My heart knows update Saturday 30 July 2022


My heart knows 30 July 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar coming to room and calls Kalyani. Kalyani pushes him on the bed and laughs. Malhar gets shocked. Kalyani laughs and says you got scared. Malhar says I thought….Kalyani says I thought my Malhar ji is very brave, but….Malhar pulls her on the bed and asks shall I scare you. He holds her hand. Pal do pal….plays….Kalyani smiles. He is about to get closer to her, when Kalyani says Pillu. Malhar gets up and asks if he saw us. Kalyani laughs and says you said that you are very brave. Malhar says it seems you are fine and tells that from today, you will not be at home locked and asks her to come to the award ceremony with him.

Kalyani says ok. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that Sampada’s soul is possessing Kalyani’s body. Anupriya says it is just blindfaith and tells that when I used to get attack, you used to think I got Mata in me. She says Atharv must be doing all this. Aao Saheb asks what about Nal emporium, Kalyani herself asked me to give it to Atharv.Later in the night, Malhar comes to the hall and stands there. Just then Sampada’s soul pushes the swing and made Malhar fall down. Sarthak comes there and asks Malhar what happened? Malhar tells that the Swing was pushed with force and made him fall down. Sarthak suspects that there is a something else behind this incident.

Kalyani says if you are thinking Kalyani has done this, then I will show you that she is sleeping. He takes him to room. They see Kalyani sleeping. Sarthak leaves. The swing is still moving.Kalyani comes to Malhar in the morning and says she didn’t know when she slept in the night. Malhar says when a person is tired then gets sleep. Kalyani says I have a habit to forget things. Malhar says no problem. She asks about Atharv. Malhar tells that he will file case against Atharv, just as he is found doing illegal things. Kalyani says I wish Kaka would have helped us for Moksh’s custody. Malhar says Kaka will not fight case with maayi and asks her not to worry, says until we are together Atharv can’t do anything.

Aao Saheb asks Moksh what is PA? Moksh checks on google and says it is Personal Assistant. Aao Saheb asks a question to Google and gets an answer. She gets happy. Moksh asks about Kalyani. Aao Saheb gets tensed. She comes to Atharv and hears him talking on phone that undergarments will also be sell in the Nal Emporium. She says our business is of sarees and not of undergarments. She regrets for giving Nal emporium to him. Malhar comes there. Atharv asks them to think about how to get back Moksh? Sarthak says two lawyers will fight the case. He asks Malhar to ask Anupriya to meet him for the case. Kalyani comes there and asks Sarthak to drink tea. She says you are upset with me, but not with it. Sarthak looks on. Godaveri tells Anupriya about what Pandit ji said. Just then they find the black lemon under Kalyani’s pillow. Anupriya calls Pandit ji and tells that even though the lemon got black, but she don’t believe on his saying. Pandit ji says a bad soul is in the house.

Atharv comes to the kitchen and finds poison bottle in it. She thinks Kalyani made tea just now. Kalyani/Sampada comes there and asks him to drink tea. She says I will not mix poison in your tea, I have added it in their tea, so that they get punished. She says one by one she will kill them. Just then Anupriya shouts seeing Sarthak unconscious. Kalyani/Sampada, Atharv and Malhar come there. Sampada/Kalyani smiles. Just then Sampada comes out of Kalyani’s body and the latter gets shocked. She asks what happened to Kaka? Doctor comes there and checks Sarthak. He says if I had come late then anything would have happened. Malhar asks what did you eat? Sarthak says just drank tea. Kalyani asks did you have any medicine? Atharv comes there and tells that kalyani herself had mixed rat poison in the tea.

Kalyani and Malhar are shocked. Godaveri shows the lemon to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb gets shocked. Anupriya couldn’t believe still. Aao Saheb says if Atharv is involved then I will not leave him. Godaveri says if Tai is possessed by Sampada’s soul then. Aao Saheb gets tensed. Malhar asks Atharv to go and tells that you might have mixed poison in the tea. Atharv says Kalyani herself told him. Kalyani says nothing has happened to Malhar ji and Aao Saheb. Atharv says they didn’t drink tea. Malhar says when they heard Maayi shouting, they ran to see Kaka. He asks Atharv to go. Kalyani asks Malhar and Sarthak if they are believing Atharv’s words. Malhar says we will never believe him. Sarthak looks at her confused.

