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The goons are with Ranchod where Ranchod is playing with a radio and the goon says we kidnapped him and he is behaving like our boss. Another goon says if anything happens to him, we would not get our payment and Ranchod asks for oats and one of the mix and gives to Ranchod. Ranchod says why so watery? Bring me the banana’s? Let me do a shake. Do you know how much of fans i have and if they knew that you have kidnapped me, they would not spare you. Ranchod mixes the oats with banana and drinks it and vomits it and falls down saying bring me to the hospital and they get panic and carries Ranchod to the hospital. Karan asks the boy where is your mother and the boy says at the hospital. Karan asks what is you mother doing there? You have seen and know where is it? The boy says its near the temple and the room number is 6 and Abha says Karan, maybe if we go to the hospital, we could find out about his parents? Kanika says there is a temple near the goverment hospital. Maybe he is referring to that hospital? Shelly says even i think we would get a clue from there and Abha says yes Karan, you bring the boy and go and i will bring Aruna and go to the court and Karan agrees and carries the boy and bring away.

Ranchod makes noise saying save me at the hospital and Karan is shown entering the hospital with the small boy. Ranchod keeps shouting and the goons says nothing will happen to you. Karan says do you have the guest’s pass as i need to visit someone. The nurse says please wait as there is an emergency and Ranchod is taken past the small boy where Ranchod doesn’t sees the boy but the boy sees Ranchod and calls Papa but Ranchod doesn’t hears. Karan comes to the boy and looks at the direction the boy is looking and the boy says i have two papa and Karan says here and the boy points towards Ranchod and Karan says don’t worry and i’m here. The nurse enters and asks everyone else to leave the room and the nurse asks Ranchod what happened to you? Ranchod keeps shouting saying please call the doctor and the nurse leaves the room and Ranchod looks at the goons from the window. Ranchod looks around and sees something and smiles. Someone is shown coming out from the nurse room and Ranchod comes out wearing as lady nurse with a wig and the face covered. The goon says wait where Ranchod is scared and looks at Ranchod and says is the patient inside fine? Ranchod signals that he is fine and leaves. The doctor enters Ranchod’s room and asks where is the patient and the goon says the tall nurse? Its him and they start searching for Ranchod. Karan is walking towards the ward with the small boy and they sees Ranchod wearing a guy’s shoe and starts chasing him. Ranchod pass by Karan and sees Karan but Karan doesn’t sees Ranchod.

Ranchod drops a tray to divert the goon’s from seeing Karan for mistaken him for Ranchod and Ranchod keeps running. Karan enters the room with the boy and the boy sees a lady sleeping in the room and is scared. Karan asks what happened and the boy says mama. Karan says nurse, do you know anything about this patient? The nurse says yes, she has been in Coma for two years. But till today, no one has visited her. Karan thinks to himself, she is this boy’s mother but why is he calling me papa? Karan says is there any address of this lady? The nurse says yes there is and i tried calling before but no one picked up the call. Karan says can you give me the address as this boy is her son and i need to send him back. The nurse asks Karan to go to the office room and get the address and leaves. Karan thinks to himself poor boy that his mother is in come and is father is unknown and Karan leaves. The guy tries to call someone’s hand phone and the goon says i can’t get through. Another goon says call Swarn Bhavan’s landline and another goon says but boss has asked not to call to the Swarn Bhavan’s land line. Ranchod listens to this while hiding and thinks their boss is in Swarn Bhavan?

