My heart knows update Saturday 13 August 2022


My heart knows 13 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani looking at Malhar’s pic and feeling apologetic, thinks she don’t want to lie to him, but have to lie due to Pillu. She looks at the file and thinks they will get Moksh’s custody in 36 hours and then Atharv can’t show the right on Moksh, just as we get our son back, I will surrender to the Police, till then I have to be strong. Meenakshi cries and thinks she never thought this day will come. She recalls her conversation with Parmath. Fb starts. Parmath telling that he has go to duty and tells that after his retirement, he will be with her always. Meenakshi hugs him and swears not to leave Rane family, they didn’t snatch her husband, but also ruined her life. She says Rane family’s existence will not remain. Fb ends. She gets a call and the Police Inspector tells her that Malhar had found a car outside the PS, and it had blood stains which was sent to forensic testing.

He tells that it was of Parmath’s blood as DNA matches. Meenakshi comes there and calls Kalyani. She shows the forensic report and tells that the car was of Kalyani. Kalyani asks her to show her arrest warrant and shows the FIR which she filed for her missing car. She says just because your husband’s blood traces are found in the car, that doesn’t mean that I have killed your husband. Malhar says you can’t arrest her after 6 pm. Meenakshi says the more dark is the night, the more bright will be the day. She arrests Kalyani and gives her third degree torture, by making the cell cold. Malhar goes inside and hugs her, seeing her shivering. He asks her to tell the truth and tells that he will help her. He says if you are not telling me then will not tell anyone. He says interrogation don’t happen like this.

Meenakshi asks him to make Kalyani sit on the chair. Malhar makes her sit and goes. Meenakshi goes out. Malhar says you can’t give third degree torture to a suspect. Meenakshi says what about my husband, she has killed my husband and you want me to follow the rules. Malhar says she is just a suspect. Meenakshi says she is a murderer and I am sure that Kalyani has done my husband’s murder. She asks him to take out blind fold and tells that she has all the proofs against her. Anupriya comes there and tells that she will prove her daughter innocence and asks how can you do this? Meenakshi says until Kalyani says the truth, she will be here. Anupriya says when your husband went missing, Kalyani and I was having food there. She shows the receipt. Meenakshi says it is a fake bill. She shows the CCTV footage of the hotel.

Meenakshi says even you lie cleverly. She says nothing is proved as you was in the video. She says Kalyani had filed the missing car report after Parmath got missing. She asks her to go home else she will get her arrested too. Malhar tells that he is Kalyani’s husband first and says you might doubt Kalyani, and the real murderer might escape. Meenakshi says lets do the lie detector test, but don’t tell that the machine is not working.Kalyani sits on the lie detector machine. Meenakshi tells that she will not waste time. Malhar is about to ask. Other inspector asks her, if she knows Parmath before his death. Kalyani says no.

green light beeps. The Inspector asks did you kill him? Kalyani says no. green light comes. Kalyani tells Meenakshi that your machine has proved that I didn’t kill your husband, and asks can I go now. Meenakshi angrily hits the machine.Malhar tells Kalyani that she didn’t know how was he feeling seeing her in the cold room. He tells that when you had given the test that day, I told that machine is not right. He says even today I will say the same, as you are lying. Anupriya says how can you say that? Malhar says Meenakshi is not wrong fully, how her husband’s dead body is found in our house, who had left car outside the PS and why her husband blood stains found in the car. He says until your husband was asking, now ACP Malhar will bring out the truth. He says he will not sign Moksh’s adoption papers till then. Kalyani is shocked.

Malhar telling Kalyani that he will not sign the adoption papers until everything is sorted. Kalyani says they were waiting for this happiness since long and when God is opening door for them, why is he closing it. Malhar says we can’t leave Moksh in this situation. Kalyani says I am with you and will not go anywhere. Malhar asks her to tell the truth then and tells that his duty is more important to him than his son and her. Kalyani says I understand your dedication for your duty and I will not come between you and your duty. Aao Saheb prays to God about Kalyani and asks him to save her. Sarthak talks to someone and says how can Kalyani get arrested without the proofs. Kalyani returns home.

