The Heir zeeworld update Saturday 15th June 2019

Saturday update on The Heir zeeworld

Bebe goes out and stops Lala ji. She throws the gifts and shagun. She says my Mannu will become new Shah of Pavaniya, I promise he will take revenge of his father and Dad’s death from Bajwa, that day I will take a peaceful breath. Lala ji looks on and goes.

Later, Bebe asks the men to make a cradle for Mannu. Amba sees the baby crying. Bheeru takes care of baby. Bebe asks Raavi to make tea. Bheeru tells Bebe that I will just come. Bheeru sees Jagan on terrace and goes. Bebe asks Amba to feed Mannu and calm him down. Bebe recalls Charan and gets sad. She says it can’t be more painful for a mother, that her son dies. She asks pandit when will temple work get complete. Pandit says it will be completed in some time. Bebe says it would be good if it completed by tomorrow, Mannu’s Shah naming ceremony is tomorrow.

Pandit tells her about donation, Jagan did not know it, he did not tell me. Bebe says I promised to give 1,21000. She asks pandit to take money tomorrow. She says Charan was Shah of Panaviya, there should be nothing else. She asks Amba to feed baby and shouts. Amba is not able to feed Bheeru and thinks this did not happen at Simran and Gunjan’s time. She asks Bheeru to go, and Bebe should not see him. Bheeru silently comes home with milk. Raavi sees him. He gets tensed.

Bheeru greeting Raavi. He goes. She says something is fishy. He takes milk for the baby. She says why is he acting like a thief. Amba feeds milk to the baby and calms the baby. She asks did anyone see. Bheeru says don’t know, Raavi was outside, when there is cow at home, why is goat milk needed. Amba says goat milk is light and easy for baby’s digestion. Raavi hears this and says Amba is not feeding her baby. Amba says if Bebe knows I m not feeding baby, it will be big issue. Raavi says this is big thing, Bebe should know this, I will use this new right way. Amba says Bebe will call doctor and do my treatment, I can’t give Mannu to anyone else.

Its morning, Bebe scolds Raavi for being greedy. Bebe asks her to keep jewelry, cradle is made, decorate it with jewelry, we will
do Jalsa for new Shah tonight. She says all this is for Amba.

Bebe says when I became Shah’s mum, my mum in law gave me all this, I keep you bahus so well. She shows the ancestral bangle. Raavi smiles seeing it and likes it. Bebe says I will give this bangle to the new Shah. Raavi says but its big for Mannu. Bebe asks her to stop her greed now. She asks Amba to keep all this safe. Raavi says you always scold me, you did not give me anything. Amba asks Raavi not to worry. Bebe says you got much before, Amba’s son is becoming Shah.

Raavi asks Bebe to make same bangle for Sukhi. Bebe says he is just son, not Shah and scolds her. Amba says I never differentiated between children, Sukhi has same right. Raavi argues with her and says Jagan and I will do everything for Sukhi. Bebe asks Raavi to decorate the cradle. Raavi is angry and says Amba can’t even feed the baby, see what I do, Kaikeyi sent Ram on vanvas, see where does your new Shah go.

Bebe says Raavi is doing drama, and Amba you are getting respect because of this heir, get ready to go to temple, keep this bangle safe. Jagan comes and Bebe scolds him asking him to manage his wife. She says this is why Lord gave a son to Amba. He gets angry and goes to Raavi. Raavi sits crying. He holds her hair and asks her not to make him more mad. He asks why did she argue with Bebe.

She asks him to kill her. She says my heart broke, you know Bebe is doing everything for Amba, can’t you see, I can see everything, I asked Bebe and she got angry, Bebe is giving everything to Amba, she is forgetting us. He scolds her and asks her to see, Amba got a son and he will become Shah, this was decided. She asks who decided this, I want my husband and son’s right. He asks what can we do now, the baby will become Shah in evening today. She says so what, Charan was also Shah, when he died, Shah’s place got vacant. He says let Mannu become Shah, I will kill him. They smile. She asks him to agree and she can tell Bebe the truth of Amba not feeding the baby, I have a solution.

