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aunt Kanta says to Shaurya that will you give her all your wealth? do you love Mahek that much? shaurya looks away, unable to answer her, Kanta snickers and leaves.

Mahek is calling Shaurya but he doesnt pick her call. Shaurya stops his car from driving and calls Mahek. Mahek picks and asks where did you go? everyone was finding you, Shaurya says did you think that i ranaway again? Mahek says please I wasnt thinking like that, if you had to runaway then why would you come behind me? I am sorry, i didnt mean it bad way, Shaurya says its okay, i had important work so I left and dont worry, i will never leave you alone now, Mahek says are you sure that everything is fine? Shaurya says yes and whats not fine, i will make it fine, good night, he ends call. Mahek thinks and says there is something fishy, Shaurya is tensed.

Svetlana slaps her killer and says you have no mind, you tried to kill Shaurya three times but failed, dont show your face again, get lost. Killer leaves. Svetlana says Sanjay has fools with him, how to stop Mahek from coming into to Shaurya’s life? there have to be some way.

In the morning, all are having breafast in Sharma house. Mahek sadly looks at Kanta’s closed room door. Jeevan says dont have hopes, she will come out of her cave when she wants, dont stress yourself. Shaurya comes there with papers. All see him, Nehal says I havent seen such desperate groom, he keep coming to his inlaws house, Shaurya nudges Nehal’s head. Shaurya says I have come to meet Kanta, Ravi says what if she says bad things to you? Shaurya says so what? she is my mother, she has right to scold me. Balwant says more problems are going to happen.

Shaurya comes to Kanta’s room, Kanta says you came again? Shaurya says people dont trust me and i used to never trust anyone but then Mahek came in my life and I even started to trust God, i told you that I just want Mahek happy and her happiness involve you, she loves you more than herself, for Mahek’s happiness, i agree with all your demands, Kanta is stunned. Outside Kanta’s room, all are tensed that Kanta and Shaurya havent come out.

In room, Shaurya shows papers to Kanta, she sees his will, Shaurya says i do everything with focus and honesty, i was doing business for my benefit, when I get angry i destroy myself and others and now when I am loving so you can understand that how much I will love Mahek. Kanta sees papers and is shocked. Shaurya says I jsut want to love Mahek, i know her happiness is you and your happiness is Mahek’s future so I have done what you wanted.

Shaurya says to Kanta that whatever was in my name, i have given that to Mahek. My property, my restaurant, my money, everything is in Mahek’s name and when we will have kids after marriage then 50% will go to them, me and my family will not have any right on all of this. This is total of 150crores and it will be all of Mahek, you are scared that i might repeat mistakes so see I have solved all your problems, one thing I have not given to Mahek, that are my 15 clothes, i mean they are useless to Mahek.

Kanta feels guilty and recalls how Mahek kept telling her that Shaurya has changed, how Kanta said that Shaurya will throw her away again, how she trapped Shaurya in fake kidnapping case, Kanta thinks that i couldnt see his truth, what happened by me? Shaurya turns to leave but Kanta holds his hand and says stop.

Kanta cries and says where are you going? i scolded you so much, i made you lose blood but you didnt back away, how will Mahek find such nice guy? she pulls him and hugs him, she cries on his shoulder, Shaurya smiles, Kanta says forgive me, i kept thinking wrong about you, wont you forgive Maa? Shaurya says dont say sorry, just bless me, Kanta says i stooped so low, i was wrong, i lied, i hurt you and kept thinking that i was right, forgive me please, one minute.

She gives will back to him and says I dont need it, you said so I trust you that you will keep Mahek happy always, i dont need these papers. Shaurya says they are needed, these papers can stay with you, it doesnt matter if property is in Mahek’s name or mine when Mahek is mine herself. Kanta smiles and kisses his head.

Kanta gives will to Shaurya and says its not needed, Shaurya says its needed, it doesnt matter if Mahek has property or me when Mahek is mine herself. Kanta caresses his face and says be happy always, Shaurya says dont cry, let go out, all must be tensed, she nods. Shaurya brings Kanta out of room, all Sharma family members are tensed. Mahek is worried, she asks what happened? Kanta says you dont have peace, cant i talk to my son in law for a minute?

Mahek says but what talk.. she stops and says son in law? means? she smiles in shock, she says Chachi? Kanta nods and hugs her, all smile. Nehal and Mohit hi-five, Kanta says we did many mistakes too, its time to rectify them, Jeevan checks Kanta’s forehead and asks how she cooled down? Kanta says Shaurya would publish book about it, all laugh,

Kanta asks Mahek to forgive her, you were right, Shaurya has changed. Mahek says elders dont say sorry, they just bless younger ones and if you hadnt done that then we wouldnt have realized how much we love each other, she lovingly looks at Shaurya, Kanta gives Mahek’s hand in Shaurya’s hand, they touch her feet, Kanta blesses them, Shaurya smiles at Mahek.

