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Karan enters. Raj tells him to fight for him as he is a father too and knows how parents feel when it comes to their kid. Karan is quiet and Raj tells him that if he fights for him then he is ready to give him 10 crores for this case and he knows that you’re the best lawyer. Everyone is shocked. Raj says i will pay you how much you want. If you fight for my case, i will give you 10 crores. Don’t think i’m doing a favour but this money is your fees. Karan says Raj! For the first time i am hearing that 10 crores is given for a case and i have learned things from my father too. I have learned from my father not to take a case and fight for it only for money. Secondly Raj, you are asking me to take a case and fight against my maa. I know you hate her but be calm and think. That is the same mother that took care of my Abha as a daughter and she don’t even know who was Abha or her family. How could she do such a thing to Lata now? Her daughter in law? Making a true relationship is really hard and money is not everything Raj. Just one time for me, please think and i can’t fight this case for you. If i take this case for money today, what would i answer Paavni one day? I took a case against a mother who save my Abha’s life. Raj, please. We need to think as Arjun as times to think about others too. But i will not fight the case against maa. Raj gets angry and says if that is the case and you or Abha can’t fight my case, i will get the best lawyer in the country to fight against you. And i win and prove you. Tomorrow my lawyer will file this case in the court. Lata says you are right Raj, the case needs to be filed against the person who behaved so disgustingly towards me and the punishment needs to be given. Am i right father? Uday says yes, the person who does a mistake will need to pay for it. Uday says i know that my daughter would not make a wrong move and my blessings is always with you and smiles. Lata looks to Abha and says tomorrow Raj will file the case against maa at the court. I want my lawyer which is you to file a case at the court tomorrow against Grandmother. Raj and Grandmother is shocked and Raj says what? What are you saying Lata? Against Grandmother? Court case?

Lata says because if there is anyone who needs to be punished, its Grandmother and not Aruna. Raj asks are you in your sense Lata? I know that you are worried but that doesn’t means you can speak everything. You know about everything and yet you are saying like this? Lata says i know and that is why i am saying this but i should have done all this way back time. If anything happens to me or my child, its only because of this lady. Raj says what are you saying? Lata says i have seen this lady’s true face long time back. She shows her fake mother love and there is no mistake of you in this. I tried so much to bring the truth to you but i could not. And because of her, you are hating your own mother. Raj says Lata! Lata says Karan is right and to save maa, i will file the case and my sister will fight the case for me against Grandmother. Today you might not understand my word but i will promise to you that the next time i say about this, i will speak with all the proof. Raj gets angry and leaves while Grandmother follows. Abha goes to Lata and Lata says Abha, you and Karan go and try to bring maa out. Uday says go Abha, both of you go and i am here with Lata. Abha asks Lata to take care and leaves with Karan asking Uday to take care. Lata goes and hugs Uday. At Swarn Bhavan, Shelly is playing with Paavni and Priyanka and Sushant comes to Shelly and says that she wants to open a bank account so that once Nishant grows big and it will be usefull for him. So can you please put the guarantor’s signature? Shelly says of course and takes the document and is about to sign them and Kanika comes and asks Shelly to stop. Kanika comes and says Priyanka, you are trying to take Vimal’s insurance policy by getting Shelly’s signature. Pratibha is shocked and Kanika continues that Shelly is signing it. Shelly asks what is it and Kanika takes the document and shows the zerox paper and says to Priyanka that its not your mistake, till that person is by your side, you will be going in the wrong way. Why don’t you understand that he is not good? If he is, why he transferred money to his own account? And Sushant, listen to me. Aruna is shown at the jail asking for water and the police says give the water to her as she needs energy to answer me as i will know how to get the truth from her. Abha enters the jail and Abha says you don’t worry me, i am here. Aruna says i’m worry about Lata, how is she? Abha says she and the baby is fine. The police is watching this. Abha says that till the truth is out to Raj, you will stay with me at Swarn Bhavan and this was Lata’s wish. Aruna says but Lata would be alone. Abha says don’t worry, Uday is with her.

