My heart knows update Monday 16 May 2022

My heart knows 16 may 2022: The Episode starts with Anupriya telling that Kalyani will choose the wall colors. Malhar says Kalyani and thinks if the decision is left on her then the house will be circus house. He says Kalyani and my choice are same. Kalyani thinks no way and says purple. Malhar says purple. Anupriya and Sarthak agree for purple color. Malhar thinks the buffalo will be purple now. He asks them to stop fighting and asks Kalyani what she has made? Kalyani says brinjal. Malhar asks brinjal. Kalyani says yes. He comes out and asks Pawar to ask the old lady about Trilok, says she must have some information.

Just then a young lady comes there and hugs him forcibly. Kalyani gets angry. Malhar asks the girl to leave him. Kalyani calls her witch and asks her to move away from Malhar. The lady removes her mask. Malhar smiles and says you. Kalyani pulls her hairs for hugging her husband and says I will not leave you. Malhar stops Kalyani and says she is Mumbai’s actress and item girl. Kalyani says she has reached here following you. Aao Saheb comes there and tells that she has given them permission to shoot for film in their house. Malhar says in this situation. Aao Saheb says I talked to the producer and he will take precautionary measures.

Malika says I should not have hugged him and says she heard so much about him that she couldn’t stop herself. Malhar says if he will get any role in the film and asks her to meet him after the shoot. He gets a call and leaves. Kalyani slaps Malika repeatedly. Pawar tells Malhar that the old lady is staring at Trilok’s house. Malhar asks her to follow her and enquire.Anupriya tells Sarthak that it is good that Aao Saheb gave permission for shooting. Sarthak says yes.

Anupriya says house will be renovated now. She tells that Kalyani and Malhar will be united now, because of Malika now. Sarthak says Kalyani and Malhar are acting infront of us. He sees Kalyani coming and acts, tells that he don’t want tea and goes. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she doesn’t trust Rane guys and tells that Malika was roaming around Malhar like a butterfly and he was smiling at her. She says they are not trustable. Kalyani says you are thinking much. Anupriya says why Malhar has taken off and sitting at home today. Kalyani gets angry and calls Trilok, tells that she can’t come for job today, as she is unwell today. She says she will come tomorrow. Anupriya says it is good that you have taken off, now you can keep eye on Malhar. Kalyani says I want to spend time with Billu.

Malhar talks to Malika and the hero of the film. He tells that he had caught the terrorist. Kalyani thinks even I had caught them. Hero tells that they are lucky to get his guidance. Malika says if the producer had Malhar’s photo, then you wouldn’t have got chance. Malhar says he was offered film role many times, but he refused. Kalyani comes there and says Malhar is good, but his height is a bit less.Anupriya thanks Sarthak. Sarthak says no need to thank me and says I …..He asks if she understood what he wants to say.

Anupriya gets up and goes to keep things at the table. She then comes to Sarthak and pulls his collar and asks him to have BP medicines, which he forgets often. He takes the tablet. Anupriya says if you can take care of yourself then only you can help me to bring Malhar and Kalyani together. Sarthak smiles.Malhar asks Pawar to bring the old lady to his house. Kalyani comes to room. Malhar asks why did she insult him infront of Malika and hero. Kalyani says heroes are often tall. Malhar says Aamir and Salman khan are not tall. Kalyani gets Trilok’s call and he tells her that he is coming there. Kalyani says ok. Malhar thinks even Pawar must be reaching here with the old lady.

Kalyani thinks if Malhar told Trilok that I am acting to be unwell. Malhar tries calling Pawar, but there is no network. Kalyani pretends to fall down on the bed and asks Malhar to take her to bed. Malhar lifts her and takes her to bed. Kalyani says I can’t walk and it is paining.Malhar says I know you are acting to show Trilok that you are unwell. Kalyani pulls him on the bed and sticks tape on his mouth. She then covers them with a blanket. She asks him to hear carefully and asks him to keep his mouth shut infront of Trilok and says if you tell anything to him then I will tell Trilok that you called that old kaku here.

