My heart knows update Monday 15 August 2022


My heart knows 15 August 2022; The Episode starts with Vaijanti telling that nobody can touch her husband except her and if someone touches him, then I will break his hands. Malhar turns and looks at Vaijanti shockingly. Sarthak and Anupriya come there and see Vaijanti, a pregnant lady. Anupriya smiles happily. Kalyani asks Malhar where is he taking her husband? She talks in Madrasi language and asks how dare he touch her husband and asks if he saw woman for the first time. Param tells that she is his wife and asks why is he staring at her. Vaijanti scolds Param for stealing. Bebe comes there and scolds Vaijanti. Vaijanti says she didn’t listen to her father and married this Punjabi Param.

They argue. Malhar comes to her and is about to touch her, but Sarthak scolds him. Vaijanti continues to fight with her mother in law (Bebe). Sarthak takes Malhar from there. He tells Malhar that she is not Kalyani. Bebe asks Param, if she is your husband, who beats you on the road. Malhar tells that she is Kalyani, I can identify him. Anupriya says yes, she is Kalyani. Sarthak says this girl is 6-7 months pregnant, but this is illiterate girl and asks if Kalyani shouted at anyone. Bebe scolds Param for marrying her. Param says she don’t understand my work and beats me infront of people. They leave her and go, while she tries to stop him.

Malhar tells that she can’t fool him. Sarthak says if she is Kalyani then why she will call that guy as her husband. Malhar says I don’t know, but I will find out the truth. Sarthak says she is not Kalyani and if she is Kalyani then she has to go to Police custody, as Meenakshi is searching her. Anupriya tells Malhar that if we try to prove her Kalyani then Sarthak will handover her to Meenakshi. Vaijanti comes there trying to stop Param and faints. Malhar holds her. Ek tu hai plays….Malhar brings her to his home. Sarthak says we can’t bring any woman here, she is someone’s wife. Anupriya tells Malhar that Sarthak is right.

Malhar cries and recalls Kalyani asking him to move her hair from her face. He says it is looking good. She says she has mehendi on her hands and asks him to move her hair from her face. He pulls her closer and moves hair from her face. Kalyani smiles and applies mehendi on his cheeks. Fb ends. Malhar is about to touch her tummy. Lady Doctor comes there and checks her. She says she is fine and asks Malhar to hold the tummy to give the baby, a father’s touch. Malhar asks if she is really pregnant. Anupriya says he means to say that if we shall make the arrangements of the due date. Sarthak goes to drop the doctor.

Param comes there and asks where is my Vaijanti? Anupriya asks who are you? Param says my Bebe saw you people taking my wife. Malhar asks him not to shout. Param calls him goon and says he has brought Police with him. Meenakshi and Pawar come there. Meeenakshi says what do you know that I will not find out about you people. Anupriya confronts Sarthak for telling her. Meenakshi says I am commissioner and don’t need lawyer to get any info. She tells that she got her transferred here. She asks Malhar to bring Param’s wife there. Malhar says his wife is not here. Anupriya whispers why did you lie? Malhar says Meenakshi will think her as Kalyani. Vaijanti gets up. Meenakshi asks Pawar to search the house. Anupriya asks do you have the search warrant and shows the door. Meenakshi assures Param that she will bring his wife.

Vaijanti comes there. Param gets angry on Malhar for bringing his wife there. Vaijanti stops her husband and tells that Malhar saved her life and also baby. Param says you will stop me and holds her hand. Malhar asks Param to leave her hand. Param says you are bearing my baby and having affair with him. Vaijanti slaps Param and says if you raise doubt on my character then I will not bear. Malhar asks how dare you and holds Param. Kalyani asks Malhar to leave her husband and asks him who is he to interfere between them. Param asks Vaijanti to come with her. Meenakshi says you have done good detailing to hide Kalyani, but nobody can save her from me.

Meenakshi thinking Kalyani and Malhar made a good plan, but I will trap them in their own game. Pawar comes there and brings the sketch of the person, who is stealing on the highway. Meenakshi opens the sketch and finds Param’s sketch. She thinks she got the idea to hold on Kalyani’s nerve. Malhar thinks of Kalyani and recalls Vaijanti’s words. He sees Kalyani’s pics in the swimming pool. The song ho ya rabba plays…..He recalls Vaijanti telling her property, her baby’s father and asking him who is he? He gets inside the pool, picks Kalyani and his pics, and cries. Anupriya comes there and calls him. She asks him to get out of the pool. Malhar tries to drown himself. Anupriya gets inside the pool and asks him to come in his senses.


