Once there was a king update Sunday 20 March 2022

once there was a king 20 march 2022: Raja comes to kitchen and gives a Kerry to Rani. She cheers. He wears a lose shirt and tries to cheer her by dancing inside it. She still doesn’t speak anything. He helps her with kneading of flour. Raja was curt at her not replying anymore. He tells Rani that not only she gets angry, he also in enraged. A servant comes to kitchen and asks Rani what she has been up to, he scolds her for burning a bread. Rani was worried.Bari Rani Maa inquires Bindu what is Swarna presenting her. Who is coming to meet her? Swarna comes then and scolds Bindu to go to her room.

Bari Rani Maa demands why she is so angry at a little matter, it wasn’t Bindu’s mistake. She brought her here to ask who was about to come here? Is it someone special she wants to invite? She judge from her face as if she caught her theft. Bari Rani Maa says it feels as if Swarna is somewhere else and her mind is wandering somewhere else. She asks where she went in morning. Swarna replies that she went to Gods, those who live among devil have to go outside to pray. Bari Rani Maa thinks she must keep an eye on Swarna as well.

Raja holds Rani’s hand in the corridor, he warns her to shut in a room if she doesn’t speak anymore. Rani was afraid of being locked once before as well. He says sorry again and demands her to say she accepted it. Rani was upset thinking she has accepted his apology but can’t speak. Raja bolts Rani inside a room. He tells her it won’t open until she speaks. Rani comes inside the room, she hits a log and shouts in fear. Raja was concerned and hurries inside. Rani lay on the ground, Bari Rani Maa stands above. Raja apologizes Bari Rani Maa, he is aware that Rani is fearful of being in the room. She was angry at him. Bari Rani Maa asks Raja to leave her for a while, she would talk to Rani.

Raja leaves the room. Rani sits up, calling Raja back by the action of her hand. Bari Rani Maa asks Rani to come to her and asks if she is so angry with Raja that she isn’t taking his name, if she has a tongue or it fell in her stomach. Rani shows her tongue, then thinks she can’t speak. She denies speaking, Bari Rani Maa asks if she has kept a Monvrat? Rani nods. Bari Rani Maa asks really and was upset at the confirmation. Rani takes a notebook and writes for Bari Rani Maa that her Baba swear her not to speak to anyone in the palace. Rani asks her to tell this to Raja as well. Bari Rani Maa tears the paper into pieces and forbids her to write in Monvrat. Rani agrees. Bari Rani Maa assures she would explain Raja about the matter.

Raja keeps on calling Rani, Bari Rani Maa tells Raja in a sad way that you cannot change people. Rani would go where she would get the most cheese. She needed his help so she became friends with him, now he doesn’t have money box and Jeewan has; so Rani has become friends with him. Rani is a friend of money. She consoles and hugs Raja who begin to cry.
Raja calls Bari Rani Maa to be a liar, Rani isn’t a greedy and selfish girl. He leaves without listening to her. Bari Rani Maa throws away a vase in rage. The servant hears Bari Rani Maa saying Raja has to be her side, she will give him proof against Rani.

Bari Rani Maa calls the servant and asks if he heard something and sends a guard to cut his tongue.Raja thinks about Rani doing so much for the servant’s salary, she had even given her beloved thing to Raja for money. Raja wonders there is definitely something else. Bari Rani Maa brings Rani some dresses as gift to be a part of Bindu’s birthday celebration. She must appear to be Raja’s best friend and a part of this family. Rani denies taking them, Bari Rani Maa asks her to consider it as a gift. Rani takes the gift and leaves cheerfully. Raja comes behind her, Bari Rani Maa smiles at him.

Rani talks to Lakhan with actions only. She tells Lakhan that she kept Monvrat only because of him, Lakhan allows her to speak at home and inquires how Bindu looks. Rani wasn’t ready to answer him about anything and tells him that staying quiet is really difficult. She tries her new dress gifted by Bari Rani Maa. She wonders how Raja thought she would be a friend with Jeewan, and she hasn’t been able to clarify it to Raja. Lakhan comes there and asks Rani where she got this dress. Rani says Bari Rani Maa gave this to her, Lakhan forbids her take anything from her. He advices her not to change her identity, he doesn’t want anyone to ever consider her a princess and not a daughter of a poor man.