Sarthak says you came back. Aao Saheb thanks God and asks her if she is fine. Kalyani says she is fine. Kalyani asks where is Pillu? Aao Saheb says she has sent him to his friend’s house and asks Anupriya to bring chillies so that she can ward off evil sight from her. She takes out the evil sight off from her and asks her to go and rest.Kalyani comes to the room and keeps the pram. Malhar asks what is it? Kalyani says she has to come to remind him of his duty of a father. She says we might not have given birth to him, but he is our son. She tells that the toys was his favorite and he couldn’t sleep without it. She tells that he used to sleep in the Pram. She tells that the clothes which he used to wear, was your favorite. She shows the file and says you couldn’t sleep when he had dehydration. Then we got separated from him for 5 years, but when we got him after 5 years, Atharv came back to snatch our son. Malhar asks her why is she recalling the past.

Kalyani says I am afraid that we might lose our son, due to you. Malhar says what do you think that I will keep Moksh away from you. Kalyani says not intentionally and asks him to sign on the adoption papers. She says what we will tell Moksh that someone wants to snatch him and we didn’t do anything. She urges him to sign on the papers for Moksh, if not for her. He gets a call and goes. Kalyani cries.Meenakshi tells Malhar that senior officers are opening Manjrekar’s case and says enquiry can be on him. She says if you help me then I can help you.

Anupriya comes to Kalyani and asks why is she sitting like this? Kalyani says she was trying to convince Malhar for the adoption papers. Anupriya says she came to know about something and tells about hearing Inspector telling constable that Meenakshi’s husband was an under cover agent and was following a drug peddler, Manjrekar was just a servant as the real peddler was someone else. Malhar tells Meenakshi that they shall search the drug peddler. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Sunita…Anupriya says Sunita is the drug peddler. Kalyani says that guy wanted to know the info, but we misunderstood the things and thought him wrong. Anupriya says we shall check Sunita’s room.


Meenakshi asks Malhar, why is she thinking that he is covering up his wife’s act. Malhar tells that he will do what a police officer shall do, even if his wife is proved guilty. Anupriya searches in Sunita’s room, but couldn’t find anything. She says we shall search in Sunita’s house. Kalyani says I will come. Anupriya says I will go alone. Meenakshi tells that she trusts ACP, but not Kalyani’s husband. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she couldn’t find any evidence and when she enquired about Sunita’s husband, she came to know that he has no husband. Kalyani tells that they have misunderstood the situation and she has hurt an honest Police officer.

Meenakshi comes there with her bag. Malhar says Meenakshi madam came to stay in our house. Meenakshi asks if I can’t stay here. Kalyani says why not? Aao Saheb checks the sarees boxes and some of the boxes fall down. She finds drug packet and thinks what is it? Someone hits on her head with rod. Aao Saheb shouts and falls down. Kalyani, Malhar, Sarthak, Anupriya and Meenakshi run there. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb to get up and asks Malhar to call the doctor. She cries worriedly. Doctor checks Aao Saheb and tells that she got consciousness, but…They run to her and find her paralyzed. Aao Saheb points her finger..Anupriya says you will be fine.

Malhar assures that she will be fine with physiotherapy. Aao Saheb signs at Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks did you see anything or do you want to say anything. Kalyani asks her to move back and tells that Aao Saheb is not in a condition to say something right now. Meenakshi says I don’t care.Kalyani asking Meenakshi to move back and asks her to atleast think of Aao Saheb’s age and tells that she is in pain. Meenakshi says your Aao Saheb wants to tell me something. Kalyani says Aao Saheb is not in a condition to say anything and don’t know anything. Meenakshi says I don’t care and says my investigation is going on, and if she knows anything then I have the right to investigate her. Kalyani asks her to show her right on her prisoners and says you don’t have any right to harass my family and requests her to leave her house.