Mahek thanks Shaurya in her room and says i dont know how you pacified Kanta chachi but you dont know how much happy you have made me, Shaurya says make me happy too, i have party in restaurant tonight, i will send dress for you, just wear it and come, she smiles.

All sharma family members get ready for Party. Mahek comes there in black pretty saree, Mansi says wow Shaurya has sent good saree, Nehal says Shaurya sent it for her, Mahek you are looking gorgeous. Mahek blushes.

Karona sits in car with Shaurya to go to restaurant for party. Someone is following them in other car, Karona sees some car following them in car mirror, she gulps and gets tensed. She keeps watching car following them. Shaurya sees her sweating and asks what is wrong? are your health? Karona says i am fine, Shaurya says why you are sweating? she says nothing, she turns on AC but her eyes are on car following them.

Shaurya arrives at restaurant. Mahek is working at food truck. Kanta asks her to not work today, your saree will be spoiled. Ravi says Shaurya has arrived, lets leave. Shaurya comes there, Karona asks Kanta how is she? she says i am fine now. Shaurya looks at Mahek and says wow, there must be some accidents in your society seeing you. Karona sees same car coming there. Shaurya puts hand on Mahek’s back and grabs her waist, she glares at him and asks what he is doing?

Mahek smirks at him. Karona stealthily comes to car and says i told you to not come near us, just call me for whatever you need but dont be seen especially now that Shaurya is getting married, past’s shadow should not cast on Shaurya again, he is starting his life afresh.

All come in Shaurya’s restaurant. PD scolds waiters to work nicely, PD says i left my phone at food truck, Shaurya says we will bring it, Shaurya drags Mahek with him. PD says he just need chance for romance, took her in lure of getting my phone, all laugh.
Shaurya brings Mahek to food truck, Mahek tries to search for Pd’s phone but Shaurya pulls her closer and puts hand on her bare waist, she says thats why you gifted me this saree?

We are getting late, Shaurya says party was to keep your family busy, your party is with me, Mahek says can i tell you a secret? what i want to do right now? he says what? Mahek says close your eyes, i will blush if you keep staring at me, Shaurya close his eyes. Mahek cups his face and leans in towards his lips, Shaurya smiles sensing she is about to kiss him but Mahek slaps him gently and runs away. Mahek pushes him away and starts running, Shaurya runs behind her and says paratha girl stop.

Mahek is running away from him on road and is about to get hit by a car, Karona sees this and gets shocked, Shaurya shouts for Mahek, Mahek stops before car can hit her. Car runs away, Shaurya says blo*dy hell, he throws stones at car, he panics seeing Mahek’s hand bleeding, Mahek says i am fine, Shaurya wipes her hand, he shouts on security guard that why i pay you? bring first aid box.

Mahek says why you are shouting? i am fine, Shaurya says there was a car in my parking lot and security didnt know, they are useless. Guard brings first aid box, Shaurya band aid’s Mahek’s hand, Shaurya says to guard that see CCTV footage and tell me number of that car then i will not spare that car. Karona asks him to calm down, so much anger is not good for you.

Sharma family comes there, Kanta asks what happened? Mahek says its just small wound, Shaurya says its not small wound, he gets angry, Mahek says calm down, its nothing, please we are here for party, Shaurya looks away, Mahek pulls him and hugs him tightly, he calms down. Karona says yes that car driver was fool, we should enjoy party, they go in restaurant.

Reporters are in restaurant, reporter asks Shaurya why they are marrying twice? Shaurya says first time when i married Mahek, i didnt know importance of marriage but Mahek made me realize it so i am marrying her again. One reporter says that there is another surprise we heard? Mahek asks what surprise? Shaurya brings Mahek to his business partners, he introduces Mahek to his business clients, Shaurya says this is my Mahek, one client says Shaurya you are lucky, you have got gorgeous wife.

Shaurya pulls Mahek closer and says not gorgeous but most gorgeous, Mahek blushes. Mahek excuses herself and goes to Kanta’s table. Mahek asks her family why they are sitting on back seat? lets meet everyone, Kanta says how will be mingle with that people, we will enjoy here, Ravi says only PD is enough for this party, if we start irritating Shaurya’s hifi guests then they will start crying, all laugh.