She takes him out of the pool and asks if he has gone mad? Malhar says yes, tells that he has left his duty for her, but when she returns she is claiming to be someone’s wife and pregnant with his child. He tells that Kalyani is hiding some secret from me, and I am not involved in her secret, she didn’t tell me as she doesn’t trust me. He cries. Anupriya says I can understand what you are feeling now, but this thing…Malhar says you can’t understand how it feels to see my love with someone else. Anupriya says I have lived with this pain twice, first with Atul and then Sarthak. She asks him to trust her and says if that girl is Kalyani, then I will bring her to you.

Meenakshi interrogates Param in the PS and asks him to tell who is that woman? Param says she is my wife Vaijanti reddy, from Chennai. She says you will not tell the truth this way and tries to torture him. Vaijanti comes there and says she is his real wife from Chennai. She asks her to free Param. Meenakshi says if you think that I will agree that you are Vaijanti, if you talk in Tamil. Vaijanti says she is not lying and says Param is her husband. Meenakshi asks her to sign release form and take her husband home. Vaijanti looks at the form. Param asks her to read fast. Vaijanti says she can’t read hindi.

Param says I tell you always to bring Bebe, and says if she would have been here, then I would have got freed. Meenakshi says your husband will not be bailed out. Param asks her to bring lawyer. Vaijanti says she will bring lawyer and asks Meenakshi not to beat him. She goes. Pawar gives the chit to Vaijanti and says it has lawyer’s number. Vaijanti thanks and touches his feet. Pawar moves back and asks what are you doing Kalyani Madam. Vaijanti says she is Vaijanti. Meenakshi comes out and asks Pawar if she gave the chit. Pawar says yes and asks what was written in the chit. Meenakshi says it was written that Malhar will be attacked at 8 pm today. Vaijanti opens the chit and thinks even this is in Hindi, bebe can help. She goes.

Sunita hears Meenakshi and thinks she will get Kalyani today at 8 pm, thinks she is sweeping outside the PS since many days for this day.Anupriya tells the decorator that they will not do puja today and gives the money. Malhar thinks Maayi got the decoration done, puja shall happen. Later Anupriya asks decorator to take out the decoration. Malhar comes there and says puja will happen. He says that he knows that Kalash puja for grah pravesh is very important for her, and that’s why it will happen today. Later in the night, Anupriya does the ritual and gets inside Malhar is standing outside and hopes Kalyani returns soon. Sunita thinks Meenakshi has made this plan, but I will take full advantage of this chance. Pawar and Meenakshi are in the jeep.

The latter looks at Malhar through the binoculars. Sunita thinks she shall shoot Malhar to take kalyani out of the hideout. Anupriya comes out and asks Malhar and Sarthak to come. Sunita shoots at Malhar, but Kalyani holds the gun and keeps it upside. Malhar, Meenakshi and others hear the gun shot. Meenakshi asks Pawar to come. Sunita asks who is she? Kalyani runs and removes her slippers to run fast. Meenakshi runs behind her. Kalyani’s foot get injured due to the glass pieces. Meenakshi finds the blood stains and thinks her foot is injured. Malhar tells Anupriya that there is nobody there. Meenakshi comes there and asks Malhar where is Kalyani? Malhar says she is not here. Meenakshi asks Sarthak not to lie to her being her lawyer, and says she followed Kalyani, but she ran away.

Vaijanti comes there with Bebe and asks her to free her husband. Meenakshi looks at the red stains on the floor and says Kalyani’s foot was injured due to glass pieces. Kalyani looks at the stains and says she stepped on the colored water kept outside. Bebe asks her to free her son and stamps her head on her shoulder. Meenakshi asks her to leave her hand and threatens to cut her hands if touches her hand. Vaijanti asks her to talk to her. Meenakshi says she will talk to her. Vaijanti says your constable fooled me and gave me this chit. Malhar asks Vaijanti to show the chit to him. Vaijanti gives him chit. Malhar reads it and looks on.



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