Trilok comes there and says may I come in? Kalyani takes her face out from the blanket and asks him to come inside. Trilok gets embarrassed thinking Malhar is also in the blanket. He asks are you sure? Kalyani says I am not fine and whenever I am unwell, I take many pillows and sleep covering myself. Trilok asks what happened suddenly, you shall take care of yourself for Suhana. Malhar thinks Kalyani is acting. Kalyani coughs and sneezes. Trilok wears mask and says you can consult my doctor friend. He asks her to take vitamins. Kalyani coughs more. Trilok asks her to get herself test for COVID 19 if she has the symptoms and asks her to return to work at his house after she gets fine.

Malhar thinks she has madness symptoms. Trilok asks her to take care and leaves. Kalyani and Malhar get up from under the blanket. She pulls the tape from his mouth. She asks what do you think that I will let you make me lose the job. He says you have doubted me, now it is your punishment that you shall not let Trilok know that I will be enquiring with the old lady. He says if Trilok comes to know then you will lose your job. Kalyani gets upset.Trilok getting a call as he is leaving from Malhar’s house. Kalyani comes out and thinks Rao will be bringing the old lady.

She asks Trilok to come inside and have tea. She coughs. Trilok says no and sits in the car. Malhar thinks Kalyani is overacting. Rao makes the lady wear mask. Rao’s jeep comes there. Trilok leaves in the car. The lady asks Malhar why did they bring her here. Malhar asks her not to worry and tells that they will ask her few questions. He asks Pawar to take her to outhouse. Kalyani tells Malhar that he will not get any info from her as Trilok is a nice man and came to ask about her. Malhar says he is handling Suhana since months. Malhar asks the old lady about Trilok. The old lady panics and sits down on the chair. She couldn’t speak. Malhar asks Lady constable to make her have food and get her Covid test done.

Pawar comes there and asks if film shooting is going on? Malhar says yes, Aao Saheb gave permission as biopic is getting made on me. Pawar asks if he will get autograph. Malhar says you need my autograph. Pawar tells that he needs Malika’s autograph. Malhar asks about the height of heroes in films. Pawar says heroes are usually tall, but Aamir Khan’s film Sarfarosh was a hit, even though his height is less. He says that he has an idea to increase his height and tells that he knows a cobbler who can make shoes with heels. Malhar asks him to get it done secretly.

Trilok is in the secret room with Mannequin and recalls something, a fb is shown, Malhar and some girl are talking on the road. Fb ends. Trilok takes the gun and says Malhar Rane.Malhar takes the autograph of Malika. Malika says it is a big day for her. Malhar says even for him and tells that he has taken an autograph of a good heroine. Malika asks her to tell about Kalyani, so that it will help her play the role. Kalyani comes and asks him to tell how they got married. Malhar recalls and thinks she wants to get me insulted. Anupriya comes there. Malhar says Maayi had an important role, but I will tell.

He tells that Kalyani was a fat girl, nobody was ready to marry her, and that’s why jumped in the well. He says he saved her and got married to her for good cause. Malika appreciates Malhar. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji think himself intelligent and decides to take revenge from him. Malhar asks did you say something. Kalyani says no. Malhar says so sweet. He thanks Malika for the autograph.The old lady gets up from sleep as she gets dream of clock and Trilok’s house. She says she is alive, I know that. Malhar wear the heeled shoes brought by Pawar.

Kalyani comes there with the hero and tells Malhar that he seems to be different. Malhar says nothing. Kalyani says something is different. Malhar says I am taller like before. Kalyani checks his height and asks why you are walking with shoes in the house. Malhar laughs and asks if I will wear chappal in uniform. Malika comes there and tells that she wants some details from Kalyani. She asks her what she does when she gets angry? Kalyani says whenever she is angry, she dances. Malhar shows the hero, how to shoot from the pistol. Just then someone throws paper on Kalyani. Kalyani turns and looks at Malhar.

She reads the paper which reads I am sorry, let’s kiss and patch up. She is surprised. Malhar goes to the old lady and asks her to have jalebi. The old lady eats jalebi. Malhar thinks when she gets thirsty then she will say. The lady asks for water. Malhar asks her to tell first about Trilok. Old lady says Trilok is not a good man, he fired me from my job. Malhar asks her to say why he fired her. She says she is thirsty and needs water. Malhar asks her to say. The lady asks for water. Malhar asks her to tell what he did with her. Rao gives her water. Old lady says Divya Madam. Malhar asks what Divya Madam. Old lady says Divya Madam and faints.

Malhar thinks what she knows about Divya that she wants to keep Kalyani away from Trilok’s house.

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