My heart knows update Friday 16 September 2022

My heart knows 16 September 2022: In the morning Malhar and Kalyani are in the room, he exclaims he cannot understand Aai ran away from the house, Kalyani questions how can he even think like this because she has been kidnapped, Malhar asks if she is talking some sense because the kidnappers would kidnap her with all the belongings, Kalyani insists on proving that her Aai is innocent, Malhar tries to stop her, she says that she would search for her Aai no matter the situation and she can even put their relation at risk to prove that her Aai is innocent, Kalyani turns to search for her, Malhar also calls the constable ordering that he should place a jeep at every corner of the city to search for a person for whom he will be sending the details.

Kalyani snatches the mobile from him, he demands she return it but she replies she would not let him blame her Aai for all that is happening as she is not a criminal, she however replies she would not let him blame her Aai for the crime which she ahs not committed, he steps forward to take the mobile but she drops the sarree and they see a note, Kalyani takes the note and reading it puts it in her mouth, which angers Malhar.In the police station the constable brings the manager of Jagdam Shanay, Malhar orders him to turn on the AC, he after making the manager presentable questions where Jagdam Shanay is, Malhar slaps the manager when he doesnot reveal anything.

Aau Sahib and Kaka are worried wondering where Anupriya could have have gone to, Kalyani also enters saying she has been trying to contact her for so long, but she is not answering, Malhar in the police station questions the manager who agrees to tell the truth after Malhar threatens him, he calls for a sketch artist.Aau Sahib and Kaka are really worried where could have Anupriya have gone to, Kaka says that he would go to search for her, they are about to leave when Aau Sahib feels dizzy they both turn to her, Kaka consoles that everything would be fine.

Malhar in the police station is waiting for the sketch to be fin finalized, Kalyani tries to think what the letter could mean, she sees the mirror and realizes the letter means Kill Anu, she gets scared so calls Malhar, he gets the sketch so going to the manager questions if he is in a relation, Malhar slaps him demanding that if he doesnot want to die then should reveal the truth because Jagdam Shanay is a women, Manager replies that the women is responsible every criminal act.Anupriya reaches the Godown calling the person to come out, Indu jee coming is really calm, she asks Anupriya if she came alone and did anyone follow her, Anupriya replies that she is now working to fulfill her dream of an NGO, because she knows if she had informed Kalyani and Malhar they would have supported her, she however desires to work by herself, Indu jee taking out a gun explains that she is actually Jagdam Shanay, she is the one behind every illegal action, Malhar caught her money from the fish market, she needed someone to take the blame which is when Anupriya walked in before her, she will have to die, Malhar and Kalyani enter the Godown she questions why would Anupriya be here, Malhar replies it is the Godown of Jagdam Shanay, she calls Aai when they see the lights go out and there is a bullet fired, they both rush to see Anupriya standing with a gun and her bag, Malhar opening it is shocked to see the money stuffed in it.

In the house everyone questions Anupriya to reveal the truth about where she got the money, she thinks if she spoke the truth, it would ruin the relation of Godavari which she doesnot want, Kalyani also pleads with her, but she stays quiet. Malhar exclaims he is left with no choice but to take her to the police station, he insists on taking Aai, but Kaka stops him exclaiming she is his wife and Malhar cannot do this, Malhar explains he cannot prevent him from performing his duties.

Malhar is taking her, Aau Sahib kneels to hold his feet, he questions what is she doing, she replies that he must not take her if he has even a drop of respect for her, there is a wedding in their house, he can do anything he can after the wedding ends but must not take her now, Malhar leaves her hand, Aau Sahib exclaims she will never forget his generosity, Aau Sahib questions Anupriya what was the need she had to take the support of illegal means. Kaka asks why is she blaming Anupriya when she is like her daughter, Aau Sahib replies that she cannot turn away from the evidence when it is in front of them, Kalyani asks Aau Sahib to not blame her mother as she has always worked for the betterment of the family, she has always been their for the family, Kalyani replies her Aai has always been their for them including her even when her own children left her and she in return did not treat her with respect, Kalyani exclaims she would always stand for her Aai even if they all blame her for doing the wrong, Aai turning to Kalyani shouts at her to stop saying she can take care of herself and doesnot need her help, she agrees to go with Malhar after the wedding ends.

Kalyanivows to find out the truth, she cannot believe that her Aai is capable of taking such a big step, she will find out the truth no matter the consequence.In the morning Malhar asks Pandit jee if everything is ready and he must wait just for some time as they are going to arrive really soon, Aau Sahib is welcoming the guests, the barrat arrives, Malhar is called by Aau Sahib, she explains that she desires he and Kalyani welcome the barrat, Malhar exclaims that it is should be Anupriya and Kaka but Aau Sahib replies that she desires that Anupriya stay as far away from the wedding because tomorrow she is going to go to jail so she wants her to stay away from the wedding as soon as possible.

