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Ranchod thinks to himself that once i get out from here, you are finished Sushant. One of the goons brings food for Ranchod and unties the rope from his hands and Ranchod sees his phone and somehow grabs the phone without his knowledge. Ranchod sets a police siren as the goon’s ringing tone and pretends asking for water and the goon asks why are you so good today? Ranchod says the police is coming and the phone rings and all the goons says who called them? Ranchod says i did and all of them run away and Ranchod says all of you are so ‘genius’ and i made them a fool with a ringing tone and Ranchod unties his legs and hands and leaves. Karan says to the kid that we will be going back to Swarn Bhavan tomorrow and the kid sees a poster and runs to it and Karan comes and sees Ranchod’s movie posted titled Rowdy Ranchod in 777 and says Ranchod? Karan carries the kid and says he is your papa? The kid nods his head and Karan says this kid is related to Ranchod and the kid is calling me papa because i look like Ranchod. But how is this kid related to Ranchod?

Lata says father, we need to find out about DM Shikawat by no means and Abha says if not we will not find any proof against Grandmother. Uday says surely but truth will not remain silent and a person who does mistake will surely leave behind some proof withour realizing and Grandmother must have left something like that. Abha says you are right father, Abha asks Lata, you went to Grandmother’s room, did you found anything? Lata says yes and i found these photographs and passes some old photographs of Grandmother to Lata. One of the picture, Grandmother is holding a baby and Abha asks who is this ? Lata says perhaps, this could be Grandmother’s son? Abha says Grandmother’s son? Lata says yes, Father. Till today Raj respects Grandmother because she sacrificed her own child to save Raj. Abha says to save the life of others, Grandmother lose her own child? Father, could be DM Shikawat be Grandmother’s son? Grandmother is speaking on the phone saying luckily you didn’t go to the bank and i know that they would plan something. Till this case is over, we need be to so careful and how i made sure no one know about DM Shikawat all this while, we need to maintain the same till we get the position and the plan i have made in inheriting the Singhania’s fortune and laughs saying Abha, keep finding the DM Shikawat. Karan gets down from a taxi with the small boy and a guy comes and takes the small boy and starts running and Karan runs after the guy.

Kanika and Shelly comes to Pratibha and says we have got the payment for our business and i want that this money is given to all my three daughters and says this was only because we all were together where the money is divided into three shares. You three must never leave each another and all of us will be happy and get better. A person comes in to Shelly and says there is a note for you and Shelly opens and reads it. Pratibha says its from who and Shelly says its from Asmi’s school and its about her school fees reminder. Its alright, i will speak to the headmaster and say that we would enrol Asmi next year. Pratibha says one year? Shelly says the fees is expensive and i don’t wish to burden Abha and Karan. Plus there is so many expenses. Pratibha says its alright, tell me how much is it and Kanika says bhabhi, you can take it from money too and i don’t need so much of money. Shelly says what are you saying, you are pregnant now and you will need the money for food, treatment and medicines. Maa, make her understand. Pratibha says why don’t we take some from Priyanka’s share and once the payment is in, we return back to Priyanka? Shelly says maa, Priyanka needs the money for Nishant. What would happen, its only one year. Pratibha says Priyanka would not mind and Priyanka says its alright Shellyi you keep it and Shelly says take it and fill up the admision form and gives the money to Shelly. Shelly thanks Priyanka and Priyanka smiles and Pratibha gives Priyanka and Kanika her share. Kanika says maa, have you kept aside Abha’s share? Pratibha says we only received this much and Karan and Abha wanted me to give all three of you. I know that i am so lucky to get such son and daughter. Karan runs into a house and someone hits Karan on his head and he faints. Priyanka is in her room and Sheetal comes in saying poor child, you are not seeing anything. You are neglecting Nishant’s rights. Who would give you money if Nishant needs anything. Kanika has her in law and you saw Shelly who has the support of everyone. And you have who? No one and stop thinking of others instead of your ownself and needs and leaves.

Abha is with Lata saying tomorrow is the case and i have not found any proof. Tanvi comes to Lata showing her drawn family tree saying its a collage and its a project in the school and Abha sees Tanvi’s picture with a background photo of Grandmother carrying the baby in her arms. Abha asks where did you took this photo? Tanvi says i took this photo when i was in Papa’s house and Abha looks at Lata and says you have one this very well and keep this properly. Lata says Abha? Abha says Dev has something to do this and we need to get the proof for this. Shelly is leaving with the form and the money and and Priyanka says i’m sorry Shelly but you can’t leave with this money as i need my money back. Look Shelly, today Asmi needs money and you don’t have money. How if Nishant needs money and i don’t have? Shelly says but Priyanka, today is the last date. Priyanka says but Shelly, i cant help it and this money is for me and Nishant and its my rights. Shelly says Nishant is no less than Asmi for me and we are not taking away Nishant’s rights. Here, keep your money and don’t think such things. Pratibha says what is happening here? Priyanka says none of you are thinking of Nihsnat, why should i think of Asmi and leaves and Sheetal comes to Pratibha and says now your family has become two again and girls these days can’t understand the values of life and leaves. Shelly consoles Pratibha.

