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Nishant is crying and Priyanka says i will go and get medicines for you. Kanika and Shelly enters and Kanika says i have brough these medicines for Nishant’s fever. Sushant says bring it to me and i am also worried for Nishant. Both Kanika and Shelly leaves the room and Priyanka says to Sushant to look after Nishant as she will go to get the milk for Nishant and Nisgant changes the medicines that Kanika gave and gives Nishant another medicines and Nishant starts crying and foam starts coming from his mouth. Priyanka says Sushant, come and see what happened to my Nishant and Sushant comes and says what happened? Looks like something is wrong with the medicine Kanika gave and lets go to the hospital and they leave. At the court, Lata goes to Abha and hugs each another. Aruna walks to Raj and both Lata and Abha turns and looks. Raj says please forgive me and Aruna says no my son, its not your mistake. I have got you back and what else do i need? Aruna turns and starts walking and Raj calls Aruna maa.

Abha and Lata smiles and Raj says lets go back home mother. At the hospital, Sushant and Priyanka comes saying please save the life of this child and the doctor brings in Nishant and as the nurse says we need the signature of the baby’s parents and Sushant signs the form. The doctor comes out and says how could you give such high dosage medicine for a small child? You were lucky that you brought him on time or his life could have been in danger. Sushant asks how is he now and the doctor says he is fine but take good care. Priyanka is crying and Sushant says i don’t want to say this but Nishant is a boy and the only heir to Swarn Bhavan. That is why Shelly and Kanika must have given this medicine. Priyanka , how long will you remain single? Listen to me and there is a way. You need to marry me for Nishant’s future. Priyanka looks at Sushant. Sushant says i will be waiting for you at the temple and you will surely come for Nishant. See you later and Sushant leaves a thinking Priyanka. Abha comes back and all asks Abha how did the case went? Abha says i won the case and gives the coat to Pratibha saying Papa’s blessings was with me. Do you know that Grandmother admitted her mistakes and Pratibha says god is there and the truth would always prevail. Go up as Karan is waiting for you and Abha says he is back and goes up. Ranchod is in the room saying Ranchod Tiwari is saving his brother’s life and that too without anyone knowing and Abha enters the room saying Karan, i have won the case. Abha looks at Ranchod and remains silent. Priyanka is dressed as a bride and Sheetal says don’t think too much as not everyone gets a second chance. You have got one where Nishant would get a father and you would get a husband. Ranchod looks at Abha and smiles and Abha says Ranchod? Ranchod says you are really great and that’s true love. Abha says but how come are you in Karan’s clothes? Where is Karan? Ranchod says Ranchod is back after a long time and instead of asking how am i and how is my film, you keep asking where is Karan? Your husband is my brother and Abha says don’t joke and how is he? Ranchod says he is fine and the child is also save. I am keeping him in a save place. Such a huge thing has taken place and no one thought of informing me? Why? That is why i am keeping him in another place and Ranchod explains what happened. Its revealed that the person who hit Karan on the head was Ranchod’s person. Abha says i need to meet Karan nowitself and Ranchod says this is why i didn’t want to tell you as you would turn into Mother India and spoil my plan. You just listen to me. Sushant wants to kill Karan. Abha says why would Sushant kill Karan? Ranchod says how do i know? Am i the James bond? You are and this is your house. Shelly runs in and Abha asks Ranchod to hide his cigarate and Shelly says Priyanka left this note saying she is going to marry Sushant and Abha is shocked.

Sushant tells the priest to make the wedding take place faster as he would pay extra and Priyanka arrives with Nishant and Sheetal. Sushant says i knew that you would surely come for Nishant’s future. Shelly is saying i never knew that Priyanka would take such a stupid decision. Pratibha says what would we do now? We need to do something. Shelly says what can we do maa? Abha and Karan has gone and Abha is shown with Ranchod looking around the temple. At Swarn Bhavan, one of the servant comes saying madam, the report has arrived. Kanika and Shelly looks at the reports which is Nishant’s reports and both of them leave to City Hospital. Ranchod opens and enters inside Sushant’s house using Abha’s hair pin. Ranchod sits on the bed and Abha says do something instead of sitting and Ranchod removes the bed cover and sees money and some documents. Ranchod says look at this, its a legal document saying that Swarn Bhavan is to changed under Sushant’s name and Abha takes it saying these are transfer documents and if we sign it, Swarn Bhavan would belong to Sushant. Ranchod says saw that? Your sister in law would have signed it? Is there any temple nearby a bus stop here? Abha says yes, why? Ranchod says even in movies when a hero marries a heroine, the bus stop is normally near a temple and Priyanka is shown exchanging garlands with Sushant and goes through the marriage rituals and as Sushant is to apply the vermilion on Priyanka’s forehead, Abha hits his hands and Priyanka turns shocked.