The police calls Abha saying this is not a coffee shop for a mother and daughter to sit and talk. You yourself decide that you can bring her back? Its evening and the court is closed. What would you do? Abha says my husband has gone to the court to get the bail papers and he will be here soon.The police says you are very brave. But remember that this hapiness is not good for you. Abha says a person will get their right and please do another thing for me. The police says what can i do? Abha says take out your register book and take this down. My sister Lata Signhania wants to file a case against Grandmother Shikawat. This is the related complain. I will file the case in the court in the morning. The police says what is happening? I am trying to help your sister but something else is happening? The police says you can file the case against anyone you want but i will get the wrong person. Abha and the police have some exchange of words and Karan comes in with the bail papers.

The police argues with Abha again and talks rudely to Karan and Abha says behave yourself as he is my husband. The lawyer Karan Jagmohan Prasad and listen to him. I feel that my sister is not safe there and i need police protection for her. The police says looks like you have came here well prepared. Alright, i will give the police protection and you can now leave with your mother. The police asks Aruna to leave with Abha and all of them leave the station. A constable says there was a complain that a few goons were going after a guy and the police is shown doing a roadblock. The police says Karan and Abha’s car and ask to stop them. The police goes to Karan’s car and says so its you again. Get down from the car where Abha and Karan gets off the car while Aruna remains inside. The police says i think before i do something and you are talking too much. Go and open the car boot, i would do the checking for your car as its my duty. Karan opens his car boot and the child in the car sees Karan and calls Papa and Karan is shocked. Abha and the police looks and the child holds Karan and calls Papa.

Karan opens the trunk and the kid calls him dad. All are shocked. Karan takes the kid in his arms and the lady inspector tells Abha that seems like your whole family is something. Your own sister want you to fight her case. She does not suspect her mother in law. Here you guys put your child in trunk and don’t you have seat in front for him to sit. Police lady says that seems like your family is falling apart. Abha tells her to complete her formalities. Police lady says fine. She asks the kid who put him in trunk. Kid is looking at Karan. At that time police constable comes and tells her to come with her as there is some other problem. Police lady leaves. Shelly asking Priyanka that by cheating you wanted to take my signature. Shelly says that Sushant is making you go against your own family. You want Vimal’s insurance policy money, fine I will put his policy under your name but please stop trusting Sushant. Sushant says that it was him to deposit money in his account so if any legal action needed then it will be on him not on Priyanka. Sushant says that his way was wrong so I ask forgiveness. Karan and Abha asking the kid questions on who put him in trunk and what is his name. Kid is not saying anything. Police lady returns and questions kid. Karan says that kid was bugging them to go with us, but we said no so he must have hid in the trunk. She tells Abha that keep an eye on your husband and the kid. Next time put kid on a seat not trunk. Sushant is headed out, but Sheetal stops him saying that do you know what happened to Lata. Sushant says that this is your fifth time telling me all this. He says that he is in a hurry as he starts to walk out. He sees Karan with kid, Abha and Aruna returning. Sushant is shocked. Karan tells the kid that lets go to our room and I will make you meet a cute doll. Sheetal asks whose kid is this and Lata is only 3 months pregnant. Abha says aunt, Pratibha asks abha whose kid is this and Abha says that she does not know because kid was in their car trunk. Abha says that she could not leave the kid as the police stopped us and it is evening. Kid also called Karan dad. Kid will sleep tonight and tomorrow morning I will go and file a child missing report. She asks Pratibha if she did right. Priyanka also comes and Sushant says that you are weird that a kid calls you parents and you bring the kid home. Are you sure if this kid is not (Sushant meant Karan’s kid). Abha stares at him. Abha tells that please come and I need to speak with you regarding Lata. Abha leaves with Pratibha and Sheetal follows them. Sushant tells Priyanka that lets go to market and buy Nishant’s items.