At the court, Abha and the other lawyer say hello to each other. He tells Abha that he pays condolences for Jagmohan’s death and says she is worthy to be in Jagmohan’s place. Abha cuts him and says that nobody can replace him. His principles will be there and I am here to follow the truth. They both say best of luck to each other. Abha sits back to her chair and glances at Aruna, Pratibha and Uday Raj and Grandmother are there too. Judge enters and they all stand up. Judge announces to start the court proceedings. Abha stands up and start saying that every girl dreams of a loving husband and a motherly mother in law that is the dreams and hope that girl takes in to her in-laws home. But what if someone breaks that dream. Same thing happened to my client, Lata Singhania. Her motherly figure, Grandmother tried to kill Lata’s dreams by trying to burn her and kill her child. Abha wants Grandmother to have a punishment for attempt to murder and she says Lata is still sick, but she has sent her confession through paper and gives it to jundge. Raj’s lawyer says that it is true that Lata’s and her child’s life is in danger but Grandmother is not the one. He requests judge to show evidence and witnesses. He calls for Doctor who treated Lata. He cross examines her. She says that gasoline was found on Lata’s body. He tells her to go. Karan and kid sit in autorickshaw. Karan texts Abha and Abha reads that Karan is going to Delhi to find that kid’s parents. He tells her that he knows she needs him, but finding this kids parent is also important. He tells her that we are one team and we will fight. Raj’s lawyer is telling Aruna is the one who poured water on Lata. He calls punditji for cross examine. The pundit points that it was Aruna is the one filling pot with water. Grandmother is happy. Now Abha is cross examing pundit. Now Raj’s lawyer calls upon Aruna for cross examining. Aruna tells her that it was her who brought the water and nobody touched the pot. Now Raj’s lawyer calls Raj. His lawyer asks that your wife has said that her life is in danger from Grandmother. Do you agree? Raj says that Grandmother is like mother and she can’t do such a thing.

Raj’s lawyer tells the court that Grandmother is not be blamed. Lawyer asks how long have you known Grandmother. Raj says when my real mother left me and my dad. Since then….it has been 25 years or so. Lawyer says that how can Grandmother hurt Raj’s wife. Abha says that grandmother has been in control for so long and Raj has not objected her decision lately up until now because Grandmother is loosing her power and she is scared to loose that so she tried to kill Lata and her kid. Abha also tells that Grandmother did not like loosing to Lata because Raj started listening to Lata. Raj intervenes and tells to Abha that grandmother did not create place in our family through power but with love and care. Raj’s lawyers calls for Grandmother to cross examine her. Abha is thinking in her head that Karan I need you at this time…..without you I can’t fight this battle alone. Karan also thinks in his head that I know Abha you need me the most. Abha due to this kid, I am going far from you. but my love and trust is always with you. He prays to god. Raj lawyers says the evidence and witnesses point that Aruna is the culprit and she needs to be punished. Abha says that Lata is sick and she is the one who filed a case against grandmother, so I request the court to grant me days till Lata recovers and she can come to court and tell us why she filed a case against grandmother. Judge says the next date for this case is after 4 days. Abha says thank you your honor. Grandmother is worried. Abha and Pratibha are outside the courthouse now and Pratibha says lets go home. Abha says that at this moment, I need to meet Lata so I will go and meet her. Abha feels bad that she can’t be part of Kanika’s happiness due to the case. Pratibha tells that Kanika’ also wants that you get justice to Lata. Karan and the kid reaches Delhi. Shelly’s mother comes and tells Karan to come with her and stay with her. Karan leaves with her. Ranchod is not happy with the food. Ranchod asks for burger. The bad guys say that boss is not believing them that they have captured him. Ranchod thinks that these people think that they have captured me but they do not know that I came on my own so I can know who is the person in Swarn Bhavan who wants to kill me.

