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I do update 10 July 2022: Tanveer tells that when both the sanam’s are in front of each other, then they should shake hands, and makes them do so, while sanam is stunned, and the new bride is tensed.

Sanam and the new bride awkwardly face each other, while tanveer tauntingly introduces them. sanam rushes to meet ahil, but is stopped by azhar’s parents, and taken away from the haveli. tanveer tells sanam that ahil wont come in her trap now. sanam says that they are destined to be together, and noe evil waitch shall come in its way, and that she is still the lawful wedded wife of ahil. tanveer is disturbed. sanam says that the face of the new bride, tells that she too is being manipulated and used by her, evident from the scare on her face. tanveer slaps sanam tight across her face. she is stunned but unfazed.

Unable to bear her rant any longer, tanveer asks azhar’s parents to throw her out. Sanam is thrown outside the haveli, while she is stunned and apalled, as she is thrown on the ground. latif and the new bride are shocked too. sanbam starts protesting, but azhar’s parents dont pay heed, while she starts screaming ahil’s name, saying that she has been thrown out of the house, by them. she collapses on the floor, in despair. From a distance, tanveer asks sanam to accept her defeat, that her motherly love finally won over sanam’s love for ahil, and now ahil would do just as she says, and that she has lost ahil forever and the doors to this house have forever closed for her.

Outside, sanam thinks that if ahil doesnt listen to her, then how would he know the truth, and asks him to not let tanveer win once again, and not ruin her family. She hopes that ahil would remember the promise that they made for eternity. She prays to the lord.

Inside, the new bride is distraught too, while she is overheard by Tanveer and azhar’s parents. They frustratedly go there, while she gets tensed seeing them. she hugs tanveer, surprising them both. tanveer shoves her away, while she is shocked. tanveer asks her to stay in her limits, and that she picked her up from dirt, not to hug her. the girl asks why is she doing this to her, as she reminds her of all the promises that she made. she says that she doesnt know what to do. tanveer asks her to look at the positive side, despite her ill-fated luck. She says that this is the time when she can make ahil hers, and that she wants ahil to see his wife, and Bhopal’s begum in her, whenever he sees her, and that she should be the best girl for him. tanveer warns her never to cry again, or else she would cry in blood. She leaves in haste, while the new bride is sad.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
As haya gets the police to turn on the cd, faiz gets tensed and scared of his truth being out. rahat enters and is surprised to find what happened, and tries to ask haya if she is alright. She doesnt reply, and turns away resignedly. But they are shocked, and faiz is releived to find that the cd isnt working. the police says that they shall come back with a better CD. Faiz is relieved. rahat turns to haya to try to talk, but she rushes away from him in despair, remembering her waking up with faiz.

Haya is distraught, when rahat comes from behind, and even though he wants to, he refrains from touching her. rahat apologises to haya for leaving her unattended, and alone, and says that this wont happen again, and begs her not to be upset or sad. haya shocks him by demanding for a divorce. He asks her not to say so, and that decsisions shouldnt be taken hastily, and asks her to believe in him, as he is innocent, and that he would get that girl. haya says that this isnt needed, as the betrayal isnt just from his side, but hers too.

Rahat is shocked too, while she collapses into tears. haya says that he might prove that he is innocent, but she wont be deserving him anymore. She resigns on the bed, and rahat is shocked, as she says that she has no clue how this happened, but she and faiz did consummate their marriage. rahat is apalled. She says that she never knew she would do this, but didnt know how this happened, and that the truth is she poisoned their relationship. rahat asks why is she saying this, as she knows she is angry at him, and wants to hurt him, but he also knows that she cant do this, and asks her to accept that she is lying.

she says that she wishes this was a lie, and that she doesnt know how to live now, and asks how can she be angry, when she herself couldnt fulfill the ideals of a marital couple. she says that she never thought a day would come, when she wont be able to look at herself in the eye, and now she doesnt have the right to be in this relationship, and asks again for a divorce. rahat says that that this is her right to tell the truth, but its his right for him to believe in it or not. He leaves, while she is tensed. rahat wipes his tears and walks out, while faiz eyes them both, apalled, evilly.

Scene 3:
location: In the temple
Seher starts hallucinating sanam, in the temple, and instinctively feels that sanam is in some sort of trouble.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride feels the chill, and finds sanam, out in the garden. She stealthily comes to her, with a tray of food, and a shawl to prevent her from the chill. sanam is surprised to see her. The new girl comes and tells sanam, that ahil just went out, when she was asking for ahil. she then walks inside. sanam tries to talk to her, but she doesnt listen to anything. She eyes the food and the shawl.