Svetlana comes there and sees Sharma family enjoying, she sees PD in kitchen and giving orders to waiters. Svetlana comes to PD and asks how are you? PD says how are you witch? i mean are you fine? Svetlana offers soft drink to PD, PD is about to drink it but Mahek comes there and stops her,

Svetlana says to guests that meet Mahek, she is going to be marrying Shaurya second time and is his only wife, I have to say that shaurya tried to leave you but you trapped Shaurya nicely. you have come to marry him again, Shaurya comes there and grabs Mahek’s hand, he angrily glares at Svetlana, he says Mahek lets go, she can spit poison only.

Svetlana holds Mahek’s hand and says sometimes poison is important, i hope you are not doing mistake again, i mean you know Shaurya nicely now, his goodness and badness and his past and all things regarding his past, Karona gets tensed hearing about his past.

Karona comes to Svetlana. Karona asks Svetlana to not make drama here if you cant be part of happiness, Svetlana says i have not created any drama till now, you want to see drama? you want it here? then have it, she throws wine on Mahek’s face, all are shocked, Shaurya fumes in anger seeing it.

Svetlana says you want more scene? she throws water on her face and says see I have made her pure to be our daughter in law, Shaurya shouts Mami.. Karona slaps Svetlana and says how dare you do that? Svetlana that this cheap girl dared to enter our house? Shaurya says out, he grabs Svetlana’s hand and drags her out or restaurant, he says i will see you at home, she says i will not spare you too, Shaurya yells out, she leaves.

Shaurya runs to Mahek and hugs her and says i am sorry, i will throw her out of house, i promise i wont let it happen, Mahek says its okay, i know she doesnt like me, you remember my family used to not like you, Jeevan Chacha broke this restaurant, Kanta Chachi made you get beaten by goons but you won their hearts with your goodness so I will win hearts with my goodness, promise me to not take any action, i will handle everything my way.

Karona says she is more sensible than my son, she asks Shaurya to do announcement. Mahek cups Shaurya’s face and asks him to smile, he looks at her and smiles.
Shaurya says to guests in party that Meera Sharma is not with us today whose dishes you are tasting but we have her daughter Mahek, Mahek never told me but i know she wanted her mother’s weird dishes to be tasted and praised by people so i have arranged something special for her on this occasion.

He calls Mahek on stage, Mahek comes there and asks what is all this Shaurya? he says take off curtain from object and you will know. Karona is getting call from someone and she is tensed. Mahek takes off curtain from a large portrait of Meera Sharma, Karona is shocked, Shaurya says this is Meera Sharma Mahek’s mother.

Karona says she is Mahek’s mother? Mansi says yes and all recipes were written by her, Karona gets tensed. Shaurya reveals book and says this is coffee table book and Meera’s recipes are in it, i want all people in india to know about her recipes. Karona thinks what game God is playing with us? Karona gets call, she takes call and says dont call me again and again, i told you that you will get your money, give me time, I am in a party, what you did in parking lot, if you do that again then you will not get a single penny from me, she ends call and turns to see Kanta standing there, she gets tensed.

Shaurya opens champaghne and celebrated. Kanta says to Karona that i wanted to say sorry to you, i have hurt Shaurya and Mahek, i just kept seeing his bad side not his good side, Shaurya has forgiven me and i want you too, Karona says you dont have to say sorry to your own people, i am sorry on Svetlana’s behalf, lets forget everything and hug, they hug each other.

Kanta says Meera was very close to me, Shaurya has won our hearts by giving her this much respect, Karona gets tensed hearing her name, she tries to drink water but glass falls from her hands, Kanta asks if she is fine? Karona says yes, she leaves, Kanta looks on.

In party, Shaurya asks Mahek if he can have a pleasure of dancing with her? Mahek nods and smiles. Shaurya takes her hand and puts other hand on her waist, he dances with her on Tum mile, Mahek sees Shaurya’s hand on her bare waist, she says keep it only dance, not take a chance, everyone is seeing, Shaurya says let them see, they should know who has right on you, Mahek says my family and your mother is watching us, i am uncomfortable, can we stop dancing?

Shaurya sees one guest eyeing Mahek’s bare waist with lust, he gets possessive and grabs Mahek’s waist tightly, guests drinks wine and tries to get closer to Mahek and strikes with Mahek while Shaurya is dancing with her, Shaurya gets angry and grabs his collar, he says how dare you touch her? Mahek asks him what is this foolishness? stop it, Shaurya shouts on guest, Mohit and Ravi tries to stop shaurya, Guest says if she is that special then keep her in treasure box, Shaurya gets angry and slaps guest, he beats guest, Guest says i will not spare you Shaurya, guest leaves.

Shaurya says i am sorry Mahek, he sees Mahek gone. Kanta asks him why you get so angry? why you start beating people on such small things? Shaurya feels guilty hearing this.

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