Amba talks to Charan’s pic and says Bebe was regretting that she did not give this bangle to you, now she is giving this to Manpreet, the new Shah, its strange ritual of the world, if gender is unknown, then girl can become Shah, the heir, else girl can get killed, for the first time, my daughter will become Shah, this is my promise, Mannu will fulfill your dreams, my son will become bigger Shah than you.

Bheeru comes and asks what are you saying. She says Mannu has to do this, there is no other option. Bebe asks them to come to temple. Bebe calls everyone. Amba goes to her. Bebe taunts Jagan. She asks did you control your wife. Raavi comes and says I was not getting my earring. She acts good to the baby. They all leave.

Bebe and everyone reach temple. Bebe asks Jagan to donate money, till then we will do puja. He goes. Amba takes the baby to the temple. Waaris……plays……….. Bebe asks Raavi to get Amba’s shoes. Amba gets shocked. Raavi asks what? She fumes with anger and stares at Bebe.

Amba saying Simran will pick slippers, no need for Raavi to do this. Bebe says I m your saas, its my decision whom to punish and whom to give jewelry, whatever Raavi spoke to Jagan is between them, pick slippers Raavi. Raavi says its fine, Amba is elder and I don’t have trouble to serve elders. Raavi picks slippers. Amba and everyone pray. Simran and Gunjan ask Amba why is Shankar Lord blue. Amba says he wants to do good to everyone, he has drunk poison to save everyone from the poison that surfaced from the Samudra manthan, just like your dad.

Amba gets shocked seeing Harjeet’s son crying and crawling. Amba saves the boy. Amrit scolds Amba for trying to kill her son. The lady tells Amrit that she should be thankful to Amba, she saved the boy. Amrit gets shocked and apologizes
to Amba. Amba says now we see enmity in ourselves, and we think we can do anything, even killing a small baby, its not your mistake, situation is such. Amrit asks her son Raj to see the baby Mannu, and sits with Amba’s children. Amrit gives him shagun. Darje me phir kyu kami………. Waaris………….plays………….. She says Raj and Mannu are bonding. Amrit goes home and tells Lala ji that Amba saved Raj and I scolded her.

Lala ji says Bebe is also right, she lost her husband and son, I want Harjeet to end this enmity and get peace, however I try, a new plant of enmity is born, Amba has understood Charan’s words, she believes humanity is higher than any other relation of enmity, I m indebted to her. He asks Amrit to sit and talk. He tells that you have to keep courage, you have to take care of Raj, he is unable to walk, things will change, Raj will need you, be ready. He blesses Raj.

Its morning, everyone like Shah ji’s cradle and ask where is Shah ji. Amba gets Mannu. Bebe comes with Amba. Jagan gets angry seeing baby. Amba makes Mannu rest in cradle and thinks if world does not know baby’s gender, then even girl can become Waaris. Bebe asks Raavi to get bangle from Amba’s room. Raavi gets the bangle and is angry. Bebe asks pandit to do puja. Pandit does the puja. Raavi recalls Bebe’s words. She says shayari and is upto some plan. She says just see Amba, how I break all of your dreams. Raavi goes and gives bangle to Bebe.

Bebe scolds Raavi. Jagan signs Raavi. Bebe gives the bangle to pandit. Pandit asks Mata Rani to bless the baby, now its Shah ji’s duty to protect everyone. Amba smiles. Everyone cheer for Shah ji Manpreet. Jagan gets angry. Raavi signs him and goes.

Lakh khushiyaan…..plays……….. Raavi sings and dances. Bheeru gets the milk. Raavi intentionally collides with him and makes the milk can fall down. Amba gets shocked. The lady says its big abshagun that milk fell today. Bebe scolds Raavi for doing this abshagun. She raises her hand to slap Raavi. Jagan says when there is cow at home, why did Bheeru get milk from outside. He asks Bheeru whats special in this milk, answer me. Bheeru looks at Amba. Simran says what will Mannu drink now. Bebe gets shocked and looks at Amba. Bebe confronting Amba. Raavi and Jagan smile. The ladies say Amba can’t even feed milk to Shah, its so unfortunate. Bebe gets angry and scolds Amba. She says this is why Lord did not give you a son, now you got a son and you have kept him hungry. She pushes Amba angrily. Amba says its not my mistake, I m having pain, I m not able to feed him.

