My heart knows update Friday 19 November 2021


My heart knows 19 November 2021: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Aao Saheb to leave from Ahilya Nivas. Aao Saheb, Rao Saheb and others are shocked. Rao Saheb asks what Malhar is saying? Malhar says you don’t know many secrets. He tells that she had suffered loss in saree business. A fb is shown, Aao Saheb takes loan from Malhar and asks him not to tell Rao Saheb and Vivek. Malhar says nobody will know. Aao Saheb says you are my son in law and I want to give you something in exchange of money. She gives him house papers and power of attorney. Malhar don’t want to take it, but Aao Saheb gives him papers forcibly. Fb ends.

Malhar tells that he didn’t get the money back so transferring Ahilya Nivas on my name. He says this house is mine and Kalyani’s cage.Aao Saheb is about to faint and sits down. Malhar says everyone insulted me, and now after losing everything, I got intelligence by betrayal and not by eating almonds. He says you have just one hour time to pack your bags. Kalyani says this is not right and asks him not to do this with him. Malhar says this house is of me, my wife and my son. Kalyani asks him not to do this. Malhar says you shall be happy as your mum’s revenge is fulfilled. Aao Saheb says you are doing wrong and will repent.

Malhar says you have gifted your grand daughter who never loved me and says he is bearing punishment for having loveless happiness. He tells Anupriya that he will make Kalyani’s life miserable. Aparna cries and falls down. Malhar says Aai and then asks everyone to take her inside, and says if she don’t get consciousness then also she has to leave. Kalyani asks him not to do this. Malhar asks her to keep her tears safe as she has to make it flow all life. Vinay asks Aao Saheb what did you do?

you gave POA to Malhar without asking us and says we are bearing this because of you. Aao Saheb tells that this house is hers and says you have no value if I take my name from you. Rao Saheb says you have only value and tells that we have become homeless. Kalyani says she will convince Malhar. Anupriya says we don’t need your help.Kalyani cries. She comes to room and sees Malhar crying. He says you are here?

Kalyani asks him not to scold her and says I came to request you for last time, and says I am ready for punishment and asks him not to throw her Aai and others out. Malhar says I will forgive you all. He removes his tshirt and then takes out belt from his pant. Kalyani is shocked and asks will you beat me with belt. Malhar says you have to earn forgiveness. He gives belt in her hand and asks her to beat him with belt. Kalyani is shocked. Malhar asks her to get ready. Kalyani says I can’t raise hand on you. Malhar says I am habituated to bear pain now and asks her to beat him. Kalyani says I can’t and goes out from there. Anupriya asks baby not to trouble Kalyani and says don’t know how she will handle you alone.

She thinks what I can do if this girl wants to ruin her life. She throws their photo frame on floor and picks it up. She asks if you really don’t care. Anupriya says my name is Anupriya and says I am not of anyone’s Aai. Kalyani is shocked and holds her hand. Anupriya goes. Sad song rang teri reet ka plays…Aparna tells that she is homeless because of her daughter and says you will get a place in hell also. Anupriya asks why are you cursing her and says we will get some place for sure.

Malhar asks Lady constable to check Aao Saheb’s stuff. Aao Saheb asks why is he insulting them much. Malhar says I have right on this house and the things in this house. Aao Saheb says can’t we take our things. Malhar says alpviram. Aao Saheb looks on. Kalyani talking to baby and telling that their life is same. She says you have lost your mother and I have lost my mother too. She says I got a mother again as Aai, but I lost her too. She tells that Aai always supported her and asks him to give an idea to stop Aai from leaving. Baby holds her hand. Kalyani looks at something written on her hand, and says now nobody can throw my Aai out.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that she will lift her bag, but Aao Saheb says no need and asks Pallavi to pick it. They are about to leave. Kalyani comes and tells that nobody will leave. Malhar asks who are you to say this and asks did you see POA? Kalyani says this house is of my Papa also. She says legally my father is having rights on the house and says she has seen this on net. Malhar asks her to come to point. Kalyani drinks water and tells him that when Aao Saheb gave you POA papers, those papers don’t have her Papa’s or Anupriya’s signs.

She says as Anupriya is her father’s wife, she has right on the house also. Rao Saheb asks Malhar to answer her. Malhar says you wants to say even Maayi have the right on the house. Kalyani says you knows the law better. Malhar gets up and says my wife is intelligent. Kalyani is right, even you have right on the house and if you want, you can keep the family members in the house. Vivek says even I have right on the house. Malhar says you all can stay here. Pallavi says shall we go to our rooms. Malhar says not rooms, but one room. He says you all will get one room only else you can go out.

Aao Saheb says how can we live in one room. Malhar says changes and says I am changed a lot, I used to trust you blindly, but now I can’t trust you with my eyes open. Rao Saheb says we will stay in one room. He says today you have proved that you are my blood and blesses her. Kalyani thanks Malhar. Malhar says I will benefit the most, as I will worsen your life infront of them. You gave a chance to give you pain and thanks her.

They all shift to one room. Godaveri and her brother fight to keep their clothes on the almari. Pallavi throws the clothes and it falls on Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb gets angry and asks her to go. Pallavi says this is Maayi’s room. Anupriya says we will stay in lawn and asks Pallavi to come out. Kalyani thinks about Anupriya. She hears Pallavi telling that they have to stay in lawn because of Anupriya. She asks Constables to throw the mattresses in the lawn. Anupriya tells Godaveri that they will buy new things from outside. Pallavi says you shall get habitual to charity now and says I need these mattresses.