Priyanka says that did you not have to go to somewhere for important meeting. Sushant says that Nishant is more important and he thinks that it is alright if Karan’s work not finished but I will make sure the other big work gets done. Karan is shown putting the kid on bed and talking to him. Karan is asking him questions to find out where he is from. Abha also enters and sees kid hugging karan. Abha tells Karan that kid is very scared and check his pockets to see if you find anything. Karan checks and finds nothing. Karan tells him to eat something but kid says no. Karan says that if you eat then Abha aunty will give you chocolate. Kid still says no so Abha says that even she is hungry so lets have competition. But kid says no and Karan gives the food plate to Abha back. Karan tells that there is a little baby and lets make you sleep next to baby. Lata enters in their room. Raj tells Lata to take her medicines. Lata takes the medicine. Raj tells her to rest now. Lata tells if room light is low then there will be more eye strain. Lata tells that I will turn on the light, but Raj says thanks and it is not needed. Raj turns off the light and sleeps and so does Lata.

Karan is surprised that Lata did not tell anything. Abha tells that even Lata did not know about Grandmother’s truth. She only came to know few days back. Abha says that she is afraid that now Raj and Lata will have distance. Karan says that distance will be for sometime but once Raj knows the truth then everything will be alright. Raj tells Lata that he is sad on what has happened to Lata, but I gurantee that now our child will not face anymore danger. Lata says if this is what you wanted then you would have supported me today. She says that you did not for once thought that if I have mentioned Grandmother’s name then I have a valid reason for it. Raj says that even you did not think that if I am supporting Grandmother then I also have a valid reason. Karan says that look at our relation that today this kid called me Dad and you did not even suspected me for once. Abha comes and gives him medicine and tells Karan that she trusts him more than herself. Karan tells that what if I had an affair then Abha says not possible because you can never cheat as no other girl will be with you as only I can be with you. Karan says then I have to show you by doing an affair. Abha says that it is not your thing because you are a typical husband. Abha says that I have to go and prepare for the case and karan says that he does not want to because he wants to do something else. Abha says that you have to help me so lets go. They leave the room. Raj says that we both want same thing that to punish the culprit. Lata says that we are fighting to get justice to our life partner.

Abha and Karan are in their room preparing the case. Lata says that I hope the truth prevails. Raj says that soon we will know who is with truth and lie. Abha and Karan shown preparing and Raj covers Lata with a comforter. Karan also sleeps on bed and Abha is by Karan’s bedside and covers him with comforter. Grandmother says not matter how hard you try to finish this game. I have played this game with so cleanly that nobody can suspect me. You won’t be able to save your dear mother in law. Ranchod is trying to flee and talking to himself that last time I did not want to go to Swarn Bhavan but Abha pulled him and this time I want to got to Swarn Bhavan badly then here I am stuck. The bad guys pulls him and throws him on ground. The bad guy tells that you are trying to run away but all the doors and windows are locked from outside. Ranchod says that I am not running away. It is so hot and I am sweating so trying to get some air. Ranchod says that you guys have no fan and no air conditioning and no food. Ranchod says wha type of goons are you. Some other goons brings him the food. One of the bad guy holds his neck and says that you will eat this. Ranchod says that I am a superstar and you guys don’t watch tv but I can’t eat this type of food. Ranchod tells them if I hurt myself then you won’t gey tour payement and your boss will get upset at you. The bad guy tells other bad guy to bring whatever he asks. Ranchod says bring dozen bananas, 1 litre milk, bread and sauce. Also bring cigratte. 3 bad guys leave to get food for Ranchod and one bad guy has stayed back. Priyanka and Sushant are in market and people talking that her husband died few days back and here she is already hanging out with some other guy. Sushant speaks to those badmouthnig ladies and tells them there thinking is so low. He comes back and Priyanka asks him what was the need to talk to those people. Sushant says that he can’t tolerate someone speaking ill of you.

Priyanka leaves. Sushant is happy with this type of development. Now I have to pay those women the money for saying what I told them to say. Sushant says that I am happy because soon a new storm is coming. Sushant says that lets see Abha how will you save your husband. It is morning and Abha is shown in full lawyer uniform.