Kalyani asks Pawar Kaka to show her the evidence, but he refuses saying he cannot as it is against the orders, Kalyani explains she needs to prove that her Aai is innocent she asks about the private number, but he replies they were asleep not able to find anything, he has sent a request to search for the number. Kalyani asks Pawar Kaka to show her the call logs, Malhar suddenly takes it from her questioning what is it, Kalyani replies that it is the receipt of the jewellery which she would present at the time of arrival of Barrat, Malhar agrees informing her to come downstairs because the barrat has arrived.

Aau Sahib asks Kalyani to start performing the pooja, she starts it and they welcome him to come and sit on the Mandap, the Pandit asks Malhar to bring the flowers, he leans to ask what was she trying to do asking if it was something wrong. The pandit jee asks them to bring the bride, Kalyani leaves saying she would bring her, Kalyani walking in the hall thinks she would have to find the truth about the private number, she tries calling it.

Indu jee is with Godavari asking if she likes the gold necklace, Godavari exclaims she really likes it and so seeks her blessings, Kalyani also comes inside when Indu jee is on the mobile, she leaves saying that there is no network in the room, Indu jee turns off the mobile.Kalyani asks Godavari how she is looking; she demands to meet Aai as she needs to take her blessings. Kalyani agrees saying they would then go downstairs to the Mandap.Indu jee while walking downstairs thinks she planned to frame Anupriya with the mobile but now both Godavari and Kalyani have seen her, so she has to dispose of the sim and find another way to frame Anupriya.

Kaka asks Anupriya to reveal the truth because he would take every step, he can to protect her, Anupriya explains that she cannot reveal the truth, but Kaka makes her swear, she shows him the notepad which reads Tujhse has Rabata, she explains that she desired to open a Ngo, but the person who was helping her instead tried to frame her, which is why she was called to the Godown.
They are talking when Godavari comes with Kalyani asking why she is not coming down because if she is not present the wedding cannot happen, Anupriya explains that she will always be there for her even if she is not present her blessings will always be with her, Anupriya advises her to come if she faces any sort of problem in her life, she would be their for her, Kalyani hugging her questions that she inform her about what has happened because if she remains quiet they would not be able to achieve anything but Anupriya asks her to take Godavari to the Mandap as it is time. Kalyani feels shocked so turns with Godavari when she drops the waste bin, revealing the torn letter, Kalyani reads the Tujhse Hai Rabata, asking Anupriya what it is, she replies it is nothing and she must leave, Anupriya is tensed holding it.

Indu jee reaching out of the house, wonders where she should dispose of the sim card, Indu jee seeing the manhole throws it thinking the problem has been solved by itself.Godavari is sitting at the Mandap, Indu jee feels that her broach is not there so might have been dropped outside, she leaves the Mandap when the Pandit asks the bride and groom to stand up, they start performing the rituals, Indu jee rushes to the but Anupriya reaches it before so tries to take it out, Indu jee places her feet over her hand asking what was she trying to do, everyone hears the screams of Anupriya, Godavari also stops the circles, Aau Sahib asks her to go and check but requests Godavari to not stop.

Kalyani reaches with Malhar and kaka, Indu jee explains that she might be trying to take something out of the manhole but her hand got stuck, Kalyani is able to release her hand, Malhar sees the sim card, so he pulling the lid takes the sim, Kalyani asks her to come inside as she will apply the medicine but Malhar stops her asking Anupriya who does the sim card belongs to, Anupriya doesnot respond when Malhar calls the sim and it rings with the private number, Mahar asks Pawar to arrest her but Kaka stops him saying they agreed to not arrest her till the wedding, Malhar exclaims he cannot stop performing his duty, Indu jee sees the bangles on the hand of Indu jee which Malhar saw, she also blames Anupriya asking Malhar to arrest her.

Indu jee reveals they will not allow for the wedding to happen as they are a family of criminal she cannot be associated with them as it would ruin their image in the society, Kalyani pleads with her to not end the relation because she will end all the relation they have as a family with Anupriya, she must not call of the marriage, Godavari kneels in front of her pleading she must not ruin the wedding, the groom also asks his mother to reconsider her decision, Indu jee exclaims that Godavari doesnot have anything to do with what happened and even the family is not responsible so she is ready for the wedding, Aau Sahib asks then what is the problem and they can start the circles, Indu turns to walk with Godavari when her dupatta gets stuck in her bangles, Indu jee is tensed, Kalyani also gets suspicious.

Aau Sahib asks them to hurry up as what is the worry, Indu jee asks Godavari to come with her, she takes her hand asking why is she wearing those bangles as it might create problems, Kalyani asks Godavari to come with her as her sarree is lose, Godavari exclaims that it is fine however Kalyani insists on taking her upstairs, Kalyani closing the door slaps Godavari questioning why is Indu jee wearing those same bangles which Anupriya has, Godavari replies she doesnot know what Kalyani is talking about, Kalyani mentions she insisted on making the same jewellery as Anupriya from Aau Sahib and then told her that each and every jewellery which was prepared for her wedding has been stolen, so how did they come on the hands of Indu jee, Godavari says that Indu jee demanded her to give the jewellery if she desires to marry her son so this is why she gave her them because she wants to get married, Kalyani asks her to stop crying and go downstairs because everyone be would be waiting for her, Aau Sahib also comes knocking asking she is ready, Kalyani exclaims she is ready and can go for the wedding, Kalyani in the room thinks how Malhar saw the hand and felt it was Anupriya, Malhar comes questioning what has happened, Kalyani replies that she has found the real Jagdam Shanay, Malhar is confused so Kalyani revels the entire situation, Malhar exclaims this is why she has been trying to trap Aai, and it all started since he seized the black money, Kalyani asks him to arrest her but Malhar says he doesnot have any proof, Kalyani says she would get the proof for him.

