My heart knows update Monday 19 September 2022

My heart knows 19 September 2022: In the morning Kalyani is wearing the band which Anupriya presented her, Malhar enters from behind she smiles when he sees her, he exclaims it is nice, then asks what do they say when they are about to forget the things, Kalyani replies it is fovour, Malhar exclaims he feels he doesnot know what is happening as Aai presented her with the satchel and she was also writing the timetable, Kalyani mentions he is sounding like Gungun and Pillu to know everything, he replies he is a police officer so should know, she reveals that the satchel was also a surprise for her and she was writing the timetable because she wants to know at which time all the work is done because Aai would be busy at the NGO and she will work in the house, Malhar exclaims that she would not be able to fulfil the task of the house as it is not possible, she exclaims if he thinks she is not capable and Kalyani starts fighting with him, Aau sahib calls Anupriya, Kalyani leaves saying she will come and finish it, Malhar also mentions he will come back from the police station to fulfil the argument.

Kalyani asks what has happened, Aau Sahib replies she is looking for Anupriya, Kalyani replies she went because of some work, Aau Sahib asks what has happened because she will do all the work, Aau Sahib asks how will it happen as she is not ready to work and cannot do anything herself, Kalyani replies she knows she doesnot know how to work but can do anything after she learns it from Aau Sahib if she teaches her, Aau Sahib agrees to teach her praying she also desires to learn.

Godavari comes with her husband; Kalyani asks her to come inside but Aau Sahib insists that she must not come inside because they have to first perform the pooja, Kalyani mentions she has now learned so will bring the thali, Aau Sahib performs the ritual asking Kalyani to perform the pooja while she leaves to burn them, Kalyani asking Godavari to come inside asking what is she planning for her honeymoon, Godavari is quiet then she hugs Kalyani, who leaves after taking a selfie, Ajenkey asks Godavari to not say a word to anyone in her family.

In the police station Pawar kaka is asking the women to say the truth otherwise they would not be able to help her, she is crying when Malhar asks what has happened, Pawar kaka explains she has come to file a complaint, Malhar asks what the complaint is about, she reveals she has been raped, Malhar asks the lady constable to give her some water then he questions if she knew about the rapist, she replies she was coming to meet her relatives but they are out of town which is why she was searching for a hotel when she was raped, Pawar Kaka exclaims how would they find the culprit when she cannot help them with a sketch, Malhar scolds him to talk politely as it is his duty and not her tension, Malhar explains he will take her to an NGO where she can live peacefully.
Malhar is accompanying the victim when he bumps into Ajenkey apologizing for not being able to come for the function, Ajenkey replies there is nothing to worry about and he is in a hurry so will come back.

The victim starts crying exclaiming she cannot ever forget this voice, Malhar understands she will be talking of Ajenkey.Kalyani asks what Godavari is saying, she replies it is the truth and Aau Sahib would be thinking she is happy however she no longer wants to live with him, Kalyani suggests her to think it through but Godavari exclaims if Aai was with her she would have listened to everything, Kalyani thinks she would have to sort the matter, Kalyani questions if he did anything to her, Godavari replies something wrong happened at the first night, Kalyani tries to explain that she must give him some time because he might have gotten mad because his mother was arrested so she might give him some time, Malhar explains it will never happen then reveals that he has raped a girl, Malhar reveals that the victim recognized his voice and he would have to arrest him, Godavari pleads with him to not arrest her husband, she even places the gun on her head saying she would kill herself if he arrests him, Kalyani tries to stop her but she doesnot listen, Kalyani is forced to snatch it from her hand asking what has happened because she is no longer a child, Kalyani hugs her, Godavari asks what should she do now.

Malhar asks Godavari if she has any proud that her husband is innocent, but Godavari asks him to believe her as she cannot reveal the truth, but Malhar is adamant to arrest him if he has the proof, she asks Malhar to leave and asks Godavari to reveal the truth, but she leaves the room. Kalyani receives a call from Aai who is worried everyone and so asks what has happened but Kalyani doesnot tell her, Kalyani ends the call and so think she would have to sort out this matter before Aai returns.

Kalyani exclaims she is sorry for calling him at this time, Ajenkieh asks where is Godavari jee, Kalyani asks Malhar to learn something from him, she sends Malhar away and starts performing the pooja, Malhar asks Pinki if she recognizes him she denies his voice, Kalyani asks Malhar to bring her inside and then goes to light the Día, she requests Ajenkey to help her sit, Aau Sahib coming asks what is happening, She apologizes to him saying Kalyani doesnot know about the rituals, he assures there is no need and leaves saying he has some work, Aau Sahib doesnot even let Kalyani explain so questions what is the reason she called Ajenkey at this house, Anupriya coming from behind questions what is happening she asks why is Aau Sahih scolding Kalyani, Godavari stepping in front says she must first ask her daughter why is she trying to ruin her house.