Sushant is about to apply vermilion on Priyanka’s forehead when Abha comes and stops it. Abha then tells Priyanka that Sushant is not a good person and will spoil her life. Priyanka says that “you(Abha) and Karan have already taken away everything from me, what more is there left to spoil.” Abha continues to tell Priyanka about how Sushant tried to kill Karan and even attacked Ranchod thinking that it was Karan. Priyanka refuses to believe this and says that Sushant tried to save Nishant and he can’t even think of killing anyone. Priyanka then blames Shelly and Kanika for trying to kill Nishant. Shelly and Kanika reach the temple at this time and show Priyanka the hospital records that indicate that a different medicine was given to Nishant. Kanika also shows the bill that indicated Sushant had bought that medicine. Sushant says that it is a lie and that Shelly and Kanika are fabricating evidence against him. Priyanka still refuses to believe that Sushant is evil and tells Shelly that even if you can’t be happy for me at least don’t try and stop me from being happy. Ranchod says that Priyanka is right (everyone is shocked!!!). He then says that if Priyanka wants to get married then she should go ahead because it’s her life. Abha is like what are you saying and Ranchod says that you want to be Mother India all the time, if she wants to get married, so be it. Priyanka doesn’t know the truth now about how evil he is and do you know why, because all of you in Swarn Bhavan are the same “When someone tells you the truth, you guys don’t believe it and when things become worse, then you say , oh yeah, I shouldn’t have done that.” Ranchod looks at Priyanka and tells her that it’s your life, if you want to get married, fine, but down the road when you realize how evil Sushant is, don’t blame us for not trying to warn you.

Priyanka still refuses to believe him and asks what benefit will Sushant get by harming Nishant and Karan. Ranchod says Swarn Bhavan and lists all the benefits that Sushant will get by marrying her. He then shows her the transfer papers. Abha explains how they got the paper and that he just needs her signature. Sushant denies it and says that it is a plan to get Nishant away from Swarn Bhavan. Sushant then grabs a knife and holds Priyanka hostage. Abha, Shelly and Kanika walk towards him while Ranchod comes from the back and gets ahold of Sushant. Ranchod threatens Sushant and tells him that he doesn’t want to see him ever again. He also burns the transfer papers and allows Sheetal to slap Sushant. Aruna brings Raj his food and tells him that she has brought his favorite food. Raj looks at her and tells her to place it on the table and that he will eat it. Aruna tells him to make sure he eats it because she made it with her own hands. Raj apologizes to her and tells her that he has hurt her all these years and is not worthy as a son. Aruna tells him that it is not his fault and that the upcoming years together will make up for the years that we have lost. Lata comes in and says ” Raj, now that your mother is here, you have forgotten me.” Raj says no and laughs. Aruna then says how can we forget you. Usually a mother in law brings her daughter in law to the house but in my case, it was the other way around. Both Lata and Raj then take blessings from Aruna and embrace each other. Karan wakes up in a room and vaguely remembers someone hitting him from the back. He wonders where the kid is and also wonders who brought him here since he was wearing different clothes and there was water on the table. Karan tries opening the door and realizes that it is locked. He then remembers that the final hearing of the case was today and that Abha needs him and he needs to get to her somehow.

Raj is sitting in his room and writes a letter to Lata in the diary.

” Dear Lata,

After all that has happened between us in the past few days, I don’t even have the courage to apologize to you. You seem to be very far from me and even though I want to, I can’t come towards you. I need to go to the US in another 2 days. As the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Forgive me if you can.

Yours truly,


Pratibha is praying at the temple hoping that Priyanka does not marry Sushant. Right at that time, Shelly, Abha, Kanika and Priyanka reach Swarn Bhavan. Pratibha runs towards Priyanka and asks her if she was alright. Kanika and Shelly inform her that if Karan and Abha had not reached the temple on time, Sushant would have married her and that thanks to God, Priyanka now knows the truth. Priyanka goes off to her room and Abha says that it is not enough that Priyanka knows the truth. A man who can go to such lengths to get what he wants, he won’t give up so easily and that they need to do something about it. Ranchod comes and says ” Correct, we need to do something permanently.” Pratibha says Karan….. and Ranchod looks at her and says “I am not Karan… what guys, just because I look exactly like him, nobody can recognize me.” Everyone starts realizing what was going on and Ranchod says, should I make an entry again when Shelly says “Ranchod..”. Pratibha hugs him and asks him if you are here, then where is Karan. Ranchod explains what he did and tells them that Karan is safe. Ranchod then mentions that he will go and get Karan and since he is kept outside the city, it might be late night or tomorrow morning before they get back. Before leaving, Karan tells Abha that they will take care of Sushant. Everyone leaves, and Abha prays at the temple.