Its at the court and everyone is waiting for Abha while Grandmother is smiling. Lata and Aruna is looking at each another. The lawyer says we should not be waiting for Abha as she is yet to reach the court and guess she is not coming since she has not found any evidence against my client. Abha’s car arrives and the lawyer is shown saying end this case as there is no evidence against my client. Abha is shown running towards the court and as the judge says since the defense lawyer… and Abha says please stop sir. Aruna and Lata gets happy and Grandmother is worried. Abha says i came here running, could i drink some water? The judge says yes and Abha drinks water. Your honour, on the way here, i saw a very bad accident and the person died on the spot. And i could not leave the person back and the person was none other than my sister’s husband. Devasish Mukherjee and that is why i was late. He may have no relationship to me but i could not leave him behind. Lata and Grandmother is shocked and Abha says that God should not have given such death to him and Grandmother shouts enough!!! Raj says Grandmother? and Abha looks at Grandmother.

Abha say Dev has died a horrible death, Grandmother stands up and pretends she needs air. Abha says see even Grandmother is feeling effect and she was not even there to see the accident. Abha again says how horribly Dev died. Grandmother loses it and comes to Abha and tell t be quite and then tells Raj that Dev is her son. Shelly is sad in her room, looking at Asmi school things and think whats going to happen, She talk to Vimals Pic while Abha’s dad is stand at the door listening. Shelly talks how unfortunate Asmi is then Abha’s Dad comes in and tells Shelly is has already paid the School fee and bought some more school supplies for Asmi. Grandmother continues to say Dev is her son , her only son. how she kept him hidden. Dev comes running in the court room asking Grandmother what happened then Grandmother sees that Dev is alright. Dev says why did you call me to court. Lata gets up and says Grandmother did not, i did. Grandmother looks shocked at Lata.

Abha accuses Grandmother for hiding her son away so she could get control of family and property of Raj and slowly give everything to her son Dev. Grandmother acusses Abha for lying and putting wrong blame on her. Raj sits down from shock. Grandmother goes and sit as well. Abha turns to judge saying Grandmother has lied for such a long time to own people. And once Lata found out Grandmothers plan thats she tried to harm Lata. Grandmother stands up and starts laughing. She says that Abha and Lata are playing games. She knew what Abha was about to . Judge asks Grandmother to come and stand in the witness stand say what she want. Grandmother says she knew what was going to happen and she just went along with it. She saya Abha wants to put her down in front of Raj, the truth is Dev is not her son. Abha get angry and looks at Grandmother and slowly walks towards her. Abha quickly take the gun from a police officer stand by and aims the gun at Dev.

Sushant is walking around with Nishant. Priyanka comes in and ask why is he looking worried. Sushant says nothing. he says is ok just being with Nishant he feels more calm. But Priyanka insist for him to tell his worries. Sushant say for past few days he has not being able to go to work and due to that he has lost his job and the house which came with the job. he says he does not know what to do. Priyanka tells him wait here she will be back, Priyanka comes back with money and insist Sushant to take the money. but he refuses. Shelly and Kanika are walking by and sees this. Priyanka says you are family. Sushant says he feels bad coz he is Veer’s freind and was sent here by her family. but he takes the money because She is insisting it. Abha is pointing the gun at Dev and Grandmother screams for Abha not to shoot Dev. Abha says no Dev deserves to dies because he has destroyed her sisters life. if courts not going to help, she is going to take law in her hand. Grandmother Says Dev is her son. Grandmother admits all saying how she was fooling Raj all this time. then Abha says that during that pooja day when Lata found out the truth , you tried to kill her. Grandmother say yes , yes I did tried to kill Lata. Everyone is shock looking at Grandmother.

Grandmother admits what she did , Grandmother said because she is the one who raised Raj and she did not want any heirs to be born in Rajs family and she was to kill Lata and blames Aruna , so Aruna could go to jail. Every one is shock. Raj is so shocked that he just sits back down. Abha gives back the gun to police officer and says sorry. Abha turns to the judge and says sorry for doing all this, but it was necessary to bring the truth out. everyone starts clapping. Abha tell the judge the decision is in your hands. Prabhita , Priyanka and Shelly are eating at the table Kaniaka comes in and Shelly asks is everything ok. Kanika says nothing is ok. Kanika i was quite when Priyanka took money away from Shelly and gave it to that untrustworthy Sushant. Priyanka say i gave him money because he has helped me when i needed the most and he is the only one who thinks of Nishants future. Kanika says i saw him spending the money on others thing and lottery ticket. Sushant comes in and says Yes Kanika is right she saw me spending money but what she didnt see was , that i bought things for Nishant , clothes and toys . Sushant asks Priyanka to go see if this clothes will fit Nishant. Priyanka says look you were accusing a guy who only thinks good for me and my child. The judge says Grandmother will be sentenced to 7 years in jail. Everyone looks happy and relieved. The judge says Aruna is free to go.