In the night Anupriya asks how Ajinkya can do anything of the sort, Kaka explains that there is no telling what a person can do even if they seem innocent and there might be a reason Godavari doesnot want to go with him, he feels that Ajinkya is taking revenge, Malhar explains there is another problem that Godavari doesnot want to accept that he can perform rape.

Kalyani reveals he was also acting strangely, when he came to meet her in the morning, he was really fresh but in the evening was tensed and nervous, Anupriya exclaims whatever is the matter the suffering is of the girls, on one side is Godavari and the other Pinki. She decides to talk with Godavari alone, she in her is thinking they have in just two days given her room to Gungun and do not consider her as the daughter, Anupriya replies to this room will always belong to her, Gungun will soon go to Moksh’s room, Godavari going to Aai exclaims this is not what she meant, Anupriya coming inside exclaims she said it in anger, Godavari replies she cannot understand how to in form her, Anupriya exclaims she doesnot have to think and should just say what is in her heart, Godavari explains the entire situation, Anupriya is shocked.

Kalyani in the hall exclaims that Ajinkya has called twice asking why Godavari is not answering his call what can she say, Anupriya replies she will talk with him but Godavari will not leave the house, Kaka replies it is after she tells them what has happened, Anupriya replies she cannot tell them, Malhar asks if this is because Godavari knows that he is the rapist but Anupriya says it is not that, Malhar questions then what is the matter and if she knows about the rape then why is she hiding, Anupriya confirms that Ajinkya has not raped anyone, she leaves without listening to anything.

Kalyani is not able to sleep so in the night, she sits up recalls when Godavari insists that Ajinkya is not a rapist, but Malhar exclaimed they have recognized the voice of the criminal. Kalyani goes to the room of Shilpi to find out the truth, she doesnot find her so thinks she might have gone to the bathroom, she waits thinking of not leaving until she has a conversation with her, Kalyani is standing, someone coming from behind asks if she was going to reveal his truth, he tries to kill her but she manages to fight with him, Shilpi comes asking who is in the room, Kalyani asks here to not be worried as he will take care of the situation, Ajinkya starts to strangulate Kalyani, Malhar comes from behind and starts fighting with him, Ajinkya is able to run away and Malhar asks if she saw that he was right.

Godavari exclaims that this Ajinkya was not the person she started loving, he is a changed man, Aai asks her to make her life with him as she is now his wife, Malhar and Kalyani come saying that Ajinkya is the culprit as he is the one who raped the girl, Anupriya insists that there is nothing of the sort, Godavari also asks Kalyani to stop blaming her but Kalyani asks them to see the marks on her neck which are a proof that Ajinkya is the rapist, Anupriya doesnot believe them saying it cannot happen as he has come to meet Godavari and is in the bathroom, Ajinkya comes out of the bathroom, Malhar immediately takes him by the neck pushing, Kalyani separates them, Malhar asks them to see the proof as he scratched his hand and their would be the marks of his nails, he asks Ajinkya to open his sleeves but they are shocked to see there are no marks, Kalyani requests Anupriya to reveal the truth because they know something is wrong between Godavari and Ajinkya but Anupriya exclaims she cannot tell her, Malhar leaves in anger.

Kalyani rushes Malhar who is angry, he even hits the vase then Kalyani starts dancing with him trying to make him smile but he asks her to stop these childish acts because he cannot be calm when the rapist is roaming in their house, Kalyani asks him to trust Aai as if she is not telling them, it would be something really important.

In the morning Indu jee is in the jail asking if she can even get the water but Godavari explains she deserves only poison because she has ruined his life, Indu jee asks her to not be so rushes as she is her mother in law, she was the one who begged her to allow the marriage and this is what happened, Godavari replies that she had some desires but they all were ruined, she has made her life a hell after the marriage when she thought of living a peaceful life in her own house, she forced her to live in her family’s house, Ajinkya places his hand on her shoulder she leaves in anger, he asks his mother so she says he should not worry about her, someone from the corner calls Indu jee, he comes and it is Ajinkya’s twin who explains the drama was worth seeing but Malhar scratched his hands, he will have to pay a heavy price for his actions, Indu jee advises him to make them pay as she is in jail because of them.

Ajinkya is trying to stop Godavari who is really angry, he requests her to stop even offering to drop her back to the house, she insists on going alone asking if he was really there, Ajinkya asks how he can be their when he was with her and Aai.Godavari asks Aau Sahib why she is giving so many gifts, Aau Sahib replies that it is her house and even asks where is Anupriya because she has to perform the rituals, Kalyani asks Godavari if she is sure which worries Aau Sahib who asks what has happened, Kalyani explains she feels there are some problems amongst Godavari and Ajinkya so she should not leave, Godavari asks her to not comment about her husband, Aau Sahib ordering them to stop asks Kalyani to perform the ritual but Godavari refuses to allow her, there is someone at the door, Aau Sahib opens it to find Ajinkya standing there, he takes her blessings and even greets Kalyani who is really angry, Ajinkya replies he has some work so they need to hurry but Aau Sahib assures he can leave after the small ritual but Malhar says he cannot leave the house.