Lata reads Raj’s diary and says what is this and are you teasing this relationship? Where you are in love for a moment and then you are leaving? You didn’t even think how i and maa would be feeling. Maa just told that we will be together and here, you are making a plan to US and not even telling me anything about this. You are not only a husband and a son but also a future father. And because of this, you need to think of three people. Lata says do you know what is your mistake? You take a long time to recognize a person. And i am very sad that you are not able to understand me till today? You think our relationship is so weak that i would not be able to stay apart? Raj says that means please forgive me. Lata says you did not make any mistake for me to forgive. So now come, lets go and cancel your US tickets. Raj says Lata, listen to me and Lata says Raj, i am not asking you but i am telling you. If you don’t wish to listen to me, i am not talking to you. Raj turns Lata’s face and holds his ears while Lata smiles and they hug. At Swarn Bhavan, Priyanka is in the room with Nishant and cries re-calling Sushant’s words and what happened at the temple. Priyanka carries Nishant and says Sushant, what you have done but after this, i will need to do something about this. A shadow of someone is shown in the dark at Swarn Bhavan and takes a knife and enters Sushant’s house and the person tries to stab Sushant and Sushant says you? As Sushant struggles, the person stabs Sushant. The person is then shown washing their hands and the knife at Swarn Bhavan and it looks like Abha. Kanika is in her room swearing and Shelly is also shown in another washroom wiping her hands and looking at her face into the mirror.

Its morning and Abha says Shelly, i have made bread and juice for breakfast and Shelly says Abha, wait a minute. Why is your face glowing today? What is the secret? Kanika says because Karan is returning today right? Abha says but why is he not back yet? Pratibha turns and says Lata, come in. Lata comes with Raj and Aruna and Abha asks how is your hands Lata. You have came in such morning, is all fine? Aruna says all is fine and its because of you Abha. I have got back my son and family which i have been missing all these years. Raj says the time has came for me to fulfill all my mother’s wishes. We are all going for a prayers. Abha says its a good news. Raj says i listened to Grandmother all this while and hurt my mother, its time for me to pay back for it. Pratibha says the fault is not yours, we listen to what our heart says and you just see what happened, Sushant tried to marry Priyanka and lucky Abha and Ranchod stopped him. Uday says i did suspected him from the time i saw him but now that truth is out, he will pay for his mistake. He needs to be punished so that he don’t repeat it again. Ranchod will also bring Karan back and we will meet Police and complain regarding this. Abha says no father, there is no need to go to the police. We shall handle this and Uday says no Abha, we need to go to the police station now and we should notleave this just like that. Raj says you are right father and Sushant needs to be punished. Abha, Shelly and Priyanka is shown to be scared. Uday is with the lady police and the lady police goes to Sushant’s house and knocks the door and when no one opens the door, the police opens the door and sees the dead body of Sushant where Uday is shocked and the police says look at this, someone else have taken the law in their hands. The police asks to call the investigation team and asks Uday to wait outside. Uday goes out and calls to Swarn Bhavan and informs Abha where Abha is shocked and says father, i will speak later to you. Uday arrives to Swarn Bhavan with the police and the police says you all must have heard of Sushant Chowdary. He was murdered last night and all are shocked. The police says looks like Sushant’s enemy must have murdered him and his murderer must be in this house. And since there is so many people in this house, its better if you tell me who is it. The lady police orders the police to search around the house and Abha comes and the police says you are just coming? Abha says i went to the temple and i just arrived. Priyanka without realizing breaks a plate and as she walks, the police stops her and says you look scared. Your love Sushant Chowdary and you were supposed to marry him yesterday right? Then you must be angry right? Means you could have murdered him because of being angry right? So tell me where were you last night? Priyanka says i could not sleep, so i went for a walk. Tell me you went with who? Priyanka says alone. The police next goes to Shelly and Kanika and asks where were both of them last night and both of them are quiet. One of the police comes down and says we found this knife. Another police comes and shows a towel with blood stain and says we found this. The police asks whose towel is this? The police says we found in that room. Abha thinks how did this towel get to my room? Is it as what i am thinking and did Ranchod did this?

Abha says its mine and all are shocked. The police goes to Abha and says what is this knife doing in your room? Come and take these evidence. You have not answered me. You would always talk about law, and i also thought that you have won a case and now done this? Abha says i never sided the wrong and i would not forgive if anyone tries to mis-behave with my family. The police says so you murdered him? Pratibha shouts inspector, please stop it! Don’t blame my Abha as she is my teacher and i will not accept if you say anything more about her. The police says you are thinking of your daughter in law as a god but its my duty. Now all listen to me, the jail is waiting for you and by the time you are out of the prison, even your child would have grown up. The police takes out an earing from a pocket and all wonder’s who does it belongs to.

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