He hands her clothes to her and sends her to change. Raaj Mata comes there, Lakhan explains that Swarna gave her a dress but he doesn’t want anyone to recognize Rani.
Rani thinks if she wears this she won’t be Lakhan’s daughter, and Lakhan swear his daughter. This means, wearing this dress she can speak to Raja and nothing would happen to Lakhan. She goes to the temple and says she would wear the dress, she is wearing this for better and to be friends with Raja. Raja knocks the door, he thinks Rani wasn’t talking to him but at her home she would definitely speak to him. Lakhan comes out and asks Raja what he is doing here, he confirms if he came alone? Raja says yes.

Lakhan asks him to return, Rani can’t meet him. Raja says Rani is angry with him, Lakhan says they had enough of friendship, she doesn’t want to meet him, neither he wants Raja to come to this house again and shows him the outer way. Rani hears this from the other side of the door. Raja turns around, then wonders what this all is about. He thinks about speaking to Rani in palace tomorrow. Rani thinks she will clarify all the misunderstanding tomorrow.
The next day, there was celebration in the palace. Swarna brings candies to kids. Bari Rani Maa comes with a stuffed toy. Bindu says she amazed her. Swarna awaits someone. Lakhan gives the gift box to Rani and asks her return this to Bari Rani Maa.

Lakhan watches the doll he sewed and says Swarna would point him, and he would be able to see his daughter then.
Raja awaited Rani, Bindu comes and complains Raja about not wishing her. She takes Raja to show her teddy bear. Rani comes inside and thinks Raja is looking for him, if she doesn’t speak to Raja the misunderstanding would prevail, but wearing this dress she would become someone else and can then speak to Rani.
Bari Rani Maa comes to Raja that she was wrong, Rani is his friend and his intuitions about her must be right. Raja wonders why she is running away from him. Bari Rani Maa says this is the reason she thought Rani is greedy.

Bari Rani Maa thinks once Rani changes into fancy clothes, she would explain to Raja that Rani hasn’t only changed clothes but has changed herself as well. Rani comes to the party, Bari Rani Maa comes to compliment her. Rani asks about Raja. Bari Rani Maa asks for a little help, she tells Rani that Jeewan has eaten the chocolates for Bindu’s gift. She tells Rani to bring Jeewan’s money bank from his room, then take the money from it and get a gift for Bindu.Raja asks about Rani, Bari Rani Maa tells Raja she spotted Rani going towards food table. Rani acts on Jeewan to send everyone away. She demands Jeewan to open the money bank, Jeewan looks behind to see Bari Rani Maa and says it’s because of Rani that he is breaking it.

Raja comes and watches Rani collecting money from Jeewan. Bari Rani Maa comes to Raja and says she is really sad but he witnessed the truth. She already knew this girl isn’t worth his friendship. Raja leaves.
Gulabo comes to hand drink tray to Rani. Rani denies. Gulabo looks towards Rani and compliments her, she says it seems she has come as a guest today. She asks who gave her such a pretty dress. Rani looks towards Bari Rani Maa and point there, Bari Rani Maa leaves Jeewan in her place. Raja watches this from a distance. Bari Rani Maa thinks that Raja will never be her friend again.

Lakhan comes at the back door of palace. Raja was coming out upset, Lakhan wonders what he is doing here. Raja was upset about Bari Rani Maa’s words. He wipes his tears and go inside.
Swarna comes to Bindu and inform her about her surprise. Bindu was loud and excited to see her surprise. Bari Rani maa and Kokilla come to her, she demands Swarna what that surprise is. She notices sweat beads on Swarna’s forehead. Kokilla wonders how the seven old year old fire got cold, this gift must be the reason for this. Bari Rani Maa asks her not to hide anything from the elders. Jeewan comes and says he know about the gift, he asks Juman and Gulabo to bring the cake.