Kalyani says this shelter is Aai’s charity. Pallavi asks her to see her clothes. Kalyani tells Godaveri that she shall not wear jeans and tshirt and shall wear clothes according to our custom and shall wear sindoor and mangalsutra. Kalyani thanks her and thinks I will wear the clothes which you have gifted me. She thinks guide me always.Kalyani wears traditional clothes and wears mangalsutra and sindoor. She comes to the room and sees it decorated and gets shocked.

Malhar comes to the room and says it is A1 decoration done by my dept people. He says they are my family here. Kalyani asks why? Malhar comes closer to her and says today is our first night after marriage. Kalyani closes her eyes. Malhar picks a flower and pats on her face with it. He says wedding night is celebrated in room only. He asks Lady constable to come and asks can you take my son for tonight. Lady constable takes the baby. Kalyani asks her to be careful. Lady Constable says I have a son and will take care of baby well. Malhar closes the door.

He asks her to sit on bed and says my dept decorated this bed for you. Kalyani is tensed. Malhar asks her to sit. Kalyani tries to sit and feels pain feeling something on the bed. Anupriya prays for Kalyani and thinks she is not ready for marriage responsibility. She thinks Malhar can’t do anything now as he is not a bad guy. Malhar pushes Kalyani on bed. Kalyani gets scared.Kalyani getting scared. Malhar says what do you think that we will celebrate wedding night here, and says this is punishment for you and kala paani for me. He asks her to bring black coffee kept in flask. Kalyani brings it.

Malhar says did I ask you? He says you have to drink this coffee and sing songs all night. Kalyani asks why? Malhar says people are talking about me and telling that I couldn’t control my wife, and says when you come out of room, people will see your red eyes and will not doubt on my manhood. Kalyani says I will awake all night. Malhar says he wants her to sing and shouts asking her to sing. Kalyani sings kundi mat khadkawo raja….Malhar asks her to sing good song. Kalyani sings bhajan. Anupriya hears the bhajan singing by Kalyani and gets worried for her.

She comes near the window and peeps inside. She sees Malhar resting on bed while Kalyani singing bhajan. She thinks thank god, Malhar is sleeping alone. She thinks I trust him that he will not force Kalyani. Malhar opens his eyes and asks Kalyani to close the window so that people think that they are celebrating wedding night. He asks her to sing romantic song and says people shall think that are romantic. Kalyani sings weird song.Malhar asks her to keep quiet and says your voice and you are both vulgar.

Kalyani says I gave Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s audition and says she is scared of him. Malhar asks her never to reply him again and asks her to sing well. Kalyani sings tu nazam nazam saa……Malhar gets teary eyes. Aparna wakes up and thinks Kalyani is wooing my son in law. She thinks I won’t let settle down with him. Malhar recalls Sampada singing the same song and asks Kalyani to keep quiet. He asks her to sing some other song. Aparna comes to baby and pinches him. Lady constable wakes up and thinks what happened? Kalyani hears baby crying and is about to go out of room. Malhar holds her and keeps her bindi on side of forehead and ruins her lipstick with his hand, and asks her to go.

Kalyani comes out and takes the baby in her hand. Aparna sees her and thinks if Malhar and Kalyani united. She thinks to separate them. Anupriya is relieved thinking baby became quiet.Kalyani thanks baby for saving her and brings baby to room. She hears song on radio. Baby starts crying. Kalyani changes the song. Baby stops crying. Malhar asks why did you change the song? Kalyani says I stayed quiet as you asked me.

He changes the song to sad song. Baby starts crying. Kalyani says this sad is song. Malhar takes the baby in his hand and tries to make him quiet. Kalyani changes the song. Baby keeps quiet. Kalyani says it seems baby likes next gen song. He keeps baby in cradle and locks the door. Kalyani gets tensed. Malhar picks pillow and throws on floor asking Kalyani to sleep there. Kalyani makes an upset face.Next morning, Malhar gets the lawn separated by the wall with workers’ help. Aao Saheb asks what is he doing?

Malhar says this house is divided now. Aao Saheb asks how can you destroy the beauty of the house. Malhar says this house is mine and I can do anything. He tells Kalyani that they have nothing to do with them and he doesn’t want them to step on their side. He says I will not like if anyone of you talk to my wife.Kalyani says this is not right to do partition of the house. Malhar says it is not good to betray others. Aparna calls Malhar and tells him that Kalyani boiled the milk much, so that baby’s throat gets burnt.

She recalls heating the milk again to trouble Kalyani. Kalyani says she kept cold water in the bottle. Aparna blames Kalyani and tells Malhar what is baby’s mistake. She touches his feet and asks him to let her to his side of house, and says she will take care of baby. Kalyani tells Malhar that she kept normal temperature milk in the bottle. She tells I made him drink milk always and checks milk before making him drink, and says my Aai taught me this. She looks at Anupriya. Malhar says if your Aai had taught you everything then this day wouldn’t have come. He says if my son have drank it then….Kalyani says it is not my mistake.

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