My heart knows update Sunday 14 August 2022

My heart knows 14 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking to leave something for Pillu which will not make him miss her. Anupriya asks the driver if all the stuff kept in the truck. Driver says yes. Kalyani records the message for Moksh and says he is now a big boy and shall take care of everyone. She tells that she has organized his room and stuff, and asks him to keep the glue bottle closed as his Aai won’t be with him to close the nozzle. Anupriya sees Aao Saheb signing her at the tempo, tells her that she will bring Kalyani to do aarti. Kalyani records the message and tells Moksh that nobody shall tell that his Aai haven’t taught him anything when she goes away from him.

Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani where is she going? Kalyani says she is recording message for Moksh. Kalyani comes out and do aarti of the truck. Driver drives off the truck. Kalyani and Anupriya see Aao Saheb is about to fall from the wheel chair. She runs and holds the wheel chair. Aao Saheb manages to tell Kalyani that there were drugs in the tempo. Kalyani and Anupriya get shocked. Kalyani takes Sarthak’s car keys from Anupriya and leaves in a hurry to stop the tempo. She follows and stops the tempo. She checks in the sarees’ boxes and finds the drugs packets. She tells driver that they have to go to the PS, else Aao Saheb will be trapped. She asks him to follow her car. Just then she sees Malhar coming there and he shows the letter, in which the drug consignment is signed by Kalyani.

Kalyani is shocked. A fb is shown, Meenakshi finds the letter (or pretends to find it) and tells Malhar that Kalyani is the gang leader of drugs smugglers and has planned to send the drug consignment out of country by keeping them in the sarees boxes. Malhar couldn’t believe her. Meenakshi says if you couldn’t do your duty well, then I will do my duty well. fb ends.Kalyani tells Malhar that she didn’t know how the drugs come in the truck. Malhar says when Aao Saheb had kept the papers at home, then why did it come in Manjrekar’s place. Police Inspector tells Meenakshi that all tempo is filled with drugs. Kalyani says I am innocent and don’t know anything about it. Meenakshi shows the handcuff.

Malhar gets teary eyes and handcuffs Kalyani. Kalyani says I really don’t know about the drugs. Malhar asks Kalyani to come. Meenakshi asks Malhar to seize the drugs and take it to PS, says she will bring Kalyani there. She holds her hand tightly and by force. Kalyani says I am innocent Malhar ji and didn’t know anything about it. Meenakshi takes her in the car and says I told you that I will not wait once I get the proofs against you. Kalyani says I will prove in court that I am innocent. Meenakshi laughs and says who told you that I am taking you to court, tells that she will kill her like she had killed her husband. She stops the car and makes Kalyani get down. Kalyani says you can’t take law in your hands.

Meenakshi says good bye, your game is over and aims gun at Kalyani. Just then smoke bomb is thrown there and Kalyani vanishes. Meenakshi looks on.Sarthak asks Malhar, how can drugs come in sarees boxes. Malhar says don’t know, but the paper in Manjrekar’s place has sign of Kalyani. Anupriya says Aao Saheb came to know about the drugs and alerted Kalyani, she wanted to take the tempo to the PS. She confronts Malhar and asks if he forgot his duty of a husband due to a paper. Sarthak tries to interfere. Anupriya says I am talking to my son in law. She says it is good that Moksh is sleeping else what you would have said. Meenakshi comes there and claps and says you people made Kalyani escape and acting as if they don’t. Meenakshi asks Malhar, why his family acts? Malhar says they are innocent and tells that he made Kalyani escape from there.

A fb is shown, Malhar takes Kalyani from there, after throwing the smoke bomb. Kalyani says Malhar ji. Malhar tells that he knows his Kalyani and knows that his Kalyani can’t do anything wrong, and asks her to go else Meenakshi will not leave her. Kalyani says she can’t go leaving him alone. Malhar says if you don’t go then can never prove your innocence, asks her to go. He opens her handcuffs. Kalyani hugs him. Malhar asks her to take care. Fb ends. Meenakshi holds Malhar’s collar and says how dare you to make her elope from Police custody. She asks if his talks about duty was fake? Malhar brushes off her hand and says don’t talk about duty as I know what you was about to do with Kalyani. Meenakshi says I will search her anyhow. She suspends him for infinite time.