Swarna was relieved. She asks Bari Rani Maa if she was really curious, now they must not leave without eating cake. Bari Rani Maa thinks there is definitely something wrong.Bari Rani Maa inquire Swarna why she is in so much hurry. Jeewan awaits Raja, there Rani comes to clarify all the misunderstanding with Raja. She stops Raja and says she wasn’t talking to him but now her worn near clothes… Raja interferes and rudely tells her that she doesn’t want to talk to her. He pushes her away and leave.Everyone gives gifts to Bindu after cake cutting, Rani wonders why Bari Rani Maa sent her to get a gift as Jeewan has already brought it.

Raja gifts a watch to Bindu, he says this watch will remind her of him, friends never changed though time may change. He gave such gift to someone else before as well, but she was a betrayer. Rani thinks about Raja’s words with her, she thinks Raja says same dialogues to everyone. Bindu assures to be his friend always. Rani turns to leave, Raja stops her and says if she is returning after eating everything. Didn’t everyone teach her about giving a gift when one is a guest? He says it’s not her mistake, to give a gift needs breaking a money bank and she won’t have it. Some children ask who she is. Raja says she is Rani, and wears shining clothes but is a servant here.

She wants to be like them, but can never be the resident of palace. Raja agrees with Jeewan that he know he has given her money from money bank and these clothes as well. Rani is shocked. But as Jeewan’s money bank is now empty, so she will find someone else. He leaves towards the table, Rani was left upset. She comes to the table, take a piece of cake and rub it over Raja’s face. Everyone there laugh, Rani leaves the hall. Jeewan mocks Raja, Raja rubs the cake over Jeewan’s face. They all head to play. Swarna comes to Bindu and asks her to come along with her. Bari Rani Maa hurries behind them. Swarna brings Bindu outside where Lakhan had been waiting. Bindu hides behind Swarna.

Lakhan comes inside, tears fill his eyes as he kneels down in front of Bindu kissing her forehead. Bindu asks who this strange man is. Lakhan demands her to hug him, her heart would tell her who he is. He gifts her a doll he has made with his own hands, Bindu makes a face and calls it weird and poor. She hands it back to Lakhan and runs inside. Swarna calls her, but Lakhan stops her. He considers it his mistake, she is strange for her. She would understand his love only when she would live with him.

Bari Rani Maa asks Bindu where she had been, Bindu says there was a strange man outside with Swarna. Bari Rani Maa goes to look for him.Lakhan promises Swarna to take her and Bindu in two days, Swarna shows him a Mangal Sooter saying this is left. Lakhan promises to marry her tomorrow. Someone gets into Bari Rani Maa’s eyes, she can’t see Lakhan there.
Rani was crying in the room thinking about Raja’s words. She says she considered him different, but he broke her heart. Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo was there, she keeps her head over it and cries.

Swarna comes inside, Bari Rani Maa inquires who he was. Swarna turns to leave, Bari Rani Maa stops her by holding her hand and inquires who she was hugging. Swarna asks if she didn’t notice she unheard the heard. Bari Rani Maa clutches her neck and says she would ask the one whom she sent to kill them. She tells Kokilla only one person can answer him about this.Bari Rani Maa asks Kunwar ji if he really killed Raaj Mata and Gayatri’s daughter that day or not. Kunwar ji demands why this question after so many years, he tells Bari Rani Maa he cut them to pieces and fed them to wild animals. Bari Rani Maa asks whom Swarna was hugging then? Kunwar ji demands what they have to do with Lakhan.

Bari Rani Maa says Swarna’s fear and her happiness suggests Lakhan is alive.
Lakhan tells Raaj Mata that he met Bindu today and he is marrying Swarna tomorrow. Raaj Mata was worried about Rani who hadn’t returned yet. Lakhan assures she would just come back. Raaj Mata says she never did so, she has already inquired her friends. Raaj Mata wonders if someone from palace watches her. Lakhan tells Raaj Mata everyone watches her in palace but no one recognize her. Raaj Mata was shocked at the revelation. Gulabo informs Bari Rani Maa that Rani slept in store room of palace. Bari Rani maa asks what she must do, her father would take her. Bari Rani Maa gulps her drink and tells Kunwar ji if she comes to know that Raaj Mata and her grand-daughter is alive, he must remember that she holds this throne dearer than her son.

Raaj Mata slaps Lakhan saying if something happen to Rani, she won’t spare him. Its only because of him this has happened.

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