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam is tensed to eye ahil’s bride going away. the bride enters the haveli, and is stealthily about to go in, when she is stopped by azhar’s parents, who taunt her that she is caring for her own step sister, being ahil’s wife. they threaten her that they shall tell tanveer, and she gets scared and asks them or rather begs them not to say. gazalla asks her what would she get, and as their habit, they ask her to make them dessert and she rushes away. They go out and find sanam gone, and tell tanveer excitedly the news. tanveer says that she has ruined many a love stories, and that she has ended the best of love stories, and that she has never lost ever, nor would ever she lose. The same peer baba who had met dilshad, comes and says that the person blinded by the ego of power, shall not even be able to see his own ruins. they are shocked. Tanveer however smiles. they try to thwart him away, but tanveer evilly welcomes him, and he says that the incident that she considers her win, is actually the beginning of her loss.

tanveer makes a joke of his prophecy, pretending that she is very scared, and says that he said the same thing last time too, and hence nothing would happen that he says. the baba says that she is now habituated to living in lies, and hence is oblivious that everything is changing, and she wont know, when her enemy confronts her. He tells her that some miraculous power is with sanam, and hence she bounces back everytime she tries to ruin sanam’s life, and hence asad and zoya’s sacrifice shall not go in vain, and their blessings of love shall never be unused, and warns her that there’s still time for her to rectify her mistakes, or else she shall definitely die.

Tanveer gets frustrated and asks them to throw him out. But he thwarts them away, saying that her past is catching up with her, and now noone can save her. He leaves. she is disturbed. They try to compose her, saying that she shouldnt believe him, and its a time for celebration for her. She gets happy, and says that there shall be a fest, but not here, where this all started, and asks them to arrange the picnic, as she would go right now.

Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
Rahat is tensed as he remembers haya’s bitter words, and her confession, leading to her asking for divorce. he gets upset, when faiz comes up from behind, smiling evilly. rahat is angry. Faiz says that he had tyold rahat that he would attain haya, and his belief in haya and their love, was beyond reality, but he had faith in himself, and he trusted this. Faiz starts teasing rahat as to how he and haya consummated their marriage, and asks him to leave for the sake of all three people, especially haya.

He is enraged, and grabs faiz by the collar. Faiz smiles evilly. Rahat says that this cant be, as haya cant take this step herself, and for sure, she is played by him. Faiz says that he should divorce her, as even if he manipulated her, she wont know this, and till the time she does, she wont come to rahat. Rahat tries to grab him, but he shoves his hand away and leaves, smiling at his torment.

Scene 3:
Location: In the Graveyard
Azhar’s parents prepare the picnic spot for tanveer, right in front of asad and zoya’s grave, while they are scared. tanveer smiles satisfied, of her win over asad’s family once again. gazalla asks tanveer why are they here, as they are scared. tanveer shows them asad and zoya’s grave, and identifies it. razaak asks how does she know, and she says that she knows, as she has a long friendship with them. Tanveer says that they both died, but left behind their memeories for her. She gets up and says that she defeated zoya once again, as she caresses the grave.

she asks them if they thought that their power of love would ruin her power of traps and betrayal. She says that she would defeat zoya again and again, every time she comes in front of her as sanam, and when she got to know, that sanam is alive, she never rested in peace. she says that when hatred goes beyond control, it thirsts for blood. She says that she always wanted to kill sanam and waited for long, and as a result she gave sanam a life worse than death today. she says that everything is fair in love and war. Tanveer tells asad’s grave, that destiny triumphed the power of love yet again, as she never learnt to lose, and starts kissing his grace and enjoys her win by asking for the dessert. she says that 20 years back, she defeated zoya, and today she defeated her daughter too, as she remembers the massacre and then how she slapped sanam and threw her out of the house.

Azhar’s parents are confused. She tells zoya that they loved each other with no bounds, but they didnt deserve love. she tells that once again her fate favoured her over all the odds of the power of love. She asks for the dessert to be served, and gazalla scared, serves it to her, baffled and confused. she taunts their graves, to taste it a little. She starts taunting to zoya, that she loves eating the dessert with both of them.

Scene 4:
Location: Ahil’s residence
When tanveer and gazalla and razaak, return from their picnic, they find the door locked, and noone heeding to their calls, and opening the door. they get disturbed and baffled, as razaak and gazzal start screaming for latif. Suddenly, a voice rings and asks them to come outside, instead of beating the door, and look up. they are shocked to find sanam staring at them from the balcony, while tanveer is confused to hear sanam’s voice, wondering how she got here. She says that its this simple, to lock them out forever, and that if she opens the past, then they shall be out the door. she threatens them that she would get their graves dug there too. tanveer asks her to not threaten as she wont be able to prove anything. sanam says that this just make it all the more easier. She leaves.

tanveer starts screaming out that she wont ever be able to prove anything. They tell her that sanam is gone. tanveer gets frustrated and asks them to go and open the door, so that she can teach sanam a lesson.

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