Pratibha is talking about Laxman following Ram wherever he goes and never leaves him alone and they set a good sibling example and Ranchod is stnding in front of Swarn Bhavan wearing Karan’s clothes. Pratibha says that Ram always brings Laxman whenever he goes and when Ram has problems, Laxman helps him out. Ranchod comes in and looks around Swarn Bhavan and Sushant sees Ranchod entering and wondering how is he here? As Ranchod walks, he realize the photos of his brother’s and Jagmohan on the wall and Ranchod gets sad but he controls and doesn’t shows it. Ranchod walks to Pratibha and Pratibha says Karan, you are back? Ranchod looks at Shelly and Pratibha and Pratibha says why are you looking like that? Ranchod takes blessings from Pratibha and Shelly asks Karan, have you found the parents of the small kid? Ranchod nods his head and Ranchod asks where are the balance family members? Pratibha says Abha has gone to the court for the case, you go and have some rest. As Grandmother is taken away by the police, Grandmother looks at Lata and says you have failed my plan of all these years. But your winning would not last and remember this!

Nishant is crying and Priyanka says i will go and get medicines for you. Kanika and Shelly enters and Kanika says i have brough these medicines for Nishant’s fever. Sushant says bring it to me and i am also worried for Nishant. Both Kanika and Shelly leaves the room and Priyanka says to Sushant to look after Nishant as she will go to get the milk for Nishant and Nisgant changes the medicines that Kanika gave and gives Nishant another medicines and Nishant starts crying and foam starts coming from his mouth. Priyanka says Sushant, come and see what happened to my Nishant and Sushant comes and says what happened? Looks like something is wrong with the medicine Kanika gave and lets go to the hospital and they leave. At the court, Lata goes to Abha and hugs each another. Aruna walks to Raj and both Lata and Abha turns and looks. Raj says please forgive me and Aruna says no my son, its not your mistake. I have got you back and what else do i need? Aruna turns and starts walking and Raj calls Aruna maa. Abha and Lata smiles and Raj says lets go back home mother. At the hospital, Sushant and Priyanka comes saying please save the life of this child and the doctor brings in Nishant and as the nurse says we need the signature of the baby’s parents and Sushant signs the form. The doctor comes out and says how could you give such high dosage medicine for a small child? You were lucky that you brought him on time or his life could have been in danger. Sushant asks how is he now and the doctor says he is fine but take good care. Priyanka is crying and Sushant says i don’t want to say this but Nishant is a boy and the only heir to Swarn Bhavan. That is why Shelly and Kanika must have given this medicine. Priyanka , how long will you remain single? Listen to me and there is a way. You need to marry me for Nishant’s future. Priyanka looks at Sushant. Sushant says i will be waiting for you at the temple and you will surely come for Nishant. See you later and Sushant leaves a thinking Priyanka. Abha comes back and all asks Abha how did the case went? Abha says i won the case and gives the coat to Pratibha saying Papa’s blessings was with me. Do you know that Grandmother admitted her mistakes and Pratibha says god is there and the truth would always prevail. Go up as Karan is waiting for you and Abha says he is back and goes up.

Ranchod is in the room saying Ranchod Tiwari is saving his brother’s life and that too without anyone knowing and Abha enters the room saying Karan, i have won the case. Abha looks at Ranchod and remains silent. Priyanka is dressed as a bride and Sheetal says don’t think too much as not everyone gets a second chance. You have got one where Nishant would get a father and you would get a husband. Ranchod looks at Abha and smiles and Abha says Ranchod? Ranchod says you are really great and that’s true love. Abha says but how come are you in Karan’s clothes? Where is Karan? Ranchod says Ranchod is back after a long time and instead of asking how am i and how is my film, you keep asking where is Karan? Your husband is my brother and Abha says don’t joke and how is he? Ranchod says he is fine and the child is also save. I am keeping him in a save place. Such a huge thing has taken place and no one thought of informing me? Why? That is why i am keeping him in another place and Ranchod explains what happened. Its revealed that the person who hit Karan on the head was Ranchod’s person. Abha says i need to meet Karan nowitself and Ranchod says this is why i didn’t want to tell you as you would turn into Mother India and spoil my plan. You just listen to me. Sushant wants to kill Karan. Abha says why would Sushant kill Karan? Ranchod says how do i know? Am i the James bond? You are and this is your house. Shelly runs in and Abha asks Ranchod to hide his cigarate and Shelly says Priyanka left this note saying she is going to marry Sushant and Abha is shocked.

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