Meenakshi telling Malhar that she will search Kalyani from the Pataal and suspends Malhar for the indefinite time. She says you all are guilty of helping Kalyani and that’s why I will make all of your life miserable. Sarthak and Anupriya stand with Malhar. Malhar tells her that he is not scared of her, as he has his family with him and asks her to do whatever she want. Sunita is sitting somewhere, while bullets are shot outside. She gets a call and the guy asks her to tell where is the drugs consignment? Sunita says I didn’t know. She thinks she has to find Kalyani as she might have made the drugs missing.

After a month, Malhar reminisces Kalyani looking at her pic while he is standing in the garden. He reminisces their good times. Ya Rabba plays…..Her pic flies and falls off from his hand. He takes it and cleans it. He says I have been searching you since a month and asks her to return before his courage breaks. He thinks he has moved back from his duty to support her and asks her to return.

Anupriya switches on the grinder, but finds the electricity off. She calls electricity dept. Sarthak comes out and tells Malhar that water is not coming and it is cut. Anupriya says this is happening for the 4th time. Malhar says I know who is doing this. Someone comes there and gives demolish papers of Ahilya Nivas and as per the papers on section of our house is unauthorized. Anupriya says it is good Aao Saheb went to Chaar dhaam yatra, if she would have been here then wouldn’t have bear. Malhar says until when this will go on. Anupriya says they will not bear this anymore. She comes to the PS and tells that she came to file FIR. Meenakshi asks her to ask the constable to write the FIR. Anupriya says he will not file the case, as I want to file case against you. Meenakshi asks what did I do? Anupriya says you are harassing us and got the electricity cut, water supply cut and sent notice to demolish a part of the house.

Sarthak comes there and asks Anupriya what is the proof? He tells that Meenakshi is his client and here is the affidavit that she is not involved with any incident happening in her house. Anupriya says so this is your important meeting. Sarthak tells that Meenakshi is doing her duty and tells that he don’t need her opinion to take up any case. Anupriya goes. Sarthak and meenakshi smiles.Anupriya tells Malhar that they shall leave the house. Malhar says why we shall leave from our own house. Anupriya says we can’t fight with Meenakshi if we stay here, and tells that they shall go to other city and think of fighting with her. She says we shall go to Malegaon, as Moksh’s hostel is near.

Malhar says ok. Anupriya says I have done all the arrangements, we will go in the night itself.Anupriya, Sarthak and Malhar come to the Malegaon’s house. Anupriya asks them to have tea. Malhar asks what happened? Anupriya tells that she thought to visit the nearby temple as she came to know that mannat gets fulfilled. Malhar says Kalyani must be fine, wherever she is and tells that she will return home. He says I work for Police, but she is defective and is double courageous than me. He says Kaka and I will come along with you, and you can ask for the mannat. He says even I will ask God, if I did a mistake by letting Kalyani go. He asks Anupriya if he did mistake by letting her go? He says we will go to temple in sometime and I will ask God.

A guy (Param) is shown hiding behind the tree and tells himself that he is doing the right thing. He punctures someone’s car by throwing the nails on the way. The owner of the car gets down to check the car. Param steals his mobiles and gifts kept in the car.Anupriya, Malhar and Sarthak come to the temple. A lady is shown organizing puja and asks the lady to bring someone. Anupriya asks Pandit ji to show some solution to get her daughter and also she wants to do mannat for her return. Pandit ji says ok. A girl (Kalyani’s lookalike) walks in the temple, with mangalsutra in her neck and jewellery. The lady asks her to sit and does her tilak.

Pandit ji asks Anupriya to tie the thread on the banana tree behind the temple. Malhar turns and sees Param stealing someone’s mobile. He asks Anupriya and Sarthak to go and says I will come. The lady ties flowers in Kalyani’s lookalike hair and asks where is the coconut? The guy says he is trying to cut it, but it is not cutting. The girl (Kalyani’s looksalike) cuts the coconut. Malhar catches Param for stealing the wallet and tells that he will take him to the PS. Param shouts calling his mother and Vaijanti for help. Vaijanti hears him and throws coconut on Malhar’s head, and it breaks falling down. Vaijanti says nobody can touch her husband other than her and if anyone dares to do this, then she will not leave the person. Malhar turns and looks at Kalyani.

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