Its morning and Abha takes her files and Karan comes in the room saying i have also written some points in here and gives Abha the file. Abha says i will go down and wait for you, come down faster and Pratibha is praying singing the Prabhu Ji Kirpa song and Uday is shown praying and singing with Lata at Raj’s house. Everyone takes Pratibha’s blessings and Pratibha says truth would always win and it will today too. Lata gives Uday offerings and Lata brings the aarti to Raj and Lata gives him offering and moves on to Grandmother and gives her prasad. Grandmother takes it and Lata says Grandmother, you are elder and bless that i win this case. Grandmother says you are right, even your sister needs this blessings because she is fighting for your case right? At Swarn Bhavan, Pratibha says i have full trust that you will win this battle and Shelly brings Jagmohan’s lawyer coat and passes to Pratibha where Pratibha says this is your papa’s coat and i want you to wear this coat today and fight today. Abha says but maa, this coat is only Karan’s rights. Karan says that is right but Abha and Karan are not different as they are one. Abha, today if Papa is alive, he would have wanted the same for you to wear this coat. You too have rights on this as much as i have and this is the first case we are fighting for after papa left us and we shall get justice for Aruna. The small boy is thinking of Ranchod playing with him and a woman in the hospital and wakes up calling papa. At Raj’s house, Lata says papa always told me that no one needs to be with truth and Raj says father, ( Uday) its getting late for me and i need to leave. Uday says Lata, you need rest and you will stay back. Lata agrees and Raj leaves with Uday and Lata prays that truth must win. The small boy calls Papa and comes down and Karan goes to the boy saying you have woken up? Come here and the boy hugs Karan and Karan carries him. Karan says i will introduce you to your friends and brings him to Asmi and Asmi has drawn a hospital picture where the boy looks at the hospital picture and is scared. Karan asks what happened? The boy says mama and Abha sees.

The goons are with Ranchod where Ranchod is playing with a radio and the goon says we kidnapped him and he is behaving like our boss. Another goon says if anything happens to him, we would not get our payment and Ranchod asks for oats and one of the mix and gives to Ranchod. Ranchod says why so watery? Bring me the banana’s? Let me do a shake. Do you know how much of fans i have and if they knew that you have kidnapped me, they would not spare you. Ranchod mixes the oats with banana and drinks it and vomits it and falls down saying bring me to the hospital and they get panic and carries Ranchod to the hospital. Karan asks the boy where is your mother and the boy says at the hospital. Karan asks what is you mother doing there? You have seen and know where is it? The boy says its near the temple and the room number is 6 and Abha says Karan, maybe if we go to the hospital, we could find out about his parents? Kanika says there is a temple near the goverment hospital. Maybe he is referring to that hospital? Shelly says even i think we would get a clue from there and Abha says yes Karan, you bring the boy and go and i will bring Aruna and go to the court and Karan agrees and carries the boy and bring away. Ranchod makes noise saying save me at the hospital and Karan is shown entering the hospital with the small boy. Ranchod keeps shouting and the goons says nothing will happen to you. Karan says do you have the guest’s pass as i need to visit someone. The nurse says please wait as there is an emergency and Ranchod is taken past the small boy where Ranchod doesn’t sees the boy but the boy sees Ranchod and calls Papa but Ranchod doesn’t hears. Karan comes to the boy and looks at the direction the boy is looking and the boy says i have two papa and Karan says here and the boy points towards Ranchod and Karan says don’t worry and i’m here. The nurse enters and asks everyone else to leave the room and the nurse asks Ranchod what happened to you? Ranchod keeps shouting saying please call the doctor and the nurse leaves the room and Ranchod looks at the goons from the window. Ranchod looks around and sees something and smiles. Someone is shown coming out from the nurse room and Ranchod comes out wearing as lady nurse with a wig and the face covered. The goon says wait where Ranchod is scared and looks at Ranchod and says is the patient inside fine? Ranchod signals that he is fine and leaves. The doctor enters Ranchod’s room and asks where is the patient and the goon says the tall nurse? Its him and they start searching for Ranchod. Karan is walking towards the ward with the small boy and they sees Ranchod wearing a guy’s shoe and starts chasing him. Ranchod pass by Karan and sees Karan but Karan doesn’t sees Ranchod.

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