Ajinkya explains he needs to be some place important so has to leave, Aau Sahib replies he can leave after performing the Rasam, Malhar from the corner exclaims he will not go anywhere but just the jail as he has the arrest warrant against him, Malhar takes out the handcuffs when Anupriya comes out and says nothing would happen.

Indu is laughing with her son, exclaiming now they would see what happens with them because they have ruined the family, her son exclaims they would also be shocked to see how Ajinkya can be at tow places in once as on one side he was with Anupriya but was also trying to kill Kalyani, they laugh exclaiming that now they would ruin the family because they all would have different sentiment and even Kalyani would not be able to be stand with Kalyani which will ruin the family.

Anupriya comes, Malhar asks why he cannot take Ajinkya as he has the warrant, Anupriya replies she also has the court order, Malhar starts beating him and doesnot even stop when everyone tries to stop him, Godavari asks Aau Sahib to stop Malhar, she is able to saying the only reason she cannot say anything to him is because he is also the son in law of this house, Kalyani seeing Ajinkya turns to bring the medical box but Godavari asks her to stop this drama as she at first did not come to stop Malhar but then is showing care, Aau Sahib asks them to stop and says that Godavari should take Ajinkya into the room.

Aau Sahib is not able to understand so questions what is happening, Kalyani is revealing the entire situation hearing which Aau Sahib gets mad saying this is all because of the NGO as she is so busy that is not taking care of the house, she has decided to close the NGO, Aau Sahib brings the board of the NGO to throw it out but Kalyani stops her saying that it was not because of NGO but because that only Aai convinced Godavari after which she decided to go with Ajinkya but before that she was not even ready, Aau Sahib is convinced saying that Anupriya is not going to work but then Kalyani replies that it is the dream of Anupriya and she should to work, they only have to find out what Godavari told before she convinced her to go back, Kalyani turning to Anupriya asks her to now reveal the truth because it is ruining their family and if she doesnot say anything it will ruin their family, but Anupriya replies that she cannot break the promise even if it means closing her NGO, she leaves crying and even Aau Sahib and Malhar leave her, she thinks she would have to find out the truth before it ruins their family.

Godavari is with Ajinkya in her room, , she even apologizes to him for the behavior of Malhar saying he doesnot understand anything when he suspects someone, Ajinkya says that he is not sorry because he doesnot have to fear anyone, applying the bandage and he thanks her for agreeing to come back with him, Godavari replies that it is because she talked with Aai who convinced her and she decided to go back to her own house and live there to fulfil the duties of the wife, Ajinkya sitting explains he would support for anything which she decides to do in the future be it study or travelling, he would always be with her, Godavari replies that besides these things a girl also needs love Godavari leans to kiss him but he gets back, she getting mad says she doesnot want to live with someone who cannot even love his wife, she asks him to leave.

Indu jee is in the jail, Kalyani comes asking Pawar kaka to open it, after thanking him she asks him to leave but he doesnot want to, she says she wants to talk with her in private, Indu je is smiling, Kalyani enters the cell, Indu jee exclaims it is bad manners to come and meet empty handed to the mother in law, she asks what happened as she is the one in jail while Kalyani is tensed, she asks if Malhar knows about it, Kalyani replies she doesnot have to drag Malhar jee, Indu jee exclaims she is a loyal wife and came without informing him, Kalyani shouts at her saying that when she agreed to the marriage of Ajinkya, she got suspicious but did not put pressure because Godavari was happy then why did she came back just after two days and doesnot want to go with ahim, Indu jee asks if Godavari told her, she exclaims Godavari would have told Anupriya and she should ask her. Kalyani is tensed.

Godavari in her room is taking out the clothes, Aau Sahib coming asks what has happened because Kalyani told her that she agreed to leave with her husband after Anupriya convinced her but is she doing, she asks Godavari if Ajinkya fought with her but Godavari is not able to answer, Aau Sahib taking the suitcase packs her bag saying that she is now a guest after the marriage and they cannot take the responsibility of her anymore, she has to leave the house no matter what, Aau sahib drags her out without even listening to what she has to say.

Kalyani is laughing saying that the police have also filed a rape case against Ajinkya, and they have even launched an inquiry into her assets which would now be seized and their would be nothing left for her, Indu jee asks her to not worry about her as her son would take care of everything, she must not go and try to mend the relations, she is tired and needs to rest, Kalyani walks out of the cell, Indu jee stopping her exclaims she came to know if the husband of Godavari is the rapist but she must rest assured that he is innocent and not the rapist, Kalyani is left stunned hearing this.


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