Rohini gives her money and asks to do as she says. Neelam agrees. Anandita falls while running. Pihu rushes to her help, reminiscing Anandita pampering her when she fell. Mother an dughter’s bonding continues…

Pihu takes care of Anandita who acts like a child due to her mental instability. Rohini mixes sleeping pills in Anandita’s tea and thinks she will see how she will come out now. Neelam rests on sofa manicuring her nails. Rohini asks if she arranged snacks for Bobby’s girl’s and her family. Neelam asks Sooraj to prepare snacks. Rohini asks if she remembers what she has to tell. Neelam says this house is Bobby’s. Rahul says this is wrong, this is Anandita’s house and they are caretakers. Neelam says she is getting 2000 rs for speaking 2 lines. Pihu shouts this is her house, they are lying. She complains Gopal. Gopal says she need not worry as bride is coming.

Bobby’s girlfriend chubby Barbie is introduced. She gets out of car and gets mesmerized seeing Bobby standing shirtless in balcony. Bobby throws flying kiss on her. Barbie’s brother taunt her that fatty is falling. Barbie twists his ear and says she eats her father’s food, what problem she has. Boy says their father is same. Mother scolds them and asks father to come down, introducing him ACP. ACP boasts that he does not like lies and identifies a person’s nature by shaking hands with him. Pihu introduces herself to Barbie and drops her doll in excitement.

Bobby excitedly gets ready to meet Barbie’s family. Rohini introduces herself to Barbie’s family. Neelam says she is Neelam and he is Sooraj, this house is Bobby’s. ACP asks if he asked her. Bobby comes down getting ready. Everyone look at him weirdly. He asks if he came late, if he is looking more handsome. Rohini shows him mirror. Pihu laughs reminisces she blackened his face. ACP scolds Barbie if she wants to marry this joker and says let us go. Bobby lies that it is his family culture to blacken their face while meeting girl’s family. ACP says Barbie is his lonely daughter and he does not want her to get married to a joker.

Bobby in filmy style calls ACP as Amrish Puri and himself as SRK and says he will convince him soon. ACP asks to show his house.Pihu realizes she forgot her doll outside and runs out. She sees suspicious man picking her doll and walking away. She runs behind him. Anandita via balcony notices Pihu running out of house, keeps sleeping pills mixed tea and runs behind Pihu. Nobody notices her. Pihu runs behind suspicious asking to return her doll and enters his house. She is surprised to see her house’s miniature model and Anandita’s photos all around. She tries to leave seeing Anandita running on road, but suspicious man shuts door.

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