Kalyani crying. Malhar asks her why she is behaving like other girls. He says you are my Kalyani and is very strong. He asks why she is thinking about Atharv’s words. Kalyani says she didn’t know when she made tea and loses her memory for some time often. He shows her cheek. Kalyani says nothing is there. Malhar kisses on her cheeks. He asks her to kiss him. She kisses on his cheeks. Malhar goes. Kalyani opens the cupboard and finds Sampada’s clothes. Just then Sampada’s evil spirit enters her. Atharv flirts with his PA. Aao Saheb comes there and tells that she came to ask for PA’s work, as she knows the business well. Atharb tells the PA that her competitor came and fixes Aao Saheb as his PA. The girl says you have given job to me. Atharv says no and asks her to go.


Aao Saheb thinks she has to find out if he is responsible for Kalyani’s behavior.Malhar tells Pawar that Atharv is the chief guest, and asks why did he call him. Pawar says you had messaged me to call Atharv as the chief guest. Malhar says I didn’t message you. Pawar tells that when I called you to talk, Kalyani Madam picked the call and said that you have messaged me so that they can make Atharv happy and can get back Moksh’s custody. Malhar gets angry and says he didn’t message him. Kalyani/Sampada is sitting in the room and tells that everyone is after her Atharv, now he will be chief guest there and everyone will give him respect. Atharv comes there with Moksh. Malhar asks where is your Aai? Moksh says Aai went out to buy something. New Commissioner comes there and greets Atharv.

He says what did you do that Malhar is so impressed with you, that he changed the Chief guest and called you. Atharv says they have old friendship, tells that he is just a businessman. Malhar tells Atharv that he don’t know what he will get by becoming chief guest here. Atharv says may be your wife has done something.Sarthak asks Anupriya to check the files of Atharv details. Prakash comes there and greets Anupriya. Anupriya says did you have any saree order. Prakash says no and tells that Kalyani came to his shop and brought sarees for 1 lakhs rs. He says she didn’t have the money so she asked me to take money from home. Godaveri checks the receipt and finds Sampada written. Anupriya says why Kalyani will write Sampada’s name.

Kalyani comes to the function. Atharv gets surprised and tells that she is looking like Sampu. Malhar asks her why is she wearing a costly saree. Kalyani says as he can’t afford to give her costly saree, she has brought the saree on rent and her family will pay for it. Malhar recalls Sampada saying the same. Kalyani goes to Atharv and hugs him. Malhar is shocked. Kalyani sits with Atharv. Malhar asks Kalyani to come down, as Commissioner Saheb will stay there. She comes down and asks Pawar to lose his weight as his tummy came out. Malhar asks did I ask you to make Atharv as Chief guest? Kalyani says if you wanted to be the Chief guest and says if you give the speech then everyone will get bored and sleep. Malhar recalls Sampada saying the same.

Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to agree to her sayings. Anupriya says she has brought her out of the blind faith. Aao Saheb insists. Anupriya says ok and asks what Pandit ji asked her to do. Aao Saheb says we have to tie the yellow threads to the door and if the door opens up by itself then there is a soul in the house.Atharv gives the speech. Kalyani stands up and claps. Malhar makes her sit and says his speech was not great. Moksh asks Kalyani to tie his shoe lace. Kalyani/Sampada asks him to call her Mom and asks him not to call her Aai, as villager type. She tells Malhar that she don’t know how to tie show lace and asks him to tie. She goes out to check the food. Malhar ties Moksh’s shoe lace and thinks what has happened to her, thinks Sampada didn’t know how to tie the shoe lace, but Kalyani was tying the lace always.

Aao Saheb ties the coconut with the yellow thread and tells that pandit ji has recited mantras on the coconut. Anupriya tells that nothing is happening, come with me. Just then light flickers. Anupriya says this might be Atharv’s doing. Aao Saheb says no, your life is in danger and puts haldi around her. Anupriya says I will not leave Atharv. Just then all the doors opens up breaking the thread and the coconut falls down.Kalyani takes the food plate. Atharv asks her to eat from his plate to increase their love. Atharv thinks she has gone mad and tells that Malhar will get mad seeing this. He is about to eat Mushroom. Kalyani/Sampada stops him and says you are allergic to it. Atharv asks how did you know. Kalyani says who will know then? Malhar asks her to come with him and takes her to side.

Kalyani asks do you want to control me. Malhar says you was eating food from his plate. Kalyani/Sampada says are you jealous of Atharv and asks him to become like him, tells that he has progressed so much and you are just stuck on the same chair since many years, says if you had used some mind then even you would have some money. Malhar is shocked by her words.

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