Abha comes home with Aruna and asks how is she and Lata says i’m fine but tell me what happened at the court? Abha says i had argued and i will need to provide proof to the court. Grandmother enters with Raj and says first you put false blame and now you are going to prepare a false evidence. You are a big lawyer right? Raj, i want to see my grandson’s face but looks like fate is planning something else against me. Grandmother says to Lata, what have i done to you and i love Raj so much and i do everything only for his happiness and pretends to cry. Raj goes to Grandmother and says let anyone say anything but i have full trust in you. And i will make sure my wife gets justice looking at Aruna. Abha says this is a funny thing Raj. We both are fighting for the happiness of the same person but i am fighting for her and also your own mother. Raj says you are right, but only truth will end in the end and Raj leaves. Grandmother says i need to go and thank the god and i will also pray for you that god gives you the strenght to face everything and leaves wiping her fake tears. Shelly’s mother gives the kid to eat biscuit and the kid gets scared and Karan asks him to go and play. Karan says you are meeting him for first time right? That’s why he is shy. He is such a nice kid. Shelly’s mother says Shelly is really lucky to get a family like you and i have full trust that Asmi will not have anything less without a father as you would take care of Asmi and Shelly. But something weird Karan, you found this kid in your car boot and the kid calls you papa. Is there any old story? Karan says no auntie, nothing like that as i really love Abha a lot. Shelly’s mother says no, its not about affair but i was thinking if you have any old enemies? Karan says i don’t remember having anyone like that and Shelly’s mother says i am proud of you that you care about a stranger kid, god will certainly bless you. Karan, i have some property in Indore. Why don’t i sell it and you can give the money to Priyanka’s parents. Karan says no auntie, you have said this and we will manage on our own and i need to find this kid’s real parents and i will return to my wife. Auntie, can i leave this kid with you one day? Shelly’s mother says no problem. Lata says what are you saying Abha? Abha says do you remember Grandmother’s joint account with DM Shikawat? Now we somehow need to find out about DM Shikawat. Lata says but how will we? Abha says do you remember the account number and the bank? Lata says yes i do.

Ranchod is still with the goons and Ranchod thinks to himself who is the person who wants his life? Abha enters the bank and takes some form and fills up the form and thinks to herself that the bank will now see the fake signarure of DM Shikawat and call DM Shikawat for verification and i will find out about him when he comes before me. Abha passes the form and waits while Sushant is shown scolding the goons saying can’t you do a simple job? Karan is back at Swarn Bhavan and what have you been doing? Sushant turns and sees Ranchod where his hands are tied and laughs looking at Ranchod. Sushant says this is great! This is Raj’s duplicate? Karan is shown asking around for the kid’s parents. At the bank, someone is shown entering and the bank officer says yes and the person says the bank called me. I’m DM Shikawat and i came for verification and it was my signature. The person says this is a false signature and where is that lady and they look around and Abha is not seen, While Karan is looking around, someone is watching him from a car and the person tries to hit Karan with the car. Sushant says i am happy that you are alive to Ranchod. Karan will die and you will enter the jail and i’m happy that you are alive. Ranchod thinks to himself what is happening? I need to go to Swarn Bhavan by no means. The car is shown approaching Karan in full speed and Karan turns in time and avoids the car and falls. The guy who acted as DM Shikawat comes out of the bank and calls to someone and says i told them as how you told me and they don’t know that i’m not DM Shikawat. Abha heard that and says who is this DM Shikawat who is getting away from this every time?

Ranchod thinks to himself that once i get out from here, you are finished Sushant. One of the goons brings food for Ranchod and unties the rope from his hands and Ranchod sees his phone and somehow grabs the phone without his knowledge. Ranchod sets a police siren as the goon’s ringing tone and pretends asking for water and the goon asks why are you so good today? Ranchod says the police is coming and the phone rings and all the goons says who called them? Ranchod says i did and all of them run away and Ranchod says all of you are so ‘genius’ and i made them a fool with a ringing tone and Ranchod unties his legs and hands and leaves. Karan says to the kid that we will be going back to Swarn Bhavan tomorrow and the kid sees a poster and runs to it and Karan comes and sees Ranchod’s movie posted titled Rowdy Ranchod in 777 and says Ranchod? Karan carries the kid and says he is your papa? The kid nods his head and Karan says this kid is related to Ranchod and the kid is calling me papa because i look like Ranchod. But how is this kid related to Ranchod?

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