Meenakshi says until my investigation is done, I will not leave. Kalyani says govt has given you a big house, go and stay here and do investigation in the PS. She says she can’t let the person stay in the house, who don’t care for her family or hurt them.Next morning, Kalyani asks Malhar to wake up. Malhar says just somemore time. He keeps hand on the pillow and Moksh’s voice message gets played on the recorder. He tells that if I had stayed to give my message then my school bus would have missed. He tells that he has planned surprise for them and says good bye. Kalyani tells Malhar that Moksh must have planned some surprise in the room, as he didn’t let her come inside. Malhar says lets go and see. They go to Moksh’s room and finds it decorated with the stars and stickers on the wall, and also the chart.

Kalyani plays another recorder and Moksh tells that they are the best Aai Baba. Malhar recalls telling Kalyani that he will not sign until he finds out the truth. He asks Kalyani to get ready and says they will go to sign the adoption papers. He says he was foolish not to accept the happiness of the parenthood, and tells that they have found Moksh with great difficulty and now they will become his parents legally.

In the adoption centre, Kalyani waits for Malhar and tells Anupriya that Malhar ji got ready to sign on the papers, due to Moksh. Malhar is in the PS. Meenakshi comes there and asks tells that she needs his help for the rally. He says he has to go and sign on the adoption papers. Meenakshi says you tells that duty comes first for you. She thinks she don’t want Kalyani’s family to be completed after ruining her life.The officer asks questions from Kalyani for the adoption and asks if she has any criminal record. Kalyani is shocked and says no. Malhar asks Pawar to find out about the politician. Kalyani calls Malhar.

Malhar tells that he is stuck with duty. Kalyani says she will ask the officer to give more time. She calls Meenakshi. Meenakshi smiles and asks if the adoption papers are signed. Kalyani asks why are you doing this? Meenakshi tells that she will not send Malhar, and she has snatched her husband and expecting her happiness from her. Kalyani says what is Pillu’s mistake. Meenakshi says it is his bad luck and tells that her gut feeling can’t be wrong, and says she won’t be quiet until she arrests her. Kalyani says she will fulfill her wish and asks her to send Malhar there, says just as the adoption papers are signed, I will surrender myself. Meenakshi says ok, I will wait for you. Malhar comes to the adoption centre and says sorry. Kalyani hugs him and gets emotional. She thinks this is the new start of your and Moksh’s life, without me.

She thinks she has taken a big decision without his consent and hopes he understands her when he comes to know the truth. Malhar asks why is she crying? Kalyani says she couldn’t handle the happiness. Malhar and Kalyani sign on the adoption papers. Officer congratulates them for becoming official parents from foster parents. Anupriya says no trouble will separate you three now. Malhar tells that he needs to go to the PS and will meet Kalyani at home. Kalyani holds his hand and looks at him. Malhar says I will meet you at home. Kalyani doesn’t leave his hand. Malhar gets doubtful…Main phir bhi tumko Chahungi….plays…..Anupriya asks what happened to you? Kalyani says nothing.

Meenakshi meets the Inspector, who tells that they have checked Manjrekar’s house, but didn’t get clue about the main drug peddler. Meenakshi says we will check it again.Anupriya decorates the house to welcome Moksh, Kalyani and Malhar. She slips from table. Sarthak holds her. Anupriya asks him to keep her down. He keeps her down. Anupriya asks him to see the arrangements and says I will make preparation to send the consignment till then.Meenakshi and Malhar come to Manjrekar’s place. Malhar says I have checked it. Meenakshi says we might get any clue. She finds a paper and smiles. Kalyani comes to Moksh’s room and recalls Meenakshi’s words.

She recalls their moments….and says sorry Pillu, your life will change with my decision, but I don’t have any other way. She thinks your Aai will not be with you, but my Aai will be with you. She thinks she has to leave before he returns from school and thinks Moksh shall always remember that she loves her so much, that she can give her life for him.



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