Bebe says why did you not tell me, you are feeding goat’s milk to my grandson, its sign of bad woman, who can’t feed their son. She asks Amba to hear the baby’s cry. Amba cries. Raavi says enough Bebe, we should first think of Shah, he can’t bear hunger, we will feed him goat’s milk, what can we do. Bebe pushes Raavi and says my grandson won’t drink goat’s milk, I won’t leave Amba. Raavi asks Jagan to say something. Jagan
asks what can I do in this. Bebe says I will tell you, Daai will feed the baby, go to Daai and talk to her fast, that lady needs money. Jagan goes.

Raavi talks to Sukhi and tells him that Jagan said I want to become king, then Bebe said you can’t become king, Mannu will become king, Jagan laughed seeing the puppy. She laughs. Jagan meets the lady Resham. Nekiram asks Resham to feed the Shah, and gives money asking her to do work well, feed baby such that his hunger ends. He pays money to Resham’s husband and gives some powder to her. Jagan smiles.

Raavi plays with Sukhi and is happy. Nekiram comes home with Resham and says Jagan’s car stopped midway, so he did not come till now. He makes the car tyre out and leaves. Bebe asks Resham is she fine. Resham nods. Bebe says baby is inside, he should not be hungry, your fate is good, you will feed Shah. Amba asks Mannu to calm down. Mannu cries. Resham comes there. She takes Mannu and says I will feed you milk, everything will be fine. She asks Amba to go out. Amba asks why. Resham says I have to feed baby. Amba says there is no man here. Bebe says baby can catch bad sight, you don’t sit here. Amba leaves. Resham feeds the baby.

Raavi tells Sukhi that a Rakshas has fed the puppy the poisonous baby, how will the puppy get saved now, he has to die now. Sukhi starts crying. Raavi says you cry a lot, I m dancing and you are crying, sleep now. Resham feeds the baby and goes to Resham. Bebe asks her to come for few days and feed the baby. She pays money and sends her. Bebe asks Amba to get healthy, I will make ghee harira for you, have it, maybe you can feed baby, else I will take you to doctor.

Simran and Gunjan talk about Amba said. Simran tells what Shankar Lord did and drank poison, so he turned blue. Gunjan says even our Mannu will do good to everyone, he is also turning blue. Simran says yes, Lord is coming. They pray. Gunjan runs out to Amba, and tells her that everything will be fine, no one will scold you, Mannu will do good of everyone. Amba hugs Gunjan and says yes, Mannu will do good for everyone, he will become Shah. Gunjan says he will become Lord Shankar, you know. Amba asks how. Gunjan says he is also turning blue like Lord Shankar. Amba gets shocked and rushes to see Mannu. Raavi looks on and smiles. Amba gets shocked seeing Mannu.

She asks Bheeru to see Mannu is not getting up, he turned blue. Bebe comes and asks what happened to Mannu. Amba says Mannu got blue, see him. Bebe asks her to remove his clothes, I will see if any bug has bitten him. Bheeru says we will not waste time, we will take him to doctor. Bebe says yes, where is Jagan. Raavi says he did not come. Bheeru says I will get Charan’s jeep, you get the baby. Bebe says yes, I will get keys, come fast. Bheeru tells them that jeep tyre is punctured, don’t know what to do. Bebe says hospital is very far, how will we take Mannu. Amba says there is a hakim in town. Bebe says don’t know whether he can help or not. Bebe prays.

Amba runs with the baby. Bebe and Bheeru go with her. Jagan smiles seeing them. Nekiram asks Jagan to go home and rest. Amba runs to the Hakim and asks him to open the door. He asks him to save her son. Hakim checks Mannu. Bebe and Amba cry. Hakim says poison is fed to baby. Amba, Bebe and Bheeru get shocked.

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