The wedding is progressing with the family constantly receiving the gifts because of the wedding, Aau Sahib and Kalyani exclaims she is really respectable and so has a lot of gifts, Malhar brings Anupriya, Indu jee questions why did they bring her when they all promised to not have any relations with her, Anupriya replies that she has just come to give them the blessings and would leave with Malhar after it has finished, she gives the blessings then gets the call from her manager who says they have stolen the black money which the police was transporting to the head quarters and have send it to the wedding house as a gift, she can have a look and keep the money, Indu jee hearing the conversation takes the knife and makes it look like as if Anupriya is trying to take her hostage, she asks everyone to stay back and give Anupriya her money otherwise she would kill her, Kaka places the gift in the car and Indu jee drives away, after covering a distance, she stops the car exclaiming that Anupriya has made her life easy by falling into the trap as she also got the money because of her and was even to blame her for everything.

Indu jee opens the gift, she is shocked to find the note that says they have found the real Jagdam Shanay, Malhar along with the entire family is standing, he asks if she thought she would get away after committing such heinous crime, Anupriya gets out of the car and is walking towards her family, Indu jee places the knife around her neck threatening to kill her, Anupriya hits her, exclaiming that because of her actions a lot of women tend to suffer, she desired to open an NGO for such women so they can live in peace, not like the fish seller which died because of Indu jee’s actions, Kalyani remembers the name Tujhse Hai Rabata, she asks Anupriya is Tujhse Hai Rabata is the name of the NGO, Anupriya walks to hug her, Indu jee seeing the opportunity tries to run away but after getting realizes there is no key, Malhar shows her the key questioning if she thought he would let her get away so easily, he asks Pawar Kaka to arrest Indu jee.

Anupriya apologizes to Kalyani, she ask why did Aai think that she would be able to live without her and she cannot survive with Anupriya, Kalyani replies she is not capable of doing anything without her, Anupriya mentions this is what she doesnot want and wishes that Kalyani fulfils her responsibility without her help, Kalyani takes the rock and hits her fingers, they all rush to her and even she hits the hand of Anupriya asking her to leave but first separate the blood only then would she be able leave, Anupriya starts crying and Kalyani exclaims she cannot be complete without her and so needs her to always be with her.

Anupriya is in the kitchen thinking this is what she desired, and it is the day when her NGO would finally start, Aau Sahib asks where her medicine is, Anupriya seeing it in the kitchen takes it to her explaining she once again forgot it in the kitchen, Aau Sahib asks her to make something sweet as Godavari is also coming to the house, Anupriya agree. Kaka comes with three different dresses which all have some problem, he questions what he should wear, Anupriya advises him to go back to the room and she would be their in a minute, Gungun comes demanding pancakes from Anupriya because she is tired of eating the same dish, Gungun rushes to Aau Sahib thanking her, Anupriya leaves to the kitchen, Kalyani coming turns off all the stoves, Anupriya exclaims there is a lot of work, Kalyani says that she would take care of everything while Anupriya should go and get ready as it is a really big day for her.

Kalyani introduces Anupriya in front of the guests who have come to the opening, she asks Aai and kaka to sit when Gungun comes saying to Aai she needs to go to the washroom, Kalyani asks Aai to sit while she would take Gungun before asking Malhar to introduce her, he exclaims that he has never seem any women like Anupriya who is always caring and doesnot think wrong of anyone, Kaka also says even if he was not married to Anupriya he would always be ready to accept that Anupriya is a really strong women.

One of the reporter asks Anupriya if she feels she is capable of taking the responsibility of an NGO even at this age, Anupriya replies why not because in order for one to achieve anything their only has to be determination, and to open an NGO was her dream, they ask if he would not work as a lawyer anymore, Anupriya mentions that she feels she would be able to better run the NGO because of her profession, they ask who would she help with her NGO, she replies the NGO is made for those women who do not have anyone to support them, Kaka exclaims they should also see the NGO but Anupriya says they should wait Kalyani and until then the reporters can ask any more questions, they ask who was the inspiration, so Anupriya says that Kalyani was the inspiration for the NGO as she is her daughter who has always been with her, without her she would not have been able to cover such a long distance, Kalyani exclaims this is just her thinking.

Anupriya makes her wear the title of the best daughter, she along with Aau Sahib and Kalyani formally inaugurate the NGO Tujhse Hai Rabta, Anupriya explains it was named after her relationship with Kalyani.


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